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okay now i'm motivated but

Posted By: you're like super MT (this is not a flame) sm on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Yes, I do get arm stiffness...more often - Busy MT'ing

The most I can get is about 1700 lines and thats on a very rare occasion, without some sort of hand, arm, wrist, finger pain making me stop.  And if for some reason I do not have pain, I get distracted (my own darn fault), but I find it hard to stay focused for a consecutive two day stretch, ill have one good day, then throw it all away the next day.  As far as the pain, if youre only  getting the numbness, and with the lines youre typing, maybe i'm sitting wrong or using the wrong keyboard.

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Need to get motivated
Ok, here's my situation.  I've been working as an MT from home for 10 years.  I have loved it for the most but it does have its negatives.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  I have decided to apply for an MT position with a hospital and I would still be able to work at home.  They require 60 minutes of dictation to be transcribed each day.  At first I thought - no problem - but now that I've thought about it I am getting kinda worried.  I have lots of experience as an MT but I'm getting cold feet now!  Can I do this? What if I can't (how embarrassing!)  I'm starting to realize that I would really have to buckle down and stay incredibly focused!  In other words, I'd have to get rid of all my bad habits like surfing the web, stopping to do a load of laundry, etc.  I do not normally do 60 minutes a day.  So can an old, somewhat unfocused MT learn to become focused and extremely productive again?  That's the question.  I am not a lazy person but I do know that over the years I have become a bit slack in my work habits.  Now that I have this chance to work at a great place making good money, I want to shape up my act and go for it - but part of me wants to just stay status quo.  Maybe I am lazy!  Grrr.... Not sure how to pick myself up and self myself to an employer and get seriously motivated but I know there is a part of me that says - go for it!  Any suggestions?  Any comments? I guess I'm looking for some support here and a dose of confidence too!  Thanks.
How do you stay motivated?


I have been transcribing for years - feeling burned out - can't concentrate and keep on typing enough to make much money.  Does anyone have any tricks for staying motivated??

Yes, it is hard to get motivated that way.
I've had my own clients and worked for MTSO like the one you're describing and had similar problems with both. Gave up my own clients because I was tired of the hassle, then ended up with an MTSO that started great but always had some excuse why pay wasn't on time, and never their fault. I found another MTSO to work for, only I made sure this one had direct deposit. Now check is there every time, on time, and they use a platform so no "lost" files because you can track everything. I wanted you to say there are better MTSOs and MT situations out there in case you decide not to go with the new job, but I have to say, the new career path sounds like a great opportunity. I hope it works out well for you! I've often thought it'd be nice to find a legit FT at-home job NOT in MT so let us know how it goes.
Motivated Production
When I first started working by the line, as I got closer to where I wanted to quit for the day, I would tell myself "I can do 5 more reports." Don't think about the lines, only the reports, let the dictation flow through your mind. You can use this technique per time period (every 2 hours, 4 hours, whatever works for you). If you can't face the prospect of 5 reports, make it 3. Once you have been doing this for a few days you WILL see a big increase. Those reports are the BONUS you are giving yourself. Don't think about who is paying you at this point, think about what you are paying yourself. I know you can do it. You can e-mail me if you want some encouragement, I have been at this full time since 1976.
You must be self-motivated to be a good MT anyway. If you couldn't SM
do well with the self-study program, you probably wouldn't be a very productive MT. I think this is the first bad word I've ever heard about these companies. I'd hire a graduate in a heartbeat because I would know they were competent or they wouldn't have graduated.
No. MTs who are not motivated end up talking and we did all the work
Seems to help me... Keeps me motivated, energy up... et cetera. NM
So what do you do to keep motivated to type during the work day? Sometimes I find it so hard to...

stay focused.  When you're working at home it is soooo easy to turn on the TV, take frequent breaks to answer the phone, talk to hubbie, play with the kids, take a hot bath, play solitaire on the PC, surf the net, post on a message board, etc.

I just wondered if anyone had any miracle cure for the wandering mind?

I'm having a hart time lately staying motivated and getting a good count,
It wasn't a high schooler that motivated HIPAA's invention
of a well-known, well liked and now deceased tennis player at the beginning of the acknowledgement of the disease and cost the career of that man.

Makes me wonder what other misinformation you distribute.