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Sorry... "WE"...

Posted By: :) on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: She'd bring home more at 30 CPL... - .


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"we" ???
are you schizophrenic with multiple personalities?
so what can "we" do about this?
Not just "we" as in MTs, but "we" as Americans.....The Americans and US citizens whether from afar or born and raised here (those of us who currently live here and are citizens). This includes doctors, patients, families of patients, nurses, people in the military....absolutely everyone.

Does anyone think it would be wrong to send a letter to every hospital and clinic (and every single place has any type of dictations that may end up being sent overseas) notifying doctors and those in administration of the gigantic risks being taken when their clients' SSN and other pertinent information is offshored to other countries?

It is just an idea. I don't mean to offend anyone by asking that question. I just thought maybe it might make a difference. We could all get together and make a letter stating what is happening, what could happen(and may already have happened), and the ramifications it will have. Then, we could designate a few people for each state (depending on the size of each state) and get the letters mailed to every cinic, hospital, military clinics, military hospitals, and so on.

Am I way off base on this idea?

Any feedback and opinions would be great.

I know this stuff is all in the news and everyone (including the clinics and hospitals) should know by now but some don't know. Some people just don't pay attention or believe too much of it.
"We" don't need a new career
but it sounds like you sure do. You are so full of a negative attitude. Time for YOU to move on, for sure.
Who is "we" - more than one person???
.. Interesting, that's a lot of lines, was it transcription they could get reimbursed for? Was it presented as a "test" - not too clear.
What is this "we," kemosabe?
''It does not matter if **we** are all remote or not.''

''Example... until **we** get benefits and a fair pay scale we do not work... PERIOD!''

''**We** that are CMTs or qualified MTs are going to cease all work functions until **we** have a standardized package. **We** are expected to have all this knowledge and keep up all these credentials... and **we** demand to be compensated with a benefit package and fair pay scale.''

Were you originally trying to pass yourself off as an MT?? And then changed your mind and decided to admit you aren't but are a ''consultant'' why?

what feature have "we" been handed back?

Pretty sure "we" are an Indian company.
This is what the company I used to work for did, they would send 2000 or so lines to a company for a trial and then gradually increase the work they sent to them, if it worked out.
Or.... how about the famous line "we're growing!!!"
and you see the same ad week after week after week after week. I can think of 3 places that continuously have ads out. I have worked all 3. I now know firsthand why they advertise all the time, they probably can't keep anybody more than a month or two.
Microsoft states "We're better off moving jobs out of US"
It makes U.S. jobs more expensive,” Ballmer said in an interview. “We’re better off taking lots of people and moving them out of the U.S. as opposed to keeping them inside the U.S.”