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Don't you guys worry this is a mole, putting out feelers SM

Posted By: Becky on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Show of hands, plz: If MQ is getting rid of the quarterly bonus, how many SEs will leave? (sm) - MQ SE

to see how many outraged people there are? I would be.

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Thanks, mole hill... you are right...
My job is fine and I am fine... and I need to stay this way... since the place bothers me, and as the poster below said if it bothers me, then leave... that is what I will do.
Personally since it is more important for me to love my job, make my paycheck and be happy then that is what I need to continue doing as a lot of us out there... If the networking gets me down then I need to quit that.
Thanks for your positive response. At least I leave here on a good note looking at your post. And BTW: I have never run out of work at my job which is a great company, and I know my bills will be paid. Though others are out and hate the company that is their experience and not mine. I am going to just go on with my life outside of here and be happy. Sorry I have to leave, but better one less member happy outside of here, and all leave you all to your networking. Thanks again mole hill appreciate it!
BUSY MT'ing is a mole, I would bet on it!
She sounds like like one of my supervisors.
Don't worry about it. In 5-6 years you'll have plenty to worry about!
A 10-year-old is never in a situation where anything can "happen," and they don't understand anything "happening" anyway. At this age they're only capable of "having a boyfriend" because that's what they see on TV - that's what the world "expects of us", to pair up and "like each other."

Her friends aren't talking about adult "things" to do in a "relationship" yet, and she doesn't even have those feelings, hormones, or needs yet so don't worry about it.

At 10, having a "boyfriend" is the equivalent to playing "dress up" or "make believe" and is just "sitting together in the cafeteria" at best.

Plus they move on to a new "boyfriend" in a week, a few weeks tops.

Relax, Mom. The part to worry about is yet to come and I wouldn't want to deal with that again for anything!

Best of luck and enjoy these years while you can.
Good grief, no. I'm not a mole. I'm not admin or mgmt in any form.
I'm not QA. I'm just an MT like everyone else on this forum.

I'm allowed to have my own questions and curious thoughts.

not a bit homophobic. love queer guys for straight guys.
these guys are clever and witty and have good taste.  they are who they are.  not a problem.  i have problems with boy-men who are currently trendy now.  that's my taste.  and it's kind of scary that women are attracted to these unisex boy-men culturally. no big deal unless you make it one.  this is a board to exchange ideas right?
If you were putting
your pie hole to good use, you wouldn't have time to be on this board participating in such foolishness. How old are you?
Well why do you not like putting it where it goes?!?!
Ah, so this is putting them down!!??!! LOL!
My Post: I don't know..... I know many MTs making that in a month...but in their jammies, don't have to fuss with the makeup and only have to leave the house to go shopping! Oh, and they still get the write offs.

And sorry about the sobering up comment, I just coulnd't for the life of me figure out what you were looking at. And still can't! Many posters use initials sm/nm for see message or no message - maybe that's why you're getting confused : )

Just as I am putting away $ for my SM

later years (I have no children to depend on) I expected that my mother was.  Wrong.  I have currently chosen to essentially give up where I want to live, to be with who I want to be, to take care of things for now, but it won't be that way forever.

I am doing it out of obligation right now, but I don't intend to sacrifice the next 10 or so years of my life to keep doing this. 

Putting myself out there

Has anyone ever done this...?

I am thinking about making a bunch of copies of my resume and writing a cover letter describing my abilities........then distributing it to different clinics around the area. 

I work from home but want a second job as an in-house Transcriptionist to gain some experience and also because I am not making that much money here at home!

Has anyone ever done this?  If so, have you had success doing it?  How about putting an ad on Craigslist for transcriptionist services?

PS-I don't like putting it over there, but was told had too!nm
My DH was putting together my new desk and he had

gotten to the deep drawer where files go.  He put the frame of the drawer together without putting the bottom of the drawer on.  Fortunately I happened to walking through the room at this point and told him he has to put the bottom in the grooves on one side before he can finishing putting the drawer together.  He tells me that the directions don't say anything about that.  I told him common sense dictates that you have to put the bottom before you put the second side on.   Poor man.  He is very bright, but has zilch common sense.  I'm not very book smart, but have been blessed with my share of common sense and then some, so I guess we made a good couple - LOL. 

The best way to help is to be supportive by putting
You didn't get pregnant. You sound very self rightous and with I told you so attitude. A decision to carry the pregnancy, terminate it or give up for adoption is not one to be made lightly or out of guilt because someone forced their own opinions down the throat of someone who obviously needs help. Being condescending doesn't bolster her self image to find the courage to live with whatever decision she makes. She needs support, not degradation, not put downs, not made to feel worse than she already does. This is a decision she will live with every day...not one you will have on your mind every day of your life.

Knowledge knows when to speak. Wisdowm knows when to listen.
By putting up with him and his ways
you are just enabling him.  Sounds like not only are you doing most of the housework, you're providing most of the financial support.  I think he has got it pretty good and as long as you don't give him an ultimatum why should he change.  You're young yet and there sure is better out there.  I'd cut my loses.  I'd rather be alone than with someone like your SO. 
Thank you putting another twist on what I am
trying to relay in my post above.  Happiness is not bought or paid for.  You must have self worth and some people like the fact that they can be an employee and have someone else do the worrying in regards to maintaining the account on the administrative level so to speak.  I am not going to go on and on again but I just wanted to thank you for your opinion and taking the time to post...  
nothing more then putting your name and email in as we do here
those that joined me, thanks. it was fun to talk in real time.
Agree, but WE are putting up with it...
...remember long ago when PROTEST was effective and alive and well?

There is no need for the powers that be to change anything if WE THE PEOPLE tolerate the abuse.

Peaceful protest is and always WILL BE patriotic.
I would strongly consider putting that
comment into the report.  They certainly can't think any less of you and maybe seeing it in print will make them realize the harshness of their words as well as their own stupidity for assuming you are the only MT who types for them.  Some dictators have no clue or class.
Keep putting your head in the s/m

sand about the credential.  Don't get one, it's your choice.  In the meantime, everyone else will get theirs and most of the ads (except for the rinky dinky jobs that pay nothing) will require the CMT and you won't be able to apply.

People will listen to you now because the majority of the people in MT don't have credentials.  What will you say when the time comes that most do and you don't? 

Thanks for putting the word out...
I knew it was Toth. They seem to prey on new grads and I was within 2 seconds of signing their contract....until I read it! Their contract is completely ridiculous and totally out of line, especially for IC. I really don't know how they stay in business. Maybe you at least got a little experience and can try applying at reputable companies. Good Luck!
Putting things in perspective...
I was talking (actually complaining) about the usual MQ stuff with someone in the office when I noticed they weren't laughing and/or sympathizing with me like they normally do. I asked her if something was wrong and she said she lost a friend. I stupidly thought she meant work-related fighting and said "Another cat fight?" to which she replied "No, my best friend was killed yesterday in Iraq by the roadside bomb." Talk about feeling VERY VERY small....but it put everything back into perspective for me. I am so fortunate in so many ways...
That is just it, I am not putting pressure on him at all and support him,
but deep inside I am heartbroken and won't let him know it.
yep - sure do - I love putting the voice with..sm
GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!!  *lol* - I'm rarely disappointed in how they do look though......
If you accept that, you ARE putting yourself *on sale*. (nm)
we aren't even putting periods after...
Dr. or M.D. they have just given up on that here. i think the use of a period after dr is justified. we get paid hourly so it doesn't matter for us.
Not only that, but the poster is putting this man in a pool sm
with every single person who does MT transcription in India. That's kind of like being mad at every single driver on the road when you've lost a loved one to a drunk driver.

I am just sick and tired of the intolerance in this country and the I-am-better-than-you attitude because these people are of a different origin. No wonder there is no world peace. It starts small. If you continue to think small then big problems in our society will never be solved.

to who posted about putting keyboard in your lap,
thanks for taking the time to share that.  I've been MTing over 30 yr and just in the las few have had trouble with the carpal t. syndrome stuff. I thought i always had good ergo posture, etc, but when i have had a persistent pain in the one arm, i tried your idea and it seems to be helping. I use a board under the keyboard tho as it feels better to me that way.  I've learned so much from people sharing on this board, and thank you for your input!
You're putting your SS# on your resume?
I absolutely HATE putting laundry away.
Sorting, washing and folding are not a problem. 
Outstanding post! Thanks for putting on here what I was trying to keep inside myself (sm)

This brought back a lot of memories from 3 years ago...everything you said is absolutely right on the money!  Anyone who's been abused will know that. 

Bless your heart and ((((HUGS)))) for posting what I couldn't at the moment!!!

Putting a positive spin on MT resume
Updating my resume and wondering if there is suggested format when one is an MT? Not a lot of job hopping per se but multiple jobs at once (for enough lines). When I list them all its hard not to make it look bad with so many company names.
Thanks for your advice.
I wasn't putting down Network Marketing...sm
Simply stating where the money in Quixtar comes from. Sure, you get a bonus check every month if you sell products, but the majority of the money comes from the tools. Tapes that are made from Quixtar seminars are sold and pushed on people. If you don't get on the tool program, they don't want to help you - because they won't make money if you don't buy the tools.
It's silly and pompous to be putting FAAMT behind one's name.
It's putting criminal data into the computer and

no ESLs to listen to!

putting that precious little guy on my prayer chains right now! nm
Excuse me, but I don't see any other MT site putting on a giveaway
for MT Week. I have gone to a lot of trouble to ask sponsors to graciously donate items for our annual giveaway. I have gone to a lot of trouble to make this a nice event, including banners, posts with full details on how to enter and by the amount of emails we are receiving people are managing to enter just fine. Sorry if you don't like my response, but it's just not that difficult to enter.
I wasn't putting words in your mouth
It seemed to me that you were the one who put them in the post. Perhaps that isn't what you meant. ???

No, I actually don't have issues with my parent's divorce. It happens. They have both moved on and are happy and I am happy for them. Are you trying to put words in MY MOUTH? LOL.

I know A LOT of kids whose parents are not divorced who overly indulge their children. In fact, it was because my parents were divorced that I was not given more help (such as paying or helping to pay for my education). Both sets of parents were *starting over* so I don't think that line holds true that the divorced parents have more money. At least not in every case.

Listen, I am probably the same kind of Mom as you are. I would feel the same way if my daughter's best friend was being spoiled like that (minus the feelings toward the parents being divorced). My 12 yo daughter is always wanting to know why she can't have a cell phone, iPod, portable DVD player, phone in her room, etc. MOST of her friends have all these things and will probably have cars when they turn 16. So don't blast me, I am on the same page as you as far as that goes.

I just felt like you were commenting negatively that the child comes from divorced parents. If I was wrong then I apologize.

Try putting in the normals by blocking and control Y....
then name it the name you want and then use control R to retrieve it. Works for me.
I am not putting out anymore money to take another course...$1000 is enough n/m
GREAT advice-not putting eggs...sm
all in one basket.  Just leads to disaster later.
You might try putting some of your longer entries in AutoText

I agree, I love AutoCorrect. I use ShortKeys for clients that have a word processing platform that does not include AutoCorrect. ShortKeys is good, but it has a few glitches.

Everyone seems to love ShortHand. If someone can tell me how to use ShortHand the same way you do AutoCorrect (without having to use Alt or Ctrl or other keys which take your hand off the main part of the keyboard), I would really appreciate it. I tried ShortHand but I couldn't get it to work that way.

I believe I heard putting out high-nitrogen
fertilizers on your grass will drive away snakes and lizards, so it might work on skinks too. I love them and lizards. One of the skinks has been stuck in the creeping jenny before, with just his tail sticking out, and I petted his tail. I have to watch when we go out because Sasha does try to hunt them.
How do yoy 'flag' it? Do you mean putting a blank, like that____?..
Is flag, marker and blank all the same?
Fire patrol means putting out FIRES, you dum-dum. LOL
Boy, does this dictator have a way of putting things to make sense.

A 24-year-old married Hispanic male who does not speak English but we used an interpreter for him during each session who has been married 6 times with 3 children.

You can proof the yeast by putting it in some warm water...

with a teaspoon of sugar.  If it starts to bubble within 10-15 minutes it's still alive.  Otherwise, it has died and will not breathe it's bubbles into whatever you are making and you'll get no rising. 

Next time you buy yeast, stick it in the freezer.  That puts it to sleep, and it will last years. 

Are you talking about putting a wood burning stove outside or one of
those furnance box things that you burn wood in and vent it to heat the house?  If you are asking about the latter we don't have one, but have looked into it.  They are about $5,000.00, but other than that I don't know anything about them.  
Oh Wait!! Just remembered. Tech support was putting my PRD into

may continue to work if I just load WORD on my old workhorse computer I have here.  And I will be fine.  Oh please lawd, let this work. 

DH will be putting baby back ribs in the smoker,
grandma's potato salad, corn on the bbq, and MARGARITA'S!!
Their control obviously isn't putting fear in those that abuse the information though. nm
Have you thought about putting her in daycare only part time?
I don't know if you are able to set your own hours or not, but if you can put her in daycare for 4 or so hours a day and then work before she gets up in the morning and/or after she goes to bed at night that might be a viable option. She would get the benefit of socialization in daycare, you would get some solid, uninterrupted work time and you would still get to spend a good part of the day with her. Just a thought. When my daughter was 18 months old I began working part-time in the outside world and I truly felt I had the best of both worlds, because she really enjoyed daycare and got to socialize, and I enjoyed my time being productive away from the house and I didn't feel like I was away from her for too long. Best wishes to you and your family!