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You sound like

Posted By: xks on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: Yes. - nervousnelly

the perfect whack job they're looking for!

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Are you sure the sound quality was the platform and not your sound card? Also, I don't know of ma

services that pay "down time" if the platform is inoperational.  ALL software has its share of problems.  It's the nature of the business.  When you were hired, did you sign a contract accepting the terms regarding PTO?  If so, what could you possibly complain about since you did, afterall, sign the agreement?  Did you have a good relationship with your QA Editor/Team Leader that you could ask questions about account specifics?

My understanding of the VR is that it has been in development for a number of years not to be released until the fine tuning was complete.  It would seem to me, and I am in no way affiliated with Transcend, that provided that VR is good then earning a line rate as an Editor would be beneficial, if that's how Transcend is planning to compensate.

All in all, I would say that if anyone is interested in working for Transcend or any service for that matter, make sure to ask the services Recruiter specific questions.  If what you're hearing sounds good and makes sense, go for it.  If what your'e hearing is not all that you thought it would be, move on.  However, you MUST take what you read on forums boards with a grain of salt.  While some posts regarding various services may be legitimate, others may not be.

Good Luck!

MT Manners

VSM....hum...I like the sound of that. mm

Reminds me of the zoom zoom zoom commercial.....VSM.......when I am feeling cranky I will put VSM on my messages and confuse everyone!  Can't help it.  I have been feeling like a stinker lately and need some goofy fun!

Maybe I will write a book with all the possibilities such as the ones you created and make it a 'must have' for everyone using these boards if they want the codes to it all!  I could be rich!!!  Hah!  A writer/creator/inventor of gibber gabber!  Can I have the rights to yours?


You sound
just like the owner herself. Just maybe this owner is everything everyone has made her out to be.
You sound like you are right...

Have you found another job?  I am in the same boat...thinking about switching.  I have MANY years experience and QA has been on to me like you would not believe!  I leave an occasional blank but our QA team is rude and I think they get a thrill out of turning things over to our supervisor.  Kinda childish the way they act!

I would love to find a place that takes years and years of experience into consideration with the pay.  And would love to find a place that offers some types of benefits...But most of all I would love to find a place that is respectful to their employees and know that the Transcriptionist is REALLY a VITAL part of their success....Is that too much to ask? 

Wow...they sound like they are the best
They sound like a dream company! Now I REALLY can't wait to start. I am so fed up with my current company (SPI), so I decided to go with Keystrokes as everything I have read on here has been so great. They even let me choose my own shift and hours! The big selling point for me was that they do not offshore at all!
That does not really sound so bad
Some days, I get nothing but VR with zero standard transcription. So long as the MT world is going in the VR direction, you might as well jump in and get your feet wet and give it a shot. Once you get used to it, it is really not that bad. Of course, this is just my opinion. Good luck to you in whatever you decide.
You sound just like...
How is the sound on DQS? sm.
A former employer used DQS and I did not stay with them long.  The sound was really bad and it just wasn't worth it to keep the job.  I thought it was the company as I've heard complaints about the company and their sound quality before.  Now, doing a search on DocQScribe I am seeing other complaints about sound quality, but no other companies mentioned.  Now I am wondering if it is the DQS platform or the account I was on.  So, for those of you who work on DQS, is the whole platform horrible with audio or is it on an account basis? 
It does sound like you are better off

staying with your current company.  I just really feel for those who are very experienced and depend upon MT full-time to pay the bills.  I've done MT for 22+ years and like you and other seasoned MTs, have progressively watched my pay go down to the point where I had no choice but to get out of the industry.

With the economy the way it is, I could use the extra income from a PT MT job and also want to keep my skills up (though I really don't know why at 6-7 cpl - lol).

does not sound right either hmm


You sound just like me :(
I cried all last week because I was just so frustrated. You feel helpless. I don't even know what to do about it. I don't want to find another job because I like my co-workers, and I like the company as a whole, but their expectations are making it a real tough place to work otherwise. I wish I could give you some suggestions, but I don't know what to do either.

I hope things get better for you.
You sound
You sound like someone jealous of this person's transcription capabilities.  Who are you to judge if she was worth her pay or not.  AT certainly felt she was or else they would not have given her hourly so long as she states.  With judgemental, mean people like you working for that company, I know I certainly never would even consider applying there!  Good luck Leary and hope you find a pleasant workplace.
And you sound like...
The most selfish, heartless, hateful person I have witnessed in a long time.  Shame on you! 
THAT MQ office does sound bad!
Keep in mind, they are not all the same.  In 7 years of working for them, I've never had an experience remotely like that.  My immediate supervisor will respond to my emails within the hour and my regional manager will respond at least the same day, usually within a couple of hours.  I have never not received a pay check on time.  I don't doubt she is telling the truth, but she got a bad apple.  Doesn't mean they're all that way!
OMG. Did you really sound that out loud? nm
This may sound stupid but..
when a company asks for basic 4 knowledge, what do they mean?
You sound wonderful
Or at least give me a chance to test with you?
I have to chuckle, you sound just sm
like that commercial with the guy having it all with his country club, pool, etc, and says just the same exact thing you did.  I'm not laughing at you, believe me, I am laughing with you. I do feel for you. Been there done that more than once, in debt up to my eyeballs. Yes, I do think at times the schools tend to pump you up with $$$ signs and it really isn't fair to the student to be given amounts that high.  I only make around that myself, probably less, working for a national. Lucky for me, I have a husband who does very well. Not everyone has that advantage.  Could you possibly pick up a local account to work on the side to help with your finances? It could lead to something better.  Just a thought.  Take care and good luck.
Hey, you sound like me last week.
I know all about the working multiple jobs thing, too. I was doing the work of three workers at my last fulltime job before doing MT. And people wonder why I walked away from a good job. I had to be on Ambien just to sleep at night due to stress.

It's not fair, but it's not worth it to let it consume you. I am serious here. I am job hunting again this week because my company is messing with me, too. They gave my easy account to the newbies and stuck me on the crap. I'm just kind of waiting around to see what they're giving out for Christmas this year. As soon as I find a new job, I'm done. They are not worth it. They can mess with other people but not with me. I'm also going to see if I can find my own local accounts. I made up a database yesterday of potential clients.

Now quit talking that K-word stuff because you can't do that. {{{{hugs}}}} You're too good for them.
Sound quality
The sound is great. That has been resolved and it was not the system but the phone lines from the facilities. No need for technical support, but I have never had any problems reaching someone and had an immediate response.
But.... you sound like the lucky ones. What's the saying??
Thank goodness for unanswered prayers or something like that..
You sound like management to me
I realize all companies have issues. I have been very satisfied with them until recently (been there nearly 2 years). All we are saying is we want them to supply enough to work to allow us to meet the line requirement set in place by THEM. I have not seen a single e-mail in their endless stream of account updates letting us know it would be taken into consideration the lack of work recently when the end of the pay period rolls around and we do not have enough lines. My issue is plain and simple - I signed up to work and want to do it.
sound like management
this is an old ploy by MQ BUT they guarantee work... lol
if you need insurance you must fulfill their requirements but if you sit idle because of NO WORK then you suffer financially and insurance wise....
Sound quality
I was wondering about the sound quality.  Have you found it to be pretty good?  TIA!
You sound like me.... longtime
I like to do a little of this and a little of that, too.  I thought transcribing something other than reports would be kind of interesting as well.  Sometimes, the IME reports can be a little off the beaten path for someone who likes a little luster I guess you could say!  I do not try to keep all of my eggs in one basket, just in case I drop the basket or it the basket gets taken from me!  Sometimes p.r.n. can be tough to call, but I probably would try something a little different now and again...  I love this board!  So many intuitive people with interesting things to talk about in this field other than just complain. 
you sound condescending

If you feel you are so right what is the purpose of this board that is provided for us?  I grant you should have open communication with your supervisors, but in the past this board has helped tremendously with some issues.  there's nothing wrong with asking more than 1 person until you can get your supervisor to answer. you may get some insight from someone as a MT.  You just never know the reason why that person may be asking here.  Try to be positive!

Sound quality
Never had a problem either. Everybody perceives things differently. Best thing to do is check them out for yourself.
This might sound dumb to you....
but what company is eScription & MedTran affiliated with? Thanks :)
Oh ouch!!! It does sound concerning
I really wish you luck in this, but I would start polishing up the resume and start looking. Very similar situation as my old company...eerie...
Don't mean to sound like an alarmist here...

Thanks for the info.

My point with all of this is that I see a disturbing trend.  I believe that over time most companies will switch primarily to VR.  And why not?  They can pay employees half what they are getting for straight transcribing and probably pocket the extra $$$.  This is a capitalistic society, after all.  However, if they offer 4 cents a line for highly experienced VR folks --- even if we get 300 lines per hour I believe that translates to $12/hour at the most.  Then couple this with NO incentive pay and NO shift differential and what results is lousy pay, lousy hours.  Hope I don't sound like chicken little here but I see big changes brewing for most MTs. 

I guess my question is....are these companies finding folks to work at this wage?  I turned their offers down....I had no choice as I couldn't possibly take a pay cut like that.

doesn't sound off to me
I ask for opinions on here all the time and am happy to share my experiences with different companies to anyone who asks including the current one.  It is hard to find good help and good companies that respect it.
You sound like a recruiter.
you sound like a real
butt kisser. Who is to say that the other poster and myself have not started looking for another place that is going to be a lot more consistent? If someone else did not post the same thoughts that I was having about what is going on, then maybe I would have thought that I was possiby overreacting, but they were saying about the same thing, and perhaps even worse, than I was. Too funny that you posted your post after someone in the office all of a sudden sent an e-mail about what was posted here on MTStars. For myself, your post has very little creditability.

If people are truly employees, then no one should be worrying that they do not have work and how they are going to deal with that financially and by the other poster's post lack of time off as we accumulate PTO based on our production. This is about the second to third time I have seen someone post about not getting enough work to get benefits and that seriously concerns me. I did not give too much thought about what was going on workwise until e-mails started being sent out about people sending e-mails into the office to managers questioning why there is not enough, if any, work on pretty much all the accounts it seems. People do not care about stupid charts and crap like that. People care about showing up for work and there being work. Seeing a chart that maps out the year and that there should be an increase in work in however much time does not mean much to someone who has to figure out how to make up for what they will be missing financially. If you did something like that in a traditional brick and mortar business, more than likely most of your workforce would leave and find someplace else.

To each their own opinionwise.
Well thanks but that does not sound too good does it? for OSI I mean. nm
Ok, this REALLY does not sound like Keystrokes
I have talked to the IT people from Keystrokes MULTIPLE times and they have ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS said that you HAVE to have Windows XP and either Microsoft Word 2000 or 2003 (one of my accounts works with 2003, the other only works with 2000). I have an extremely hard time believing that the IT people would have spent 2 seconds trying to get anything to work with Word 2007 OR Vista. I also highly doubt that they ever recommended getting Windows Vista either. It states clearly in their ads what operating systems they are compatible with, and Vista definitely is not one of them! They were very clear about this to me as I initially had Word 2007 installed on my computer when I was first hired, and they immediately had me put an older version on before they even bothered to install my software. I'm sorry, but this just does not sound like the Keystrokes that I have worked with for 6 months.

As far as the barking dogs, you have to understand that these IT people do TONS of installs a day and are on a VERY tight schedule to get everyone set up when they say they are going to. If I worked in IT, I would be pretty annoyed if someone had a bunch of barking dogs and screaming kids in the background too! They are just trying to get their jobs done so that they can move on to installing the next person so that everyone is happy.
May sound really stupid, but...SM

When a company downloads their software into your own PC, if you quit, does the company remove the software or do you remove the software?  Some of these programs are so vast, they would take up tons of memory.  How easy would it be to get rid of it on your own?

Oh boy, I said it was stupid question. 

Ya, she doens't sound 100% pro-MT to me somehow.
I don't mean to sound stooopid,
but can someone tell me what this computer ShortHand is??
You sound like a keeper.
Truth is most companies are not interested in troublemakers even if they are spot on about something. It has to do with your approach and how you impact others.

You sound really young.
I can overlook your statements on that account.
ASR sound seems to be better than regular. Even if
help you figure it out.  It seems like it's the same dictators with the worst sound quality no matter whether it's ASR or regular.  Try it, you can always tell them you don't like it. 
Sound like your MTSO? Get out now!

  Small, not a large company.  Contract does not specify exactly when you will receive pay, and she definitely won't give you specific timeframe.   First pay likely to be very slow because of hospital.   If you get paid, the line count/amount may not match your pay because despite the hospital system providing the line count, the hospital does it differently.   After you take the time to get set up on new account, you may find that getting paid requires a lot more of your time.  Let me spell the reasons out so you can get accustomed to them now.. starting with the best.. The check is in the mail and when said check does not show up, you'll probably hear that there was a problem and a check is going out right away.  This is almost always due to the hospital not paying her regularly.  There's more, but you get the picture.  Classic downhill slide. 

   A recent post outlined things to do when you are looking for a new job.  I think the best advice would be to demand a contract that specifies exact pay time and exact line count specifics.  If the MTSO will not specify - move on!   This should be obvious but there are many reasons it may be overlooked, especially initially. Unfortunately, by the time you realize what is happening, jumping out may be as difficult as getting in was.

   If a single part of any of this sounds familiar, do yourself a favor and cut your losses and get out, especially if you recently got in.  For the MTs who know exactly what the deal is, cut your losses and move on.  This MTSO has burned MTs she has known for years so heaven help the new ones.  

    And, before anyone jumps on this, if you are not experiencing any of these problems with your MTSO, you  haven't met this MTSO yet.    Remember this post if you do.  One final thought, if you are in this situation, it will beat you up.  Falling behind because of pay that is not on time adds up to paying the company to work for them eventually.   There are companies that have and do advertise on these boards that pay on time what you are owed with clockwork precision.  There are good companies out there. Don't give up. 

Both of your situations sound like I would like them.
The one with the higher cpl and also the one with the ability to come and go as I please. I wish I could read your minds and find out if your boss would hire me :)
Usually all QA comes from within, so that doesn't sound
right to start with.   Unless they hired a new recruiter very recently they don't have a man - maybe it is from the TransHealth side?  
Oh my back at you. You sound like someone
the economy, tax structures, investments and business enterprise!

Who do you think owns the companies we work for and shop at? Who do you think puts up the money so they can go into business?

It certainly is not done with the generous donations by the middle and poor working class. The monies are provided by those who have it. There is no incentive to invest back into the job market through businesses, etc., without a tax advantage to it.

If you have never had money to invest and understand the taxing principles, you probably will never understand why those advantages and reliefs are offered.

DSG sound quality
Is anyone else getting tired of the horrible sound quality with this company???  If it's not some nightmare ESL dictator, then it's a doc with the microphone pushed up to his lips so hard that it's nothing but static or slurring his words so badly that it sounds like he's half drunk!!!  Aggghhh!!!  Just had to vent. 
sound quality
I'll bet you are using Transcriptionist headphones. Lousy sound quality always. Got myself some cheap stero headphones from Big Lots and only have to change to my Aiwa sound cancelling headphones on rare occasions. The worst cheap stereo headphones are better quality than anything that goes in your ears, stethoscope headphones are the very worst.
DSG sound quality . . .
I always thought the same thing when I worked there years back, but management made me feel like it was all me . . . that it was impossible to have a difference from account to account or day to day. Sounds like same thing, different day.
You sound like me! I went from ASR to regular MT
this week and loving it! I'm still part-time with the ASR company but I sure enjoy getting back to the typing I love to do. I know that sounds crazy, but I love MT-ing some much more than editing (and of course it will ultimately pay more since this BIG company's ASR/voice recognition SUCKS).

Was the sound bad on all the accounts that DSG has. nm
Sound or Platform?
What are you having trouble with the sound quality or the format of the test?  I just took it and it was a huge pain in the *#& because I had to keep stopping and rewinding and switching windows by hand.  All I can say is give yourself plenty of time, try to catch everything, and then go back through and listen again a few times.