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At least some people realize what they are and SM

Posted By: Experienced MT on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: Self-Labeling "Experienced" etc. portrays insecurity - :

don't have to hide behind some facade just to please inferior people. 

Superiority is a threat to mediocrity. 

Just because someone is not a sheep and does not follow the crowd makes some sheep nervous!

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I have heard that people don't realize how...
socially demanding those kinds of birds can be.  They NEED attention, they CRAVE attention, and they get mad if they are ignored.  They can be very demanding.  I would research that aspect before diving  in.  Too many people have to get rid of parrots because they can't handle them.
Do you realize how many people apply for

There are applicants from all over the US.  Good luck on your quest for part-time.  Most want full-time. 

You nailed it. Some people just don't realize
the blessings they have.
Just realize that there are healthy able bodied people...
who make minimum wage in Florida and can barely afford to put food on the table never mind stock up on a little extra.  Also realize that with that kind of  destruction I don't think anyone can be prepared.  I rode out two storms last year and each time I went outside and saw the damage afterwards I was overwhelmed and in shock for days....months after the storm driving along I-75 to get to family in Naples I encountered the Port Charlotte area and the destruction that those storms brought to that area was terrible...those people to this day are still living in FEMA trailers and have little else but the shirts on their backs.  Before people become judgemental of what the government shouldn't do realize that one day that just might be you or someone in your family.  I work with a girl who lost everything to Andrew and to this day when a storm comes into play she is very apprehensive and anxious....Try to be a little more caring than judgemental.  It makes the world a much better place to live in.
What an incredibly fruitless effort. People, you need to realize
The chance to have done something has long since come and gone.  Just give it up.
Do you realize they just hired more people for these accounts. What a rip. Sick to death of it and
when you cant work a weekend they say well we will just have to hire more help then.
This message is defining what VBC is! It's time people realize the American MTs...
are our own worst enemies.  VBC is NOT a good thing!  I personally think we should get paid per keystroke.
if you live among trashy people, low income people, people w/o goals or direction,
content to just get by, you by default become a part of a group. "people" have decided to group trailer people as trash. that is because there are enough people in that group to earn the title and even if you aren't trash, you are categorized by others. did i think i was trash in lower class neighborhood surrounded by people who drank and fought all weekend? no but i knew i wasn't staying and did not try to pretend that all the fools in the neighborhood were just nice folks who ended up where they were because high horse snobs deemed their neighborhood low class. people for the most part live exactly where they belong because they don't want to educate themselves, they don't mind "trash" around them and they don't want to be bothered trying just a bit hard to extract themselves from that world. they justify everything to themselves i guess saying everyone who doesn't like their lifestyle is a snob and the comedians (Jeff Foxworthy/Chris Rock, etc) who make fun of them are just ill-informed.

As for me, I fought hard to get out and don't even want to look back. It amazes me people stay for generations.
Yes, I realize
that especially consults are often dictated in letter form... just something you have to get used to if you are doing the big 4. I was referring to clinics who send out little notes to referring MDs, family members, insurance companies, patient jobs, etc., not hospital notes.
Yes you did, but you must realize that...
just because you couldn't/didn't succeed doesn't mean others won't do well.  As someone else in this thread mentioned, if you couldn't handle indepedent study, you most likely could never handle working independently as an MT.  So, in your case, it's probably a blessing that you couldn't cut the program. 
You do realize, do you not, that
this is just a story made up by TV writers? These are not real people. You do know that, don't you? None of it really matters. It's just a STORY.
I realize that
Of course I am blessed.  I am blessed to do a job that I love as well!  However, I just feel taken advantage of without a raise in five years... I guess I just never understood that.  I've never had a "real" job so I guess I'll learn to deal with it. 
I realize that..
Yes, they are busy people but come on now, when I cannot understand an allergy because my dictator is smacking through it and does not repeat it, I get a little irritated, especially when she does it almost daily. I just needed to vent this evening.
I'm sure you don't realize how....
insulting it is to those of us who have spent many, many years learning to be an MT when people ask us if they could do it so they can stay home with the kids or maybe earn some extra money.  It's like someone asking if it would work for them to be an engineer because they like to look at pretty buildings.  For some reason, people who have never done this seem to think all you have to do is sit down and type.  As the "nice" poster said, it takes years of training and many more skills than being a fast typist.  Most of us are just a little touchy about that attitude that anyone can do it.  Even though that my not be your opinion, it came across that way in your question.  
I realize this is going nowhere, but saying thanks
for a gift and throwing it away is not being thankful for the gift. Obviously if you were truly thankful for the gift, you wouldn't throw it away. I believe you would only throw a gift away if you felt it was a bad gift, which was the OPs contention in the first place.

Your mother is 100% right in saying you should be grateful for the things you have and receive, but there really is such a thing as a poor choice for a gift.
DUH! I didn't even realize there was one - thanks! nm
Thanks!!! I didn't even realize that I could
do that.  Duh!  You've made my day!!
aww...your makin me cry...i realize that tho..
and i thank god everyday that he gave me the gift to type and work hard to be able to be home with them...instead of them being off in some daycare 40+ hours a week...i take it back...
My DH is starting to realize that I just....(sm)
might not stick around for much more of his stuff. I know that won't change him though. I just know it...
Hopefully docs will realize
that their time is better spent seeing more patients than doing data entry..glad that your docs realized this. I had one lone hold-out who refuses to do the clerical entry... but doesn't dictate either... still writes ShortHand notes in charts....Ugh!
Sorry - did not realize I was not allowed to do that. Really, sorry..nm
they don't realize anything...don't care to!
Have really had it with this job.....tired of the whole deal.  To think I spent thousands of dollar in schooling, thousands of hours studying, thousands of hours in experience to come to the point where I wish I would have never gotten into this field!  Alas and alack, must push on...and the docs just don't give one hoot!
OK. I didn't realize that. nm
Actually, I did not realize that, but I am glad
Thanks, yes, I do realize I make ...

... mistakes, too.  I'm far from perfect!  This just goes against my grain, I've stated the reasons in the original post, and I'm not happy at all working there. 

They pay $3.50 per report.  Some are short procedures and others longer initial evals that take me 20-25 minutes, so it might even out in the end--I've only been doing this a month or so.  This is a good part-time job, but I need another job where I feel appreciated and not referred to as the "typist."  Someone mentioned spelling out conditions in the contract and that is a good idea.

Thanks to all--



Yes it was due to depression and I realize that....

How cruel you are.  I AM not a crack addict - I have NEVER done drugs.  I don't drink.  I don't even smoke.  I do have a child that was involved in this tragedy.  Actually I had two - the one that I lost.  So I am sorry if I was "weak" for the tragedies that I did go through but I am learning to cope with life.  Life is hard and apparently it is sunshiney everyday at your house - and good for you - I don't want to wish anything bad on anyone - even when they have no lack of respect for others.  You should watch what you say - things could turn around on you in your happy life in an instant - and then what would you do.  Would you be considered lazy, worthless or something else that is an undeserving gesture of who you really are?  Maybe someone will say "they are just on crack - they deserve what they are getting.  Maybe that just goes to show what laziness will do to you.  They don't deserve anything better."  I was not asking for sympathy.  I was pointing out how fast things CAN turn around when you are off track.  Merely using my fall to try to prevent someone else's.

I do thank all of the wonderful remarks prior to the rude post.  I am healing but it takes times.  I am actually able to get up and not be sad about what I have lost and I have been able to THANK GOD every day for letting me grow through certain things in my life and that I know they happened for a reason.  The reason will be a brighter future!

Didn't even realize JLG was still around! nm
They must realize that better pay often means
And also that what's been going on in the MT biz for the past 10 or so years is morally reprehensible. Good for him! He's one of the FEW good-guys out there.
you need to realize your role, hon
a career you can obtain education for through correspondence schools?? You must be joking if you think you should make more than that. Apply for a promotion if you want more $$$$.
You realize what my next question is, don't you?
Is that company hiring? LOL
Not all companies use VR. Many realize
it's a risk to patient safety as flawed as it is.
Doesn't he realize ....

that medical records are already on the net?   The man is an idjit.


You do realize it is 2009, don't you?

If you are a good MT, you will realize editing for
what it is.  Slow and tedious and you cannot sustain a rhythm.  It takes longer to edit than to transcribe if you are utilizing expanders when transcribing.  You should be paid the same.
you do realize regular broadcast TV will be gone soon...
the only choice will be satellite or cable. Believe it is starting in 2006, but you will have until 2008, or something like that.

There will be no more signals, it will be all changed over the HDTV (which I really have no idea what that is, or why we will have to have it). The government will also own, I think it is 10 channels, or something like that...

It is kind of an odd thing to think there will be no more 'free TV.' Everything we have known and grown up with is changing, and nothing seems to be free anymore.
Didn't realize name newbie was taken,
just saw post below.
well maybe folks will realize there are no true...sm

friends on public boards online......you're right, the Gay thing should never have been brought up in public......

some have class and some lack class and are uncouth....

Do employers not realize that a little explanatation
 low work volume would go a long way?  Nothing special, just to notify us.  Just like they expect to be notified if our schedule changes, it would be nice if they let us know about volume and if they were trying to do something to get us more work, etc.  Rather, they let us sit here and wonder what the problem is!!! 
Do you realize how many posts we get to this site per
month?  We do our best, but can't catch every single thing. 
I realize that. I have read all about the danger
of Accutane, the side effects, the horror stories.  I know all the warnings about it. That's why I'm asking personal experiences of people who have actually used it.  I realize there's a big risk in taking it.  I also know some people have been helped tremendously by it.  I'm just asking about personal experience with it because I really don't know what to do at this point since nothing else has worked and we really have tried just about everything, other than a chemical peel.  I think if I take him to another dermatologist they may suggest Accutane and I just wanted to hear experiences of people who have actually used it.
Yes, it's my opinion and realize you were just giving her
ooh I didn't realize you only enter x1...sm

I'm sorry because I didn't realize until this thread that we can only enter ONE time.  I entered a couple of contests over a couple of days.  Sorry.  Will up my reading comprehension for next year's MT Week.

Thanks again, MTStars, for making it a very special week for all of us!!!

I had wondered where Clay had been and I did not realize that...sm
he had been involved in all sort of scandal from a gay sex scandal to some upset fans wanting to file a class action suit to get their money back on his albums since he was not the wholesome boy they thought he was. Geez. I also saw where AI told reports they could not ask Clay about his sexual preference last night as it was off limits. I really do not care if he is or is not, I love his voice and always have, it is just sad he is going through all this right now.
LOL. It took a moment to realize you weren't
Sorry, didn't realize I used same name - different QA person here
let him rant for a while; he'll realize
They don't realize that VR often ends up costing - sm
a whole lot more. Not just the software, equipment, upgrades, etc, but also the tech support, editors, and also trainers needed to introduce new staff to the system. Also time spent while doctors *train* the system. Then, when they ultimately give up and dump it 6 months or a year down the road, and can't get reimbursed for what they wasted on it, that's expensive, too.
Unfortunately, we do not realize all of this until we are a little older and more mature, sm
and by that time, it seems too late, doesn't it.?

I wish I knew this when I was in my 20s.
I realize that I can't 'have it all', but I'd be happy -
I agree. It takes way more than most ever realize.
I realize that, but any average figures?