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May I ask who the person is at Amherst that came up with all this BS we now have to deal with. Must

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: We had weekend bonuses - AMHERSTMT

be somebody making something out of it because we sure have been ripped off by Amherst in many, many ways.

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Good old Amherst and couple with their ridiculous QA point plan. They people in AMHERST ARE NUTS. I
hope MQ loses all of its good MTs and then the hospitals can yell about quality and leave. My account just disappeared after being transferred up there and then find they have hired new people for it.
I think anyone whose accounts have been transferred to Amherst needs to email Amherst and also to
let their supervisors know at their office if it is still open what is happening here. We also have to deal with no weekend pay, no holiday pay, NO WORK so expected to sit around for holidays for nothing and NO WORK and their QA and no blanks situation when we are on 8 accounts. This is an absolutely ridiculous situation and Corporate needs to be made aware of it and if they do nothing then I hope MQ loses all its MTs and accounts for all the blanks and poor quality work that does back to the hospitals. That is always what happens when you do this.
Maybe all of MQ will be like Amherst or maybe so many of us at Amherst have not work they gave us
other accounts in other offices. They sure overhired but a lot have quit because of no work. One thing for sure, you wont get the truth out of your supervisor.
It is an okay deal - TR 11 font is small. Not as good a deal as Courier.
Personally, I would have to think really hard and compare reports and line counts, like the other poster below suggested, before I would jump right into it. It is probably 75-80 characters to a line +/- the single character lines you get for initials, and 2 word lines you get with op reports such as Surgeon:
IV Fluids:

It probably is comparable to 9 cpl with a larger font.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

Good Luck!
I work for the person. I know. Very excellent person, personally and business-sense.
It is an INSULT to have QA hovering over seasoned MTs who know what they are doing. She trusts her MTs and again if there are questions there is one person, a trainer, who can answer them via phone, e-mail or instant message or you can send the whole report to them if you choose.
anyone watch deal or no deal?

I love Deal or No Deal.......nm

Point was is the person willing to make up for the slack of the person who types 1 job when there is

if that is all they WANT to type.   Is the person who wants to be a supervisor willing to make up for those people?

You have crap supervisors, editors and mts in the business like you have good ones.   Sadly, the really good ones of all of them are few and far between. 

When you have a QA person that is picky and another QA person that is very lenient where does that
leave the MTs because some are getting a lenient reviewer and others are getting one that picks at everything. How do you reconcile that issue with the difference in QA mentality. Some people make out well and the other people could be just as good but dont. I wonder about that.
The person MTSO pays is the person who
from amherst
via email
Thanks for that ext. I think those HR people are protected better than actual work in the pool...


Is anyone out there working for MQ in Amherst?

How long have you been there?
Amherst MQ

Yes you may be happy with Amherst, you have been there for 7 years and maybe back then it was a good office to work for some reason your acounts have not been overloaded with MT's. Most of us on the NE, after our offices were closed, we were transferred to Foxboro or Amherst, with our accounts and we were lied to from day one. We were all told that we would stay with our accounts and that no other MT's would be assigned to them, it was just a transfer to another office and really nothing would chance. Well I guess we have all learned our lesson. I have been with MQ for many years and unti I was tranferred was happy with the company. I had 2 accounts, never ran out of work, could get 15000 lines in a blink of an eye and here comes the transfer and all XXX breaks out. Our accounts were all overloaded with MT's and we are out of work all the time, no shift differntials, no holiday pay, no bonus's, but then again it is hard to think about those things when there is no work. It boggles my mind when I am reading these postings and MT's are talking about being in 4 and 5 accts, never mind the MT's that are in 8 or 9 accounts, and I was told by my supervisor that there are MT's that have 12 and 13 accounts, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE, but yet nothing is done at Amherst, nor is nothing done at Corp. I find it hard to believe that they have are not aware of the comments on this board concerning Amherst but then why should they care, they are all making a nice paycheck, and that includes the people at Amherst and the hiring just goes on and on. I have been there for over 10 months and since then from the postings, it seems like at least 2 other offices have been transferred there also, only adding to the problems. Too many Mt's and not enough work.

Is this a case of poor management of an office, I would think so. My friend was lucky enough to be transferred from Foxboro to MQ Ohio and the difference between these offices is like night and day. Amherst should spent some time at the Ohio office (before it closes, yet another bites the dust) and learns some lessons on how to run an office. All we want to do is work.


I would really like to know since the beginning of the year how many offices have already closed and how many will be closed between now and the end of the year and hopefully no more will be transferred to Amherst.

Please, Amherst, just let us earn a living!!!



MQ Amherst
I am leaving MQ for all the reasons recently posted. Not able to get a good count. Do not understand the logic behind this. I was hired specifically for weekends and nights. There usually isn't much left by then.

Those 2 are quite a team (K&T that is...) the latest STATS are in....with a lovely note asking us to do MORE than our minimum......oh, by all means...do more....but "no overtime please"....Yeah right!  They would love for us to be chained to our desks 24/7 just to keep everything nice and up to date for them....but when we're trying to work our "scheduled" hours....there's no work!  So tell me girls......why do you demand we work a "schedule"?   Maybe we should DEMAND work!!!! How I long for the days of a PRIMARY and SECONDARY again....I'd really like to tell you two where you can shove your turnaround time - you just don't have a clue...but how could you....you're not transcriptionists!  How dare you ask us to do more than our minimum, when we can't even get THAT in an 8 hour period and then add insult to injury by saying "no overtime, please"....Instead of helping out another region, why not help your OWN region out and give us all back our primary accounts and stop all of this nonsense already. 
Also moved to Amherst
All these different accounts every day - it's so hard to keep everything straight. I am so slow and less productive now - and who is there to call - do you know we got swallowed by Amherst and I have no contact information for anyone. It's so darn depressing!
I know of at least 3 MT's that have written/emailed Corp about the work situation at Amherst and Foxboro and not one of them every rec'd a reply. One of the girls had been terminated for lack of work and MQ left a message on her answering machine to say that she was terminated and to make arrangements to return her equipment. The thing about this is that she had been in and out of the hospital, had made numerous calls  and faxes to Foxboro to update them about the situation, had been with MQ P/T for the last 7 years, so they knew that she was a reliable MT but yet do to the endless lack of communication at that office, they had the nerve to call and leave a message to terminate her. She wrote letters to everyone from the Foxbor office to Human Resources to the President himself and never heard a workd from anyone--so yes I would think that Corp has been told about Amherst/Foxboro but I really do not think that they care one way or the other. Life goes on and they can hire 10 new people to replace her and continue to flood the accounts so that we are always out of work--just like today
RE: ER and work in Amherst

I really can't believe that you made a statement like that. You must be one of the lucky ones in the Amherst office--may I ask how long you have been in that office. I was transferred to Foxboro, kept running out of work, asked to be transferred, and was transferred to Amherst and I am still out of work.  I presently have 5 accounts and have been doing ASR when that runs out--how many accounts do you have--are you one of those MT's that have 9 or 10 accounts and that is how you are able to get your lines. We are not unproductive, we just want to have work. When I started with MQ over 8 years ago, I averaged 16000 lines a pay period till the day I was transferred to Foxboro, now I am lucky if I can get to 10000 between all the accounts. One of my accounts that was transferred with me went to another service, the other accounts have been flooded with my MT's then needed, something I was told would never happen when I was transferred.

We are not lazy, unproductive, we just want to be able to work and evidently you have an inside track to all the work. Sometimes people need to vent and this is a good forum for it. Years ago MQ was a good company to work for, that was before all the office closings and all the accounts being lost

re: Kathy S--MQ Amherst

Sometimes I think that some of the people out there think we are making this stuff up and that we are all wealthy and only working for the fun of it. This is the farthest thing from the truth. I am the sole support of my family and I need to work and again Amherst has us out of work after we were call called to work this week-end. I resent the remarks from the other person that MQ or anyother company would hire more people because these accounts are out of TAT--how can they ever be out of TAT when they have so many MT's in each account, When I was transferred to Amherst I was told how they were so busy with so many accounts and I would never have to worry about running out of work--what a lie. I have 6 accounts, how many do we need, should we all have 15 or 20 accounts and then we would have work. Why do other MT's that are in other offices have only ONE account and have work all the time--could it be the way the office is run???????? Why does MQ let this office continue to run the way it is but then do they really care--if we leave, they will just hire new MT's to replace us

you must not work for amherst ofc
don't be so quick to judge
Amherst office
Maybe we should all call the ofiice this morning and ask them where all the work went to this week end?

I have recently been transferred to the Amherst office and they are the most unprofessional group of people I have ever come across in my 30+ years as a transcriptionist. That threatening email has to go,  along with the people who wrote it! I put in my 40 hour week, transcribing over 2000 lines per day, and I certainly do not appreciate threats telling me to work more! Here's an idea, Amherst......how about FIRING the people who don't adhere to their schedule and rewarding your QUALITY transcriptionists with a BONUS now and again for doing such a great job, instead of sending out your stupid threats with hiring more people to take more of our work away........I've had enough of this baby nonsense.....keep your threats to yourself and just let me do my work....that is, if you can provide me any......In the meantime, I will be calling HR to complain....and if anyone else has experienced this same email and would like to voice a complaint...

here's the number for HR #1-800-233-3030.  

Amherst threats
I too have been sitting this morning, once again waiting for some work. I agreed to switch to DQS/DEP platform along with my primary account and, before I could blink, my account (and me) got transferred across the country to Amherst. Amherst assured me they have lots of work, but here I sit and am getting poor response to my situation. Meanwhile, we get an e-mail saying they will hire more MTs if people who didn't have enough work during the week didn't then work the holiday. Very peculiar stuff these days with MQ--I've been shuffled from a suddenly closing office through 2 others in just a couple of months. I am wondering about other outfits. Are they any saner? I worked once for a small contractor and it was okay. Then I got an at-home full-time position directly with a hospital. This is my first real encounter with megabusiness MT world. Is it all the same with this kind of work?
Amherst's email
OMG! You are so right. I wrote back yesterday when I ran out of work on my account suggesting she look again!!
Amherst's email
She's not the one sending the threatening emails. Its production "manager" Tonya somebody hyphenated.
Where is the work?? I have 392 lines for the day--how is anyone suppose to live on this--why do they keep hiring more people when we have no work--I had no work over the holiday week end, no matther what time of the day I tries, did anyone else run into this problem with no work for today??? Why does corp ignore the problems at this office, I transferred out of Foxboro for the same reason, no work and it is no better, if not worse, here.. HELP--this is so frustrating, before I was transferred to Foxboro I could do 15000 lines a pay period and now nothing--what is wrong with these people
Probably works for AMHERST.
To MT in UTAH/Amherst

No are accts are from all over. One of my friends who also works in the Amherst office is typing an acct that is based in NV and one in NJ, along with her other 4 accts. Why is this office allowed to do what it does?? It seems like there is no other MQ office that is run like this? Do you realize that if this office was run like the rest there would be no reason for posting our complaints, we would all be too busy working??? Why does Corp not change the management of this office, yes I have registered my concerns from everyone to the CEO down and yet there is no responds to my concerns and I am quite sure that there are other MT's that have sent emails/phone calls/letters about this office and yet nothing is done. It amazes me how many accts everyone is typing in and yet we can not make our lines but the hiring continues and the letters go out about not reaching production, how can you do this if there is no work!!!!! Is anyone listening but then again their paycheck does not depend on production, they get the same amount regardless of what happens.

Has anyone asked to be transferred recently?? I had asked about a month ago and was told that there would be no more transfers. Two of my friends were lucky enough to get transferred to Ohio and CA but that was months ago and I think the freeze is still on. The one that is in Ohio has one acct and plenty of work the one in CA has 2 accts and also has plenty of work--why don't we??? Do you think the management at Amherst is getting some sort of a bonus for these amazing TAT.


It should be interesting to see what are packets will be all about?? I got my call, has anyone else gotten theirs???


Amherst, please get us some work!!!!  If you don't have it, let us tranfer to these other offices that do have work or let us help on these accts

So is it just DQS accts that are out of Amherst?
Wondering.  Trying to piece things together here.
Amherst sounds like
the Convention Center of MQ. You people have just  been abandoned there!
Do you work out of Amherst?
Well that is their rule. Only 40 hours a week; Sunday through Saturday. If you don't get your lines in in those 40 hours, Oh Well.

The problem also is that you can be working for 8 hours a day and not get your lines in because there is no work.

I am not going to work 9, 10 or 11 hours to get my lines when they do not have the work for me.

It is a vicious circle and there seems to be no end.
MQ-Amherst office/quota

I work out of the Amherst office and have gotten a letter about not making quota for insurance purposes--HELLO--I can not make my lines each pay period if I have no work. I have called and emailed the office numerous times explaining the lack of work, been given more accounts, and yet run out of work but yet the hiring of newbies continues and from what I gather from the posting, all of Warminster is now in Amherst also. After reading the SEC comments on MQ and the money spent on lawyers, contract buy outs, loss of clients and lowser rates, I wonder where we will all end up. With the Atlanta office closing on 9/1/2005, I wonder how many more offices are closing between now and the end of the year. The closing of offices was one of the things mentioned in the disclosure, sorry, the conslidation of offices, termination of office employees, telecom cuts--all ways for MQ to save money. I guess you would have to after spending $18 million dollars on lawyer fees already and none of the lawsuits are settled.

Where will this all end


Amherst, I am out of the Atlanta Office
West Coast to Amherst
I am a little confused--areyou located on the West Coast and your account was transferred to Amherst, did your office close?? It seems that any account that Foxboro or Amherst gets, they just load up with as many MT's as they can, this could be from over hiring and it could from the lose of existing accounts, whatever, it does not make sense, you don't go around making thrats about hiring other people. Is upper management getting bonus's from this??
amherst threatening email
did anyone else notice the errors on the email about working the holiday, she is a production manner and can't profreed her own work
Lady you are full of it. Amherst, tell me another one.
Could people in the Amherst office tell me

whether the accounts they work for are local to their area, or do you do accounts that are across the country?  The particular account I work on, I trained with all the ladies on it a couple of months ago on DQS (we all worked on it in another office w/o DQS), and so far, we have a lot of work. 

Wondering if the problem with lack of work just depends on which accounts you work on and not necessarily a problem as a whole.

Amherst is near Buffalo New York
You mean Amherst has a bunch of liars also in the office. Seems to be the MQ way.
I cant believe it. I was just transferred to Amherst and said how much help they needed this weekend
and guess what. NO WORK. Are these people playing games up there with us and our livelihood. I am getting thoroughly disgusted and I think we should talk to corporate about this. There is no sense to this anymore. There is someone up there that must hate MTs and enjoys doing this. They have to be nuts. Is there someone up there we can talk to beyond these idiots that monitor the accounts.
Has anyone had a conversation with the people at Amherst about this situation. I am not sure where

to go after them to get any results. I would appreciate any recommendations you may have on this because it needs to be addressed.

The accounts are not out of TAT just maybe the 1 hour TAT some idiot in Amherst came up with to
probably get a big bonus. Hope they feel good about themselves. Again what should we do.
I am also sitting here with no work again from Amherst. I dont believe this.
Maybe that is where all my work goes. They sure overloaded my accounts in Amherst.
Has anyone been able to speak with Corporate to see if they plan to look into Amherst. Did anyone
get any satisfaction.
It is 9 in the morning and my main is out and secondary going out from Amherst. No wonder everyone

is leaving. How can you be paid on incentive with the new pay plan and be out of work and stuck in accounts you never heard of. That has to be the most ignorant stupid thing I have ever heard of. Totally ignorant.

Answer sounds like it belongs to MQ not MD-FL. Amherst??
Isnt that a MQ office??
One person's "custom" is another person's
"house arrest". I'd never go to the Middle East because of how they treat women. I don't agree with their laws or "justice" system. For example, the woman who was gang raped as punishment for the actions of her 12-year-old brother, a boy who wasn't even an adult. How's that for a "custom"? Let's not forget bride burning. Burqas.

Besides, foreigners don't follow our "customs" when they come to this country. Half of them don't even bother learning English. Instead, we're expected to pay for healthcare and foodstamps for illegals and print everything in Spanish.

I won't be oppressed or treated as a second class citizen, and I wouldn't treat others like that either. A "custom" is more like putting up a Christmas tree, not being abused based on your gender.