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Leave MQ?

Posted By: Kind of Old MT on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Show of hands, plz: If MQ is getting rid of the quarterly bonus, how many SEs will leave? (sm) - MQ SE

Why would a reduction in pay make anyone leave this lovely company? I decided a long time ago to stay to the bitter end, but the bitter end came for me in June and I said adios amigo and KMA MQ. A lot of nice people in work flow, tech support, really great people, but there was no work to begin with and nice people don't pay my bills. I'm not sorry I went with them but sorry I had to leave because they are such a sorry company now. I had been there for seven years on the same accounts, first with YOG and then with these meatballs.

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Are you still there or did you have to leave?
Why don't you leave?
I wonder why you don't leave? I know all companies have their problems but isn't this a deal breaker for you? It is getting to that point with me. It is very hard to go on faith that everything will be correct. I'm struggling with the same question. I know they pay a good line rate, but if you don't get paid for all your lines is it worth it?
Please, just leave them alone.
This person's posts aren't bothering me and I'd rather this just peter out and die.
best to leave this one alone
Have you ever heard of patient privacy? What kind of motivation did you have for Googling a patient name in the first place? There is no way you would know if you spelled it correctly from a Google unless you matched it with an SSN.

If I were your boss and you told me, I would fire you instantly just for being irrational enough to be Googling patient names. You have no business in this matter. Your physician knows something is up, so it is up to him what actions he takes from here.

We are not to judge which patients deserve privacy and which do not. You wouldn't be having this problem if you weren't doing something as questionable as Googling patient backgrounds using PHI you are only supposed to be using to transcribe the record.

Keep your mouth shut before you lose your job.
then LEAVE
if it's so bad here LEAVE. Bubbye "hon"
Leave it on...
I was told by a very savvy computer geek to ALWAYS leave it on because your computer is most vulnerable to attack by hackers/viruses etc... during the first few moments of "boot up" before your anti-virus and spyware stuff have a chance to start up. That is when they "get in" - during these first few seconds without protection.
Leave her alone! Why does everyone
here always want to pick everything apart! She made a simple mistake.
Leave MQ, duh.
Complaining is not the only way to know what it going on, just look at every other post and you will see what is going on.  I agree you need support but that is why the group of you need your own blog, to have a place to go where you can get that support.  Your beating the dead dog is having the opposite affect on most of us non-MQers.  Instead of having sympathy, it is to the point where we are thinking," What is wrong with these people?  Leave MQ!"  You can only feel so much sympathy for people that aren't helping themselves and getting out of a bad situation. 
Leave us alone
This has been our point all along. We have NO WORK, thus we have too much time on our hands so we can be on this board.

We are not perfect and we have great attitudes. At least we can laugh at ourselves when we want to cry.
She just needs to leave
Actually, I think she just needs to stop harrassing people.

Leave the board Tammy, you are just trying to start trouble.
the only way i'd leave

Is if I were offered a position I couldn't refuse.  I'm looking, believe you me, but for the most part, its the runaround fast talk I can see right through over the phone with these job offers i'm getting.  They tell you what you want to hear, etc., to get you in the door, and once they have you, who knows what they will do to you.    I do not trust these MT companies any longer.  At least MQ, I can see when i'm getting screwed, I know the reputation.  They have messed with me a couple of times, but I try and keep in close contact with them, keep my lines up, work my shift, just to get treated fairly, until they slack off and I have to give them a phone call.  I'm on the same account now for three years, get over 9 cents a line...so I haven't had it so bad. 

The only way i'd leave is for an Editor position that pays 18+ an hour with guaranteed cost of living raises, full benefit package, including PTO days.  Until I find that, i'm staying put.  I feel I'd be stepping from a hot bowl of soup right onto the oven burner if I leave.  Its scary being so remote, you cannot trust these people running the show anymore. 

I would leave it alone
As long as she remains a good student, etc. etc. as you stated in your post, I would just leave it alone for now - unless something changes drastically.  Pick your battles wisely.
Should I leave?
I sympathize with your situation, as I went through similar times.  I worked 2-3 transcription jobs at one time (one was 40 hours a week + 2 P/T times), but I had the freedom to raise my children in a better atmosphere.  When you are living in fear you won't have the freedom to be yourself and to raise your children in a loving, unafraid way.  You will have the strength once you make the decision this is what you want to do. 
Please, please leave him
My identical twin sister was killed by her abusive boyfriend. She always thought that he would change too. He promised he would. He didnt. Now my sister is dead and her 3 children do not have their mother anymore. Please leave him before it is too late. There are domestic violence shelters who can help you and your children out of this terrible situation. I know the devistation that domestic violence causes... you deserve better, and so do your precious children.
I would definitely leave it up to her. She might have
been more bothered with the other grandmother's service than she let on.
Why do you have to leave him for another man? Why not leave for yourself?
I'd leave it alone...
I work in QA and find huge mistakes when I look up reports that have BEEN QA'D! So there ya go ;)
Leave both of them...LOL!
Mama's boys and their domineering mothers make for a miserable life. I have a great mother-in-law now who does not wear rose colored glasses! Most of the time she sides with me. Great lady! Good luck to you.
Maybe you should leave that alone
even though you are "curious"
Why did I leave?
All of the transcriptionists that came when I did also left, probably 15 or more trained MTs. Overbearing, constant emails in letters so big you could hardly read them on the page without enlarging the page, constant instant messaging to where you could not work, had to answer them and they flew fast and furious for a person, always promised raise, never got 1- they were always working on it, changed rules day in and day out, 1 day 1 way, the next day another. If you like being micromanaged, under the microscope, this is the job for you. I left and I and the others much happier.
Leave it alone
why did you leave?
Trying to leave MT....
Thanks for answering my question. I do use Auto Correct, as we have MS Word as the software we use for documents and I am building my list up. Itis good for some words, terms or phrases..I'm not sure how much it has helped boost my line count.

I just honestly wanted to know what is fair for a newbie MT doing this for one year.

I am lucky that we do not have hardly any ESL docs.

You are right about my employer being harsh--my asst manager assigned me orthopedics last month and she said to me a few days ago that I should have had Ortho down by now!! I tell you, these people have never heard of a learning curve!

After taxes, I make about 16,000/year and that's based on a full-time 40 hour work week.

They don't pay me enough for the stress, so I'm looking for something else now. the job market in this area is pretty lousy, but I keeping hope!
Most MTs don't want to leave their
homes and families to go to a training session. Other companies can handle training online or over the phone, and it certainly doesn't take three days. Did you post in your job ad that training was on site and mandatory?

You're dealing with experienced MTs, not newbies, so why can't you be more accommodating? There's no way in heck I'd leave my family to travel for training. I simply can't do it. There's nobody here to watch my kids, drop them off, pick them up and everything else I do while my spouse is working. At my last job, they emailed me work samples and that was the extent of training. I figured everything else out on my own and even taught them a thing or two about their platform and templates. As much as MTSOs think MTs are a dime a dozen, the same can be said for MTSOs. The overly demanding ones get blown off.
I would leave for QA.
I would leave as she
as that is what the patient intends to be and would like to be called, or they would not have the female name already.
Don't leave because of QA only...

Recently, I got a report back that said to put Baker cyst instead of Baker's cyst.  Now, my Stedman's shows it as Baker's cyst.  I sent that explanation back to QA waiting for a response and never got one.  This is just one example.    If QA said for this particular account put Baker cyst, then that is what I would do but never got a response so not going to put the wrong thing just because.  Yet, I think this company has polite, professional QA, I like the accounts, there are other things I do not like and might send me looking elsewhere but I wouldn't leave based on how coo-coo the editors were.



Either leave them off entirely or
whatever reason it was not a good fit.  If you were an IC, then you could explain it very easily that the work ran out. 
I would probably leave them ...
... it's a little much, but it doesn't hurt the flow of the report. However, I would relisten and make sure he/she is not saying "cope" instead of "coop" with the back pain. Coop doesn't make much sense.
Leave me alone. nm
I say we all leave at the same time.nm

guarantee they are stealing your lines. It's a shame, but they are the worst!!!!!!!
I had to leave my husband
because he was the exact same way as your mother. Everything I did, everything I said, even the way I looked or watched t.v. or talked to other people he had something negative to say about it. I just got fed up and decided to leave and I am so much better now. My family tells me I look 10 years younger. I'm not under that stress under more and it makes a big difference. Believe me you'll be much more happier if you do what best for yourself
why some didn't leave
First, It was the end of the month, end of pay periods, many didn't have the money to leave town, and yes it takes money.

Second, they were told the Superdome (and other places) would be safe.

Third, some had nowhere to go if they could get out.

Fourth, people might have loved ones, or self, that its not viable to leave (sick, disabled, etc)

Fifth, they've survived a number of hurricanes, I think many thought they could weather this one as easily as they did Andrew.

There are so many issues for each person why they stayed. I would have left (IF possible), but, if you have no transportation, no money (I live paycheck to paycheck, I know others do too, that's the way many people live), you might not have the obtion to leave.

Todays job (in my opinion) is to take care of the problems, THEN worry about why they didn't go, whose fault it is, etc .... today is problem solving, not problem-hunting.

ok - I'll shut up now, and get down off my Mother Teresa box
Go turn on the TV then and leave us alone
without your almight permission.
"I'm not sorry I went with them but sorry I had to leave because they are such a sorry company
I say financially I can't leave because
there is nothing to rent with 3 bedrooms. I need three bedrooms. This home is the only one on the market worth the money and worth my time as it needs nothing. Everyone is telling me I should rent. There is NOTHING to rent here with 3 bedrooms, Therefore, if I shouldn't buy the house, and there is nothing to rent, then, well, FINANCIALLY I can't leave.
Leave the animals alone

And what would happen if man wasnt on the earth to keep the population of animals under control?  Nature would take care of itself..Man puts its hands into things and screws up time and time again..Leave the animals alone, they will handle the population.  There is enough meat in every grocery store..more than enough..leave the living, breathing, beautiful animals alone..They were not put here for us to kill or amuse ourselves with..they are sharing the earth with us.they want to live just like we want to live..Leave the animals alone.

Very well said, abc, I totally agree with you. Leave the animals alone.
And we all know what happens when we leave our particple
Please leave the name of your company...

... so I can be sure never to apply there because, frankly, you sound like the boss from hell. 

Can/do I do all the things you mentioned?  Yes (with occasional lapses in my "computer memory").  In fact, I worked until almost midnight last night and wound up with over 3,000 lines for one day (working for two companies), which I could easily do every day if work promised upon hire was actually available on a daily basis and if my account hadn't been overstaffed by the supervisor of a much less-than-honest company. 

Tell me:  Do you find false promises and overstaffing of accounts to be ethical practices?  Do you expect that your employees might have a life, or do you prefer they be available to bow in homage at your feet 24/7?  Do you throw a hissy fit if one of your transcriptionists decides to actually TAKE her two scheduled off days OFF?  Do you offer your transcriptionists a competitive line rate (a/k/a living wage)?  Do you even appreciate them?  If so, do you ever express that appreciation?  Do you consider, even for a moment, that some of them may not have husbands to contribute to their support and that they have bills to pay?  Do you also consider that GOOD health insurance for these people is a necessity and not just a frivolous luxury?  Do you contribute to the cost of that health insurance?  Most importantly, have you ever been a Transcriptionist yourself?

You see, you're not the only one who does the interviewing.  Remember what they say:  "You get what you give."


Maybe they should leave the "O" out of "BOS"

Meeee bad.

Glad to know there is a use for it. My monitor does sit a bit low.

Don't leave the hospital job
You will never make hospital wages with benes on the outside. Never. Stay put especially if the hospital provides everything to you like office space, desk, chair, computer, etc.
I just leave 3 underscores to
show that there is a blank.   
Best to leave email.
F9 will leave a "marker"
then F11 to jump to each spot...
Just leave it off, and don't mention it
in an interview. You weren't there long enough for it to matter. In addition, if you're looking for a Transcriptionist job, you weren't doing that there, so it doesn't apply. Sometimes you just have to move on. Good luck to you.
Which would you correct? I would leave it alone...
you're sure that's what he said both times!! You don't know which one he made the mistake with, the age or the year of birth...:)
Maternity leave? sm

My husband and I are talking about having a baby, but I am an IC and I am looking for a job as an employee with benefits (mainly insurance since he is self-employed also and we have no insurance).  How does maternity leave work with these larger national companies?  Do you get paid if your out for a couple of months? 


Maternity Leave
I do not know about the rest of the companies, but the company I work for you can apply for FMLA (you have to meet criteria-certain amount of hours worked there etc) .  I do not get paid for it though, which is a huge bummer.  Better start saving up I guess for summer, and the new baby.