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BUSY MT'ing is a mole, I would bet on it!

Posted By: nn on 2005-09-22
In Reply to: I would be curious to see if many SE's - Busy MT'ing

She sounds like like one of my supervisors.

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Maybe this is the same Busy MT'ing who will be getting a
Bachelor of Science degree in December and is going to go on to medical school. Obviously, not as happy with job as  would like for us to believe.
Pay no attention to some of these people... they were abused as children. LOL
For busy MT'ing
You're quite sanctimonious, but not particularly smart. Since MQ's requirement for FTEs was never for hours, but rather 12,000 lines per pay period, AND the fact that FTMTs only get a per-line rate, what difference does it make whether they get 12,000 lines in 10 hours or 50? Does MQ plan to pay an hourly rate to go along with the line requirement? If not, why is there a new standard? I know you're a bulk producer -- as I have no way to know whether the quality of your work is as good as the amount, and assuming the QA is the same low caliber it has always been, they would never notice your errors anyway -- I'll assume you do nothing but easy accounts all day and never look anything up -- in any event, the new hourly requirement does merit questioning. MQ needs to pay an hourly rate if they are going to start a new hourly standard for FTEs. Period. Nothing unreasonable expecting they should do so. Also, YOU have a choice. You can ignore the posts -- stop reading them! You're righteous lectures are a tad tiresome. As of now, I am done reading anything YOU post.
Busy MT'ing--please email me if you don't mind...

I've included my email address here so you can reach me.  I wanted to chat with you for a second, if you don't mind....and just so ya know, I couldn't agree more!! You have hit the nail on the head! 

Busy MT'ing...you took the words right out of my mouth...sm

Great advice.  Attitude is everything.  It brings to mind a quote I read not too long ago... 

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails."

Busy MT'ing never answered the question of how many hours she works in a week.
It's not that we don't believe, necessarily.  We'd just like to know HOW.  I'm sure most, if not all, of us think of ourselves as somewhat intelligent, fast typists, educated, experienced, motivated, and capable.  Those are pretty much givens.  However, there's got to be a secret that we don't know.  Is it the work type, platform, keyboard, expander, account type, national or local, big or small MTSO, clinic or acute?  If we have the same tools available to us, why is there such a disparity among earnings?
YOU, Busy MT'ing, are one of those that fail to reach mature conversation when you mockingly add
Allegiant has clinic accounts and is busy, busy, busy
If you're an IC and are looking for plenty of work, freedom to set your own hours, low daily line requirement (500), great supervisors, and easy clinic accounts, then Allegiant may be the right company for you. You can apply by going to www.allegianttranscription.com.

Allegiant's pay scale is 7 cpl also, but would you rather get 7 cpl and easily transcribe 250 lph or get 10 cpl and struggle to do 150 lph. Give me 7 cpl any day and spare me the headache.
Thanks, mole hill... you are right...
My job is fine and I am fine... and I need to stay this way... since the place bothers me, and as the poster below said if it bothers me, then leave... that is what I will do.
Personally since it is more important for me to love my job, make my paycheck and be happy then that is what I need to continue doing as a lot of us out there... If the networking gets me down then I need to quit that.
Thanks for your positive response. At least I leave here on a good note looking at your post. And BTW: I have never run out of work at my job which is a great company, and I know my bills will be paid. Though others are out and hate the company that is their experience and not mine. I am going to just go on with my life outside of here and be happy. Sorry I have to leave, but better one less member happy outside of here, and all leave you all to your networking. Thanks again mole hill appreciate it!
Don't you guys worry this is a mole, putting out feelers SM
to see how many outraged people there are? I would be.
Good grief, no. I'm not a mole. I'm not admin or mgmt in any form.
I'm not QA. I'm just an MT like everyone else on this forum.

I'm allowed to have my own questions and curious thoughts.

she was too busy for you the way you are often too busy for her...what's the question? nm
Looking to get into MT'ing
Could you please recommend a reputable company that I can get involved with to begin doing some medical transcribing? I am eager to get started. Thanks.
MT'ing in a nutshell

1.  You must be able to be alone alot, or else you will get very lonely.  I myself love it most of the time, but there will be a few days where I long for co-workers, happy hours, and gal pal'ing with colleagues, but then i'll quickly sober up and remember the backstabbing, office politics, all women in the office pms'ing simultaneously...I would rather be alone than deal with that even one day out of the month. 

2.  You have to be disciplined.  I am, but not to a fault.  There are still at least one or two days out of the pay period where I immediately "start work" by daydreaming, surfing the internet, checking email, chatting, float from room to room aimlessly.  You have to be on time, every day, ready to work, or else you won't make any money. 

3.  Get ready to justify being an MT to just about EVERYONE in your life.  Many people do not think of this as a "real" job, which I cannot for the life of me get over.  Its not respected, even though i'm very proud of my profession, and able to support myself soley on it, have a few hobbies and manage to go to school, and plan on buying a house.  

4.  This is THE most important...KNOW YOUR STUFF!  Research, never guess, if you cannot understand a word.  You will learn so much and will become that much better in the long run. 

I dont know if the girls can add anything else, but those of the double edge swords we deal with.  Good luck

MT'ing isn't all about speed, although...

of course it helps to type fairly fast.  However, there is sooooo much more to it than just typing speed.

That being said, my own speed without using any text expansions isn't nearly as great as some mention here.  I tested using expansions recently and hit well over 200 wpm.  Thankfully, I am able to use a text Expander while working . . . otherwise I might starve to death. 

In all my years (20+) of MT'ing
I have never had a job that followed BOS. I have a copy of BOS 2, and I think I have opened it once or twice just to peruse it on my own but not for the account on which I work.

That being said, it would be much simpler for we MTs if every facility followed it. I've had some truly bizarre account specifics where following the BOS guidelines would have been much simpler, lol!
Really more stressful than MT'ing? nm

MT'ing since 1998. Just turned 30


QA should be used to teach and aid in the process of MT'ing sm
Not to pick apart and make the MT feel inadequate. Does it really matter if there is a comma missing....not really. The report still reads the same and is a technical document.

QA should be friendly and helpful, at least that is how I try to be in my QA position. We are in this together not against each other. We have the same purpose....to make sure that patient has the most accurate record possible. We all should work as a team, in my most humble opinion.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Oh yeah, I am Bwahaha'ing all the way to the bank (nm)
Advice on brand, RAM, etc. to load MT'ing software on.

Needing to replace my old computer for a new one. I need to get a really deal on a really fast computer. Help, please, with your experiences.

In 12 years of MT'ing I've never re-read an entire chart. Edit/read as I type. nm
Aw, Busy
we're all allowed to be grouchy now and then.  LOL  I hear where you're coming from.  I know some old timer MTs who think they know it all but I've been doing this long enough to realize there is not even one MT who knows everything there is to know and times do change.  I'm one of those old timers who knows she doesn't come close to knowing everything plus I roll with the flow.  Whatever the company I'm working for at the time wants, they're going to get from me...whether it's right or wrong in my opinion, they're the one signing ye ole paycheck.  All I require is that they be clear about what they want and not have one person correct me and then the next person correct me for doing exactly what the first person told me to do.  THAT is nothing short of nitpicking and I WILL NOT tolerate that from any company.
to Busy...
What if your mom or pop was on social security, and was doing odd jobs for people and getting paid for it with cash, how would you feel then? Some older folks do not make enough to live on with just SS. If they work and get cash, I am glad for them. Tax evasion as such is more about people who make BIG BUCKS. They want those type of people, not the poor peons doing some type work as some of these people do cleaning. I would bet that most cleaning people (not the ones that work for companies) receive cash. Housecleaning is not an easy job for a big house and the people who do the cleaning for others deserve evey penny.
To Busy.
I did not know we were even poor because everybody in my neighborhood was poor until I got older. I grew up in the 50s and things are a lot different than now. I don't have to worry about that scenario either. Obligation to not be poor? I don't think anyone chooses to be poor. Some people don't have the same opportunities that others do. Fortunately, one thing I learned from my parents is to not be judgmental and to show compassion and to not be greedy. My parents were giving, christian people and conservative. I am a bit more liberal but being poor is not a choice. My father worked hard and provided us with most everthing we needed, food, shelter, and clothing (and not new clothing or a new house). I had what I needed and nothing more and nothing excess like people have today. I still live modestly. Nothing extravagant, but everything I need and nothing more. I don't want to argue either, I am just stating my opinion and that is all it is. I don't expect everyone to agree with me.
To Busy
Busy, I agree with you totally. I am often asked to work extra, and I am glad to do it. I do MT to make money. Nothing wrong with that. It's the way our society works. Thank you for being a voice of reason in this sea of negativity.
Thank Q, Busy...
You've also earned my respect for your level head and insight - it has become quite apparent to me in recent months - sorry I slammed you earlier. As for the previous poster, believe it or not money was not my motivating factor in pursuing my journalism degree. I KNEW it was not an engineering or pre-med degree and would not "pay out" like those particular fields - I was just happy to be finally getting a chance to go back to school at the age of 31 and this time do it right (unlike when I was 18 and didn't know what the heck I wanted to do with my life). I went for a journalism degree simply because I loved to write - I didn't care about the money. However, after I graduated in February 1993 I was hit with reality - the economy and job market in general were horrendous (this was a couple years before the "roaring 90s" got started. There were no jobs - I must have sent out thousands of resumes before graduation only to receive a few offers at minimum wage for small newspapers. I did "luck out" and get a job with a Columbus weekly newspaper as staff writer and Editor which paid $9/hr. - GREAT in 1994. However after a year the paper folded and I was out of work again. That is when I "fell" into MT - I called up my temp service (the only work I could find in those lousy economy days)and the supe just happened to answer the phone as I made my daily plea for any jobs. He said he did have a temp assignment for a medical Transcriptionist with a local family practice. I told him I had never done that but he said "Well obviously with your degree in journalism you know about grammar and spelling so I'll give that assignment to you anyway." I was hired by a hospital after that assignment ended in a couple months and found it paid a LOT more than any newspaper job. Having to repay my huge student loans at that point made me acutely aware of the need to make decent money - something else that hadn't occured to me as I started school. As no journalism job offers were forthcoming I stayed with the hospital (whose transcription department was later outsourced to MedQuist, BTW)and the rest is history. The hospital paid me $10/hr. - GREAT in 1995 as opposed to $5 or 6 with newspapers - so in that respect I suppose I "sold out", but when you owe $30,000 in school loans you tend to go "where the money is." Lately I've just been wondering if this may be a good time to try again with journalism - and I've appreciated all the feedback on the board. So no, money was not my motivating factor when I started school, but after school the economy FORCED it to be so I could live, pay my bills and pay off my loans. Thanx again for all the ideas - definitely worth looking into!
She's probably very busy right now, is all. nm
And then when they get busy, they wonder why you
don't want to work 24/7 to get them caught up. Seems that the part timers have it better than the full timers.
We are busy as ever.  Barely keeping up with our TAT.  Actually a little bit busier than the holidays.
To Busy
Wow! What an accomplishment!!! Good luck to you!! You most certainly will succeed in all that you do because of your mindset!!
I enjoy going to school at my age with all the kids. I think I'm going to make it too!
too busy
Yes, a hobby is good for some. Now take my hubby of 16 years for instance...the first 8 or so years were great then then the kids came and whamoo, a sports nut I knew but he is throwing himself into soccer, softball, baseball, wresling, anything the kids are in, he is in. which I know you all think is wonderful to have such a loving involved father being attentive to the kids and all, but it doesn't stop on the field or gym. Coach comes home and it is nonstop mothers calling him and then there is the sitting at the computer for hours planning the "next practice". Ugh...it is nonstop with this one. He is also a Boy Scout leader. I myself lead the Girl Scouts but I don't get so wrapped up in planning that I forget my husbands needs when he is around that is. I grew up on a farm and my mom and dad and two brothers were happy to do chores together and I was never out for sports, now don't get me wrong we did other things outside the house like vocal and 4-H but nothing really sportsy, so I am having a very hard time seeing this almighty light he has seem to found for the last eight years. I have never voiced this to anyone but him, but you know maybe some advise would be good from anyone out there. Thanks.
Same to you Busy!!! *S*
Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you and yours! 
Well said Busy
You have a lovely way of writing and expressing your thoughts. Have you ever explored writing for a living?  I think you'd be good at it. 
Yes but they are usually very busy. (nm)
busy, busy, busy
I guess it depends on where your account is located as to when your busy season is. We have been working extra all summer, lots of work, MTs on vacation, etc. I don't buy that work load is low in the middle of summer. Maybe they over hired or they sent off shore, now that I would believe! I would start looking for another job.
Most of us who already know how to MT are too busy
And those who did, soon learned there wasn't a pot of gold at the end of it, either.
and we all know what Clinton was busy doing!
Your guy didn't win... don't blame everything in the world on Bush because of it!
Why don't you get Busy MTing?

Wow! Your one busy lady! My hat goes off to you!nm
That should be Busy Mouthing...
How can you be so productive as you say you are unless MT Stars is paying you to post. Now, quickly back to work.
A question for busy MT'g
Do you bring out your reference materials with you when you sit in your living room and work on laptop? I'm sure with all you're typing, you must get some difficult dictators that slow you down. Do you keep separate references from office and LR? I have voluminous medical books and resources -- and I know if I get a complicated neurosurgery OR or heavy ESL specialist, I need to stop to look things up -- this is after 27 years in this. How do you handle that aspect?
Yup, you do sound a tad busy! lol ;o) sm
You're probably right about at least taking a course. I tend to be an "all or nothing" type of person, which gets me in trouble with over analyzing everything! Thanks for your thoughts and take care of yourself! ;o)
To Busy MTing
Busy - please tell about your experience with going back to school - how old (young) were you when you went back to school? What are your interests for your next occupation? Thanks in advance!
Did you get the FotoFacial, Busy? sm

I've been thinking about getting that.  Is that the laser treatment that you received? 

I've been using the Eucerin Redness Relief.  It is very soothing, but I can't say that it has decreased the redness much.

It is cool. We all know how busy each other is.
Just the cat, when I happen to be especially busy - sm
she will plop down on the desk directly in front of me (usually blocking the monitor) and be on top of my notepad and/or patients lists. Makes it a bit hard to work.
Is Goldbird and Busy MT one and the same?
Hey Busy, come help me get organized...sm

Yo Busy!!

You seem to be the MOST organized of all my acquaintences!!!  Kudos to you!!!  Come help me get more organized.  *LOL*

S. Florida friend !! 

True OM"s are very busy but who isn't?
point is, it is still her job as the OM to manage the office. This is a physician's office. They can spend as much on equipment, IT support,.etc. as  he wants. Point was - she's busy?, well I'm busy too. But I do my part and she should do hers.
Our QA department is much too busy
to give us feedback like that. They are very complimentary of my work ... probably because I do take the time to look up other reports to make sure I fill in all the tough spots I possibly can. I've done acute care before, but got away from it for a few years. I only had one ESL at my last job. I sure got good at Korean though! With this job it's pretty typical, with many different dictators and accents, but it's just heavy on certain "Asian" (happy now?) dictators instead of Indian. At least there aren't many of the certain Spanish ones I have trouble with. What the ones I have trouble with have in common is that their language uses more percussive sounds and fewer vowel tones. It doesn't matter if the vowel tones are different; I can adapt. But when it records as whispery percussive sounds, I struggle.