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Frightening isn't it...that this person

Posted By: is in charge of others. on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: you are a lead? - omigosh

If I worked at KS and found out this person was my lead, I would be requesting to be placed under the direction of someone with some tact and at least an ounce of professionalism. This person obviously has none and has managed offer a very poor reflection on this company by behaving in such and manner and having the audacity to call people liars.

And more outrageous is the fact that this person works from her living room. How the heck would she know what goes on in the office. The owner of KS should put her foot down on this one.

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What a frightening thought
Thanks. It is frightening enough to have to have this done, but financial ruin along with it really
I think it is one person. I had a few print outs from a few weeks ago and this person even capital
I have had a positive one. I have been with Keystrokes for 3 months and am very happy.

I printed them to show my manager but she told me that there are few bitter people out there and no one can do anything about them. My manager said that everyone can tell that it is the same few over and over again, for Keystrokes and a few other companies as well. Time to move on Ms. Anon. I cannot think why a company would go through the trouble of getting IDs and getting you installed just to ignore you after that. Doesn't make sense, does it? Are you sure that't the whole truth? You keep saying truth but it sounds fishy.
Exactly what I'm talking about RUDE! You are a very unhappy person. A happy person does not
respond in such a way!  This is the reason SS has such a bad name.
I am not a hateful person but that person screamed at me for 45 minutes. sm
She said all transcriptionists are idiots.
that person go.
Since you are the person
who actually makes an offer to someone, you should have a method of following up with someone after a week or so to make sure that the new hire is up and running, especially after you have been notified that the new hire has returned all necessary paperwork. Your process sucks. period.
Cant you see that the person is already down?
Thats right kick them when they are down. Thats a great example. Get a life.
So they are the same person? nm
The only way a person would need SM

to have nice people to work for and only communicate with nice people is if they are in need of something they should have within themselves.  For me, my job is just something I do for 8 hours a day and whatever they have to say to me, fine, oh well.  It doesn't reflect on me whether people are snippy or rude, I just ignore it and move on in life.

It's just work, business.  Not my whole life. 

Yep. It also looks like this person is just
wanting to hear good things and forget anything else. Just wanting to hear what they want to hear.
As a QA person myself, 13.50 is too low
who was the person
Could you share the name or initials of the person. I would like to know if it is who is calling me too.
I really wonder if this person's--sm
initials begin with K and end with I, who used to post here and cause nothing but turmoil. Sure sounds like her.
Not the person above but SM

the person looking for the editors has made it a multi-board issue by posting on different boards telling people to go to the Job Seekers board to see what was posted there.  That's the only way I'd know what was going on.

As far as he/she being run off the boards forever, oh well.  Reputable companies post who they are and the conditions of employment.  We had another semi-anonymous person get help from at least 1 person on this site recently and the MT was never paid.  The MT has no way of contacting the person who owes the $ now.

QA person from, you now where!
Small company and owner is very nice, but the QA person was the absolute worst! Very insulting and humiliating. That is why I left.
Not the person above, but...
The pay is low and they don't pay for experience. Otherwise, they have plenty of work and are a very nice bunch of people.
well my tax person
said because i am in the 15% tax bracket, i should withhold that plus a little (my ss will be paid by employer). Figure 18% will do.
It happens with the job, not particularly the person as I well know.
in straight typing for the last 30 years at 3 different hospitals always made at least 2000 lines per day. Since outsourced now started at a company last summer and was getting around 1200-1300 a day, said no way and the work was not that hard. I changed jobs. Doing VR and straight now and averaging at least 3000 per day and very happy now. (By the way, with the low rates companies are paying, have to speed it up and go as fast as my fingers will take me in my 8 hr day to get that).
I don't think this is the same person. Please
be sure you are not trashing an innocent person with just a similarity in names. And the original poster is just ranting in generalities, but not same person you are jumping to conclusions on - not same name, and not same companies. Names are not the same as the person you are thinking of - just similar.
If one more person says...
Offshoring has nothing to do with cutting costs, but is due to the fact that there are not enough qualified transcriptionists in the US I am going to SCREAM!!! The more I see these things the more it infuriates me!
Try again not the person you think
Wrong person that you are thinking of. Sad if this happened to yet another person, I mean there is my friend and then there is the person you are talking about. If management said they could come back they should stand by their word. You just added to my position that even you, who are defending them, know that they are doing that to others, or at least one other that you know of. Just sad. You know my friend almost had me convinced to leave my current company. I am so very glad I did not.
I don't think it is the same person but I bet they ALL do it.
Are you the same person who...
always says, 'check the archives' whenever someone posts a question here? If so, I really wish you would stop it. If someone posts a question, there may be people here who are willing to answer, but you (in a way) close that opportunity for the person posing the question when you post things like this.
probably why the IT person was not much help, I don't
think they want to mess with another company's computer, nor the other company's programs, even though you were the author of that particular content.

If all fails - delet your list. why leave it for them?

looks like the only person
who has something nice to say about them has an Indian name.
You don't have one QA person, so while some are

tougher than others over a period of a week you are likely to have had them all.  I believe them to be fair, they do try to post links that will help you, and you can dispute anything you don't believe is correct - not with QA, but with MT supervisor.  They tend to be less lax if you continue to make the same mistakes and/or don't follow account specifics.  I know of one account that is difficult because of a high percentage of ESL and one account that is difficult because the quality of the voice files is poor.  I know one person who couldn't handle the high ESL account and another who says it really isn't so bad.  If you produce quality work, work your schedule, etc. they seem to be willing to work with you to find a good fit.

There are some things I would change, but overall very pleased and plan to retire with them. 

They do pay better than the majority of the other companies, benefits are much better than 99% of the other companies, I've never not had enough work and usually on OT most days.  They do pay for down time.  They don't offshore either. 

You are a mean person.
How to become a mean person
Mostly you need a personality disorder that makes it difficult for you to see anyone else's point of view of feel compassion for anyone who does not fit your pictures of how they should behave or ask. And you have to be willing to live a completely miserable life because bullying is the purview of cowards.
anyone know this person, ****
does anyone know of a ***** with tarheel transcription?
You know if this person cannot even

then that would be a red flag that most likely the work will be inconsistent as well as the pay.  If this person has such a great team, then she would not have to post like this in such a disorganized manner. 

I just read about this on the job seekers board, and it would seem to me that a simple job posting, and then having applicants follow simple test directions would have been a much better approach.  Not all business owners have the best business ethics.

What do you do when a QA person
The feedback messages come across as rude.  They send you corrections that don't make sense.  How do you exist with someone like this?  I've never been in this position until now.
Am I being let go? How does a person know

without the company saying anything?

I think it has a lot to do with the person
I have been doing for past 35 years, 66 now and I do not notice a difference in my stamina. I do lots of VR so that helps the arms out some but when I started VR still had almost 32 years in transcribing, no problems.
You can't seriously think it's just one person...?
Same person.....sm
she may have started her own company or this is an extension to eTranz...either way, I would email and ask her about that because eTranz has a VERY bad reputation in the MT world. I thought about applying, but passed when I saw the name.
Same person, NOT associated....sm
with eTranz any longer. They have nothing whatsoever to do with the eTranz and the people who run it. :)
from a former QA person

As a former QA person there, I'd like to add that we certainly didn't like having to deduct points for blanks and when they first implemented that little nuggest of love, at every QA meeting someone argued for the MTs.  Always to no avail.  And for the record, if we didn't mark off every single thing per the EMP, we were slammed in auditing. 

Then they yammer on and on about quality and have quality meetings ad nauseum but issue the directive that the MTs are not to ask the QA people questions specific to their accounts.  We didn't like that either, but as simple cogs in the wheel, didn't have a say in that either.

I am not the OP. I am another person sm
burned by Landmark. This happened about a month ago. Took me two months to try and get set up because they didn't know what they were doing. Then I worked some and teh system went down again. They didn't know what they were doing and I would have had to wait another month to get things straigtened out. didn't get paid for what I did.

I think they have some employees that are there for awhile that they take care of. But I also think they bring employees in on accounts that are backed up and then rip them off this way.
About this D person
First of all, I have known her many, many, many years,  before she ever became an MT.  She was the sweetest, most likeable, innocent and unassuming person I think I have ever known.  I was very proud of her for a variety of reasons when she eventually turned up to be my boss and I told her so.  The old D I knew would never have allowed her MTs to go through the no work stuff, she would have stood up for them even if it meant hanging up her title.  She would never have strung them along dangling new accounts, which if they actually materialize will likely just be overflow on their way to VR.  Being an MT herself, she would also have stood up for what she knows is a pay cut with the 4 cpl VR stuff.  I don't know if she was programmed into the condescending nicks like honey, sweety, rockin MTs, etc.  I think yes because all of management did it.  I never said anything because I did and do love her, I just don't understand what happened to her.  Dagnab it, I don't want someone younger than my children calling me endearing names, I don't care who it is.
If a person does not know what to say, then they always
call person posting here management. I work doing transcription just like others here. I am telling the absolute truth, you might fit into the categories but it would be a lie to say you have not seen the reasons given for hanging onto a profession that has gone down, not up, over the years. I have my own office, in my home. I do not bully, just telling the truth about how MTs look to be to people who are MTSOs.
yes, as an ex-MQ person
I fully realize that possibility. But within a year or two, if things go downhill, having been there before, I will certainly be quicker to recognize it and maybe then the market will have gotten better and I'll go a searching again.
Tried to help a person out there like me

I had a fellow Transcriptionist contact me because she had been put on 100% QA even though she had been with this particular company for, I think she said 14 years. The company has just been bought out by another and I told her after all these years seems like they might be wanting to get rid of her (in a round about way). I felt sorry for this person and even contacted my employer to see what steps to go through to help her out with a job. I did not know this person but felt if she had that many years behind her, would see if she would fit with where I work. She said she was only able to do like 5 jobs a day now for about $30.00 per day. I really felt sorry for her as she had children at home. I sent her email about 2 days ago (she had emailed me several times prior to that time) and asked if I could call her or would she call me (if she had free long distance like I have). The person did not respond after this. You never know who you are talking with on here, for sure, but I had some extra money on me and was even planning on helping her out with her bills that she said she owes and was even getting evicted. I am not by any means patting myself on the back but what I want others to know is sometimes there are people who want and can assist and try to, but now is too late. She probably will read this and now try to contact but I waited and nothing. I was once on the losing end of financial picture but now a little bit more secure and I do try to help out my fellow MTers.

Believe, me, a person can be hired and not SM

really be able to do the work.  They cheat on the test, they BS the recruiter....but within the first few months the ones who CAN do the work do it and those who CAN'T find themselves leaving.

Survival of the fittest.  So the person who posted all their complaints lasted a "few months"  Case closed.

What an angry person you are.
  Chill out man.
Uh, actually, no I'm not the person you're

referring to.  Is there an equally psychotic term for someone who is secure in the knowledge that they've got everyone figured out but are actually dead WRONG?  Because from this side of the monitor, you're looking pretty foolish right now.

Ever person's experience is different.
That being said, my experience with them stunk like limburger cheese on a hot tin roof.  The pay was paltry.  Their platform was very slow, and I found myself sitting there all day doing nothing while waiting for someone to put work in my queue.  Then they expected me to work evenings and nights to get the work done when I was hired for first shift, not second or third.  The QA person had evidently never taken a grammar course.  And I can't forget being threatened with legal action and withholding of my pay.
Great person? How can you know that if you are
new to the company?  I agree, she appears nice and eager to get you signed on but she has no idea what is going on within the structure and prefers to pass the buck than solve a problem on her own. She has no real power.   MDI is very disorganized, Meditech is not MT-friendly, very cumbersome. Good luck to you.  
do a search...how much do you value yourself as a person...
they also outsource offshore...

had a great platform, though, but had to fight for work. most companies getting that way so you are totally dependent on the manager - just do not fall out of grace with them. good luck, you will need it.

my 2 cents...
You did talk to the person about it too, right?
I have had some rude ones in the past too, but I usually am very upfront and candid with everyone. They know right away if there is a problem and we clear it up right away. Otherwise, I move on quickly. And because this can be such a high turnover job, the MTSOs can become a little rough around the edges over time, expecting way too much and getting very little in return. A lot of people say they can do more than they can. Not that it's right but I take all of that into consideration when dealing with them. Try to go smaller family oriented company if you can.

--It's good you are venting but try not to let yourself get that upset...just let it roll off your back--