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Your comments turn my stomach! You are so off the mark! nm

Posted By: Need to vent on 2005-09-12
In Reply to: Try hiring ONE good MT. - MTSO


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Just turn it off and wait for the electricity to dissipate and then clean it and turn it back on. nm
Anyone know if there is a stomach virus going around right now.
Do you have a lot of stomach pain. I do.
stomach virus
Live in New England and it is rampant. All 5 grandkids and their parents have been passing it around. My little granddaughter calls it "the throw ups" but it's more than that. Patiently waiting - hope it "skips" me and I don't get it from the kids. I have had stomach cramps but no other symptoms "yet."
Maybe so. I cannot sleep on my stomach lately due to this. (nm)
No stomach bug here but still bugs

My kids came home yesterday with notes stating that headlice was going around and to keep an eye out for itchy heads, great way to start the new year 

Stomach ache
I took my daughter to our doctor because of similar problems.  She said that at that age up through teen years, constipation is a major problem because kids just don't eat like they should be.  She suggested more fiber in her diet, and that has made a HUGE difference.
Turn down such low low offers, turn industry around. sm
The way to figure is how many lines an hour do you do. There are 13 lines characters in a line (65 line length)
So say you TRY to average 4 pages an hour say 34 lines a page equal 139 lines, times your line rate.
139 X 4 cents a line = $5.56 an hour

and what if you don't do 4 pages even less.

MTing hourly hourly output is not very predictablel, so ya never know and predict what you can put out each hour.

If the MTs continue to accept, that is what the going rate will continue to be. Yes, Yes, it will. Just keep looking. Email for general lowest to highest line rate prior to testing and resume, just say it saves time on both sides and it DOES. Why waste time. Soon, the message will get out there.
Turn off puter, wait a min, turn on with delete key pressed down, then hit delete key NUMEROUS times
I typed so many stomach cancer reports that I swore I had it.
I mentioned my stomach pain to the doctor while I was in for a checkup.  It turned out to be a hiatal hernia!  I've learned to trust my instincts.  If it hurts, there's a reason and it's not all in my mind.
Well, 1 day back to school for the kids, and now they come hom with a stomach virus! Geez.

How frustrating - 1 day in school and now a "bug".  We had this in our house before the holidays.  Everyone in the family had a turn with it, and now again!  I think antiseptic and antibacterials are needed in these schools.   Can't afford to be down for even 24 hours!


Just needed to vent my frustration here - my poor kiddies!


This is a big question mark for me also.
I have SBC Unlimited currently & know they have been notorious for dumping their unlimited plans. There again, some of the girls on the boards have been, others haven't been. I'm afraid to risk it at this point. I'm getting ready to try Vonage VOIP - Small Business Unlimited Plan & can only hope it works out. It's going to cost me more, but I'm hoping that the increase in cost will offset my fear of being dumped from their service, out of work & with an astronical phone bill for the minutes over what was allowed. I'm petrified at this point. I haven't found anything that says it limits your usage to 5,000, but who knows what is in the fine print that I'm missing somewhere! I'm still digging & think I may try to call them. I also read in all my insundry print-outs, that some DSL carriers will block the ports needed for VOIP. Guess who my DSL carrier is - SBC !! I have no idea what is going to happen. I may end up retiring & end up going on welfare! If I find out anything further, I'll let you know.
water mark
try rubbing cigar ash into the watermark
everything has a check mark next to it
Everything SEEMS to be checked that needs to be checked, but still no address bar 
Bad Mark Forstein
Mark Forstein seems like a very nice guy, but don't expect him to do anything on paper. He likes working on hand shakes so he can switch the deal on you later. He lives in Fort Lauderdale,FL now, and after retiring from Medquist, he tried investing in a Medical Billing Company called R-Solutions, but later took it over after the "brains" revealed that he didn't have the money he made Mark believe he had. After Mark took it over, he basically ran it to the ground. When he took over, it started a slow decline, then his wife took over, at it went out of business within 3 months. Meanwhile, he tried ripping people in debt off by starting a company called Nationwide Consumer Credit. This very shady non-profit business promised to help people out of debt, but the only thing they cared about was taking thier deposit. Rest assured they weren't trying to help people in debt. He set up a parent company called Landmark Credit Services to take the profit. BAD MARK FORSTEIN!!
I'm not sure who Mark Valenti is...
and why I would trust what he is putting on his website. It seems like capitalist propaganda to me.

Thanks for the link, but I think I will rely on my own research tools :o)
half year mark
My small MTSO is at 22,500 and my part-time job in a clinic is $6200.  So should do well this year. 
ER died with Mark Green - Not the

him, Carol and Doug.  One thing that got to me though, why didn't Carol and Doug show up for his funeral????  The newer episodes just don't have the same uumph - I stick to the reruns on TNT. 

She is single but has a significant other named “Mark.”

Again, quote mark problem in macro

Same problem as before with a macro that I posted, only one quote mark where there should be two:

In the macro where you see:  cset:=("=)

there needs to be a quote mark on the other side of the equal sign:  =

Selection.MoveEndUntil(cset:=("=), Count:=wdForward)  should be: (substitute the quotemark for the word quotemark)

Selection.MoveEndUntil(cset:=(quotemark=quotemark), Count:=wdForward)

This quote mark needs to be inserted on both sides of the cset=("=) which is in the code twice.  If this instruction doesn't make sense to you, please e-mail me and I will send you the macro.

Hope this helps.

Maybe "disappointed" would be closer to the mark than "deeply saddened" over SM
something that is a nice gesture at Christmas. Why would you be "deeply saddened" over this?
Similar problem-rubbing alcohol mark..nm/TIA!

How do you get a water ring mark off a wooden table, nm
So agree - miss Doug and Mark and Carol. nm
I actually always keep it at the halfway mark or slower. Only way I can hear the ESLs and fast
it's not my fault, the darn quote mark just doesn't post for some reason.
Okay, for some reason, the first quote at the front of qldc does not show up, but in the line autocorrect.entries.add name:=qldc" there needs to be a quote mark around each side of "qldc", not just at the end.

If you want to use this macro -- and find it won't work and are confused my instructions, please write me and I will e-mail the macro to you.

I really don't like the idea of people having to spend their meager pittance of a salary on expensive software to do such a simple thing.

Got floor model of chair that was perfect fit. Final mark down was $40. Went got home saw original
Not to change the subject.. but in Medical Phrase Index, debride doesn't have an accent mark. nm
If they don't show up on play control, click on options, put a check mark by advanced controls fo
Ginger ale. Ginger. It's proven effective for upset stomach.
You can buy a tummy tea or ginger/peppermint tea at the organic store. You can use powdered ginger if you have some in your cupboard. I just sprinkle a tiny bit on my finger and put it on my tongue. Even Mythbusters proved ginger was effective against motion sickness.

Two comments....

First of all, everything you say may be true of the mother regarding her suspicion, but as I always try to do before I criticize and pass judgment on others, first try to mentally "walk a mile in her shoes."  You might be thinking the same thing under similar circumstances.


Secondly, she signed a waiver for her daughter to go on that trip with full knowledge that these "adult children" were not going to be supervised by these chaperones in any fashion other than just being "available" if they needed them and to help out if anyone lose their passport or suitcase, stuff like that.  The mother knew full well why she was letting her daughter got to Aruba... TO DRINK AND PARTY!   If she didn't know that, then she's a dense as they come.  I wouldn't give my daughter 2 cents towards a trip to Aruba at age 18.  There's only one reason to go to an island like that, to drink.  If the beach is what you want, we've been known to have a few beaches here in the USA, but they don't want that, they want to be free to party it up.  So you can't blame the chaperones, at least not in my opinion.

Does nobody want to comment on how much they get paid?
Dee, if you do not have one already, try out an ergonomic split keyboard. Those are the best. I notice that for any reason if I have to use a plain keyboard that I start developing wrist pain.
OT Comments
You should keep a separate record of hours worked so that should you ever decide to file something with the Department of Labor that you worked OT hours that were not paid you have a record to submit. Other MTs have done that in the past and indeed been paid the back pay they were entitled to.
thanks for the comments!
I appreciate knowing this can be done...

Thank you for your posting; I find it very useful.  However, I want to comment on the fact that, during training, I never heard of the BOS and received absolutely no feedback.  So, to think that newly trained MTs are ahead of the others, is not necessarily correct.

As a matter of fact, the very first time that I ever heard of the AAMT Book of Style was upon receiving the graded and corrected FINAL EXAM for my course (Career Step) which made reference to my use of a dangerous abbreviation.  I then inquired as to WHAT IS A DANGEROUS ABBREVIATION, at which time someone did RESEARCH and, after a few days of research, reported to me that she had to ask someone else and discovered that a dangerous abbreviation was defined by AAMT, as mentioned in the BOOK OF STYLE.  I immediately purchased a copy of the book and studied it on my own.

I think that none of us fits into any one category.  I hate it when I am stereotyped, especially with regards to what a potential employer may think I know or do not know, or may be capable of doing, as determined by the exact number of years that I have been working.  There are plenty of exceptionally good companies out there who have totally rejected me due solely to the fact that I have less than the number of years of experience that they require, while my current employer constantly gives me the most difficult jobs because I am, in his mind, "one of the best."    Of course, I can't wait until I have those required number of years of experience so that I can reject those very companies that rejected me back in the days when I only had 2 years of experience!!


thanks for the comments
I appreciate the replies to my inquiry.  Everyone have a good day. 
Any comments about...
Has anyone ever heard of TransRx?
More comments

I appreciate this thread.  It has been very educational. BTW, not only can it be a difficult situation when you work for a "family" business with the wife being the office manager, but I have had negative experiences as a patient when the wife was the doctor's manager.  It just doesn't work out.

While I agree that "other duties as assigned" can be interpreted in many ways, there must be a limit to this.

What I have learned from this thread.

1.  If you have two professions such as Nurse AND MT, write a separate resume for each.  Whether or not you reveal your transcription skills to an employer who is employing you as a nurse is your decision, but should not be required.
2.  As an IC MT, write your own contract.  Stipulate that your MT "business" includes certain duties only pertaining to medical transcription and performed at your location during the hours that you decide.
3.  Stipulate that because MT is your private business entity, due to conflict of interest (or whatever terminology you decide), you do not conduct your private business functions during the same hours as the employee job unless you want to and it is clearly understood that there will be separate charges.
4.  Once you have an established business and income for that business you may need some kind of business license or need to be registered.  The laws vary determined by your state and/or city, county, etc.  However, usually you do not need to register your business until it is actually making a profit.  In the meantime, the existence of your business on paper would offer you some kind of protection against an employer who has employed you as a nurse and is attempting to take advantage of your transcription skills. 
5.  If an employer attempts to have you do transcription on the side, out comes the contract.
6.  Do not offer discounts to anyone simply because they are a friend or employer.  Treat them all the same, require them to pay extra for extra services.  Spell it all out in the contract.  In other words, protect yourself and set them up in the beginning so that they know they will not be able to take advantage of you.

Last I looked, the nurse practice ACT, at least for RNs, is rather specific and does not include such tasks as mopping floors or transcribing dictation.  You sound like a very nice person who has attracted someone who seeks to take advantage of your kind nature.  Don't let them do it.


website comments
You should go take another look at ripoffreport.com. Read the rebuttals, there seems to be more of them than the actual complaints. Pretty much most of the complaints are people who signed up to sell and decided they didn't want to anymore. Definitely not a fault of AmeriPlan. And like most of the rebuttals say on there, get your facts straight before you post your allegations on the web. There is always going to be some people with every company who are not going to be satisfied and complain about it.
some various comments you all might relate too

When asked what I do for a living, I tell them, the response I get the most is this "oh, i've heard of that.  Been wanting to get into it as a side job."  Gee thanks. 

Or "Did you have to go to school for that?"  And actual disbelief when I tell them I did. 

Or "Don't you get sick of not being around people?"  Again...gee thanks.  What am I a shut in?  I still at least go out and check my mail a couple times a week!

Or "Whats that"  Blank look on face or extreme disinterest or disappointment.  Gee, thanks again. 

And here's the meanest one that I received from a guy I was dating for awhile "Are you just afraid of being successful?"  Hmmm.....can I get a gee thanks?

Thank you for your comments, but I would not be posting

and asking for any more money if I had not checked into the situation thoroughly first.  UPS even said that they hire extra drivers over the holidays that do not use UPS vehicles, so anything could have happened.  I'm not pleased about this situation, but I am trying to at least provide a Christmas for the kids.


They deserve the comments
If you follow comments by a well known (sm)
senator, Pat Robertson, this is probably happening because you are all such evil people. If you would straighten your act up, quit taking vacations, work 24/7, quote the Bible all day long, and make sure you invest all your money in countries that promote torture (i.e., his diamond mine investments in Africa), then none of this would ever happen to any of you.

But if that is how I would have to live to avoid bad weather, I will take the bad weather any day.
Couple of comments

I have been dieting for three years....just trying to lose about 25 pounds.  It's been hard.  Now I have to tell you that I am just under 5'8" and now weigh 140 pounds.  Sounds great doesn't it?  Well, my significant other has never seen me naked in 8 years because I think I still look kind of gross.  My point is, that while being fairly slim is, of course, a good thing, you may continue to have issues with your looks.  I still focus in on all the places that I find unattractive or flabby.  I don't think I would ever be happy with the way my body looks.   

I think part of the problem is cultural, in that we are daily bombarded with women on TV, in magazines and in movies who are not representative of what women generally look like. 

Yes, your weight right now is probably too high but perhaps you should set some realistic goals rather than trying to look like, well, you know, all those women I was talking about.  I found that exercise combined with the dieting was the most beneficial.  But you probably already know all this.

Looking for opinions/comments too.
Thanks for starting this post. I'm looking forward to reading some "real" comments as well. Hubby & I are also planning a cruise this yr, we've never been before.
Comments on Accutane?

My son's acne started when he is 12.  He's 16-1/2 now and it's as bad or worse than ever.  Started off trying various over the counter things; didn't work.  Tried Proactive; didn't work.  Went to a dermatologist who tried Retin A, antibiotic capules, antibiotic cream, steroid injections to inflamed zits, etc.  Basically no change.  We kept going back but it never got better and finally son refused to go again.  The doctor had mentioned possibly using Accutane.  The dermatologist said he had never seen so many blackheads on one person (said that in front of my son too, which I think was kind of poor judgment).  But I was thinking my god - if he's the worst a DERMATOLOGIST has ever seen - geez!

Anyway, he has blackheads, whiteheads and bumps deep under the skin.  The bumps you don't notice so much until he is in the light - sunlight or for instance the spotlight the dentist shines into your mouth - and then holy cow - they are everywhere, hundreds of them, each probably the size of a BB.  The bumps are only on his face but he also has very bad blackheads, whiteheads and pimples on not only his face but his neck, shoulders, back and upper arms.

My son doesn't ever act like it bothers him at all but I'm sure it must bother him and I'm sure kids must say something about it.  He seems to pretend they aren't there.  My husband thinks he is just overwhelmed by the sheer number of them and the fact that nothing has worked so just ignores it.

I know Accutane can have very bad side effects but I'm wondering if in a case like his if we should try it anyway.  I think I will make an appointment with another dermatologist although I KNOW it will be over my son's protest.  He will try to refuse to go.  He is the one who decided he wasn't going to the other dermatologist anymore.  I think maybe I will try to find one that specializes in acne, if there is such a thing.

Has anyone here used Accutane or had a child who did?

snide comments

Keep your chin up and don't let that attitude get to you.  Always do your best and it will show in your work.

I haven't ever had any sarcastic comments, but once a doc complained because the report type was incorrect on something I typed. Not bad for 7+ years working for the same place.

Many of the people I type for say something like, thanks for typing, at the end of a dictation.  And I have to say I really appreciate that.  Atta-boys in this business are pretty few and far between.



test comments
I would not let it go either. These are the same companies that will deduct for erros, or limit your work, but there are errors in their work?  For the perfection they insist upon, they should be perfect in their correspondence. I have even had e-mails from companies that had spelling errors.  I say be persistent and call them back IMOO
Insensitive comments
You are absolutely right!!!!No one should be treated in this manner, no matter what circumstances. I can only imagine the negative posts and whippings here are probably from one or many company officials that read this board. How f rude you are and to kick someone when they are down!!!! No one should put up with mistreatment, you don't have to, there are tons of MT jobs out there. I would give any other MT the same advice, give a company 2 weeks, if things don't click, tellem to shove it and move on....next.
MTs are really really treated horribly these days, and ya know what? Its not gonna change until we change. Now go ahead and give me some bad mouth all you creepy creatures out there.

My main complaints with QA are when the individual QA's opinion regarding commas and such affect my QA scores, with the threat of deductions to pay, withholding of raises, benefits, etc.  I did actually receive a payroll deduction once, but it was due to the QA's error.  Thankfully, I discovered their error and was able to prove it.  It was extremely inconvenient, however, because I received no advanced notice that my entire paycheck would be reduced by 15%, and I had to wait for the next paycheck to receive the correction.  I also resigned that position based on the rude treatment I received from the payroll department and the subsequent hassles that I experienced while proving the QA's error.

Again, it seems that QA has very little to do with patient care or document accuracy.  Recently, there was a big controversy with our QA regarding the proper way to indicate military time.  QA had decided that a colon was required and deducted points because I did not use a colon for '1925 hours', while the BOS indicated that a colon was not required and the customer specs didn't specify anything about it.

I have some Stedman books, but it galls me when a company says that Stedmans is THE SOURCE.  Most of the time, I have found answers on good Internet sources; accuracy is easily confirmed.  My books are not easily searchable, and I have not invested in the electronic versions.  Also, I have found discrepancies/inconsistencies between different Stedmans books.  I just purchased my BOS Second Edition 3 years ago, along with the PDF searchable version.  I'm not anxious to purchase the Third Edition so soon.

Again, I believe that all this stuff is more about control than about providing accurate reports for the benefit of the patients.  IMHO, there is more than one accurate way to form a sentence, and this QA grading process is a bunch of unfair baloney.  If the dictators were grading according to a similar QA process, it may seem more fair.

Maybe the persons who began the QA points/grading process were just bored and needed some drama.  Or maybe the objective, again, was simply to devise a method/excuse to reduce MT pay and prevent payout of benefits?