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I don't know what others make on their bonuses.

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Well, since you work more than one job, your quarterly bonus is probably not what it could be...sm - Hmm.

Mine is usually a thousand; sometimes in the 900's.

No, I won't be happy about it if the bonuses are cut out. It's not the only thing keeping me with MQ though.

I do more work for MQ than for Spheris because MQ pays me more. Spheris doesn't pay quarterly bonuses and their incentive is limited to 1.5 cpl while I can get 2 cpl at MQ.

Losing the qrtly bonuses will not be enough for me to quit MQ.

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I am SE. We used to get bonuses. nm
SE bonuses
if I were you I'd be asking some questions
but bonuses are just that (SM)

Bonuses are not guaranteed.  They are supposed to be based on certain criteria, example, if the company makes money, if your performance meets the criteria, etc.  It is the deafening silence that speaks so loudly.

Last year we got 50.00 gift cards to Target or Amazon and I sent a group gift to the office staff from Hershey's - it was a computer monitor made out of chocolate which I personalized.
X-Mas Bonuses
We're having a luncheon next week at the office. They have secret santas and we're getting $300 bonuses. This is the first time in 3 years that I've gotten anything. When I was an IC I didn't get a card or a Merry Christmas.
Bonuses at MDI Florida?
I have read that MDI Florida gives bonuses for employees that go the extra mile.  I have been there over two years and work hard but have not seen a bonus yet.  Do they given them out often or at all?  They forgot us for transcription week and do not so anything for birthdays so it would be nice to get something out of it all. 
I will get better and improve my skills in time, as I already have, but if these new things are implemented, I will not be given the opportunity to further improve my skills and get better. I will be canned, I suppose, for not meeting quota. From what I gather on this board, everyone with MQ has a different contract. I am new...you have probably been with them for awhile. I HAVE NO BONUSES WHATSOEVER FOR ANYTHING, NO MATTER IF MY QA SCORE IS 100% (IT WAS 98%). You probably have an older, better contract. Most of us are not whining, we are AFRAID. I actually ENJOY working for MQ (look out, I am ducking as I speak), and would like very much to stay, improve my skills and speed AND make more money. And what the heck is this about not more than a certain percentage of reports going to QA? How ridiculous is THAT? (Sorry for being out of the loop, but I do not receive any communication from MQ whatsoever and only hear these things on this board.) If they make a requirement of only a certain percentage of reports going to QA then the MTs are going to be forced to GUESS what the doctor said when he is coughing, slamming the door, phone ringing, TAPE SKIPPING, cut himself off, unintelligible foreign dictator, obviously said the wrong word by mistake, etc. These things I always send to QA. They are the experts and they should decide whether to leave a blank or risk filling it in, not me. If I was so experienced as to be sure what to do in all of these scenarios, I would be QA!!!!!!!!
What are the bonuses for a good QA?

MQ Bonuses ... How it works for me
As long as I have produced a total of 1600 lines on weekend days (however I choose to do it) and have 98% QA or better, I qualify for bonuses once I reach 6001 lines in a payperiod. Bonuses go up to an extra 2 cents per line. They are paid on the bi-monthly check!
Oh, is that so? We get production bonuses, but none for
I remember bonuses. We would get 10%
a Christmas bonus. I still have my gold Seiko as a gift for my 10 yearanniversary with the company.
Dies anyone know if MQ is getting rid of bonuses SM
for SE and if so, when does it begin? thanks.
When is MQ getting rid of the quarterly bonuses? SM
Does it start before or after the OCT bonus?
We had weekend bonuses
When the work was heavy or for holiday weekends for everyone PT/FT but that was cut out in June completely.
Bonuses and overtime
You're very lucky.  Do it while it lasts.  Once worked for a company that always did that and out of the blue they changed and went on a hiring spree and then not enough work.  Would rather work for one like yours.
Speaking of bonuses...
We were getting $3 extra per rad report when out of TAT, but now it is 25 cents. Talk about going from filet mignon 2 horse meat!
Sign on Bonuses
When are sign on bonuses, relocation assistance, usually paid out?
While getting more bonuses and flexibility and
Make sure you get the whole picture, okay?

Those production bonuses
have always seemed pie in the sky, to me.   They're offered so you bust your butt trying to get there, but why would a company want you to earn that consistently?  Stands to reason it would be cheaper for a company to pay two part-time, no-benefit people for 175 lines per hour each than one person for 350 lines per hour plus bonus.  Or am I just way too suspicious?
Yes, bonuses are reserved for the pets, not
based on cooperation, quality, or anything else, just whether your team leader thinks you are wonderful and so does Deb, but if you are on Deb's list, you get nothing, so just stay quiet in your corner and say nothing or she will slam you.   
Is MQ still paying quarterly bonuses? SM
I was expecting to get a July 15 bonus. Has this changed? TIA
Company Bonuses/Raises
Any companies out there that still give these?  (especially "Cost of Living" raises...)
Most industries do not gives gifts or bonuses...
I would be happy if I got something from my company, but I would not be upset it I didn't.
Why do companies pay hiring bonuses,

advertise in hundreds of papers nationwide, spend $$ printing and mailing out postcards advertising for new MTs, when if they would just pay their current MTs 1 cpl more, or offer benefits or better benefits they wouldn't have a problem. 

It seems like in the long run they would come out better and it sure beats having to screen/train, provide equipment, etc. a dozen or more new MTs/week.  If the companies have the $$ for all of the above, why can't they pay their MTs more?  They may not be getting the line rate they used to get but the money is coming from somewhere. 

Christmas bonuses/gifts

Two questions: Do you receive any Christmas bonus or gift from your company, and do you give your company or team leader anything?  I was just curious. This is my first year to be working at home, as I have always worked in-house.  That was always the "fun" of working in the hospital -- the gift exchanging and Christmas parties!!!


Usually bonuses are not under a supe's control

Each company defines what qualifies for their bonuses.
I doubt they make them unreachable as the whole point is to draw long-term employees.
Nope, straight salary. No bonuses. nm
In lieu of any Christmas bonuses in the future..
I would just like the opportunity to meet some of these guys in person...thank them for the work that keeps my bills paid...smile...and then smack the ever lovin' peediddle outta them for some of their, shall we say, "lackluster" dictating habits.  Yeah...I think that would be a glorious bonus
Question for Patti regarding X-mas bonuses. See messsage.
Hi Patti, if you did not get a bonus from your accounts, would you still give out a bonus to your IC's. I am an MTSO and I do not get bonuses from my accounts, but I would like to give a bonus to my ICs. I would like to get your opinion on what is a fair bonus amount to give, or whether you would just take them out to lunch. Thanks Patti.
Ya know, the problem I have with giving sign-on bonuses is...
Why dont they give occasional bonuses or some kind of acknowledgement to the employees who have been there and stuck it out through periods of no work or little work and expecting us to be "flexible" all day hoping there is enough work before the day is over. How about acknowledging them so they find a reason to stay instead of "begging" more people to come on board for a bonus only to find there isnt enough work to go around. Their whole process is messed up.
I would think it is why bonuses are offered. If it for an exceptional job or for working above
and beyond what is expected, then I don't think it is unfair. My company offers bonuses to those who, for 4 consecutive pay periods, meet certain line production and quality. Nothing unfair about that, as long as you know what the criteria is.
This is 100% true - they get bonuses for selling the public
useless items that they don't really need.
I also work for both Spheris and MQ. If quarterly bonuses are eliminated I too will still be with M
I worked part-time for someone like that and they used the QA % to keep from paying bonuses
the QA % to keep from paying bonuses and I think that is so wrong. I no longer work for them.

Most of the reports that I had sent in were sent because the quality of the file was bad. it had a lot of skips and jumps in it and it could not be filled in.

They required 10%. The closest I got was 33%.

I think it is so wrong to require a %.
$44,000 last year at 7.75 cpl with wonderful bonuses at maybe 30-35 hours a week, BUT
then my bonuses were cut when we went to a new system and now I have to work 60-70 hours a week to make the same. So, really there are too many variables here.
You don't get bonuses for doing it. It's just mixed in with the regular stuff, sadly. nm
Why not mention the other side? That MQ payes BONUSES FOR GOOD QA scores!
Whine, whine, whine, but those who are GOOD get $$ for good QA scores! Improve your skills, make more $$, and whine less!
Keep in mind..taxes for gambling wins, bonuses etc.. fall into a different category. Usually more li
We love Vegas..and one year we actually won enough to have to pay taxes it was pretty close to 50% of the win..It's just like getting a bonus..not under a regular tax rate like 30%. Also our win was more like $5000 ..nothing compared to yours..I would definitely get a financial planner so that you can invest your money wisely and make it go further..$500,000 in this day and age will go quickly..I would probably work PT so I could spend more time with my family.  As it turns out, my life is also about to change in that we're selling a multi-million dollar business property and even though my husband wants me to stop working, it wont happen..I"d go crazy..but I'd like to stop working 70-90 hours a week and at least go to 40..which is PT for me LOL>.
You spending 3K in gasoline to make 4K plus all that time on the road?That doesn't make sense Pat

How nice that the world revolves around what you make and no one else could possibly make more. sm

Marla in So. California pays 11 cpl for a 55 ccl, Oracle pays 9-1/2 cpl, MDI-MD 11 cpl, JLG 10 cpl for gross line, etc.

Of course, these are rates negotiated and paid to qualified MTs.

When I see mistakes I repeatedly make, I make a quickcorrect for it (sm)
for example if I type we plant o instead of "plan to" I have a quick corrct so that if I type plant o, it replaces it with plan to, etc. It is hard - I was with the same company for 8 years. I do not work for anyone with an accuracy requirement though.
When you make the copay, make them give you a sm
receipt for the amount you pay them.  I know they don't like to do this because it takes time, but if you are really stern and insist on a receipt they have to give you one.  Then, the next time you get billed for something you already paid, tell them to look for their copy of the receipt and let THEM do the work. 
Yes, unfortunately you do have to make a pest of yourself to make it work, but.....
as the years went by that is why I stayed away from those type of companies.  BTW, Noni is a fabulous product, I absolutely do not care for the "marketing techniques" they use.  One of the facts of this type of industry is you cannot just recruit to make it, you have to retail.  Ever since I "overhauled" my techniques and system...I never had to ask another person to some on board again.  Well, nuf for now.  Take care and have a blessed week!!
lol cut myself off. Anyway, I'll make close to what I used to make with MQ,
You can't make things worse and could make things better.
The skinny woman may be ill.  The guy might not know the dog is a nuisance.  Who knows?  Maybe it is not as forbidding as it seems and maybe they just need to be asked in a nice way. 
What do you make.........?????
Just once, I would like to see some sympathy/empathy on this board instead of arguing. Where are your feelings??????
Make sure
you get $ offer in writing with Transolutions BEFORE you start. AFTER you start they don't remember what they offered you and at that point you are stuck. Benefits are VERY good!

Otherwise, QA has gotten very difficult!. Their platform is VERY, VERY, VERY old - it stinks! And good luck getting a response to questions from anyone in the office!

You might want to keep looking.
YW :) Yup, they sure can make you want to...

...sometimes, that's for sure.

Hang in there

Make that four.
I've worked for a couple of large nationals. The folks at Amphion are RESPONSIVE and positive. They'll go out of their way to get things done for you (even on a holiday). Very down to earth and appreciative of the people who generate revenue.

And nope, I'm not management, just impressed because I've been management and know that what they're doing works.
You make no
This all began from "no whining" attacking a newbie on here for spelling a word incorrectly. I am sorry, but we all "started" this profession at one time and there is LOTS to be learned, and the English language is ONLY THE BEGINNING! That poor soul that was attacked hasn't returned! Now, you tell me, is that fair?