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I make 7.5 CPL and earn over $4K monthly

Posted By: . on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: As a rebuttal to there not being good MTs in the US sm - Experienced MT

Maybe to you that's not a decent wage, or maybe you're not as fast. I don't know. But this IS production-based work. So type more and earn more. I think I clear about 14,000 lines in a 40-hour work week and I bring TAKE HOME about $4K a month. To ME that's good money. Maybe I'm stupid. I know people that earn much more (are much faster than I) at 7.5 CPL. Call me dumb, but I think that's good take home.

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Okay - to make it simple, what's your monthly takehome pay?
Mine is $1600/month. Assuming I worked 5 days a week (which I dont... I work 6 to 6-1/2), and 8 hours a day (I dont - I work 10-12), it would be $10 an hour. Where in this country is that a good wage? Working my average week, and my average hours per day, this further drops to about $6/hour. (Again, we're talking take-home, not gross.) I don't base anything on gross pay because I never see a large chunk of it. Part goes for Social Security which I'm sure I'll never receive. Part goes for healthcare, which is often denied and I end up paying out of pocket anyway. Part goes for state & federal taxes. My state is already issuing IOUs, not refunds, and last year they gypped me out of what should've been a $300 refund. The feds? Forget it. Let's not even go there.

So unless you live in some wonderful Utopian town where gas is 20 cents/gal., Cheerios are 85 cents/box, and rent is about $150/month, then spare me the lecture about how far a crappy 8 cpl will go, or even a crappy 9 or 10 cpl.

Oh, and by the way? I aint no 'newbie'. Try 34 years.
My mistake, I am not thinking tonight, I actually make 11.5 cpl, clinic notes. I earn my money thou
Monthly fee
Is there a monthly fee when you use it through your phone?  I can use my phone but I have to set up internet service and its $60 a month.  I work at the inlaws cottage but they have high speed internet.
Oh, I think I earn my keep!
I have worked a full-time plus a part-time job for the last 15 years. I would say I most definitely "earn my keep".

Listen, if you don't want to hear us "whining", stay off the boards, why don't you??
monthly earnings
I'm new to this board, just found it today, and have been *so* depressed with what I've been reading in regards to line counts and rates you all are being paid. I've been an IC for 15 plus years, transcribing for about 23 years now. I charge by gross lines, 12 cents a line, max 70 characters possible on a line. I make okay money, averaging between $3000 and $4000 a month, with three good dictators, and I live on the West Coast. I could easily make more if I turned off the TV when transcribing and didn't take time off to be at the kids' sporting events. Before I got married, I easily made $55-60K a year, before expenses, but taxes killed me  so I backed off a bit. (This was before the elaborate Expander programs.) Ladies, the money is out there. You just have to find the right accounts!!
Monthly fees
May I ask which carrier this is through?  I have ATT and to use my laptop I can hook it up through my phone with a USB cable but in order to get on the internet I would have to buy the data package for $59.99 a month. Thanks, we do a lot of traveling in the summer.
that is if you EARN under a certain amount,
after that you must pay taxes on all. The goverment certainly isn't going to be left out of our money!!
Are you saying that you earn 100k
You type just enough to earn $900/mo. The
How to get job that lets you earn only up to
You earn less with one space.

Jennifer, recognized your name from MT Monthly
I enjoyed the publication and have referred several MTs your way for ROS through the years. Hope all is well with you.
Try the FDA website. Updated monthly.
submit invoice monthly, get ck
I used to call it Monthly Martha or
Nasty Nancy. Anyway, I can't help you on that. I had a hysterectomy and plenty of those awful hot flashes. I would just be sitting there and whoosh, I felt like I was in a sauna and had to go outside no matter where I was. I would just seem to get severely claustrophobic and have to leave for 10 minutes, then I was fine. It does get better.
Monthly Prescribing Reference SM
Monthly audits = QA score. sm
Usually companies audit your work monthly. They will pull 5 or 10 reports you have transcribed and do a random QA check on them. If you have critical errors, they will deduct whole points, noncritical errors usually a half point.

If you total QA score is below 98% three or more times in a row, some companies will do what they can to help you, put you back on QA review for a while so every report will go to QA. Other companies may just fire you or let you go.

Is this the answer your were looking for?

Does anyone else earn extra money.....
I transcribe 200+ pages per month at $5.00 a page for a local hospital and write resumes as well. The resumes pay better and have over 7000 in my repertoire, however, my first love is MT.
Again, don't forget - Guru gets a cut of what you earn
When it comes time, i will match what they earn.
Steelers didn't earn one of the TDs nm
Can still do that and not help the Indians earn our money.
And you might earn another 1/2 to 1 cent more working
Doubt any way can earn more than the limit of
Does anyone have the website for Monthly Prescribing Reference? Thanks. nm
This is cool...ShortHand offers monthly SM

subscriptions.  I have a free trial right now and was worried I wouldn't have the whole $99 after my trial, but I can buy a subscription and save for another month!  That's so cool!  I didn't know they did that.  Didn't know if others knew, so thought I'd share. :)


Were you thinking of MT Monthly.....see link inside
The Monthly Emesis is clever! :) no message
I do all my standard maintenance religiously at least monthly. sm
Thinks like Diskclean and Defrag.  Keeping all those temporary Intervet files off your computer makes a huge difference in performance.  I have McAfee because it comes with my Comcast service.  Used to have Norton -- hated it because it made my computer do all sorts of weird things, and then had a he!! of a time trying to uninstall it.  I have an MQ computer that I have had for over 3 years and a couple of months ago it started running really slow, no matter what I did to it.  So I called tech,support thinking maybe I needed a new one, and they suggested a free antispyware called Superantispyware, so I downloaded it and run it regularly and it has made a marked improvement.
Just making sure--$60/mo + monthly phone bill? sm

Talk about perfect timing!  I told my bro last night about connecting via his cell phone.  (Found that info here by searching the archives.)  Anyway, he also uses AT&T.  So that is $60 plus his regular phone bill, correct?  TIA!

As far as I know you can earn up to a certain amount - you cannot exceed a certain percentage of the
salary you were making when you took your disability. I do not think it is uncommon to work as you could certainly not make it on disability alone.
What kind of retirement tells you how much you can earn?
I will start drawing from a pension plan this April - I have absolutely nothing saying I can or cannot make X amount of dollars a month. How did you get a retirement that tells you what you can make? This sounds strange to me.
Why only young mothers who want to earn extra?
Why this statement? What about us older ones? I just do not get that statement because I would think experience counts a lot in this job.
I also like to use online references, which by the way I invest in by paying my monthly fee
for high-speed internet service. Why knock someone's way of doing something just because it isn't your way? I personally find it much quicker to find something online than to finger through a bunch of books, which by the way are outdated quicker than you can get them delivered.
Sounds like where I used to work- PHNS- 5% of our total MONTHLY - sm
work was our limit to QA. You'd get your butt chewed off if you went over that....and this was 80% hard ESL too. Totally unrealistic. They did not penalize you though, but that was a while ago too, now, who knows, wouldn't put it past them.
Oh..it's way possible. I've averaged $7000 monthly for the last 5 months sm
I have four accounts and work probably 60 hours a week, but have most weekends off, sometimes I'll work a few hours on Saturday morning or Sunday evening. It can be done, but it isn't easy.
Isnt there a transcription paper/magazine that comes out monthly??
I remember years ago when I was working at a transcription agency that there was a monthly subscription of a magazine/newspaper-type that came out monthly that I read.  It was always sitting around.  I cant remember the name of it.  Can anyone tell me the name of this??  And do they still publish it monthly?  Thanks!
Does anyone else earn extra money at home doing something along with MT work?
I need some ideas.  Fall is coming and I will have some extra time and getting burned out on MT.
Yes because i will be spending money i don't have and won't earn anything with work decreasing
right, taxes are paid in the state where you earn 'em...
since you work at home, you earned your wages in your state and pay them to your state.
QA, 2750/monthly, salaried, excellent benefits-no complaints here.
Was a long time coming though.
My cost of living expenses monthly is $2200/month
I'm self employed, so I'm killed in taxes AND I live in NY...but I wouldn't have it any other way

It's not a spambot, it is a person who has been posting to earn money, a program
on ForuMatrix where posters could earn money by posting, however, this person has taken the program out of context and not only will not be compensated, but the posts will be removed.  Our apologies for any inconvenience. 
Yeah, I earn 50k a year and I just bought a house for a buck!

Oh and I just got 25% of 28 million from a prince in Zimbabwe! 



The Latest Word was a waste. Stedman's might have monthly updates on their site, not sure. nm
So, you think it is okay for hard-working MTs to earn 7-8 cpl for their hard work?? nm
Editing is the higher skill. I earn more editing SM
because I'm able to produce more--if the company doesn't adjust the way production's figured down and down again to keep the account from going elsewhere (when that happened to me on EditScript with no explanation of why my income was dropping, I went elsewhere also).
You spending 3K in gasoline to make 4K plus all that time on the road?That doesn't make sense Pat

How nice that the world revolves around what you make and no one else could possibly make more. sm

Marla in So. California pays 11 cpl for a 55 ccl, Oracle pays 9-1/2 cpl, MDI-MD 11 cpl, JLG 10 cpl for gross line, etc.

Of course, these are rates negotiated and paid to qualified MTs.

When I see mistakes I repeatedly make, I make a quickcorrect for it (sm)
for example if I type we plant o instead of "plan to" I have a quick corrct so that if I type plant o, it replaces it with plan to, etc. It is hard - I was with the same company for 8 years. I do not work for anyone with an accuracy requirement though.
When you make the copay, make them give you a sm
receipt for the amount you pay them.  I know they don't like to do this because it takes time, but if you are really stern and insist on a receipt they have to give you one.  Then, the next time you get billed for something you already paid, tell them to look for their copy of the receipt and let THEM do the work.