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As a rebuttal to there not being good MTs in the US sm

Posted By: Experienced MT on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: Try hiring ONE good MT. - MTSO

I am an experienced MT.  My work is excellent, 100% error-free. 

I was looking for work last year and applied to many companies and tested with all of them and received compliments on the great job I did on the tests - no errors. 

For all my experience and excellent testing, the companies that I applied to offered me an insulting rate of 6 to 8 cents a line.  They stated the reason for this was because they could not charge enough to justify paying me more than that. 

In my opinion, if a company is looking for "client-ready" work that needs no proofing, no QA and no corrections, they should be willing to pay for that expertise and quality. 

I was without work for approximately a year.  I finally got "lucky" with a company that appreciates quality and am now making a decent per line rate.  However, it did take me almost a year of holding out to find this company and, by the way, for all intents and purposes I am planning on being a long-term IC with them. 

So, perhaps the incentives for experienced MTs are not being met and they are not willing to apply to/work for companies that are not paying them for their years of experience.  It may be that the employers/contractors are not taking the right tack to employ quality MTs. 

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Good rebuttal!
With our wages going down with every passing year, does management really expect us to be thrilled to be working for them? They are making their money off our labor and our experience. I have to work 10-day hours just to make my minimum daily line requirement because I type letters only for a difficult specialty. Not real conducive to good line rates!

Thanks for your post - made my night!
I heard a wonderful rebuttal to that "lie" accusation..
If he lied, then so did France, Germany, England, the rest of the world's intelligence services, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and every other Democrat who now wants to distance themselves from their words.  And if he DID go to war knowing there were no weapons, don't you think he'd have planted the bloody things to be found when we got there instead of not finding them and having to listen to idiots run around saying he lied when simple logic can't dispute that in their minds?
That is a good offer. Pay is not that good at UIMC. Good luck! nm
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I heard good things about Knockout Rose but they don't smell too much like traditional rose.  Supposedly blooms all season. 
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Good for you! You sound like a very nice and generous person and you deserve all your good luck! nm
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Agree with other poster.. good price..good service
I definitely think they are one of the best out there. We also have been talked through issues over the phone and also had a warranty in which they came out and fixed it right at our home. My only complaint..and I am sorry for saying this.. but... when you call their customer service 9 out of 10 times...you get someone who barely speaks English and I just hate that. I think that is true of a lot of customer support centers these days, ironically they are rarely American anymore. I am not prejudice at all. I just find it frustrating to call in for help and the help you get barely understands you and you do not understand them, thus making the experience very frustrating..
Expensive is right -- around $300 per credit hour! But they do have a good rep. Good luck! nm

I believe Pilates is good for shaping and strength, but you still need some cardio for good fat
Maybe try to find a good web site to refer to! Good luck NM
Good for you. Sounds very interesting and a good chance of pace - sm

but I live in the northeast and not much need for that where I live.  I also live in a small town so that limits my options.  I have spent the last couple of years as a substitute teacher to supplement my MT job and just completed 4-1/2 months as a long term sub which I enjoyed and was a change of pace from MT.  The only problem is as a sub or ed tech you only get paid during the school year so I would have to keep my MT job for summers and school vacations.  With the way things are going in the MT world I hate to rely solely on that.  I don't want to find myself without any job whatsoever.   

Thanks for all the responses.    

8 is NOT good if never going any higher - good to get the rust out in the short term though
Is the dictation quality good, are the dictators good, are you
a newbie and you still have to look up lots of words ....   The very first day I typed, with absolutely no education way back when, when you didn't have to have a degree/certificate or previous experience, I typed 665 lines.  This was without an expander and I was not a fast typist.   I can do 1000 lines in about 4 hours now on average. 
LOL! Well, good! I've done ONE good thing today, then. NM
You have a good, realistic attitude about it. Good luck to you. nm
So? Take the good will and good wishes and smile. When the first day of Hanukkah comes up, SM
have a doughnut and a latke on me. I'll wish you Happy Hanukkah then. You know we spread Christmas out over a month!
Good money? Can we ask how much is considered GOOD in your books????
Especially for Iowa, that is pretty good. UI can get good over time, but that's because of the u

No I did not sit here all day and wait for you. I have a good job that pays me a good wage for an e
I am sure MQ will change their policies now because of the actions you took. Congrats.
Yep, a good MTSO will get rid of the crappy doctor, not the good MT...sm
unfortunately, there aren't many MTSOs out there who will confront a poor dictator and nip it in the bud to begin with.

In the old days we used to do this all the time. A doctor was put on report and told to shape up and if he didn't he would either be charged more because they had to pay an MT more to do his lousy dictation, or he was always given the option to do his own reports if he wouldn't comply.

Believe it or not, almost every physician my former company did this to straightened up their act became good dictators and found that it was actually less stressful and less time consuming for them too!!

The MTSOs just don't have the guts to do this anymore... and they should. I can make more money on good dictators with a lower line rate than crappy dictators at a higher rate, and would rather have the better dictators and lower rate than the other... it's a win-win for both the MT and MTSO because the MT is making more money per hour and the MTSO gets to pay less for her MTs and make a better profit. I can't believe the MTSOs haven't figured this one out.
This is not a good choice. There are too many good schools

that have proven their worth. Andrews, MTEC and even Career Step, but I would not choose a school that has spammed the internet in every crack there is as the one you have mentioned.  Find some graduates and see what they have to say.  Go to mtchat.com and do a search of this school. 

Thank you too! A good laugh is a good thing.

I really wish you good health and good luck!

I know that what you are doing is a major undertaking.  Just remember that this is what you want and that you CAN do it!  It won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination, but once you have accomplished it, you will truly know what you are capable of.  I think you are very brave.  Please know that all of us are pulling for you and are here to help you if you need it.  Go to the hospital if you are feeling at all unsure or unstable.  Don't give up because the reward will be great.  Please let us know how you are doing.

Pulling for you!

good for you; you'll get more from it, with good socialization,
Very good...very good answer. Right on the money! (nm)
Without too much effort?! A good yard sale takes a good deal of effort, IMO.
Hight staff turnover = high client turnover if you don't pay attention.
The good old days were not so good for me. sm
Transcribing from tapes on a Selectric typewriter with 3 or 4 carbons and white out, no spellcheck, no expansion program, no internet for research.  
I agree! To be a good MT we must take the good with the bad!
It sometimes takes longer to learn ESL docs and is a pain in the butt, but all that does not kill us makes us stronger!! I don't love doing ESL docs by any means, but if I want a job - I need to do what my employer asks of me. Take the good and bad - or find a new job! I applaud you for working with your MTs, but you really shouldn't have to! I have only been an MT for two years and I cannot imagine telling my boss that I am not willing to learn something. How rude!
Oh, that's good! Cruel, but good! LOL!
Good for you. Good enough reasons for me, too!
Good for you. Good luck in whatever you do next. nm
did every one have a good 4th. I did, but it was
 hope you have a good one!
Good for you!
Glad your puppy is okay. Keep that girl away!
Good for you!
There's a reason kids are cruel to animals and it is never the animals fault, but usually something in the environment of the kid.

I am so glad you had the camera running, but I sure wouldn't leave that pup outside alone when you are not around. He doesn't deserve to pay for the poor parenting that kid has to endure.
bad cop/good cop
Dude, did you not see training day.... Even a step behind Denzel, who I love, Ethan Hawe is gorgeous in a scruffy, need a shave way.
many thanks! have a good one!
I know you are doing good for her....
my neighbor was to the point of crawling on the floor, could not even walk...she had three dogs and did not take them outside so you can may only imagine what the inside of her house looked like and smelled like!!!!  I talked to her for about a week and she said she wanted me to be her "power of attorney", etc., etc.  We never signed any papers.  One morning I went over there and found her passed out at the top of the stairs, totally unresponsive and then, while passed out started throwing up.  I turned her on her side and called 911.  They concurred with me that either she went to the hospital immediately or they would call the Sheriff and they would take her.  Yes she was really ticked off but, again, she now says I have saved her life but I told her I knew she could make it.  Sometimes all it takes is just another person to pull us up.  One more thing, I am not a busy-body.  I have never done anything even close to this in my entire old life; but this I had to do or watch her die.  The doctors agreed.  So do what your heart tells you to do, I know it will be right. 
LOL..what nothing good to say?
Good one, thanks! LOL

on a good day
I could do that in 3.5 hours.  I have seen ladies do 2400 lines in 7 hours.  And that was in the 1990s with the IBM 286 MQ sent us.
YES!! That's good...maybe it should be the

center of the town with all the streets radiating out from it and the avenues intersecting.  How about  English Second Language Avenue?  How does  "Penniless Lane" sound?  (A knock-off of the Beatles Penny Lane.)  

Oh, we also need shopping centers....let's say   Off-Shoring Shopping Mall   and each store front will be from one of the countries being allowed to take our work.  The "QA Bar and Grill  - Come on in and have a beer and burger while we think of other ways to cut your pay; you can't beat our prices".   

 Come on everyone, give us some more suggestions!!  

YES, YES!! That's another good one!
Does anyone have anything good to say about VR?
Good tip, thanks, will look for that. nm
You want good about SS,
Let me tell you honey, SoftScript will steal your lines, they will want you to work 7 days a week, and pretty soon you will have to work 7 days a week just to pay your bills. You won't be so jazzed after you have been with them for about two months!!! I GUARANTEE IT. The $14.00 an hour will not last. Good experiences - there were none!!!!!!
Good job
Like what you are doing.  There is probably a single mom out there in Nevada who is starting out in MT and is struggling to acquire the reference materials.  I know I did when I started out, and it took 3 years of buying used here and there to complete my references. 
Good for you
get off this thread if this subject is of no interest to you. There is plenty of other positive interest about a barbaric industry to make up for your opinion.
Good Ones!
Those were great!  I'm rolling on the floor.  Some I have heard, but some were new.  Thanks for the laugh - good way to start the day!