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no, we are only a drop in the bucket of MQ

Posted By: MTs. on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Don't you guys worry this is a mole, putting out feelers SM - Becky


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Because the slime bucket doesn't
post anything negative about himself.  I'm surprised he found 3 emails addressed to himself that weren't negative!
MQ drop down box
Came with the new update @ 4:00 am yesterday, the one that had the system shut down for 2 hours.  Gave plenty of notice and if you check the little box next time you go into DocQmanage, you can read all about the new and improved :)
I would drop by

I always pursue until they tell me that they have gone with someone else.  I am not super aggressive I just let them know I am interested.  But it does sometimes take a while to get an answer but it sure wouldn't hurt to drop a brochure by or at least mail one out.  Whose grandson was screaming in the background?  If it was your MIL that could have been a turn off but not sure.  Anyway good luck, see if she will let you become the Public Relations and you start pursuing accounts.  


Let's drop this

I have getting lots of email with SUPPORTIVE ANSWERS to my questions. The rest on this board are a bunch of hostile women too lazy to read what I wrote. I took early retirement because my children are defending a bunch of slackers ande users in Afghanistan and Iraq and there are three grandchildren to keep. I live a four hour round trip from the other grandma they are living with. I am not trying to cheat ANYONE you nasty. I was trying to find out HOW to become an IC and WHAT the best tax options were. Don't tell me YOUR sorry behind is paying unecessary taxes. It is PERFECTLY LEGAL TO HAVE THE TAX TAKEN OUT OF HIS PAY. Till I got sick and my children were deployed, I was the breadwinner in this family and I earned $60K a year. Then I had heart failure, diabetes and lost toes in my feet and I STILL worked. But I will not toss my grandchildren out. I am 62 and I HAVE to work but I cannot work full time. That bothers you? If it was immoral or illegal, then the government would not ALLOW you to work and collect social security at the same time, you fool. But they DO, but ONLY UP TO A CERTAIN AMOUNT. If you can't answer a simple question, stop bashing me. I am not doing a singlething immoral or illegal and I have had four offers already from THIS web site that are within my restrictions. If it was illegal, would they do it??? NOT!

Now drop it and leave me alone.

Why drop him?

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  I don't quite understand.  Once they dictate, then type it when you can.  You can only be as consistent as they are, so if it takes longer to get it back to them, then so be it.  If it is good income that you don't want to lose, I would stick it out. 

Furthermore, you are making yourself look bad by complaining.  If he comes across a colleague that may be looking for a transcriptionist, he may not recommend you due to your complaining.  You want to keep a good reputation.  JMO.

Drop dead.
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...sm
just to say hi, and welcome.  She/he has many, many more people to get in touch with than you do, so why not make the first move? I'm not at all trying to be ugly, please don't take it that way, it's just, why not just send a message saying hi, and introducing yourself? Just a thought! Good luck with whatever you choose to do!!!
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...
I guess you mean Transcription Coordinator -- what I called my new supervisor. I hear you, but I really don't see that as my responsiblity. MQ is so chaotic, I always get the impression they'd greatly prefer not to be bothered. I'm kinda way past that point with that. Thanks for the welcome anyhow.
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...
I think you've misunderstood me. I agree completely with your most recent post, i.e. being left alone to do my job. Absolutely. I just don't think a courtesy note from a new supervisor is too much to ask. That's not breathing down my neck; IMO, that's courtesy, i.e. Here I am, I'm your new supervisor, here's how things may or may not change, just wanted to say hi and make proper notation of the fact that a change has taken place. WHATEVER.
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...
Okay, now you're making me mad. You don't know me, and you have no right to lump me into a goup with "(my) fellow nut-case MTs" ...and you have the gall to say "nothing personal"? Freakish behavior? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Wow, I came on here looking for some support, and now I'm a freak and a nut case. No thanks! See y'all around!!!
perhaps you could drop your TC a note...
Read your phrase: "your fellow nut-case MTs." It does not say "your fellow MTs, some of whom are nut cases."

Read your phrase: "freakish behavior en masse." It does not say "the freakish behavior of some MTs."

Both of these groupings include me. You are guilty of bad syntax and just plain rudeness. I consider these equally offensive. I most certainly did not fly off of any handle, nor did I (until now) TAKE TO WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS TO EXPRESS MY OPPOSITION TO YOUR POINT OF VIEW when a little careful wording would've rendered that unnecessary. I proved you point? You sure proved mine. GOODBYE.
PLEASE, lets drop this....

I got the help I needed for today.  Let's just drop it.

FTP/digital drop box
Hi,  I am looking for a method of receiving my dictations that is secure and large enough to hold the dictations without problems like I sometimes have through email.  Someone mentioned FTP/digital drop box.  Has anyone used this?  Can you explain the pros and cons of this.  Thanks in advance. 
RE: Drop Chute

Thank you so much.  I would much rather use an FTP site.  I had just never heard of Drop Chute before. 

I would only drop him if he does a month's
income drop
My production is about even with SR/VR as straight transcription, sometimes even less (the reports come in that full of garbage). Hence, with a rate per line decrease, my hourly pay dropped to 1/3.

Not for long. I just won't lay down and take that sort of abuse. And I do consider this situation abusive.

I have yet to find anyone that I can verify that that they are producing double, let alone triple their usual transcription lines per hour.
afraid insurance is going to drop me...
Two years ago I became an independent and have individual insurance.  During the application I put on there I had quit smoking (former smoker).  I now have a procedure coming up, and during the consultation for this procedure, my doctor asked me if I smoked.  Well, I do "occasionally" but I did not expect him to ask that question, so I fumbled and said "yes, but not every day."  Now is this grounds for my insurance not covering me?  Is it possible they can dig through the paperwork specifically to find this and nail me on it?  Or can it be accepted that at the time I signed on with them, I in fact was not a smoker, but started up between then n now, so they have no grounds?  I'm scared, as I cannot afford this procedure out of pocket!!!  What do you guys think? 
They can drop you, jack up your premium, or ....
Doctors ALWAYS ask if you smoke, especially if you are having surgery.  Smoking makes you heal slower, heal improperly and can affect anesthesia choice.  I don't know that the fact that you smoke "occasionally" will be transmitted to the insurance company, yet you should yourself report it to the insurance company.  Smoking is still smoking and is still a serious health risk. 
Did start to drop some weight but...(sm)

...it took a little while.  It's like my system was totally discombobulated (surgical menopause for me was a real bear!) & it didn't know what to do.  I was finally able to take most of the weight off, but I have to be very careful now, as it's so easy to put on (especially in my belly area) & harder to shed.  Everybody's different, tho', & I know women who have come off HRT & dropped whatever weight they gained & totally leveled out. 

Here's a link to a site I found very helpful & supportive - it's a hysterectomy support site, but they have all kinds of helpful info about hormones, fitness, etc.  You may be able to find some useful stuff there:


Glad I could be of some help...if you need support or info or whatever, please don't hesitate to e-mail me, k?

DirecWay Drop-offs
Thanks for the tip. It looks like Direcway has a new upgrade from the 6000 model...more money of course. I will need to do something, as 3 days at half-production is just too miserable.
Peach drop in Atlanta, GA
I'm looking forward to it.
random calls/drop ins
People just do not understand. I have just had to be rude without apology. I have had so many people call and even though I don't answer still drop by. I have to say that if I am too busy to answer phone then I am also too busy to go to the door. I have had them stand on the door step ringing the bell and calling my phone. More than once I have answered the phone to someone saying they were at my door. I say, "Oh, is that you ringing my bell? Sorry but I am working". They do not like it but neither do appreciate the disrespect. My friends have just learned to laugh it off. I stick to my guns, even with my family No work, no pay, is what I say.
We are planning on going Aug 20 when the rates drop...lol
WOW - I have been checking out both Compass Cove and Caravelle.. I have a 3-1/2-year-old..So you liked Compass Cove the best, huh?  Did they offer the full breakfast buffet?  Were the rooms really clean and nice?  I am going to check out their prices now....I love the beach...I have had such a hard year that I am looking SO forward to it...We are going to 6 days/5 nights.....Thanks for the info!
If she uses ftpsurfer she can just drag and drop

Are you saying the files are already in digital format and they are already on her PC? All she would have to do is open the file where they are at, minimize the window, click on ftpsurfer, click on your folder to open it, then drag and drop.   So I would try another free FTP utility, like ftpsurfer.

probably will have a drop in your line count though

The last person they ask about the EMR is the Transcriptionist and then they ignore what she says anyway. Most EMR's are not set up to be efficient. You probably will be going in and out of a alot of screens so expect your line count to drop. You may want to negotiate a raise in your cpl before working in the EMR.

Drop DeVenture a line!
It's summer and it's BUSY!  I've been starting an hour early and ending an hour later and it's kinda pissin' me off now---it's the time of year one wants to be outside!  I know they're lookin' for help and I've got nuthin' but good things to say about them.  I'm not a boss or nuthin', just a lowly typist, but I do like the work and especially my boss lady (workflow manager, whatever the heck she's called!).  Give it a shot.  The main site is www.deventure.biz if your interested.
I pick-up and drop-off work too.

You can probably get 12 cpl (65 characters w/spaces).  Do not limit yourself to per page at this point.  Start your bid at that, and then depending upon what you see come your way, you may want to change that over to per page, but I seriously think you'll do better at 12 cpl and paid production.  I just picked-up my own account about 3 weeks ago and am charging just that, so e-mail me if you want more info, but the doc is fine with the 12 cpl.  Congrats!  And, ENT should be a breeze if you've done other specialties.  Also, don't forget to ask for samples!!!!! 

RE: Drop shoot software

Can anyone explain what Drop shoot software is and where to get it? Thanks

Have you been on Clarity and if so, have you noticed drop in pay?
Anticpating a huge drop in pay due to the new platform and am very concerned about how this will affect my budget. Since you appear to be content, maybe my fears are misplaced?
Not yet, but I have heard the same thing about drop in pay. nm
Yes, me too, but I still drop off printed reports
The phone system just makes it easier to track reports, no more broken tapes, etc. Plus, drs like it when they can call with an urgent document instead of waiting for pickup. I was hesitant (old dog not wanting new tricks) but I really like it a lot. It also is more secure as far as HIPAA, each dr has a different log-in and all.
I agree, but drop the hyphen (nm)
The worst that could happen if they drop SE status is
you would have to go to part-time status, but actually that may be a bonus for you. You would get some PTO benefits and only be required to work 20 hours a week, although no doubt there would be no problem working extra if you choose to do that. If you are required to have skeduled hours, schedule them while the kids are sleeping/napping. You don't necessarily have to do your hours in a 4-hour block.
Direcway satellite drop-offs all day...
Is anyone else having problems with their satellite connection this week?  After 6 months of no problems I am now getting constant drop-offs until 5 p.m.  I am on the west coast and no weather problems.  I have called "customer service," but that was beyond frustrating.  Dial-up is excruciating to work with after being used to the high-speed.  Thanks in advance for any info.
Oh please, drop the drama - she is absolutely correct.
Use Windows Explorer, drag and drop. sm
OR you can copy specific files/directories from your main drive to your back up drive.
I still pick up tapes and drop off reports.

I think we're a little over the edge here with the privacy issues.  I love my tape jobs and I like getting out.  I write off the mileage.  I get paid more per line as well with my own accounts even if I have to drive. 

You are right in that some physicians don't want the hassle and or empty promises of the big national companies.


Where would this feature be located on the drop-down menu on top?
SM, that drop doesn't seem that strange. Your counts SM
should rise significantly after just a couple days just by a once-over A to Z approach with the dictation. BTW, after you get comfortable, you might aim for eliminating any significant review at the end as you've been reviewing during pauses and slows in dictation all along and know you have good copy, so just send the report on its way.

And you'll like seeing the increased production by using macros for your corrections. It'll rise noticably with each significant one adopted.

NDMT, my macro is in Shorthand. Which Expander do you use? I'm embarrassed to say the macro my expander recorded for this is clogged with unnecessary characters (I tried to clean it up once but messed it up); however, it works well for me anyway, and if you have ShortHand I'll pass it on. People are posting a whole lot of good stuff over at productivitytalk.com, though, which is a place I've gotten a number of macros that I don't know how to create myself. I benefit greatly from the kindness of strangers. :)
Nope. Let mine drop years ago.
drop the hyphen, it is a stand alone, no noun follows.nm
Has anyone on MQ DQS noticed back where you get our line count in the drop down box it is very
different. Mine has QA QC and clerical and correction disappeared. Hope my lines are accurate this pay period. What is this for.
Vacuum it out or blow it out. I also would pick mine up and drop it from about
4 feet.  My boss at the time said she did the same thing.  
If it is still sideways, try to grab one of the corners in a drag and drop fashion and see if you ca
DSG in Georgia uses DQS, too. Have also noticed the drop in lines when I started here. Easy to use,
Well if Target did business like Walmart then the prices would drop but everyone would hate them to.
Walmart fights the good fight for the consumer Target isn't willing to. But love Target commercials and children's clothes. I take the best of both stores and don't begrudge either for their marketing style.
Just drag and drop using Windows Explorer. No need for special software.
This is all stated assuming that you are using a Windows Operating System, XP or Vista. Put a blank CD into your CD drive, open Explorer, find the file(s) and/or folder(s) you want to put on the CD, left mouse click and drag them to the CD drive.
Got that right! Drop the sugars & high carbs and exercise a few times a week. Gotta
Leave it to the drug companies - how brilliant!! Tears Again, Teargen, Teardrops, Tear Drop
etc etc etc

no wonder I'm always skirting the edge of sanity...
PLEASE see my question regarding daily interruptions, phone calls, drop in guests/COMPANY BOARD

Saw him on CMT show with John Fogarty. Great, great singer with a neat personality and drop dead
gorgeous without seeming to know it.