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Where do you turn if you have went

Posted By: Question... on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: if you're being bounced around - sm

to your supervisor and even one step above to her supervisor and still get the same BS - what then? I have begged and pleaded for over a year to be taken off the account I am on now and be placed back on my orginal account. In one ear and out the other. I had no problem with them either until they put me on this account "only to help out." With all the office closing it is like talking to some secret agent when you try talking to a supervisor - you get NO WHERE.

I'm sorry to show my ignorance, but where is SL?

I am very glad that you are happy and I do hope that it stays that way for you. I used to feel the same way. I never had a problem with communicating until all this closing office stuff started. I think as a long time employee I do have a right to know what is going on, but that is just me.

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My turn
I returned to KS 3 months ago after leaving and going back to MQ. Talk about a company in trouble? MQ should go into the Guiness Book. I am back with KS and happy as can be. KS will continue to grow because the owner is honest and sincere. I know because of how she has helped me personally with several issues. So, for those who bash KS, ignore them please. There is no perfect MT company in this country and there never will be. For me, KS is home for good. For others, it just may have not been in the cards.
you then turn off the TV - get over yourself...nm
Turn it down!
How many hours a day will you need to work in order to make good money??!! Let them edit their own work for peanuts. I can make more transcribing than sifting through garbage dictations from not-so-great MTs.
I would turn them in for sure! Nothing OSi does
would surprise me.  I quit working for them because of all the phone calls to work on my day off, etc.  That company is so unprofessional and unorganized. 
Enough to turn me off, too! nm
Why would they turn on her? Because most likely, she's one that
Like these ads that state Must have at least 20 years of experience, no exceptions, must work well independently, must be dependable, must know our software inside and out, and must be able to produce 1500 lines a day (... and oh, yeah, pay is 7 cpl). Sorry, but any self-respecting person would take a job that pays more for the same amount of work! That's a given. This MTSO says she does the same - finds the MTs that will do the same amount of work for less pay and grabs them. Absolutely no difference. It works both ways, show some loyalty and respect and you'll receive that in return. Something tells me if she found an MT willing to work for an even lower rate than the ones she has now, she'd dump her current MTs in a heartbeat so she could rack up more money in her piggy bank. Pathetic. All that said, I don't even believe a word she says. Smells like a troll to me.
Yes, I turn one in.
I have worked for other companies on Bayscribe where I have not been required to turn in a line count, but Oracle does request you turn one in. It really is no big deal.
You do not have to turn one in and you will
Since you are IC, they want to cover THEIR bases with the IRS by saying you have invoiced them, when in reality, they couldn't care less about your invoice; they pay you what they get on line count, not what you come up with.....

Of course, that is completely illegal but it is done anyway. according to IRS guidelines, as an IC you determine pay rate and YOU invoice them for the amt owed you, but they are not following that. Like I said, they are just trying to cover themselves in case someone said anything but on the other hand, wage and hour would definitely be interested in their practices as well as the IRS.

Many do this, however....
Did you turn them down?
After your schooling (as it sounds like you got a job elsewhere).

If so, was it a cpl issue?

Thanks for any further info.
LOL!!! Okay - here's my posting - your turn!
HIlarious in a sick control freak kinda way!

Thanks for the advice, now it's my turn...

I understand exactly what you are saying and I agree with you.

Please let me share my experience from an MTs point of view.  After submitting my resume, then passing the tests (no ESLs), interviewing via phone and lastly being hired, I was very excited to start with a national company.  Everything was going fine.  Then I started making line count.  Eventually my line count took me up to bonus level.  Then all of a sudden POW - I'm nailed with 10 other doctors from the same account that I never knew existed.  Where were those doctors when I was first put on the account?  Now, I make $11 an hour in a profession I have been doing for 8 years.  Your getting those replies because all the good MTs (like myself) are finding employment outside of this profession.  You may not offshore now but you will because all the good MTs are getting fed up with this crap!  If you think 8 to 10 is a good salary, then you type the reports.  Better yet, just type the ESLs!    

I had to turn down an MTSO for this. No way would I
Don't forget to turn them in to the IRS! nm
This is when you turn over specific
examples to your supervisor and get some answers. I would keep a record of every inconsistency and send them in.
All they have to do is turn the tracking
on the report and they will see what has actually been transcribed.
No, but you may have to turn in work
Their testing page alone was a turn-off! (nm)
There are other honest MTs who turn a decent
pull the plug on them before the notice can be fully worked...suddenly you cannot access your account because the MTSO found a replacement and locked you out.

So for whatever ill feelings you have from people who have burned you, there are MTSOs who do the same or worse. To use your obviously bitter thinking, isn't it good all MTSOs are perfect? ~rolling eyes~
Yes, let's hear it for win-win situations and turn this around.
I heard she didn't turn him in when another MT
Not sure what that had anything to do with the AC.  Wasn't like she was directly involved.  Besides, what happens outside of work is no one else's business.  In with the bad....out with the good......
So whata do, turn them in and lose
your job? I am supposedly dependent and yet have set hours I am supposed to work and only if asked to work overtime is that varied from. I really love my job and do not mind the hours but was asked to let them know at first which hours I could work and would be working.
So how did this thread even turn to "racism"? (sm)
Originally we were talking about certain countries with low standards taking our jobs away from us because of greedy companies. And suddenly it's racism. A bunch of posts got yanked, and suddenly the spin put on them was that we were all getting racist.
Would the last one at FutureNet turn out the lights?

anyone else getting no job available?

No need to turn the table to innocent MTs
You obviously weren't employed at OSi when the offshoring mess went down, causing the former QA manager to lose her job because she mistakenly let the cat out of the bag about the offshoring - which was a big secret until that happened. Then the current so-called manager threatened to quit and/or blackmail if she was not given the job promotion.

Pray tell me, what MTSO in their right mind would give a quality management position to a person who can't construct a sentence or even spell Douglasville, for goodness' sake? Not only that, but constantly harass the best MTs over insignificant crap until they leave? OSi, that's who.

OSi is a dirty company doing dirty business.

BTW, they have to train the newbies on the harder accounts because MT's with experience are so threatnening to the QA manager that she makes their lives so miserable they have to quit. Then she hires newbies to do QA to boot. What a scam, this OSi.
Turn-Around-Time Transcription anyone?
This is a very small company based in Glendale, CA with 1 or 2 hospitals. 
Continue to turn down work.
That's okay, limit yourself. It leaves more work for people like me who can walk into a job and transcribe most anything. I don't understand folks that don't want to learn and then complain that they can't find a job. Go figure.
Have yet to turn loose of the mouse
On on end, makes no difference about using hot keys or not, most really good, very few errors to change but so long on the mouse, will just stay.
That's when the transcriptionists turn into editors - nm
Absolutely had my turn in hell...
I used to work at MQ. 
I see people asking what the best company is, so I am going to turn the tables here. What would sm

a company be the best.  What type of rate would you want realistically?  Benefits?  IC or employee?  Direct deposit important?  What pay schedule - weekly, every other Friday, 1st and 15th, once a month?  What makes you stay at a company?  What makes you leave?  Equipment?  Training?  QA?  Etc???

Please quit shouting. Turn off caps! nm
But could you just not turn on computer that day and NOT do the work. Or could you call and say
Not answering their phones would be a big turn-off for me. I wouldn't take the job. nm
They're only offering 6-8 cpl with NO spaces. That's enough to turn me off! nm
Why did you turn them down? just wondering..I was thinking of applying.

Thank you, polite poster. I will turn down their position.
What is your name, dear? I'll turn it over to the AAMT and
What a crock your school sold you! Care to buy a bridge the desert from me?!


You're not certified in MT. You're just certified to ahve finished a course!
I think the peons who turn the wheels of the Big Business
engine should all take a coordinated (and unscheduled) fabulous few days off, and see what happens then.
turn your phone ringer off at 10 pm every night
why should YOU lose sleep because of their ineptitude? Either that, or get an air horn and keep it close to your phone. Get the call, let them have it hahaha!
I agree. It would just turn into a bunch of complaining, and (sm)
I'm  not into that - have no reason to be.
That's so illegal - turn them in to Dept of Labor. How can they sm
doctor your time sheet? You mean you don't have any way to verify your HOURS worked? that's scary.
I think it is starting to turn around a little. I work for KS on an account that sm
went to VR (powerscribe) and now, 2 years later, more and more is coming through to the MTs to edit.

My back-up account went to Powerscribe about 6 months ago and is back to regular, plain old Transcriptionist because the doctors hated it!
also turn them into perfect copy (s/b copies) lol
no them is plural - them to copies ; Had he said it - then turn it to copy.
I turn in the job #s to my STM and say, Ahem, is this cherry-picking? nm
Wrong. We had our turn and didnt like it and left.
Yes, turn them in to the Department of Labor and Industry for nonpayment.
Try the BBB or FTC for unfair labor practices. Send them a certified letter demanding payment or you'll sue in small claims court.
It goes two ways. MTs have to turn their line counts in on time and
in the format they are supposed to, not 4 days after the fact, not with mistakes that they find after the fact. There has to be accountability both ways.
Alphamed advertising again for VR. The turn-off may be the whole whopping 3 cpl offered for VR
We are in America and we are trying to survive on AMERICA'S cost of living. We cannot live on India wages. When are these companies going to wake up. They want you to have experience, yet they want to pay you a few pennies a line. They also state there are ESLs. Have THEY tried to do VR on those reports, 3 cpl is NOT enough. You practically re-type the whole thing. Another joke. This business is getting too sad.
OSI managers are too lazy to keep their own accounts in turn around time
but if my a## were on the line my accounts would stay in Turn Around Time one way or another. Delegating work doesn't mean letting your turn around time go, patients are the ones who suffer the most.
What should be the turn around time to hear response after testing?