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mentor search

Posted By: Sara on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: newbies - Sara

Incidentally .... I'd be THRILLED for a mentor, IF I knew where to look LOL

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Glad I never had you for a mentor. My mentor sm
was superb. She didn't take the time to retype anything, went over it with me and I retyped it myself. And, yes, all of us in our hospital were trained on the job. We got minimum wage. I guess you really should be quitting or at least go back to transcribing. Better yet, another field of work would probably work out much better for you. Sorry to hear you have such an attitude with newbies. I bet you didn't get into this field knowing it all, either. I know I didn't. JMHO.
Need a mentor

I have just about completed one of the two long-term MT courses.  I have begun to look for jobs and find that even with the course training I am still such a rookie.  I have found a few short-term jobs but really need full time soon.  I am wondering if there are any small MT companies out there that would consider hiring me (I will work cheap to learn) and mentor me until I am competent?  I understand that some take a cut from your line rate to mentor and I can live with that.  Any feed back will be appreciated.


One of the ladies who trained me to do autopsies started when our VA was built in 1944 or 54. She went to the M&M meetings with a pencil and steno pad. We've got it good.
I need a mentor!
I need a mentor!  I am an IC and have never worked outside the home doing transcription.  At first, I only worked for one doctor but now I am expanding and I have sooooooo many questions about the business side of it.  Is anyone able or willing to communicate with me through email and help me out with all the questions that I have?? I would be so grateful.
You should probably try to find a mentor at this point. Since you are new MT and the majority of doctors prefer seasoned MTs that would be your best bet at this time.
Mentor Needed
I'm currently a student needing some help and I don't what it usualy cost to get a mentor.  I have only five reports I need help with so you can just tell me how much you'll be willing to help me for.
Mentor Needed
I only have five reports to do. I'm a student and I don't know whats usually paid for mentoring so what ever you would feel comfortable helping me for.
Looking for ONE good mentor
Are you looking to mentor someone? I'm looking for any opportunity I can find to get some experience. I graduated from an MT school and then found it is not very reputable. Some places will let you test with them even if you are new, if you have graduated from recognized schools. Most places will not let new graduates test. It is frustrating. I've tested with several different places and don't score quite high enough. I obviously could use some help. Are you offering?
mentor for newbie
Are there any smaller MTSOs that would be willing to hire and mentor a newbie?  I have been an MT for a few years now but my friend just graduated from MT school and has had no luck finding a job.  She has already checked within her local area/local docs.
helps to have a mentor too...(sm)
people like us who have been in it for a long time, can give good advice and point a newbie in the right direction. feel free to email me and remember: "no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted"
If no formal ed., would probably need mentor.
Need a mentor- I have 13 yrs experience
Hi- I am an experienced subcontractor with over 13 years experience in varying fields....I am going to be getting a divorce within the next year or so and in order to be able to provide my children with a better life I really want to start my own service.  I have questions regarding how to get my own FTP site and whether it is my responsibility to provide physicians with their own handhelds, etc.  I don't want to be a big competitive business, but just a small service that will provide my family with adequate finances, possibly eventually hiring one or two transcriptionists to help.  If anyone would be willing to advise me I would appreciate it so much.  Thanks in advance
I'd be glad to mentor; just let me know
exactly how much time you can devote to it, and exactly what you expect to gain from it....other than the obvious, a MT job. Please email me if you are interested.
I need a mentor for CMT Exam
I am looking for someone to mentor (coach) me for the CMT Exam.  I've transcribed for 20+ years, got my RMT in 2007 and am scared to take the CMT but really want to get certified.  Anybody interested???
Are there companies that mentor you on Basic 4? sm
I worked in a hospital, but it has been 8 years. I need to get up to speed and want to work part-time for someone doing the basic 4s where I could be mentored until I'm up to speed. Are there any companies out there like this?
your mentor was paid to train, im not
so there

how much work do you do for free?
She uses Express Scribe. I'm trying to mentor a little bit by
You are looking for a mentor. Good Luck. nm
At 1 co. was told I had mentor, never heard
I can't find the old thread on schools that mentor into a job
can anyone help me?
Hospitals don't mentor newbies anymore...
It used to be that a beginning Transcriptionist could get a position in-house, but that is no longer the case. My city has something like 15 hospitals and not a single one of them will take an MT with less than 2 years of experience.

best for me is www.rxlist.com

just type 1 or 2 letters and add *, then you'll get the drugs containing those letters.

Did you try the search at the top?
Do a search for
Silent Night Radio. Download it and run the program and look for Radio Free Colorado.

They have. Search the net. nm
do a search
This was all discussed in quite detail about a week or so ago.  Do a search and see what you find.  With only a year's experience you may have a little bit of trouble.  You say you are working for a local MTSO, what are they paying you, add on 20 to 30%.  Do they print?  You have to be prepared to do any kind of job, tapes, digital, printing, delivering, pick-up, transferring files before you advertise to get an account and have all the equipment necessary and everything ready to go.  But just like every other service, you gotta go out and make the calls to get the account, it isn't going to come to you and knock on your door unless you have been an established business.   Check in to see about a business license, register your name with the state, get ready for taxes, etc.   
do a search
I ran a search and got 0
Sorry to repeat a question but I had run a search before I posted and it produced nothing - I don't know why.  Forgive me for being a bother.
Do a search
If you do an archieve search yo will see that this is talked about every 7 to 10 days at least.  It is no big secret it is basically what you feel your service is worth and then figuring up what you rexpenses are, paper, delivery, etc.     As stated there are too many differntials to state flatly how much to charge -- it is not like minimum wage -- but it seems like a good starting point is 0.12 cpl but again every part of the country is different and what you will be providing in your service is different than mine.  But do a search as we went into this quite extensively about a week or so ago.    Patti
Do a search

Do a search as this has been really talked about several times during the past month or so.



You have to have the word exactly the same when you do the search if there is an extra space between first and last name or between two words it will not pull it up.  I use the search from my START key rather than from working in the microsoft word.  I also name my documents with an extension .doctor initial, i.e. .mb .jn .eif or whatever so if I know the doctor I can specify in advanced search to look only at that doctor's documents.  But if I am looking for a type of report, i.e. Colonoscopy, op note on crushed finger/nailbed, then I just put in those words and tell it to search all "My documents" or wherever you file off your reports and it does so.  I have had very good luck with this.   Hope this is what you were talking about. 


Sorry - should have done a search

I see this question has been answered many times. Never mind.


If you type those schools into the search box for MTSTars, you will come up with hundreds of repsonses to that very question.  As well as a wealth of information.

Good luck with your decision. 

search it
I would suggest you either do a Google search OR you can type those phrases into the search box here on MTStars.  I am sure those questions have been answered on here before and you can probably gain the information you are looking for.  People on here are very knowledgable about that stuff. :)
I did a search. take a look at this : sm but I will keep looking
Is Adobe Acrobat 7.0 installed on the computer? If so, the Acrobat 7.0
Create Adobe PDF toolbar add-in for Word prevents Word from automatically
saving changes to the normal.dot template (which is where autotext is
stored). Create/change the autotext again, and click "Shift+File | Save All"
to force Word to save the normal.dot template. Alternatively, you can
prevent the add-in from loading as described in the last section of
http://www.gmayor.com/lose_that_adobe_acrobat_toolbar.htm , but you'll lose
the PDF toolbar if you do this.

"suzyq" wrote:

> When I create an auto text it is only available until I close Word. After I
> close Word, the next time I open Word the new auto text is gone.
> Also, when I delete an auto text it is off the list until I close Word.
> After I close Word, the next time I open Word the deleted auto text is there
> again.

I did a search for contraindications.
There are certain medications you shouldn't use green tea with, but I'm not on any of them.
Stay away from M-TEC. Do a search here for more
Try doing a search located
at the top of each page.  I search in mtstars and it pulls up alll posts from all boards.
do an archives search

They totally suck!  Very unprofessional group of people.  Surpised they are still hanging in.

Did a search and cannot find - can someone

repost the link to someone I can contact about housing some of the pets from Katrina?  TIA

search through this board first
Look for "Snow Bunny" and read everything you can that pertains to "voice recognition," VR (voice recognition), SR (speech recognition), or "Dragon NaturallySpeaking.: If you still have questions after that, I'll answer what I can.
search archives.
Search the archives for yourself.
Do a search on this board. SM
If I remember correctly, this company has a habit of not paying.
on job search forum
There are usually companies on there begging for op notes people.
Yes, and I use the mtstars search too!
Why does search not work???
I can put something in the search engine AND change it to seach mtstars archives and it won't do it.  It still says it can't find anything or gives me web sites on that subject.  I'm not leaving it on search the web but it will not work.  I can even put Medquist or another word that is right here on the home page and it won't find anything???????????
How to search boards
Can someone please tell me how to search for comments on companies?  tia.
Did a search on google and saw the ads.
I will make some phone calls today. I don't wear my rings and have no heirs so it seems like the thing to do.

Thank you both for responding.
archive search
Is it just me or is the archive search here almost useless? Every time I look for something, even my own past posts, I get terrible results.
Oh, this could be a treasure to search thru
Awesome! There is so much info out there, if I could just FIND it! Previous poster is right, can't even find my own posts with what's up now.