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It's a good way to get lots of hits on your post!

Posted By: lol NM! on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: (sm) but no message inside??? - x


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If a post gets so many hits on it, it gets the flame.
Not sure what the magic number is though. 
Good way to drum up hits. nm
do a google search-were many hits and should find good info--nm
there are lots of good MTs like you.sm
but they are NOT the ones that are always applying to companies...they are not the ones that leave a client in the lurch or fit the description.

I have had a lot of really good ladies working for me for a LONG LONG time now and would do anything to keep them because a good Transcriptionist is so hard to find.

But there are those that give MTs a bad reputation just like in all professions.

Good MTs do not sit on these boards blasting people asking legit questions. Good MTs are the ones always answering the word boards, equipment boards, etc with kind and thoughtful answers. There are many of those...just wish I could find one or two more
Lots of good info Ace...Thanks. NM
It is a very good thing for lots of the MTS
to not have lived, say in the 50s on through the early 90s because they would have been out of luck with jobs and the ability to stay home. Those 2 just did not go together. I remember the last job where I worked in house fulltime (92) they told you not to have family/friends on the hospital property to visit- not allowed on the work place at all. I love working from home but I think the choice of this job should not be #1 you want to stay at home because then like I have said before the profession comes off as nonprofessional. I do not care how MTs look but others apparently do as they post these concerns all the time- iether neighbors and/or family thinking they do not really have a job, even a post on a board stating her husband telling her all she did was sit on her a___ all day long, not being taken seriously. I think a lot of MTers hurt their own self when they post their reason for doing this was just to work from home. Just what I read on these boards.
Haven't had it, never heard of it, but after I read your post I googled it, and lots of info avai
And we have the largest economy on earth, and lots of good comes
Yoga is excellent. Lots of good tapes.
Now that sounds good. With lots of lemon and butter and a baked potato.
Can't just have crab.
Lots of recent posts if you do a Company Board search. Good luck! nm
BBQ, slaw, cornbread, ham, casseroles, lots of veggies, chicken pastry, lots of desserts!! BIG fami
Lots of inexpensive decorations at Big Lots. Had a party last year.
LOTS and LOTS of video tapes and DVDs.
Have you noticed how many hits the ads have?
So, when the poop hits the fan..sm
who is going to get to take the flak for this mistake... besides the patient?
36 hits doesn't necessarily mean anything.
If there were 30,000 hits on Google, I'd think it legitimate.  However, 30 hits could mean that there are 30 misspellings or 30 idiots out there making up words.  Or it could be a real word.  Normo is a combining form; however, reflexic is not in any of my dictionaries.  (Merriam, Taber's, Dorland's, Stedman's)  If the account's verbatim, use it.  Otherwise, tag it.
Better Business Bureau BBB.ORG 39 hits of
Ameriplan with UNSATISFACTORY ratings.  Do more investigating before you waste your money on an MLM scam, and please don't tell me to check it out because I already did two years ago.
You probably received an email from your supervisor about full time meaning you HAVE TO produce for 40 hours a week to be full time.  That means, if you take any time off without pay (because you only have 80 hours of PTO a year) for ANYTHING (sick, funeral, whatever the emergency), you will no longer be a full time employee, which means no benefits at all.
The Eagles- Greatest Hits. nm
IMO - no. If he hits you once, he will hit you again. It will not matter what religion you believe
Now that hits the nail on the head!
You said that right.


It is the only job I have ever had where I actually do 25% of my work for FREE because my employer SAID IT WAS MY JOB.

And every day these companies are more creative looking for new and improved ways to bleed the MTs for more of our hard earned money.

And that IS the reality of this business.
20,400 hits on Google plus an entry in thefreedictionary.com
suggest entering word in google-got 30 hits-nm
Someone answered on this below, that thing pops up when it has had a lot of hits -see the # of views
probably set for 100 or something like that. So when it have however many views, the little fire springs up indicating is "hot" and has been looked at a lot!
Here, Here! Good post. (nm)

very good post JZ
I have been working at home for over 11 years as an IC and employed.  I have many times tried to juggle two jobs for various reasons, lack of work, always received the worst of the work when work is available, tiring of it, etc. etc., and I have always found it very difficult and actually end up working many more hours than when working just one job.  I wish I could do it, but to date I have had great difficulty working two jobs, even if one is part-time, one full-time, or both part-time.  Be sure it is what you want.  Good luck!
HA! Good post. (nm)
good post but..............sm

I read that BUSH only approved enough money to restore the levees for a category 3 hurricane (this might have changed in the recent past though) and when I heard that, I couldn't believe it.  The levees needed enough money to withstand a hurricane 5.  I know this because I live on the water in the SE for 30 years.  Yes, it's up to the locals and nobody was condemning your governor.  I do agree it's not a political affiliation thing.

But what I saw is that most of New Orleans (not the inner city) and outskirts are where a lot of poor people are/were and my feeling is this administration is not racist...they merely do not know how to deal with poverty and the poor.  That's VERY sad. 

Good post!
An excellent and accurate post-very true!
Good post and I think BOS would
agree - only thing they do differently (I think and too tired at this point to verify) is serial 7's I think?  I don't use the BOS as a know-it-all but use it as a guide if I cannot find it anywhere else or have no idea!!  Thanks so much!
good post...
this was a very good overview, but for demographics entered I don't know if anyone pays for that though obviously they should...the element of weighted lines for very difficult ESL and maybe some non-ESL "club members", but it is something largely kept on the drawing board of MTSO but is needed especially because of the line rate aspect, versus hourly wage differential in the scheme of things. The industry members make sure to take very good care of themselves while they take care of us as much as they think they can without making it easy.
Very good post
I totally agree with you...very well said...plus like the next poster said, "It is a jungle out there."
Good post!
You gave out a lot of practical advice and good information. It was a pleasure reading this post. Thank you for taking the time to try to help others!
good post

Please consider when we were newbies many of us were fed a pack of lies about how much money we'd make right off the bat and how "easy" this job is.  I was told that from the RNs who taught us at the local community college.  I knew no one personally in the business to whom I could turn for the real story.  These people had NO idea of the real world.  It was suggested to me by several professors that I take this profession up as a way to make "easy money fast" to help pay for my RN courses.  I believed them since they were from the medical field.  My transcription teacher was the only one to level with us but back then it wasn't as bad as it is now.  I still had hope. 

I was lucky on my first job -- made excellent money on just 3 doctors, 1 specialty, templates for the most part.  I thought it was a dream come true.  MTing seemed to be all that it had been cracked up to be.  Then my employer dropped the account, 12 of us were out of work immediately.  I decided to go with a national so that that would not happen again.  I was given 26 specialties with over 100 dictators all at once, and it has been another universe altogether.  I am glad for the experience, but school never prepared me for THIS!  I am trying to be patient, wait it out hoping things will get better because I enjoy the job, but it is not what I was told it would be.

I now work 2 jobs, weekends and holidays included.  I spend my free time studying.  I have learned the "real world" of transcription by first-hand experience and reading the posts on here from you experienced MTs for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration. 

There really are some of us who are trying our best to become proficient at this and take our jobs seriously.  If we seem unreasonable in our requests at first, it might just be that that is what we were told we would receive and we bought it.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think you experienced MTs made anything even remotely close to what I was/am being paid.  It wasn't until I started reading this board that I wised up. 

You are right, we have to band together, not fight.  We're all in this mess. 

Good post
HE, HE, HE is right! How dare we ''rude, ignorant'' MTs not embrace the ramblings of someone whose fellow countrymen are co-partners in the outsourcing of our jobs and the stagnation of our wages! Tsk, tsk, tsk--how ignorant. How very politically incorrect! Your post was great and more power to you! (Wonder how well-received we'd be in their country if the shoe were on the other foot!)
Exactly! Good post!
Good post! nm
Good post!
I totally agree!  Also, let's not fool ourselves in thinking that these reports are for the benefit of the patients.  For the most part, they're for the benefit of the billing process.
Good post
First and foremost I never claimed to be perfect..This is for the snippy remark that someone made below...

This is a really good post..My pain doctor feels the same way he uses local companies. My physical therapist got so sick of the crap she was getting back she asked me how to make up shortcuts and all and now transcribes her own reports. It is faster then fixing mistakes. Thank God because she is great and I really didn't want to change but I would have...I need help with this, this is a huge undertaking...Everyone needs to ask their doctor where their information is going and who transcribes their records. I do it and if I don't like the answer I educate and will go elsewhere. Most of the docs believe it is a violation of Homeland Security..These are private docs I have spoken to not hospital docs..

Let me give you my background information so maybe you see why I am so against my information being sent overseas especially when we are at war..I am on disability from the police dept. I was a police officer for 14 yrs before having a disk fusion and had to retire..I took up MT work because I am a single mom and it allowed me to work from home and raise my boys..It is one of very few jobs my pain doctor thought I could handle so I did it. It has allowed me to raise two great kids so I feel I owe it to at least try and fight this..

Maybe I'm off on a tangent. I am in the process of researching HIPAA and how it is enforced overseas. Where I work I do VA work and need a clearance to do it..I like that..I jump on this board and see the complaining about no work so after talking to my pain doc and my boss I decided to try and help...Right off someone jumps down my throat because I misspelled HIPAA oops sorry. I never claimed to be perfect...But I am darn sure not willing to sit back and do nothing as more American jobs go overseas. I'm coming up on 50 my life is pretty much done with as far as money goes plus I am in pain every day so whatever happens to me happens I really no longer care...What about our kids and grandkids that is who I am thinking about..This country whether or not you choose to stick your head in the sand is on very fragile ground economically and security wise..

So basically you can choose to sit back and let some of us do the work or you can jump in and help..What I am asking for doesn't require much at all on your part I am doing most of the work with some really good ideas that have been provided by those that jumped on board..

I love my country and refuse to give up any more of it without a fight...So if you have some helpful remarks please feel free to let me know. I can take critism and I need a lot of guidance on this project..What I don't need is a smartA remark because I hit a wrong key on the keyboard..
Just went out and bout The Band greatest hits and listening right now to the Weight.

Oh yeah baby, just 12 more hits and I get FLAMED! Come on' give me FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nm
well wait til your daughter hits someone. You will lose everything in that civil lawsuit.
I mean, how ridiculous is that. Letting a 14.5 year old to get more experience. Sheesh. Let her drive at 16 with you and let her drive alone at 18, if you want her to have more experience. There's a reason why the driving age is 16, not 14.
Agree, good post!

Wow! Now THAT is how to complain! Good post!
Well written! No vulgarity or name-calling or cussing!

Excellent points!

You should be an attorney!!!!!

Good job!
Good post. I agree.
I didn't care for his last sentence tho!
Good post but one thing.....sm

you said you'd wait until you become financially secure before getting married so you could then could leave him and be okay $$-wise.

I left after 13 years of marriage and we pretty much had nothing....my sanity being numero uno.  The stats are this....that after 5 years of divorce, women are in better shape than men financially and emotionally.  That's what I've read and that's how it also happened for me.  I was in better shape than him 5 years later.  So, don't undercut yourself.  We can make it on our own whether we have a man in our life or not!!!!  It's an old wives tale from post WWII I do believe that women are not *complete* without a man and that is a total crock of s**t.....in my mind/heart/soul. 

DITTO........good post...............NM
Great post! Good to know : )
good post but MTs there do not have 2 Masters

But what you said about cashiers is pretty right on but incomplete.  Where I live, cashiers are slowly but surely being replaced with YOU, yourself, scanning your stuff at the store(s).  Home Depot has been doing this here for 2 years or more and I read that MANY supermarkets are going this route.  Soon there will be PRETTY MUCH ZERO CASHIERS in this country.

But I don't agree with you on the fact that the USA or every MD/facility in the USA is going to want to offshore.  As I know it, plenty of US mds/facilities are PULLING THEIR STUFF back into this country.

Do not give up hope - I do not believe all of it will end up in foreign countries.........not 10 years down the road - by then, I do believe people are going to OPEN UP THEIR EYES WIDER and pull it ALL back here.  *grin*

But then, I'm an optimist - always was.....not delusional...just optimistic....glass=half full, never half empty.


I MEANT the one above you is a good post