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Posted By: Claudia on 2009-03-30
In Reply to: Our website specifically states we DO NOT pay for spaces - Maggie

What I do not understand is why companies do NOT pay for spaces, as the MT has to do a keystroke to create a space just as she/he does for any character?! It is part of the result of a complete, accurate medical record, even though a space is just that...a space. Without them, everything would be a mish-mosh of run-together text that is not clear at all.

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I think most places pay for spaces. I work for TransTech and they pay for both spaces
as well as punctuation. I would never work for an MTSO that doesn't.
65 with spaces versus 65 without spaces; how to calculate?

Can someone tell me if you are getting 9 cents per 65-character line with spaces how much you would need to be paid per line to make the same amount per line if you are offered a ''65-character line without spaces?''  Thank you very much

So, if not spaces paid, what cpl would be comparable to at least 9 cpl w/spaces, do you know??
All compaines count lines different--with spaces, without spaces, headers or no headers, 65 characte
a line, 75 characters, etc. I would ask each of them how they count their lines. Sometimes the way lines are counted does not make a company worth working for.
54 without spaces = 65 with spaces if you do the math nm
$.08 w/spaces vs. $.09-.10 w/o spaces
Would you make about the same, i.e., $.08 with spaces versus $09-10 without spaces?  Just wondering.  Thanks.
They do not MTs for spaces. nm
They do not pay for spaces. nm.
I asked them about this specifically and they said that wasn't the case. I'm half tempted to have THEM sign a contracted stating everything they are telling me is true.....Lisa
SoftScript just announced that they are paying for spaced again as of today!
but, did they tell you when the took the spaces away
before.  Nice to give them back and admit they took them.   Believe it when you see it.
Do most companies pay for spaces? Are spaces included in the standard 65 character count? Thanks
I know they pay for spaces,
I assumed they were paying  the headers and footers, but  I never specifically asked, so I can't say for sure. 
They don't pay for spaces though
They pay .07 without spaces....
I applied when they first posted the job on MT Jobs.  I received an email stating they only paid .07 cpl without spaces.  They probably got a lot of resumes but once people found out the low pay, nobody was interested, which is probably why they are hiring again.
No spaces
If you negotiate a better line rate, along with their excellent platform, being paid for headers, and not running out of work, then I just don't get what the big deal is with spaces versus without. With spaces for less money doesn't cut it either. The bottom line is whether you are able to make a fair wage or not and I have found Cymed to be very fair.
Looks like they DO pay for spaces
CTech prefers to us the Net Line (defined below), however we will also price per visual black character and per report. For more information please see our Billing section.
I copied this from the site:
Price per NET/ASCII Line CTech defines a NET/ASCII Line as 65 printable alpha/numeric characters and spaces (no more than two consecutive spaces). ASCII table codes 13 (hard carriage return, only when needed) and 32-125 only. No fixed headers or footers are counted. The pitch and font style are defined by the client and do not impact the price per line. Attributes such as bolded letters, italics, and underlined characters are not charged. The total number of characters divided by 65 is the line count for the document.
They do pay for spaces. It says so right in the ad
They definitely do. I have an interview with them on Monday.
I was told they did but maybe it depends on the account. I've been with them for over a year and I can tell you, I'm a damn happy camper. Plenty of work, some challenging, but good, good people to work for. I'm IC and pay my own hospitalization, but what's the kick about that? You work to pay for it anyplace else and they call it a benefit. We all worked at MQ or anywhere else for benefits. I'm making over $1000 a week. I can work as much or as little, but I figure if I can't set aside some money to pay for my PTO, then I'm a pretty sorry manager. To me the taxes are no big deal. I'd rather earn a good paycheck, pay my own taxes and hospitalization than work for a company like MQ and I was there for 8 years.
They don't pay for SPACES ask them. nm
they don't pay spaces
Do they pay for spaces?
Do they pay for spaces? Do they have a lot of ESLs?
No spaces
In my case, the line rate was higher than what was offered at the other services I talked to who did pay for spaces. Additionally, Cymed pays for headers which can offset some of that, along with a very efficient platform. For me, what I am averaging an hour has been comparable to other companies who paid for spaces.
Spaces or No spaces
Not sure what to do.  I currently have two job offers.  One is 65 cpl with spaces and the other is 65 cpl without spaces but with headers.  Not sure which one to take.  They are both offering the same amount of money. Which is better? 
No spaces

Wondering what experienced MTs who are willing to work on a 65 character line without spaces think is a fair line rate to compensate for the counting method.  Supposedly no spaces equals approximately 20%.


No Spaces

For the MTs who do not get paid for spaces, do you ever feel like all you ever get is long reports?  Really feel like I am spinning my wheels lately.  Getting paid for headers doesn't really offset much when every report is long.

TT DOES pay for spaces - huh?
Does MQ pay for spaces?

Does MQ pay for spaces?


MDI-MD. Do they pay for spaces and ... sm
can someone tell me the pros and cons of this company.  I have generally read good things but most are pretty old.  Would especially be interested in their pay scale and whether or not they pay for spaces, the types of accounts and platform, scheduling, etc.  Thanks! 
If you work on the internet platform accounts ,you are paid for spaces. If you work on Lanier accounts, you are not paid for spaces, but it is configured to be equal.
don't pay for spaces
not worth getting out of bed to work for that line rate

Would you stay away from a company that doesn't pay spaces?  I am thinking about applying to a company that does not pay for spaces and just wanted your opinons. 



Yeah, it sucks. I've worked for places that don't pay spaces, and it makes it hard to make good money.
We have accounts that pay for both spaces and without spaces. We have volume bonuses as well. I have worked on all accounts and with the rates of pay, they average out to be the same, with or without spaces.
Spaces and pay
I have been working for a certain company mentioned here for quite a while now... and I thought it was ME until I saw these. I type 2:1 and my quality is near 99%. I have struggled and struggled to get a decent paycheck. It has been a year in which I am bringing home 400.00 a paycheck every payperiod for 10,000 lines a payperiod after medical insurance is taken out.. yes that is 200.00 a week and that is for over 9 cents a line.
I thought I was losing my mind. I saw my statistics. I was the girl who did 20,000 lines a payperiod and made 2,000. a payperiod and took home 1200.00 after insurance. Now it is 400.00. So, either I'm not being paid for something, spaces, word expanders, and the insurance costs too much, or something... All this time, paid what 4.5 a line? Uggg.
They do not pay for spaces
and they work with WP5.1.  IMO if a company does not want to pay for spaces, then they will not get spaces.  Iwouldjusttypeeverythingalltogetherandletthemhavesomeoneelseputinthespaces.
They most definitely pay for spaces


yes they pay for spaces, I believe it is two.
Do they pay for spaces
Looking for info regarding if DeVenture pays for spaces or not.  Couldn't find anything on their website about this.  Thanks.
Another way of saying does not pay for spaces.
55 without spaces
I personally think spaces should be counted as characters.  It is a keystroke just like hitting a letter.  55 characters without spaces to me would equal out about the same as 65 characters with spaces.
Does TT pay for spaces?
I did ask if they pay for spaces sm
I wanted to know, because of course some companies don't pay for spaces. I refuse to work for companies who don't pay for spaces, so I can cross them off my list.
Yes, she did ask if they pay for spaces.
Thanks for the excellent tips.
Some companies take it off your QA if you have a space at the end of the line.  It is automatic to space at the end of the line.  My word, we don't know what the doc is going to say next.  So we automatically double space and the have to back space this out, and lose 4 Keystrokes trying to follow that silly rule.  They may save a few pennies, but it is hard on my fingers.  I think things are getting downright ridiculous!  Some clients are so cheap they only want one space between stentences and no paragraphs.  Hard on the reader, but what the heck, somebody in the boardroom can take another vacation.  Click, click, click.
Spaces, etc
Ya know, when I learned MTing many moons ago, it was a minimum wage, clerical job in the Med Rec Dept with OTJ training. I see it going full circle. I feel the pain of you younger MTs and sometimes I'm just glad I'm old and was thrifty in my younger years so I no longer have to work if I don't want to. I think more than the offshoring issue; these schools that crank out MTs at the rate of probably thousands every week promising they can make $30,000/year while staying home and rocking the baby are the big problem. Someone will hire them; they'll stay a few weeks or months maybe and then move on when they realize most will have to work harder than they've ever worked in their life for about 5 years before they can even see $30,000 on the horizon. Just look at the views on the jobs board, hundreds and thousands viewing each ad and the companies are probabaly swamped with hopeful newbies. It ain't gonna get better folks. My guess would be that in 10 years there'll be no such animal as a medical transcriptionist. If I were young I'd be looking for a new career instead of bemoaning the fact that I was starving while doing MT.
And, that's $520 a year times how many working for that company? I'll bet the client gets charged for hard returns. Hard returns are still key strokes.

I worked for a company that took 10 characters off for every blank. Like is it my fault the dictator is unintelligible? Usually I check and check trying to understand them, make a blank, and then get deducted 10 characters. We should be able to charge for the labor incurred prior to the blank! Guy, why did I ever get into this slave market? There are some good days though! lol
No spaces??
How hard is it to make line counts without counting spaces? I have never heard of a company doing this before.  Shall I turn and run as fast as I can?  Is this hard to do?  Please help!!
As long as their line rate is higher to offset the loss of spaces then it all works out. I'm not sure what the formula is to figuring out X cpl with spaces = X cpl without spaces. Maybe someone else here does.
No Spaces
SPI does not. They used to at least give header info but they have also eliminated that.
MRC cpl spaces vs. no spaces
Yeah, hard for me to figure out also. She did tell me though that they use a lot of templates and a lot of headers are part of the template which you do get paid for. I actually figure with the increased cpl from what I make now, but having templates, not being paid for spaces, and making a higher cpl may actually just be a wash-out. Not really an increase in pay.