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ladies she said IF!

Posted By: Cindbee on 2005-09-22
In Reply to: Where did you hear they're doing this? SCARY!! - UT MQ

IF MQ did away with quarterly bonuses, not that they are, only a question she threw out as in IF

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actually, ladies, it's III/VI
Ladies, ladies, ladies!!!

First off, let's get something straight:  It doesn't matter HOW I spell words in my posts because you are NOT paying me for my posts, okay?

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I'm giving you MY experiences - like them or not, and I don't care if you do because you weren't the one who lost $$$ coming out of the word work because of it and had a bunch of sleepless nights.  

I didn't like the experiences I've had with subcontractors I've used - I give and give and give and can't get decent work back.  Those are the cold, hard facts, like them or not.  I didn't like them!  That's why I do it all myself now.  I personally just don't have time to babysit SCs who are supposed to know how to do their jobs but for some strange reason, refuse to do it.  It was the mentality of pure slop - type it up as fast as you can and hope no one reads it!

It's a good thing I'm a nice person because I tell you, some of these SC's got me SO irritated with the slop quality of their work that I should have strangled their little necks with my own bare hands!

Ladies, please!

If the MTSO is getting, say, 12 cents a line from the client, do you REALLY expect to get paid more than 8 or 9 a line subcontracting?  I mean, after all, isn't the MTSO entitled to make SOME profit, or do you believe the MTSO is in it just for the joy of it all?

I get a little irritated listening to these SCs who expect a line rate equivalent to what an IC/MTSO is getting.  If you want those line rates, then please.....find your OWN accounts, ya know???  In the interim, please get with reality and understand that when you work for someone,you're just NOT going to get pay like you would if you worked for yourself!!!

Thanks, ladies
How did I not figure that out???  lol!
Hello Ladies
Its not the system, it works great for me. However, did not work so great at another company I was employed with. It was near impossible to make decent lines with this very hostile company who got very very ugly with me when I asked for specifics on their line counting methods. I am now with another company that uses Extext, typing the same work types, working the same hours and my lines I feel are commensurate with my speed and time actually spent typing. I feel really terrible for you guys that are going through what I went through. My advice - get another job. Don't let any company walk all over you. Don't believe everything you hear here either about "what a great place this is, or what a great place that is." Find out for yourself, if it doesn't seem right then it probably isn't. Trust your instincts.
Ladies, what is on for din din tonight?????

beef tenderloin, mushroom gravy, noodles, salad and some fruit.  Then, a whole pot coffee while I work.

Okay ladies, that's just childish

I wanted to have a serious discussion about the value of taking the test compared to the value of the profession at this point and where it's headed in the future.  I do take a lot of pride in my work, but taking the test and maintaining my certification are something that will put a strain on my already strained budget.  I'm wondering what good or if it will do any good at all to spend the money to get a 1 cpl increase and still come up short after a 55% line cut due to VR.

I keep reading posts that say if you're not happy get out, there's other jobs. And posts that say VR is the future for MT, so get used to it.  When hearing all this, it makes me wonder if I'm smart to invest to secure my future or just get out now before I invest all this and be obsolete in 10 years.

grow up ladies
Don't you get tired of the cat fighting? It isn't any wonder you don't produce any lines.
To the ladies who have their own accounts
What method do you use of receiving your dictation and tracking line count to ensure proper billing to the client?
let's not get juvenile, ladies!
why would anyone chose to be on this board, earning nothing, when you can be earning $60, $80, or more an hour? lol ... ok .. get back to work then! lol
I would hate to be one of those ladies
You have a very lousy attitude.
You ladies BOTH rock!....

Jodi and ta-shi--you both have done an amazing job!  My hat's off to you two!  PLEASE make sure you CHANGE THE LOCKS.  Once he's out of the house for, I think it's 48 hours, he can't legally come back.  So don't let him muscle his way back in!!


this question is for those ladies
Do you know if it's possible to get hot flashes when you're still having your menses, like you always have?

I'll be 53 this year and "Moses" still pays me his usual visit every month. Flow is the same. Length is the same. --- But, I suppose I should be grateful, 'cause I was told once that the longer you have menses, the less your changes are of getting female cancer.

Anyway, recently, maybe within the last couple of months, and it's only happened a couple of times, I'll suddenly start to feel profusely sweaty around my neck and upper chest. I'm not doing anything in particular. Today I was having lunch. And shortly after the sweating starts I get what feels like either an anxiety attack or a drop in blood sugar (the shakes). The problem lasts for a few minutes and then disappears.

Any ideas on this?
Ladies... it's A ffect... A f f e c t !! Got it? thanks nm
Wrong ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The very best cake out there is.....you guessed it .... strawberry cake with strawberry drizzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tx for the replies ladies--NM
thanks for the info. ladies:) NM
Thanks ladies for your input.
I am not with KS.

I thought I was the only one who couldn't obtain a high line count and my ego has been crushed .  I have often wondered - am I just stupid?  I am glad someone else has this problem, makes me feel a little more normal.  (Not that I wish this on anyone) 

I have been an MT for 7 years and have never made a high line count (I do maintain a 99% accuracy score).  I believe the main reason is that the majority of MTSO do not give you dedicated accounts so that you have the same doctors over and over and over.  This is the only way to get speed (for me anyway).  I am on 2 accounts.  My primary is an ER account.  I know what the doctors are going to say before they even say it, but rarely do I have enough for a full day's work.  On the occasions when I do have my primary for a full day I can make 1200 lines easily.  But, normally I have to alternate between primary and secondary accounts on most days.  The secondary account has 300-400 doctors.  My primary has maybe 25.  That's just too many doctors. 

Another thing that has ruined dictation is the portable dictation devices that enables doctors to drive and dictate, run here and there while mumbling into them. At my very first job I was connected directly into the hospital system where doctors sat at a dictation station and dictated in a timely, orderly manner.   The voice quality was so clear it was like they were in the same room I was in. 

Then, on top of that, MTSOs  want to not pay for spaces, and instead of paying more for IC status to offset the lack of insurance they want to pay you less!  And it's not only the MTSOs, doctors and hospitals donít want to pay anymore.  THEY can drive around in luxurious cars, live in fancy houses but they are too cheap to pay an MT.  So the MTs have to struggle to even buy groceries.   Do they realize where they would be if all the MTs just quit?  Well, that's my gripe for the day.

I wish the best to all of you who are struggling with lines counts....I understand cuz I am in the same boat. 


Dinner tonight ladies?
We are having steak that has been marinading in fresh garlic, olive oil, oregano and diced tomatos all day with cheesy mashed potatos, salad and fruit.  Then off to bed early for a trip to Geauga Lake for a day of fun riding roller coasters!  Cant wait!
Thanks ladies, greatly appreciated!!nm
Thank you ladies for taking the time to (sm)
respond with some very helpful information.  Can I ask one more question?  I notice in some reports there are {} marks after headings.  While this may be inherent to this hospital, I wonder if there is a "jump code" to get to each of those marks.  Thanks again.  BV
Here's another one. Don't feed the trolls ladies!

Thanks ladies. Was feeling confused--NM
TGIF Ladies & Gents......
You all have a very very pleasant weekend.  We are headed out for some R&R my MTSO sis and I.  First time in a year we have had the opportunity to do so, but can believe our docs went crazy on our VDI system today, so got to burn the midnight oil tonight in order to getaway Sun eve., Mon & Tue......  Whew!!!!!!!! LUV IT!
Because BOS are rules decided on by ladies
Just some ladies with too much free time who
Says who? AAMT? Bunch of old ladies with
Thanks - all I can say is "get your mammograms, ladies."
I do advise that if you have a chronic illness of any kind, keep your medical records with you and copies of your studies, get 2nd and maybe 3rd opinions. Know as much about your illness as possible. Don't leave it up to the staff/doctor.
It was regarding numerals. This was during my training, so I was full QA. There are 2 ladies who Q
One had made a correction from three-way catheter system to "3-way catheter system." Ironically, I got the same surgeon, saying the same thing, so typed it with the numeral. The other lady QA'd the 2nd report and she changed 3-way to "three-way" so now I'm really unclear as to what to do.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I will e/m the question to the QA team. That way, it's in their laps to figure out which way is correct.
come on, you know you married ladies aren't gettin any
Hey ladies, I am a midwife and an MT. However, the money comes from MT sadly. sm
I do midwifery on the side as i love it but i have to keep my 2 MT jobs to keep the bills flowing. I am an LM, CPM so i do not do hospital deliveries. I do homebirth/ birth center deliveries so the pay is less than CNMs would make but a lot of the CNMs these days do all the crap work from the MDs. Best thing with MT is it works around my MW schedule. Love it!! I average about 20-30K on midwifery delivering about 15-20 babies a year. I personally know one that delivers 3-4 a month and averages about 75K but i choose not to be that busy with midwifery til my kids get older as i still need family time. I don't see where to put email in here but if anyone wants info from me, would be happy to share.
Yep, its a great life out there ladies???Just felt like say that. NM
what is the average line rate going ladies?
just wondering what you guys think the average is, I saw Accustat posting 7.5 per line
Lets vote ladies-show your support
Go Julie!!
MQ deserves everything it gets ladies and their day is coming when they spend more millions on
lawsuits. What goes around comes around. Enjoy it while you can.
For ladies who live in the Phoenix Arizona area
Please visit this link. Several positions payint $19/hr
Ladies!! My c-phone headset plug is not working!
I don't know what happened.  One minute it was working fine and the next day whenever I insert the headset I get no sound.  The footpedal works fine so it is not the power plug..only the headset and I also cannot get the speakerphone to work or I would use it this way.  It's one of the C-phones that have no display...I'm so upset.  I purchased it off of E-bay about 2 weeks ago for $150.  Any ideas of what I can do?  How to get the speakerphone to work.  Thank you!
spare your weird comments....little old ladies should stay in bed....nm
Our neighborhood is all women's names - Robin Ln., Julia Dr. Must be the worker's ladies! :) n