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because i'm tired of you or whoever

Posted By: is posting on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: Why so testy?? - CHILL OUT

Nonsense about MQ going under.  Vague statements like "watch out" or "be scared, changes on the way" and nothing to back it up.  I work for this company and so do about 9,999 people, you are playing with our minds here.  I have sifted through everyone one of these postings worried i'm going to lose my job.  Sorry if it was not you, but someone is doing it.

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tired, tired, tired of all the tech
problems with these platforms.  I just want to work on an old fashioned program, like WP5.1 or Medrite, maybe with voice wave.  Too many problems.  Does anybody know any companies that use something like these.  Just call me a dinosaur lover. 
Tired? Where are you getting the
variables of 8, 16, or 24 hour work weeks? I've read everything and see nothing about that.

I'm currently an SE (having just switched from FTE several months ago!), tier 3, and capped at the line rate, but see NOTHING about part time having to work in 8, 16, or 24 hours. Perhaps my eyes are worse than I thought!
Tired of it too...
Work myself to death and can't get line requirement.  Was told they paid for headers and footers, but apparently not..Made up to $18/hr in private sector and if I get close to $10, it's a REALLY good day. 
sorry I'm tired, not your, you are.
Sorry, I am tired
and did not read your post that well. Here is a link to help you convert from DocQScribe expansions to Shorthand:


It may take a little tweaking to get it right, but it sure beats starting over.

Tired Too...
There is too much unpaid time, period, in this industry. There is a significant amount of time worked that isn't paid. We don't get paid by time, we get paid by moving fingers. I recently had a situation where I was having a new application installed. It was installed wrong and I fought the thing all day trying to figure out the problem. Finally, someone sees one little box not checked. I miss an entire day of pay, but the person who screwed up my install gets paid. Now there is something very wrong with this picture. I'm personally working on changing it, but it is a long road to hoe. Our pay structure is a little confusing to the average attorney.
I so agree with you. I would never, and I do mean NEVER, advise anybody to choose this line of work. It has been good to me in the 80s and first half of the 90s, and it has been all downhill from there.....
okay, i am tired, but....come on
Okay, I think I saw one typo....big deal. Here is someone offering their time and probably blood, sweat and tears for FREE, and we have to point out their mistakes. Hey, SM email me and if I get the job I am trying for, I would look into if you could type some, and I proofread for you and you don't have to work for free... you work for half of what I get and I will be getting I hope 11 cpl, so I will pay you 5.5 cpl. How does that sound?
To old and tired
I am with you. Since the late sixties I have made a lot of money MTing (until the 90s). Today I would absolutely NOT advise anyone to become an MT for any reason. Since I have three years until retirement, I will stick with it, but I now make exactly half what I made in 1997.

I am incredibly happy at MDI-MD. They are kind, honest, the work is plentiful and I have never been happier.
No need to Google, here you go:

I'm with tired

I've been an MT for about 18 years now and when I get my periodic social security statements and when I look at my earnings record I could just cry!  My income went up steadily for the first 4 years or so and since then it has gone consistently down!  I now make about 1/4 of what I made at my highest point and I work just as much, if not more.  I am so sick and tired of this crap!  I know many long-time MT's and don't know of any who is doing better than they had 10 years ago or who is happy with their companies, or hasn't worked for so many national companies that they have lost count.  These companies benefit from our experience while we have to deal with their crappy platforms, bogus line counts and QA people who think they are the queens of medical transcription, each one with their own set of rules and very little MT experience.  If I have a blank, then I might need your help; otherwise, don't tell me where the hell to put a comma and don't add words to dictation that I know is not there or take out words that I know were there, especially when I have no way of relistening (although for the umpteenth time) to the dictation - Got to find something wrong with the dictation, that justifies the need for your QA position, and then when the company wants to change that big 8 cents per line they promised me to 7 cents a line to up their profit, they then can lower my QA score.

The new thing now is to pay you about 2.5 cents per line for templets!!  What a bunch of crap!  That templet wouldn't be there if I didn't put it there and more than half the time the templets need to be altered, either because the dictator wants it changed or because it was screwed up in the first place.

I'm sorry, but all you Happy, Happy MT's that say you work for national companies sound a little too much like job recruiters for these companies.

Being a good medical Transcriptionist is NOT an easy job.  We pretty much have to know about as much as a doctor does in any given specialty without actually going to medical school.  We have to keep up to date on any new instruments, drugs, etc., in every specialty and God forbid we put a comma where AAMT says it should not be today or type in or on when the QA person says the dictator did not state this.  All this and my 19-year-old daughter makes way more than I do!  Now that I think about it, so does everyone working at McDonald's!  Sad thing is that I have sat on my butt typing for so many hours for so many years that I don't think I could stand on my feet for 8 hours a day and I am way too young to retire.

Good luck to you that stay behind, I'm out of here!  Now this post will either be deleted or all the Happy MT's will attack!  At this point, I've typed way too much without getting paid for it anyway, so have fun, it's all yours!


I am tired. LOL!!!!! Getting.
So tired
I agree with you. I have always believed that we should take our complaints to the person in power to resolve it. In this case, that means handling it with whoever at LM deals with things like that. We on this board did not cause the problem and we on this board cannot fix it.
so tired.....

what exactly are big girl panties?

Would those be kind of like grannie panties?  Little girl panties are kind of like grannie panties, but a lot smaller.  The again, my teen plus girls wear thongs, so would those be big girl panties?  Those are lot smaller than little girl panties, material wise. 

I am not quite sure what you mean by the big girl panties.  Oh, I recall, it is a stupid phrase that sounds totally rediculous! 


Okay, may be I am just tired or ....

That I am just stupid but can someone please tell me what this ad means ....

Prefer someone with a solid Hospital/Basic 4 background, who will be able to do a few blanks on this account as well.

A few blanks????  Is that editing?  It has been a really long day and I just don't get this at all.  Please, please explain.  TIA 

Do you all get tired
of trying to explain to people what kind of work you do and they seem to be so interested and think it is a plush job when you work at home.  You try to explain to them and they keep asking questions.  It just gets to me sometimes.  I just say I'm in medical records.
tired MT
My business adviser says that we were often treated like employees rather than ICs, i.e., I regularly got memos from my liaison asking for a commitment as to WHAT HOURS I could cover stats on Saturdays, etc. If you are a true IC, they do not ask you do cover specific hours. I do NOT plan to file for unemployment as I already have another job, but this is something you might think about. If you were ever asked to commit to certain hours, etc., then for the purposes of IRS classification (and perhaps the Labor Department would see it in the same light), you are seen as something other than an IC. Businesses have been using the IC classification to avoid paying benefits and other things for years; however, the IRS is bearing down more forcefully on such abuses. Businesses cannot have it both ways. If they are going to require a schedule or specific time commitment from your people, then by definition, they are not IC but employees. I got this straight from a pro's mouth. If you have any e-mails, etc. asking you to commit to a schedule, my advice would be to print them out and keep them. Take them with you to the unemployment office to establish that you really were an employee. Good luck!
Tired of it also
While I don't agree with off shoring I do agree with the original poster in that this board is more of a gripe board than anything else. I've only been an MT for two years, was trained on VR but do have some text work every once in awhile. I love VR and it HAS helped me learn a lot quicker than if I were straight typing. I admit it is worrisome what the future holds but at the same time IMO you either do something about it or you sit there and gripe about wages, no work, India etc. Change is what it is...it happens in every industry you either roll with it or refuse to accept it. Did any of you honestly think that this industry would not advance? That technology would not bring new ways to do things? I just don't get it and while I do come to this board for more information than anything else..it's like a broken record sometimes.
I am so tired of having to jump
accounts to get a laughable report count. With the company I work for I have to work on 4 different accounts to even get the minimal amount of work daily. I cannot stand it anymore. I have to be the most flexible person in the world but enough is enough. Are there any companies out there that allow you to work 1 Radiology account and actually get a decent report count by the end of your shift. I am lucky if I hit 80 reports a day and that is just not cutting it for this single mom.

I guess I just needed to say it outloud. TIA.
I'm so tired of getting taken advantage of

I thought I had what was a great position, with a good company, I loved the work, but had an instance where I had to request work not be sent to me for ONE DAY, and now my job is posted on the internet.  Work was still sent to me, and I did it - but you know, did you ever try to sit and type with a 104 fever and a terrible urinary tract infection?  I was sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my face - my husband came and asked me if I was crazy.  I just didn't want to lose my job.  Now, they're looking for my replacement.  Maybe I really need to get out of this business ... there is no human component anymore.  No one genuinely cares.  Maybe I should have gone to the ER and had them put in a catheter and I could have worn a leg bag. 

Oh well, thanks for listening.  Back to work ... what a sad state of affairs.

I'm so tired of getting taken advantage of -
No, I've been getting 1/2 the work I normally get, so that's not it. I just will NOT continue to keep them within TAT and cover their butts if they're looking for my replacement. I'm not an idiot.
I am tired of making some big fat
man, rich over my transcription efforts.  I want to work for a smaller company owned by a transcriptionist, where I can get medical benefits.  Any copanies out there???
I'm sorry you are tired of it. The truth is.
The pay is less and so are the benefits.  Having been in the field 35 years, I can tell you this is true and so can most other long timer MTs.  There is anything gloom and doom about speaking the truth. And for your information, nurses are making MORE not LESS.  Let's get real here.
Tired, yes. But you already WON in my eyes!
Definitely has to be management and I get so tired

of people saying you probably just couldn't cut it  and that is why you are complaining- BULL!    I was offered a management position after 4 days so I couldn't have been too bad.   They have also called me since leaving to ask me to come back.   Doesn't sound like I couldn't cut it to me. 

For every post like this one there are 20 more like mine, so it isn't that I just couldn't cut it or it wasn't a good fit. 

Definitely looking! Tired of not being recognized at
my present company for my skills and years of experience.  However, I think I want to get out of MT completely.  May consider doing it part time if I can ever get to where I want to be doing something (right now feel like anything) else.
Rings tired to me
This is quite a story! I find it odd that a company who does not generally provide equipment and additionally made a statement in MD's other rebuttal placed on the board shows with one word the true nature of the beast, and that is the word allows. At the end of the day I really don't think that rebuttals repair the damage that a company does to itself because the employee is considered last. I would never consider a position with this company because their transparency is downright disturbing!
So tired - what kind of set up do you have
I have always been advised that as an IC we are responsible for our own social security which is taxed at 15%. Everything I had read on the IRS site also states this.   Are you saying you only pay 7% as if you were employed by a company with the company contributing other 7%?   I need to get another accountant!  I am talking true IC and not statutory status.
OOPS-so tired!
I simply cannot get it right! I am so tired I can't even type professional and doesn't. Thankfully, I proof read my resume before I sent it out...anyway, no answer in 2 weeks from Axolotl. I don't doubt those who say they are happy but it does say something to me when I can't even get an email back after 2 weeks, makes me wonder about the communication when working. Any comments? How can I get an answer? I am not calling them, I figure if they can't answer my email they must not be interested....Thanks!
I am growing tired of this sm
So I am going to try to end it, here and now. I am sick to death of hearing I am selling myself cheap working for TT. I can sell my services for wherever I care to, for whatever benefits I need/want and for any line rate I want to. Since I am no longer firm enough to sell my body, I can be a flabby MT making what I feel good about making and the job I am doing to get said income. It is not your business to come on here and tell me that I am selling myself cheap, nor to brag about the line rate you get. When asked about whom you work for, suddenly you can't tell, it is all so hush hush. One has to wonder...if you told, would your supervisor get on here and contradict you? Given your grammar and spelling, I can't think you are worth the money you supposedly get paid. Contrary to what others may think, this is job is NOT about getting higher and higher line rates! I have been in this way too long to be talked to like I have fallen off a turnip truck and I don't know a certain orifice from a hole in the ground. PAY DOES NOT INDICATE THE QUALITY OF MT WORK YOU PRODUCE any more than report cards are an indication of learning. I read a lot on here (note the TWO words there). I listen to complaining about QA people and how obnoxious they are, about MTSOs who don't care about their MTs, about running out of work, about unusable platforms, difficult ESLs, falling line rates and lack of benefits. These are the difficulties of being an MT in a marketplace that doesn't value the people element in any job, and in an industry that is rapidly changing. To come to this particular board is to be bombarded not only by all this complaining, but also by constant gloating over a line rate that may or may not exist in reality. The fact is, unless we are all MTSOs with well paying clients, none of us are going to get rich doing this. We are going to pay our bills and we are going to work hard. Line rates are the same as they were 10 years ago and 12 years ago and 15 years ago. If you find a job with 10 cents or better a line, I'll show you a job where the work stinks, the platform is impossible and the person in charge has more psychological issues than an inpatient on a 72-hour hold. I know, because I have worked for a lot of them. Now, I have recently gone to work for TransTech. Sure, I took 8.5 cpl, MY CHOICE, MY DECISION. When I quickly understood that medical benefits would not total $100 a month, and that as an employee, they will cover part of my FICA taxes and that there is PTO that is figured the way it ought to be figured...8.5 cents was looking good to me. I have made 11 cpl and recently (see above). Even simply talking money, that 2.5 cents will not buy me medical insurance on my own. It hardly covered my taxes last year and I had to work a second job. I had West Nile and it didn't pay for the 3 days I missed from work because of it. I ran out of work frequently too. I am concerned about what the rest of you are concerned about. I don't like running out of work. I detest snotty QA people. I, for one, cannot abide the whining from my MTSO that greets me every time I have a technical problem or if I am sick. I don't like that I can't afford to go the doctor without insurance. I'd like to be respected for my experience and hard work too. If I am going to work extra hard, I'd like extra money for it. We who work for Transtech are bragging these past couple of weeks. Why? Because we have joyfully found a place where we can't complain about all of the above issues. We have seen that money, as in higher line rates, isn't the entire picture. We are finding that we are rapidly more productive, lines are easier to get and we have our job satisfaction back. The 10, 11, 12 cents you get, can't buy love. It can't buy satisfaction. It can't buy THE BEST QA team in the business. It can't buy the most gentle, understanding and patient manager I have ever come across XXXX. It can't buy you the thank you for your hard work that I find on EVERY report returned from QA. It can't buy you technical assistance that is on a problem as fast as a duck on junebug. It can't buy the pat on the back that I have gotten from all the QA people every time I have cleared QA on another new account. Now, 10+ cpl can't buy you love, but 8.5 got it for me!
Sick and tired
Vent away! At least those of us on this board understand.
So tired of this PC BS. You are what you are. Like it or not. My BF is Mexican! sm
She sure does not mind being called Mexican because she is! Oriental means you are from Asia. Pakistanian, you are from Pakistan. French you are typically from France unless you are French Canadian. Politically correct has been taken so far and just so sick of it. Here is a good one. WE are all people but I darn sure do not get offended when someone calls me something else. Get over yourself.
To Tired in Ohio
Do you know what it is about the platform that is causing your counts to go down? Is it the way it counts lines or other things. Would appreciate if you could elaborate a bit. Thank you.
Thanks for the FN info, Tired!
I totally believe the 7 cpl with WX folks. One of the great things with FN is that they are all straight shooters and tell you the truth. I may have to get in touch with our friend with the month-name. :) Good luck to you, and thanks so much.
What crap. I get so tired of someone

who says you must not be very good, are slacking, etc. when someone complains about their company.  I worked for KS and there were whole weeks where there was no work on one of my accounts.  They account was an overflow account only, which I wasn't told about when I was hired, and if things were slow then we didn't get any work. 

Just because you are overwhelmed with work on your account, doesn't mean another account isn't slow.  We have been on daily OT for months with my current company, but this week we are running out of work, most likely due to the holiday.  But prior to the OT there were accounts with very little work, with other accounts having more work than there were MTs trained for the account.   Just because someone doesn't have work doesn't mean they are a bad MT and I think even saying it when you don't know the facts reflects very badly on you. 

tired and broke
I have always really liked D and think she has had the best interests of MTs at heart. But this overhiring really has me stumped. I am only an old grandma, not an MBA, and I really cannot understand any of it. Does anybody know when the new accounts are going to start up? 30-60 days will take us into the time when people are getting ready for the holidays. I wish the new accounts would start and they would take the newcomers off of our regular accounts.
Tired and broke
I am giving the benefit of the doubt and thinking that many of our accounts might be overflow and therefore the powers that be at MDI do not really know how much we get to do daily, i.e., it is not a full contract account. So I can understand how frustrated they must be when (1) they do not know from day to day how much overflow there will be and (2) some unscrupulous MTs do double the lines they are supposed to, thus throwing things into disarray. I get all that and I sympathize. What I do not understand is why so many new folks were hired when there is no work for us moldy oldies. I am not asking to know corporate secrets; they are none of my business. I am only hired to type lines. But I would like to know if this is going to be a situation that will go on for months (which I cannot endure) or for a couple of weeks more. (My family is used to hot dogs, so we can survive.) I just wish there could be some words of encouragement or update during this difficult time. That is not a make wrong of the company, not at all. MDI is a magnificent company and I want to see it continue to grow and thrive and see us grow and thrive with it. I just feel kind of all alone (with no work) out here. Geez, I am starting to sound as childish as my nephew. (He is seven.)
tired and broke
I so agree with you. Your sentence that GOOD COMMUNICATION DOESN'T COST A PENNY, BUT THE VALUE IS EXTRAORDINARY should be stitched in a sampler and give to every MTSO in the world. You have hit it right on the head.
I agree 100% with old and tired mt...sm
they put you on these awful accounts with the most antiquated and slow platform in the world of MT and expect you to have 100% quality the first time. QA for me was inconsistent and it confused me like crazy. You may like KS, but you probably are on one of the 'GOOD' accounts/clinic accounts. One of the Lead MTs trained me for one account they switched me to.....that woman did not know A from B and gave me INCOMPLETE and INCORRECT instructions....working there was a hot mess!
Tired of companies overstaffing.
Scheduled to work today, so did not make plans, now overstaffed.  This is such a shame.
tired of running out of work!
Are they any small companies out there they don't run out of work for IC people.  I have a set schedule and lately have had to make adjustments to get my line count more then ever!  Please E-mail with information. TIA. 
tired of running out of work
Molly: I am about to give you a closely held secret that will pay off.....guaranteed! Try contacting all the Speech Pathologists in your area and send them a flyer. I got tired of the ESL's, hospitals and even the national companies and have been working for 4 Speech and Lanugage therapists for going on 6 years. Very little complicated medical terminology and they don't require 24 hour service. I type 200+ pages per month at $5.00 a page (no line counts) and have a wonderful relationship with them. Try it.....it works! I also prepare professional resumes for a living.
Also, contact your local colleges for some extra transcription work and stay away from the line counts.
I hope this helps!

To Tired: Does your information list the
cost of insurance plans?
good come back don't ya get tired of all the
complaints? if they don't like it, they don't need to apply or stay or go or whatever

LOL tired brain too. That s/b More week nm
Tired of the gloom and doom
I am so tired of reading about the MT profession slowly but surely winding down. Sure things have changed. What in life doesn't. Look at nursing. Tell me that hasn't changed and yet we still need nurses. A good MT will always be a necessity. While voice recognition and off shore outsourcing may be utilized by some, reputable health care providers will soon realize, and some already have, that nothing can replace a qualified MT who takes her profession seriously. Jobs go to India and what you don't hear is many soon come back to the USA. Voice recognition is a nightmare for ESLs and USA doctors alike. I know because when I quit working for a local neurologist, he soon discovered how valuable a real person can be versus voice recognition. It is no wonder that good MT courses have been closed due to disinterest with all the negativity surrounding the profession these days. Then, too, the younger generation is not prone to wanting to work that hard. This is hard work. It always has been. Anyone out there remember the days where we used dictaphones before tapes or C-phones, or the Selectric typewriter? There were no templates or normals or ShortHand or autocorrect in those days. Yet, we still did our work and did it well. Also, there was no such thing as cpl, but more like $5.00/hour, so the opportunity to make more by doing more didn't exist either. We were also confined to a desk 8 hours a day, in an office with people that perhaps would not have been our choice to work with. Now, we have the privacy and comfort of our own home offices with the flexibility to at least get up and get a cup of coffee or let the dog out when we feel like it. I used to have a supervisor who timed me in the restroom! So for those MTs out there who have decided to go in a different direction because things are getting so bad, so be it. For those of us who have been in this profession and watched it evolve many times over, and who love this kind of work (I dropped out of nursing school to do this and have never regretted it), let's hang in there and watch for better things in the future. Being a MT is not easy today and it was not easy 20 years ago, but neither is being a hair dresser, a waitress, or a cashier. For me, I will always strive to be the best MT I can be and appreciate each day that these little fingers can keep pounding the keys. Hopefully, most of us feel the same way.
Same thing here. Tired of 24/7. Burned out
and going back to QA.
Tired QA editor with a question
How long should it take before an MT is on board and not making mistakes on an English speaking account of one easy specialty?  I am going nuts retyping and filling in too many blanks.  How much will my boss have to pay to find someone who can be up to speed within a reasonable amount of time?
I agree - tired of working for nothing
Considering leaving the field all together
Thank you, I get tired of snotty answers too