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The Sky Is Falling!

Posted By: Chicken Little on 2005-08-25

I'm nerrrrrrvous!

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Let's be realistic. sm
Voice recognition is not perfect and works best with a Transcriptionist working on it as well or it does not work. It is VERY expensive, and the estimate is that only 10% of transcription with go this way, and most of that is radiology.

I also believe that offshore transcription will be less and less tolerated by hospitals. The work returned is terrible, the TAT is not what is promised, and the fact that private medical records are leaving the country is a HUGE factor.

I think we just need to work through it, and it will come back to the U.S.

Remember when we were told that computers would replace us???????
ONE position - Oh, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!! nm
Sad that now even the MT is trying to justify falling
FutureNet falling apart
Anyone else getting irritated with FutureNet's lack of work and lack of respect for their transcriptionists? 
FutureNet falling apart
I have been with FN since 2005, started with a good account but lost it back in November of 2007 and have been struggling for work ever since. It was over 5 months before they gave me another account (the new SC account) and I still can't meet quota. They are all excuses if they answer you at all. They won't answer emails or phone calls. I hate the thought of having to look for another company but I'm going to be on the street if something doesn't happen soon, and you are all right...they really just don't care, they'll hire more.
If you had an attitude that she should be falling all over herself to hire you......
maybe THAT's why she didn't call you back!   
Nervous Nettie Here...OSi seems 2 B falling apart.
Upper management is acting so skitterish....had a mandatory conference call this morning and it was pretty nasty!  Anyone have a clue as to what is going on?  I'm going to start looking for a new job. 
My Lee Perfect Nails keep falling off. nm

Good to know. Thought maybe I was falling through the cracks. nm
Not falling for this twice. These guys love to overhire.
Exactly my thoughts/question about falling below 900 for one month
IF one wanted to become an employee at Transcend,this is very important to be answered now. I assume it will be answered - hopefully MDI-MD or Transcend are reading this board and will realize we need these answers sooner than later lest we jump ship because of the lack of answers NOW instead of this on an individual basis with HR nonsense.

If we choose to be an employee and fall short one month or even two (because of various issues, illness, who knows), are we on warning? are we dropped by insurance for month?