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This always cracks me up

Posted By: Dano on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: As a rebuttal to there not being good MTs in the US sm - Experienced MT

Work is "100% error free...so how does an MTSO take the right "tack"?  LOL  Just kidding.

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It cracks me up!
You are so off the mark it isn't even funny! But if you want to believe that version to make yourself feel better, go ahead.
LOL...this doc cracks me up! SM

He lists about 20 different things wrong with the patient in the review of systems section and then says, "Otherwise negative."  LOL...just struck me funny.

That doc cracks me up! LOL sm

Were on the same account, and I just crack up when he does that.  It's hard to be mad at him!  LOL...Oh, well...gotta have some fun at work!



ASR cracks me up
always good for a laugh
ASR cracks me up sometimes

There should be a board just for ASR bloopers.

ASR:  Potty influence.

Transcribed:  Plenty of fluids.

Good typo, cracks myself up too, LMAO!!!
Their claim to be 'not-for-profit' cracks me up.
They're making $$ hand over fist at those seminars. Love the photo of the race horses at the top. Bet more than a few of them own some. Oh - and most companies with an LLC behind them are in other countries. Like India and China, to name a couple.