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Why not see how many are outraged

Posted By: not worried on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Don't you guys worry this is a mole, putting out feelers SM - Becky

There is a lot to be outraged about.

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I'm outraged, and here's another thought:
If American work leaves our shores, those who are doing it should be made to pay into our tax, unemployment, and social security system. If they're going to be allowed to put an entire sector of America's working class in unemloyment lines, then they darn well should be paying for it.
Outsourcing DMV story hit OC newspapers and everyone was outraged about losing jobs and private info
After the outrage regarding private information and loss of jobs concerning a California DMV sending their data entry to Mexico, this practice was stopped thanks to a radio show and media attention. We as transcriptionists have more info than DMV not to mention all the countless jobs going overseas. Where is the outrage on this when we need it?