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I am a "decent" MT

Posted By: Jenny on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: Try hiring ONE good MT. - MTSO

I strongly take offense to your comment of not being able to hire a decent MT. I have been an MT for 30 years, produce upwards of 2500+ 65 character lines per day, probably about 99% accuracy as we all make mistakes. I realize the smaller MTSO cannot afford to pay like the big nationals, but the big nationals have turned into sweat shops, usualy with so many people in charge, one does not have a clue what the other one is doing, hello - the MT is the one who pays your salary, the MT generates the income. Give the MT what they need - a good/easy platform to work from, a decent line rate they can live on, PTO, affordable health insurance, a pat on the back and a note of appreciation once in a while, a rare e-mail rather than 10-20 a day. It is not that there are no decent MTs available, it is that a few of us have found a nice niche and we are the ones who do not jump from company to company, trying to find something better. It is not a good feeling to have 30 years of experience, only to be offered the same wage as someone just getting out of MT school, kind of a slap in the face really. Yes, the newbies can be hired for less money, although it is rare anymore, they seem to be offered the same as a seasoned MT - yet they need tons of QA and the seasoned MT maybe once in a while, but that makes no difference, they are all paid about the same. A lot of the more seasoned MTs have decided to leave the field or to start doing QA or even starting their own business. This used to be a wonderful field to get into, the pay and benefits were decent, the incentives were in place, you were appreciated. I get the feeling from reading these boards that if you are not happy, you should just move on, I know an MT who had 7 W2s last year because she was not happy, that alone should prove there is something definitely wrong with this industry. I am an IC and would love to go back to a job that pays me benefits and PTO but I do work for a nice company and am not willing to take the risk. Unfortunately as an IC I make the same line rate as a lot of those out there with benefits, but right now that is my choice. I am sorry this is so long but maybe someone should start listening to the MT and maybe the industry needs to be changed a little, as I said, who generates the income? It is not the sales people, the QA people, the CEO, etc, if the MT does not produce, there is no income. Yes, the decent MT is leaving the field, because quite honestly they are being replaced by the newbies, no experience, for the same line rate.

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