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Where did you hear they're doing this? SCARY!!

Posted By: UT MQ on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Show of hands, plz: If MQ is getting rid of the quarterly bonus, how many SEs will leave? (sm) - MQ SE

Not happy ONE BIT.

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That's like saying here and hear are interchangeable; they're both
in the dictionary - never mind what they mean, they both exist.

You're lucky if you DO hear anything.
Most companies won't even acknowledge applicants. They don't even dignify us with a courteous email stating, "No thanks." We're just nameless, faceless means to an end for them. Peon lemmings who exist only to earn profits for them.
You're still missing the point. She needs to hear ALL sides.
Like I said somewhere way down below somewhere, many of us have done it successfully, but TIMES HAVE CHANGED. She needs to hear ALL sides, and she needs to know what she will be up against if she decides to pursue MT training.

I fully support stay-at-home moms. I was one myself. Still at home most of the time with pre-teens and a college student. I'm thankful every day that I did not have to put them in daycare. I applaude those who make that decision and make it work. My kids are well adjusted, secure, and all-around good kids. I will never regret my decision to go to school to be an MT so I could "work from home."

BUT IT DOESN'T WORK WELL FOR EVERYONE. The OP needs to hear the good along with the not-so-good.

As far as MT being an "at-home career," I've been an at-home MT, in-office MT, at-home editor, in-office editor, QA manager, QA consultant, and a college MT instructor. There are many avenues in this career; not all of them are at home, and there are advantages and disadvantages to all situations. I've seen it from a lot of different perspectives. My personal experience with MT has been great. But I've seen (and have personally known) many whose experiences weren't so grand. I've also had students who were talented, motivated and truly gifted for the profession of MT who spent thousands upon thousands of dollars, not to mention the hours of work, to earn a certificate with the hopes of working from home immediately after graduation so they could stay at home with their young kids who were suddenly faced with the harsh reality that the jobs were going to India, and most, if not all, MTSOs require 2 years of experience and won't even consider a new grad. As I stated previously, there ARE exceptions to this, but there are FEW exceptions. That's a fact that needs no debate. Granted, motivation, hard work and perseverance do pay off, and the motivation to stay at home with one's baby is the strongest motivation I can think of.

But still--again--stick to the original question and lighten up on those who don't see the world as you see it. There are many, many perspectives and she will benefit from hearing all of them.
How about when they're flipping through x-rays and all you can hear is that racket?? nm
Brain dead today - or is it hear hear? I'm going to bed.
Marry me?! :) Seriously...hear, hear. Good post. - nm
Hear, hear! I agree with Dakota - sm
The MTSO should be giving feedback to the hospital/doctors who slur, speak too rapidly, etc. They need to pull up their socks! And there's no reason why these doctors shouldn't be given an outline of what is expected from them when they dictate, such as cell phones, chewing food, candy, gum, etc.
It is scary to think how narrowed minded people can be. Plantation mentality is alive and well in the South....So help us all....
Your last 2 paragraphs made absolute sense. I always thought, even back "in the day," that dictation to transcription was archaic.

However, I fit into the "over-educated but don't know how to get in out of the rain MT" category, so scary thought because if you thought of it, someone else should as well... and I do need to keep doing this at least until one of my kids strikes it rich!

Good post.
Now that is scary!

That is really scary to me No wonder that sm
these gals hire on places, begin to work and then can't get their pay.
That is scary...
How scary to have a dog like that...
as your neighbor.  If you have children, PLEASE keep close tabs on them...I just heard on the news a few weeks ago about a pit bull (I think...) snatching a baby out of her mother's arms and malling her head badly.  The baby survived, thankfully, but was very badly hurt. I agree with you, these dogs are inherently vicious, and no, it's not the dog's fault at all...it's the human's fault for training and breeding for fighting...how very sad for the OP..I am sorry...
What's scary is...
they are treating people.  How does the patient understand what he is saying (if they deem to say anything).  I know when I see one of these doctors I have a hard time when I'm not ill.  My husband is hard of hearing but can understand if clearly spoken to and he understands nothing and refused to go back to a GP we had.
I'm sorry, but its really scary to me that anyone
let alone a spouse, could just go back to sleep and post on a MESSAGE BOARD the next day, asking about a SWOLLEN HARD TONGUE!! You have got to be kidding me. And I presume you're an MT as well??? What is WRONG with you?? Goodness, the blunders never cease to amaze me.  GO TO THE HOSPITAL. And don't wait til it happens AGAIN - get him to the hospital NOW to have it checked out, diagnosed, and have yourselves armed with epi-pens, etc. A BENADRYL??? That's just insane.
Very scary
Makes me paranoid about every "normal" person I meet. I hate being that way, but when it comes to my kids I am happy to be labeled *over protective*
this is really scary -

Okay, is there any chance that anything in our medical records is going to be correct, either done overseas, dictated by someone who has little grip of the language, perhaps transcribed by someone with even less of a grip, maybe corrected, but in the money crunching, I doubt that, probably never read by the physician and now you are telling me that the doc himself is typing this info directly.  I frankly cannot imagine this.  I cannot imagine they would want to type it.  They can't keep on track half the time just reading. 

That's scary sm

I'm sure it happens - as Patti says - but personally I would have a very hard time putting something like that on a report I typed. It is the doctor's responsibility to review the report. If he/she chooses not to do that, that is also his/her responsibility. But if I type it on the report, that means I am aware that the doctor is not reviewing it, and I would be concerned that I could be drawn into a lawsuit if there was ever a problem with a report.

It's quite possible that would never happen, but it's also possible that Patti has just been lucky...............

Something Scary!
Let me tell you something very scary that happened to me! I posted a comment in support of one of the companies on the Jobs Board and the CEO wrote me back an e-mail to my personal e-mail address thanking me for my comments. I was shocked as heck! I thought our identities were protected here. Guess again. They tracked me down to my personal e-mail address. Be very, very cautious of anything yo post here.
Now that's scary
I just envision a scenario where a doctor dictates a dose wrong, we type it wrong, QA doesn't change it for this reason, newbie nurse reads it and gives it to the patient. Dennis Quaid's kids got the wrong dose. Kid here in Central Florida recently got wrong dose because pharmacist typed it wrong. But as MTs we aren't liable? Very scary.
Wow that med thing is scary to hear about. I thought it was bad enough when my FORMER PCP tried to tell me hypertriglyceridemia was from eating too much animal protein. That was so dumb it was funny but med errors aren't.

A Walgreen's here is in trouble because they wrote a script for a 3-month-old, premature twin for cough medicine and typed 1/4 teaspoonful instead of 1/4 mL. Granted not a doctor but it was in the news recently and the kid could have died if the pharmacy didn't catch it and call the parents prior to the second dose being given. What is it medical mistakes are the 4th leading cause of death in America?
No kidding...that's just scary nm

Pretty scary. Do you actually think you
are Frank?
Danged scary if you ask me!!!!!!!
 (gramps at 100 target practicing)
pretty scary
I know that this does happen.  I just try not to think about it.  It's amazing how many physician's and other big tim professionals are functioning alcoholics and drug addicts. Even more sad is the fact that other hospital staff know that these people are enebriated and don't dare say anything to anyone about it. 
is it scary though? or just gross?
Scary movies
Creature From The Black Lagoon.

The original Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney.
new people are scary
I have an orientation this Saturday with an animal shelter, i'm debating whether or not to show.  My main thing is the distance, afraid my car won't make it.  I can't wait to see some new faces though.  Make the call, you'll be glad.  They're all good people if they are volunteering their time.
Man, I can't tell if this is scary, or laughable.

Are you really that uninformed? That IS scary. nm
Scary how close it was!
I've been having to tape Tue/Wed shows because I am working and so I haven't been able to vote either.  Next week I will just have to make an exception and watch/vote.  Have to get Taylor through-whoo-hoo.  He's my soul man!
Now THAT'S just plain scary!!!!

The omen was for sure very scary! And BTW,
Didn't Elizabeth Hurley name her little boy Damien?  I like that name.  I always thought if I ever had twin boys I'd name one Damien and the other Julien.
Johnson!...scary, huh... nm
Thanks much - why is it so scary?? I have not updated my
Wow, kind of scary LOL. nm
Here is the REALLY scary part sm
I have heard that Medicare will not reimburse anyone unless they use EMR. They are starting this in 2009 and hope to have the changeover complete by 2014
I found this....really is scary.
Paper and Supplies

EMR will substantially reduce paper and supplies for:

Fee Tickets
Charts and Chart Labels
Prescription pads
Paper Copies
Custom Forms


Paper and Supply reduction in annual costs for paper by eliminating charts, forms and prescription pads. The average cost to create a chart is around $5.00 per record:
o Chart Jacket $2 to $3 dollars
o Chart tabs and labels $1.00
o Labor cost to assemble $1.00
o Labor cost to Handel $1.00

A physician seeing 30 patients per day can have up to 400 paper chart transactions per day, which would be eliminated with EMR. The following are some examples of this:

➢ 30 chart pulls off the shelf
➢ 30 charts going back on the shelf
➢ 30 chart pulls to file the notes after the exam
➢ 30 charts to return after filing dictation
➢ 15 chart pulls for incoming lab results
➢ 15 chart returns after the lab is filed
➢ 15 chart pulls for RX request requiring a pull
➢ 15 charts to return after the RX request
➢ 40 incoming faxes per day requiring a chart pull
➢ 40 charts to return after the pull for faxes
➢ 60 calls per day requiring a chart pull
➢ 60 charts to return after the call
➢ 10 with calls after the visit
➢ 10 with call to coordinate care
➢ 5 will be billing issues requiring a chart pull
➢ 5 to return after retrieving for billing
➢ 3 medical record requests to transfer their records
➢ 3 to return after paying the cost to copy which could have been faxed to the recipient at minimal charge

416 chart transactions per day @ $.080 cents per transaction = $333.00 per day / $1664.00 per week / $83,200 per year based on 50 weeks per year assuming a practice closes two weeks per year.


EMRs have been very successful in eliminating or substantially reducing transcription through templates and pick lists.

Documents can be customized by provider and document type. Referral letters can be generated automatically and faxed directly to the referring physician before the patient leaves the office. This enhances physician patient relations, minimizes paper, labor and postage costs.

My own experience on reducing transcription costs was nearly $1000month. If you employ a Transcriptionist that is nearly a $30,000 annual savings for each transcriptionist you have on your staff.

There is a whole article on this at the following address if interested.

So here's a scary note about

I'm at an age where Social Security has started sending me periodic notices that show how much I've paid into the system over the years, etc.   They also tell you what your monthly pay would be if you retired at 62, or at 65, or at 67 and beyond. 

And of course, we all know that our Social Security checks aren't going to be enough to live on, right?  That's why we have (or try to, anyway), 401K's and IRA's, to pick up where Social Security leaves off. 

Well, even if I started taking Social Security payments early, at age 62, even with the penalties for doing so, and a smaller check, I would be making more money than I do now as a full-time employee of an MTSO. 

Now THAT tells you something about the shabby state of affairs in this industry. 


You are so wrong, it's scary
VR editing can be done by any newbie?? Hows the view from the gleaming offices of MTSO Corporate? That is EXACTLY the misguided thinking that has highly trained medical language specialists making less than the fry cook at McDonald's. I would take QAing 99% completed MT reports over deciphering the mess of VR any day. QA does not take any more training than any experienced highly trained MT has.
Yep. It is scary alright.
Know what is worse? These are not isolated incidents. It is everywhere. I was talking to my friend who is a nurse. She just started back at this place she used to work at about 6 years ago. It goes down the ladder with this stuff. She said she came across a nurse the other day who does not know what the difference is between a gluteal cleft and a gluteal fold. She wanted to know how people pass state board exams much less take care of people.
this'd be hilarous if it wasn't so sad & scary...
Don't see most scary stuff, but Alien did it for me! nm
Yup! Those PA-C's are scary, aren't they? See message

I've transcribed for some, and generally they couldn't dictate properly if someone held a loaded gun to their head.  As I was transcribing, I told myself, "I wouldn't let my worst enemy be seen by these clowns!"  Some of them are very scary, indeed!


I didn't see it, just the commercials. It's scary and
several teens around here are addicted too. My niece actually had pics of my grandsons on it, I told her to get them off there because if someone walked up to my youngest grandson (4) and asked him if he wanted to go see (niece's name) that he'd go with them. It gives the creep looking for info enough info on anyone to be real hurtful. My niece tells how she's sick of playing games and is looking for real love. Just think about the creep reading that who finds her and offers her a lot of attention, she'll go to. I can't convince her how dangerous that all is.
Kinda ugly?...she's scary looking...

She's way too young to have had all that work done.  My guess is it was a mistake when it said Kat's family and friends... apparently she doesn't have anyone except her parents and grandma!



Funny guy....scary nurse...nm
Peter Lorre was scary looking to me...n/m

Wow, that would be scary. I'm fine. I did decide to
go in and chest an x-ray to be sure of where it was located. I could still feel an odd feeling at about my breastbone but apparently it was just from where it "scratched" going down. What an experience!!!
Scary world we are living in.
I just get upset that after an incident at my son's middle school a couple of weeks ago, they didn't think it was a big deal to take a student's threats seriously. I don't feel safe sending my kids to school and we live in a village (that underpopulated). I have been checking into home schooling this week to see what is out there for that.
scary echo techs

  doc says "However, the patient was terminated by technician who felt the patient was becoming diaphoretic and having his symptomatology associated with shortness of breath."

 scribe types "However, the study was terminated by the technician who felt the patient was becoming diaphoretic and having symptoms associated with shortness of breath."