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You are an employer's DREAM Sara!

Posted By: ! on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: Thanks - Sara

Unfortunately a work ethic like yours is very rare. I am in complete agreement with you. I would love to find people with that much enthusiasm and commitment. Try boards that area specifically FOR new MTs. Then you don't have the elders just trying to bring you down. You'll go far with your attitude and ability to tune out the negative.

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Describe your dream job in one sentence. (anything goes; it's a dream job.)

My dream job would be straight transcribing half oncology and half psychiatry on a flexible schedule Monday through Friday as a statutory employee for a reputable company with decent dictators at 11 cents per line (a fair living wage for 17 years' experience), first shift.


Sara the dog
Thank you, Sara!

Here is a link to a website with lots of great avatars.  Hope you find one you like.



Sara Lee in China?
I'm also hearing that Sara Lee, you know, cakes and pastries? Well they also have many of their products made in CHINA now!!!
Well if I'm gonna dream I'm gonna dream big! hehe

More about dream job
Thanks for the reply. Please e-mail me if you have time as I would definitely like to get suggestions. I have tested with several companies and they are waiting for reply but just want to be careful in making the best choice for me. I too am lucky enough not to have to have income now but would love part-time with a flexible schedule.

Thanks in advance,
I actually had a dream
about being on this board!! I also transcribe in my dreams.  I guess those are actually nightmares since everything goes wrong and I have zero lines at the end of the day.
your dream would be 5ƈ"..LOL...sm

C'mon, I'm the 5' poster but 5'2"?  You'd be happy just to be 5'2"?  I was 5'3/4" most of my life but not now, lost almost an inch....

striving for 5'2" - *that's very funny to me.....because people have always thought I'm taller than 5'...because of the *stomach in, chest out* way I carry myself....I feel tall inside *L*...but if I had my druthers, 5'2" isn't tall enough in my opinion, it's still very, very short, and I'd love to have been 5'6" or 5'7".....

Dream job.

If employee, a good line rate with paid vacation and holidays, retirement, disability insurance.  Flexible hours as much as possible.  User-friendly platform.  Open communication with management staff and other employees.  Occasional bonus/perk to show appreciation. 

If IC, a line rate high enough to provide my own beenies.  Flexible hours as long as within tournaround time.  Backup on account for occasional time off.  Enough work to provide a decent line count.  User-friendly platform.  Access to management when needed.   Occasional bonus/perk to show appreciation. 

my dream job would be

Yes those things you mentioned - good line rates, health insurance, good incentive program, paid time off - those things would be a dream for an IC like me.

I also believe if you do a good job it would be nice to hear it once in awhile, perhaps in the form of a Chrismas bonus !  I feel I am a hard worker and have over 10 years experience, struggle through ESLs and poor dictators and really don't get paid enough for my time.  To NOT feel like a cog in a wheel would be wonderful. 

Good luck to you with YOUR dreams !!

dream job
How about at-home for those of us that do Pathology?
Dream job
Please, when you open your company, can I come work for you? How lovely!
Dream job
My dream job would be working for a company that offers benefits, but health insurance where you can have coverage no matter what state you live in, paid time off, 401K after 3 months of employment, not a year. Also, a fair amount per line rate. Twenty-five years ago I made 7 cents a line and now the rates are not much higher than that. Management and QA who treat the employees with respect, appreciate employees for a good job done as well as being loyal to that company. I have seen too much greed by company owners in my years as an MT, by that I mean they take all the profits, live in big beautiful houses, while the MTs struggle from paycheck to paycheck. We all work hard for our money and we deserve to be treated with respect and the employer can be treated with respect in return by the MTs working their schedules, QA being 99% or above, etc. This is the only job I have had and I love being an MT but I do not like the greed I have seen over the years. But, not all companies are the same. Thanks for the survey and good luck with your business.
Dream job

Okay let me see if I get it from the answers below

.10 cpl minimum for transcriptionist, higher for specialities; 0.2 to 0.4 cpl for benefits; 0.2 to 0.4 for QA, 0.3 - 0.4 for owner; 0.2 minimum for investor and yes I know a lot of companies/hospitals that will pay 19 to 24 cpl for transcription services.  Like you said, dream not  realistic. Oh yea and then have enough work force on hand to do the work in a 24 hour TAT,  less if there are QA problems and it goes there.   Then not many ESL's  --.  Also balanced work force for enough on hand to do the job in your contracted time frame or you will be docked severely but not to many so everyone has their work they want and those on stand by that will do work when someone calls in sick or has a personal problems or do not want to work.  Then there is the time that doctors take vacations and work flow is down and everyone is yelling at you.  Like you said it is a dream job.   It could be possible but it is a very hard business to run smoothly and profitable for everyone.  I only have two I/C's and 6 accounts and I am ready to chuck it in and just do what I can do for myself as it is very hard to balance and keep everyone happy and the 20 to 25% you make off those accounts is very well earned.  I do wish you success and it all sounds good but there is lot more there that does not meet the eye when you become an MTSO.   I also had my dream of being larger and providing a very decent job to home based MT's but after a few years I saw the writing on the wall and kept it as 2 - 3 I/C's and that is very hard to balance all out.   They are I/C's and have the right to work and not work.    And if you pay any benefits, they do become employees and then you have more expenses with benefits, insurance, workman's comp, etc., etc.  But hey you might be able to do it and I wish you the best.    Give MQ a run for their money.





Dream Job
I would be willing, if I had choice of the account type I had to work, at 7.5 cpl, as an IC.
My dream job would be....
...to be able to work at home being paid $16.50 or more per hour, working Tuesdays thru Fridays, no weekends, no holidays, paid vacation, sick time, all English speaking doctors, clinic/doctor's office work only, and work being available all the time.
not a dream, but...
About 4 years ago, my nephew shot himself...for 2 weeks before his death, I was sick...so sick I couldn't work, eat, or sleep, but had no real symptoms. I just had this overwhelming feeling of dread, butterflies in my stomach, shaky legs and all. After his death, that feeling went away, replaced with another, but we won't go there...
That is my dream job, as well! lol
Maybe it just takes a transcriptionist's eye, but recently in the paper, we had a story on a doctor who did her residency at Cedar-Cyanide! :)  I love the closed captioners, too....That's my next job, I think!!  A few that I can remember seeing are "Vegas" nerve stimulator (when you want a good day gambling, I guess),  the Soup Earp Bowl, and Since Gnatty Bengals.  And they get paid big bucks for that!!
Not a dream....
That's what I make on this account is 14 cpl on 65-character line. I also have another account that pays me 11 cpl on a 60-character line. Maybe you need to look around if you're not doing so well.
Dream job
You might try Amphion out of WI. They actually prefer their people working day shift with no weekends. They have wonderful benefits and I think may pay per hour also. They are affiliated with University of Wisconsin Medical School I believe. Good Luck!
Dream on..

working on a project.  They expect it as they are paying hourly for your work, no matter what that entails "other duties as assigned." 

I thought I could say "I didn't want to train a new hire" and guess what?  My boss said it is in all other duties. 

If this was the case in terms of project manager, then I should have been called a trainer and made more money.

Come on guys, get real!

My dream job would be...
traveling around the world by yacht taking pictures of perfect sunsets, making enough money to donate to worthy causes. But then I wake up to my cats meowing "Feed us, we're hungry." Oh well, I'll put them on the boat with me. They can eat what they catch.
Dream Job
I love the entertainment industry, but have no talent (LOL), but I'd love to be an entertainment reporter and get to go to all the great parties and get to hang out with the rich and famous.
Dream job . . .
Produce and perform the kind of worship songs that automatically give you the "good goosebumps".
Dream job...
Mine is to one day have my own greenhouse, which I'm actually going back to school for horticulture this fall!
dream job
I love transcription but due to no money, would love to sell my book and travel some to get ideas for others.
Dream Job
My dream job would be to stay far, far away from MT companies!!!
dream job
something portable... so that I am not tied to one place. I want to be able to travel anywhere and earn money at the same time. How about MT on a laptop? But I want to be able to travel internationally as well.  Entirely flexible hours would be great.
I have dream job
I work part-time transcribing psychiatry notes on a flexible schedule (turnaround usually in 24 hours), and then I also work for a multinational marketing company that works with Fortune 500 companies.  They measure their success by how many millionaires they produce!  It is wonderful.  I am setting things up so that I can do my work with my laptop wherever it is that I am in the country.  Send me an email if you want to hear more! 
Believe me, I know more about the subject than you could dream to know.
I knew about that so many years ago that it's not even worth discussing with you. You don't even have a clue who you're talking to and what my qualifications are, so please stop with your blathering. The point I was trying to make (that obviously escaped you) is that people think if they use Firefox, they're automatically protected against ALL viruses. If you had read the original post, this discussion is about WINDOWS XP viruses, not Internet Explorer viruses. Operating systems, not browsers. Therefore, your post about switching to Firefox had NOTHING to do with anything that was being discussed because it's two different things.
Oh, to dare to dream.......

dream on, Ms. Professional...sm
profession is defined as, "a
calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic
preparation." Hardly MT work.
dream on if you think you are going to get 17 cpl with or without union
what's coming down the pike will knock that kind of pay right off the table, and no one will even look back.
I would still work, but instead have my dream job
and open my own photography studio. It would be work, but different work...something I would love waking up every day and doing. I could live on $1000 a week though!
No. Wouldn't dream of it. NM
Nice to dream! - nm
Yes, it does sound like a dream job
I agree, Tami, your job does sound like a dream job. I have family down in East Prairie, just down the road from you!

I wish I could land a dream job like that!
I like your dream day, mine would be
But no such luck. Tomorrow for V-day, I hope to get all my lines, do my 2 jobs, clean the house, and make grandma's meatball and homemade cake for the DH and kids, and be done early enough to relax and not be a big crab. Tomorrow will be my dream day if that happens LOL. Actually if a fraction of that happens I'd be happy. :)
The Ultimate Dream Job

The key to deciphering your post is found in the term, "HOURLY,"

Almost 99% of us work on PRODUCTION, not HOURLY.  You have a dream job, you can believe that. 

That sort of thing doesn't happen for the masses.  Lucky you.

My dream job would be to just travel, (sm)
see the world, play, ski, go on mountain bike & hiking trips, and do all sorts of unusual outdoor activities, and indoor activities (drawing) that I enjoy, and then get paid to write about them.
Dream Job - Hope it isn't with SoftScript
If your dream job is with SoftScript it will quickly turn into a nightmare.
Did I just dream there was a productivity board here now?
That would be a dream come true for me! Where do I sign up? nm
I love 'em too. I can dream, can't I?

You are too funny!!! Dream of transcribing?
Crazy dream I had last night...
I dreamt that a company I used to work for had an ad for a Transcriptionist to do just ESLs, offering $55-$90 an hour depending on their difficulty.  Ha-Ha!!  I was still hesitant as to whether to apply or not, because I remembered some of their ESLs and was not sure if that is really how I wanted to spend my time.  Oh well, maybe at that rate I could stand it for 2-3 hours.  LOL!
syntax prob? your dream 5 ft 2 in..nm

not good to space out (dream) while....nm

wow. sounds like a dream job. I would go for it, just for the insurance. nm
He may be dead but his dream lives on...

(sigh) The M15 split is my dream keyboard.