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I'm in good company, then! :) Thanks!

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: I also work for both Spheris and MQ. If quarterly bonuses are eliminated I too will still be with M - I can relate


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Good of the company? As IC, I am my own company. Not my problem if she has problems as long as I do
Hight staff turnover = high client turnover if you don't pay attention.
good company

I have been working for JLG for the past month or so and I have to say I am very impressed.  This company delivers what they pitch in the interview.  They do small things to make you feel part of the company and to make you feel important, but the best part is that so far they have paid on time, with absolutely no hassels of any kind.  They strive to make sure that you do not run out of work.  I am now assigned to 3 different accounts and so far the work has been more than I can do.  They also pay comparable line rates according to other companies across the board. 

I wanted to put this out there just in case someone is looking for a position.  As I understand it, one of their requirements is that you have 3 years experience with acute care transcription.  It has been stated to me several times that they are looking to hire a large number of transciptionsts, so possibly some of you can look into their company.  So far, I am very pleased, especially coming from the last company that I worked for.  I will be posting about that company later.   

Good company
Where did all former SS employees go.  I am looking for a good company.
PROSCRIPT - GREAT company... try them.
good company to QA for?
Any advice? I need a new job with some good benefits.
Good company
I work with AccuStat and so do 10 friends of mine. We all love it. The pay is different but that is designated by the clients and not Accustat. You will love working with them. You will see that any bad remarks made about them are usually by MTs that were fired for poor work. That is true of most of these bad things written on these companies. You made a good choice! AccuStat is a great company!!
What is a good company?
Okay, Spheris does not sound good and Ascend sounds like they do not pay.  So anybody have any suggestions for a possibly to be ex-MQer.
Good company
I work for one, too.  They don't bother me - and the communication is very good.  What specialities do you transcribe?  Therein may lie the answer to your problem.  If you have limited your experience by transcribing radiology or clinic work for years, losing any acute care or other specialty experience that you may have had - then the problem does not lie in the company, but in the fact of the path that you  have chosen.
good company SOMETIMES
They will use ya and be great when they need ya. They will dump ya in a heartbeat when they find someone else who they can pay less and all the sudden you have no work. They are unethical and only care about bottom dollar. Me and 7 of my friends left them when they did this to us.
Good company
They used to be under another name and were bought out.  There's plenty of work and you don't deal with a huge staff, just 2 people and that's it.
Good PT company

Does anyone know an excellent company who hires part-time transcriptionists and furnishes equipment?


Good company
I haver orked for Medquist for about eight years or so as a PT.  I have no problems, they pay on time and are a good company to work for.  They do supply the computer and whatever you.  I was using my own computer intil they changed their program and I then began using their computer.  It is free.  Good luck. 
Good company
Wow, I just reviewed my post and the spelling is terrible.  I could say I just got through working about five hours and I am ready to quit, but I apologize for the errors. 
good company definitely!!
I have worked for this company for over three years. They have bent over backwards to keep me happy and my pay has always been fair and on time. I communicate with at least 30 other Accustat EMR MTs who would agree wholeheartedly!!!
A lot of changes in a company good or bad?

A company I've been working for since October on an awesome account is making some changes recently that I'm not exactly thrilled with.  I love my account and that is all.  It is a great money making account when there is work, A BIG WHEN!!!  Work is consistently low and now we are supposed to work a certain shift and not go outside that shift.  The problem being we are often running out of work or work starts late and we often can't get it finished in that time period.  The biggest thing keeping me there is my production on that account when there is work.   The company is now requiring a lot of paperwork to keep up with hours worked, line production, QA's reports, requiring us to sign in to 2 different sites to fill out required information along with a productivity sheet (all taking up time that we don't get paid for).  I've also been told by HR that I will need to get a secondary to make my lines during my shift but also told that they dont' have a secondary acct available.  I've been asking for one for 5 months now without success and finally just got a second job a couple months ago.

Now for my consideration I am also working at this second company where I don't make as much an hour because I'm still working up my production, but work is available when I need it, more than I need actually.  I'm never sitting there refreshing queue begging for reports and I don't have to worry about wasting time. 

I have the option to remain PT and do both or quit the 1 with inconsistent work (but the awesome acct.) or do the other one FT and cut down on a whole lot of stress.  I just hate to say goodbye to that awesome account. 

Can someone recommend a good company?

You can only find out so much from a company's website......of course they are not going to include "not enough work to keep you busy" or "so much work you will never leave your desk again" or even better yet "we really never send you a paycheck."   I am looking for a full-time home-based position, preferably clinic, and I do have experience.  Can someone recommend a company?!?!?!?!


Normally a good, fair company

Generally, I'm left alone to do my work, which is what I prefer.  Not much contact with my coordinator unless I initiate it or do something stupid.  In days gone by there was enough work to go around, and on occasion when there was a backlog there were ample bonuses.  That hasn't happened in a long while.  There was also a quarterly reveiw bonus (for 100% QA), but there have been staff changes that evidently have precluded reviews as we haven't had one in 2 or 3 quarters, now (and thus, no bonus). 

The pay isn't great, but the work is good, the platform easy, most of the dictators clear.  I have just general clinic accounts, but I understand the VA accounts pay more. 

I've seen this a number of times before.  Each time of absolutely bone dry work was immediately after an ad (and I suppose subsequent hiring).  It's disappointing.  What's worse is that when I was hired I was probably the cause of someone else being out of work. . .

Can anyone suggest a good company

Not perfect just decent, I have a year experience so deffinately still learning, I work as an IC on Acute Care but the work runs out and I want to keep this job and have another MT job for I'm getting tired of my office job... Figure I might as well do what I like for a living


Any suggestions for a GOOD company?

I have 15 years experience.  Looking for a company that is very flexible on scheduling (full time student also) and treats employee like a human.

Good Company to Work For
I really need to make a change.  Can those of you out there that REALLY LIKE the company you work for send me a line?  I have already applied to quite a few, and now it's decision time.  I appreciate any input you can give me.    Thanks in advance!    PJ
MDI is good, has troubles like any other company.
I love it; if I have an issue, I speak to my team leader and it gets resolved. My paycheck is on time and I support my kids.

You are correct, you should just sit in a corner and type and on your days off, look for another job.

There are too many companies out there to be unhappy and bitter. Hope you find one that suits you better.
Does anyone know of a good company for radiology...
with non-teaching hospitals and decent rates?
Good company for Radiology
WEBMEDX - and they are hiring Radiology MTs right now.
Any good rad company recommendations?
Does anyone know of a company that a Transcriptionist with 23 years of experience would find to be to her liking; i.e., plenty of work, good dictators, respectable company to work for, etc.
You are not going to find a good company
didn't pay. Well, SS will work you to death and with the ESL's you will have to work 24/7 just to make enough to buy 10 gallons of gas. Does this tell you anything?
well you must have a good offshore company because the one that I QA for
is just horrendous!!! Horrendous is the word I would use for them on a good day!!! But I need the job and the company I work for is offshoring most of the work because we cannot get transcriptionists here to work their schedules. It bothers me on several levels, especially that the hospital does not know about it.
Seeking good company

Anyone have any info on Eight Crossings, Inc, or Sierra Medscribe?

Or know any services that will either accept MTs with dial-up, or help pay for satellite?


SS is a good company. I work as QA though so I don't know from
an MT perspective on the work load. Been with them almost a year.
I like your company...good rule/sm
Some places make you feel like if you don't search and search then you are inadequate. But I don't get paid to research, I get paid to type. I will research a reasonable amount of time and that is it.
Good luck getting 10 cpl from a company

Unheard of in my opinion.  However, even though it works out (so you say) to 6.5 cpl, you do not have to deal with the client.  I will not sit for hours either and work my own schedule, do not have to do a certain amount of lines and can "crank" out work too, but I'd rather work for 8 cpl than deal with office managers, office staff that lose things, and also fight with the accounting department to get my check.  Yes, I have two of my own accounts and only one of them pays on time every time.  So, you see, there is more to life than cpl. 

For the OP:  When you are an IC, you are self-employed, so you want to keep track of your write-offs.  Do some research and you will see all that can be written off due to the fact that it is a business expense, i.e., mileage, equipment, office supplies, your home office, etc.  You may want to check with an accountant/tax professional for guidance. 

Is Diskriter a good company?
I see many ads for Disriter, but relatively few people reading the ad as opposed to the other MTSO posters.   Why is this?  Anyone work for them?  Are they an affilitate of the Q?
So, who's a good company to work for?
I have 8 years of experience in many MT specialties. What are the best companies that are HIRING? TIA.
It is referred to as MDI-Maryland, and it is a good company.
What is it you want to know?

You work as SE (statutory employee).

Set your own schedule, direct deposit, great line rate, always work available (too much sometimes), easy platform. Anything else?

I will try to answer any other questions.
Thanks. It's a local rad company, so it'd probably be a good thing.
IF I can even do it.
I am a good MT. However, I haven't found what I need from a company yet.
I agree that not every MT or company will be a good fit for each other.  I just didn't realize that what I was asking for from an employer would be nearly impossible to find.  It's not that I'm not willing to give a little either; it seems like the majority of companies that I have come across want you chained to your desk 24/7 with a ring through your nose to tug on.  They won't pay downtime but they expect you to check back into the system every 15 minutes without pay.  Some people do this without complaining because they feel lucky to have a job working at home.  I'm sorry, but I'm not a doormat.  We already pay the overhead and equipment costs for the companies.  Our benefits and line rates get cut back more and more.  The quality of dictation gets worse and worse because of VR and offshoring.  I'm a good MT, and I deserve to be treated like one.  If standing up for myself means I have a bad attitude, oh well, at least I can sleep at night for not letting anybody walk all over me.
As wtih every company, they have their good and bad points - sm
As long as you do not end up with L.L. as your account supervisor, you will do just fine! There is more bad than good about this company, huge turnover, etc. But you can easily make $$ with them, especially because you get paid for spaces and returns.

I did well $$ with them when I was not being moved to different accounts all day long. If I was on one or two accounts for the day, I did great, but needless to say management has other ideas.
What a GREAT idea! Good for your company. nm
Oh good grief. Every company defines
I hope I can be that good and exp. one day that a company trusts me enough to say hey you don't n
Good luck on a company with no ESLs, even
the clinics have them now.

I work a FT job and then am an IC. I work the IC job when I am able, just have to let them know. There are no set days or hours with the IC job, just when I can work I work. If I can't I don't. I usually average working about 50 hours a week--40 hours FT and 10 hours spread throughout the week with the IC.
I can't believe this. I just quit a good company and went BACK to MQ and now this? Oh, Lord! nm
Actually READ my post. I wrote "A GOOD COMPANY"
Thick, thick, thick.
Try Webmedx. Decent company, good benefits. sm
What a blow.  Good luck
I currently work for Transhealth. I tihnk it is a good company.
I need help finding a good company with steady work..sm
that pays a minimum of 10 cents a line.  I have been an MT for 27 years and I take pride in my work.  Things have changed at my current company and cherry pickers have taken over so I end up doing all the reports no one else wants to do.  This takes me longer and my line count is suffering.  I know there have to be good companies out there that pay well and need good employees.  I have left my email address if anyone would like to offer me some hope and share names of companies.  Please no flames, I am just an honest MT wanting an honest job with decent compensation. Thanks for any help.
Even if you could do 3000 a day, good luck finding a company
That's a good question for the Company board or search the archives.
Is Keystrokes a good company for any work type other than radiology? sm

I have seen really good reports on this board (and others) about Keystrokes being the place to be for radiology but have really not seen much discussion regarding other work types.  I am primarily interested in op notes as I understand they will only hire if you have spent the last several years in a particular work type and ops are it for me.  I wonder about their platform, pay scale, flexibility, whether or not weekend work is required, etc.  I have left my email address in case anyone would like to privately email me.  I would really appreciate some input.  Thank you.

Any suggestions for a good MT for part time other than MQ as far as a nice company to work for. I
think it is time for a change about now.
As far as company VR for critical care it is not very good and I agree with the other poster. I tend
to leave little words in or if I have to take a lot of words out an extra word gets stuck in. It is a mess. If you are speaking of your own person VR at home to help I know nothing about that. With companies at this stage of the game you will not increase your productivity as you think.