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This person just posed a question. It is not a fact. nm.

Posted By: Disgusted. on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Where did you hear they're doing this? SCARY!! - UT MQ


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This person just posed a question. It is not a fact. nm.
This angry, jealous person wouldn't know a fact
I just posed this question to DSG
on the company board.  As for MQ DQS, we are down per tech support.  I just called in at 9 PM EST and was told it is down and they don't know for how long.
No, actually they don't. You guys run on emotion, not fact. And when fact is presented,
I work for the person. I know. Very excellent person, personally and business-sense.
It is an INSULT to have QA hovering over seasoned MTs who know what they are doing. She trusts her MTs and again if there are questions there is one person, a trainer, who can answer them via phone, e-mail or instant message or you can send the whole report to them if you choose.
Point was is the person willing to make up for the slack of the person who types 1 job when there is

if that is all they WANT to type.   Is the person who wants to be a supervisor willing to make up for those people?

You have crap supervisors, editors and mts in the business like you have good ones.   Sadly, the really good ones of all of them are few and far between. 

When you have a QA person that is picky and another QA person that is very lenient where does that
leave the MTs because some are getting a lenient reviewer and others are getting one that picks at everything. How do you reconcile that issue with the difference in QA mentality. Some people make out well and the other people could be just as good but dont. I wonder about that.
The person MTSO pays is the person who
One person's "custom" is another person's
"house arrest". I'd never go to the Middle East because of how they treat women. I don't agree with their laws or "justice" system. For example, the woman who was gang raped as punishment for the actions of her 12-year-old brother, a boy who wasn't even an adult. How's that for a "custom"? Let's not forget bride burning. Burqas.

Besides, foreigners don't follow our "customs" when they come to this country. Half of them don't even bother learning English. Instead, we're expected to pay for healthcare and foodstamps for illegals and print everything in Spanish.

I won't be oppressed or treated as a second class citizen, and I wouldn't treat others like that either. A "custom" is more like putting up a Christmas tree, not being abused based on your gender.
i'm sure it will vary from person to person.
I recently did the same thing and am loving it! The freedom from time clocks, the better company, make losing the benefits well worth it to me. You need to set up a plan to have $ set aside for taxes though. I should have done this years ago!
Wrong person. I'm not the person you were
any money.  You have a sucky attitude, a "poor me" attitude.  Get off your lazy whiny a$$ and work instead of complaining and you will make money.  I have one account at 10.5 cpl, two at 14 cpl and one at 15 cpl.  I make a lot of money, even on the 10.5 cpl.  But I'm not sitting around whining either.  And I didn't whine when I made $6 an hour.
not just the fact of being PT, but sm
she claims to work two jobs! Who has that much time. I don't believe it's physically possible to work that much, but that's just IMHO, of course!
I don't do it all day either - in fact,
I worked around parts of Louisiana in hospitals as a Transcriptionist in the past! Now I come to NOLA to vacation. I'll be there for a few days in September and then again in October and then again maybe in November.
The DocQmanage program has a page where the managers can select or deselect anything they want to be counted, i.e. spaces, letters, numbers, headers, footers, (a whole page full of things). BUT: The main thing is this - they can put whatever number they want in there as a DIVISOR to divide the number of characters by; and the characters are almost always not counted correctly because they have selected to "not count" spaces, headers, footers, numbers, etc, etc. THEY ARE CROOKS.
Its a fact - CM
Hi CM - can you e-mail me? thanks.
They did not tell us this, as far as the F9. I just checked it and you are absolutely right. They told us where we could find our line count. What a bunch of BS. Do you happen to know if every company has their own "computations" to reduce line counts? How sad this is :<
Oh, I'm with you there. In fact, I

if anyone ever feels like just giving up on EVERYBODY in their live and walking away and starting a new life with a clean slate?  All my kids have already left home or are close to leaving home age.  One is doing horribly in school and won't put any effort into it.  One was a bitch on wheels this morning and is in trouble for underage drinking.  One is doing better than the other 2 but just informed me it's going to take 2 more years to get through college (she's a junior now) and we can't afford another year.  And DH wet the bed last night and I am just beside myself.  The only time he has ever done that is when he was drinking.  He swears he hasn't been drinking (he's an alcoholic).  Yah right.  I feel like I am the only one who halfway has it together.

And financially - let's not even go there.

I feel like taking the cat and driving off into the sunset and never coming back.

They are asking how you know this for a fact?
It was a big stink on another board some time ago about how people claim to know things FOR A FACT.
Yes, and let's not get into the fact that most sm
daycares all over the country are "state regulated" not state-run, but receive millions of dollars a year from moms and dads who get their childcare paid for by the state (our tax dollars) so that they could work out of the home.

When people gripe about us moms who stay at home with our children they should be glad that we are working AND taking care of our children and not depending on the state or grandma to do it!!!
was the fact that she was gone even
Was an explanation given as to where she was and if she'd be back? I don't watch that show, all those women grate on my nerves, but I am curious as to know if they even broached the subject of the missing Star! (She's so tacky...tried to get her whole wedding for free, puhleeze...)!!!
no that's not a fact
I've been using AT&T CallVantage for about a year without a single problem. In fact, when I signed up I told the rep what I did and he said it was not a problem.
That was not me. In fact, I actually
and that is why I posted to the person who did that, letting that poster know that the original poster did not post twice. However, your message and placement of same sure did indicate that you were *speaking* to me.
do you know this for a fact?
In fact, I may (sm)
email you when I get around to this, if you don't mind!
No, in fact

although I could originally connect to the VPN client, after a short while I could not.  So I was disconnecting and reconnecting the router when I needed to do any work and now - for the red herring - I can't even use the wireless now.  It doesn't recognize my modem. 

As a matter of fact just today - I had been too busy to fool with it - I tried to get in touch with a really good tech support networking guy I used to know who knows transcriptionists.  I am waiting for him to call me back.  Hopefully I can bring him in to solve this mess.  I will update you.  I will say that other poster was right about the Belkin being about a thousand times easier to hook up than the Linksys, you wouldn't think there would be that much of a difference but it was so much simpler. 

The fact is ...
no one even knows who we are, so it must be our own insecurities that allow us to be upset by those critical people.

I guess on top of that though, it is simply frustrating and hurtful that others want to lash out about such nonsense. The truth is, those people are probably upset about something in their own lives. It would be better for all of us (especially them) if they would look within a little bit more.

We'd all be better off if we spread a little more sunshine.
this is not FACT
actually this is opinion based about them being bad employers... they did a WHOLE story on it... wal mart is not as bad as some think from the gossipy rumors!
Did anyone ever think about the fact sm
that if a huge outcry is put up about medical records being transmitted electronically, that just might put an end to the capability of working from home?  Many of us work out of the comfort and convernience of our homes and, of course, since we also transmit those records electronically, how would that affect us?
I was referring to the fact that (sm)
it's free, unlike other sites, to post messages and such here.  That's what FREE I was referring to!
I agree. In fact, when somebody says....
that their marriage is heaven and their spouse is fabulous, I get suspicious.  I have a great marriage, but in 14 years there have been times when he (and I) have acted like a bonehead.  One HUGE fight I recall was the day he got off the phone with his brother and told me that he was going to the races.  There I was with 2 babies in my lap (less than a year apart) and it was Saturday.  I'd already gone through 5 days with him at work with those 2 babies in my lap, and I wasn't too keen on him tooting off to have fun while I sat there yet again with the kids.  I just wanted the courtesy of him asking if I minded if he went, but instead he just assumed he could take off without a care in the world.  He felt I was asking him to give him permission.  Anyway, it was a mess.  It didn't mean he was a bad husband deserving divorce papers (he's considerate about 99% of the time), but it was a "bad day."  It happens.  Nobody is perfect.
And in view of the fact that........
women often present with atypical symptoms of a myocardial infarction, and the fact that she would have sued their PANTS OFF if she had been dismissed as having heartburn when she in fact had an MI, what is the alternative here?
The fact that you have stayed with them
for so long amazes me. You must be a saint! Good luck to you. I hope you find what you are looking for.
No. I would work just like I do now. In fact,
they probably do random checks that we don't even know about.
I'm not saying that isn't fact ... I just don't believe rumors until
fact is presnted.

I guess I will find soon enough.

I know for a fact MQ has been bought out
I'm the one who bought it, and i've decided as the owner of MQ, you all get a life time supply of chapstick.  enjoy. 
It is a fun fact and very motivational (sm)
I used Weight Watchers to lose about 75 pounds. Whenever someone was discouraged because they "only lost a pound," our instructor would recite that fun fact and it's incredible how that 1 pound doesn't seen so small any more!

Good luck to you and keep up the good work!
ASR reduction is a fact
I have a letter in hand with my new base pay rate which has been reduced by 20% for ME (ASR) work. I am under the Baltimore CSC office and am an SE. I was told I can opt out of ASR but the work is low and MTs who have already opted out are running out of work. So, it is not speculation and if I had a scanner hooked to this computer, I would prove it.
They are angry. They don't want or need fact,
if they weren't so abrasive, offensive and racist it would actually be quite sad.
Even more sad is the fact that there doesn't seem to be - sm

the support network or help out there for parents of kids with this kind of behavioral problem. 

Until I can help her find some more information, I have called her back and suggested that she call Tater's psychologist for an "emergency" meeting and see if she can offer anything else to them. 

Yes, love it. In fact, I just got an
Have you tried them yet? They have very nice yarn at great prices. Also love Knitters Review (message board) for all kinds of stuff. The knitting board at Craftster.org is also very nice...really great people and very creative patterns. I'm totally addicted. Taught myself from a book about 15 years ago. Great hobby isn't it? Nice 'cause it's portable and meditative.
Sure, you can use it if you don't have unlimited LD. In fact, they will sm

set you up with an account and just deduct it out of your check, if you'd like.  Or, at least they used to offer that option.  I'm not sure now.  I have unlimited LD with SBC, so it is not an issue for me anymore.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did and I do.
How on earth do you KNOW FOR A FACT
Give me a break, are you that paranoid?
as a matter of fact, ...
I have worked as an I.C. and have had my own business for the last 15+ years and presently charge 14 cents a line. I have made a very nice living, thank you very much. But recently, thanks to all the outsourcing, the work I might have prevously gotten is now being sent elsewhere at 3 and 5 cents a line. So I am now forced to seek additional work with nationals. Believe me, I am aware of making a profit but at the same time I paid my subcontractors 9 cents because they were worth every penny. I am not going to spend the day arguing with anyone. I just wanted to make a statement that MTs are NOT being paid what they are worth and they should take a stand and fight for that! Until they do, they will continue to get paid a meager rate.
As a matter of fact

I started taking the medication because I told the doctor that working afternoons was nearly impossible for me, as I constantly needed to nap for at least a couple of hours. Since I started taking the medication I don't feel the need to nap and I can also stay more focused and less inclined to be distracted but things.I'm currently on 300 mg, which is the maximum dosage, and I take it around 10 a.m. every day, including weekends.

For me, it's a wonderful drug.

Bankruptcy, after the fact...
I would do everything you could, credit counseling, combine debt, anything but file for BK.  It is so hard after that if you ever need anything that depends on your credit.  Most things you CAN get, but at outrageous percentage rates.  Some things you won't even be considered for.  Right after I filed I had to take my dog to the vet and she needed surgery that cost about $2000.  They give credit to people... with good credit.  I had to borrow money from my dad on that one. I don't know what would have happened if he wasn't there for me. Then my A/C broke down... again, no credit.  I was struggling to make my credit card payments, but I knew I could keep paying them down until a family member told me how easy it was to file BK, so I did.  I still regret it. 
just the fact that you said "frig"
means I like you! Thank you so much for your advice. I'm new to this website, but I'd like to figure out how to get my email address to you, so we could correspond. Anyone who says "frig" in a sentence like that is a friend I want! But you did touch on my main issue: speed. I type 70 wpm, but after my first week of training, I am down to maybe 20? It is so hard to understand even the english speaking doc's. They slur and blur sentences together into one, long continuous sentence. So that is my main concern, if I'm this slow now, meeting my minimum might take me 20 hours a day. But the lady who hired me is smart, savvy and a great person, (I can tell,) and she must know this when she hired me.
I do QA and in fact it was me that started the MT
debate below - as I DO NOT believe MTs should have an apostrophe..... I believe you are correct in leaving off the hyphen in well developed well nourished - and hyphen should only be used when they are describing the noun - which as you said - should have been male or female.... I would continue to do as you are doing.  Have no idea why is up with your QA person!!  I think we QA can really confuse the heck out of MTs and it is horrible.....I had an MT ask me last night if she should add an apostrophe s to Bell Palsy, Parkinson disease, etc., as she did not and some QA came in behind her and added in - that is just wrong!!  I'm paid on production too - and I will be honest with you - if it is one or two Parkinson's in a report - I will fix - as I can easily do when I am scanning the report - but if there are a ton of them - various diseases/disorders, Parkinson, Bell Palsy, Crohn disease, etc., no way will I go through and delete all is apostrophe s's (!!)  - which I know is sending a mixed message - but seriously!!  I am on production too!!  It's not like it is changing the report - and the same goes for numbers - I know BOS now asks for numeral so they stick out and are easily read but geeze!!  Some MTs go crazy... for example 'the patient said at 1 time she was coughing.' - are you serious?  No way should that be a numeral....  I think we need to use the BOS as a guide when all else fails but use common sense at the same time and be reasonable.  Your post was good BTW!!
It isn't cockiness. It is the fact SM
their schools instilled them with confidence and they feel they can do anything. They are enthusiatic about the work and embarking on their new career.

I have been doing this job for half of 30 years and have been so beaten down by working for a large national that I find myself resenting
these "uppity young women". It sickens me that I have less confidence in my ability than when I began.

At my age plus the fact recently
paid off every debt I have, could get social security - I am glad I do not have to worry about will it be this way or that- much too unnerving for a person supporting family, bills, etc. I work part by my own desires and if that is the way it goes, that is that. I hated the first time I was ever outsourced but after the 2nd time used to it. Times change.
Btw, the fact you will be only MT for couple