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Posted By: Facts are straight on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: Don't you realize..........sm - Facts Are Straight

Please delete duplicate post. Don't know how that happened. Thanks.

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OK, where's the moderator on this one?
Not OK - I think you should be banned. This language is COMPLETELY uncalled for. Cut it.
The moderator said....

post nicely and all I read here in this thread are personal attacks....sure sounds and looks like stalking to me.

Not that anyone asked my opinion and I'm just adding  my 2 cents after just finding this website 2 days ago.  All bulletin boards are the same - they get real nasty, unfortunately.

Personally, I don't see how personal attacks on how someone left a former company is productive or conducive to learning on these bulletin boards.  Posting people's personal info on whether they were fired or not should also not be allowed.

Signed:  an MTSO and a MQ moonlighter.


Has it been confirmed by the company on this board that they are offshoring work?

I am still not sure if I should go with them or not. 


To Moderator
Is there any way to do a search on this board and come up with the more recent posts?  Whenever I do a search, I  come up with posts as of 7-8 months ago and then older, and I know there are posts from just a week ago.  Am I doing something wrong, or is there no way to include the most recent posts (up to within the last few days) in a search.  TIA.
I'm sorry - I meant to post this under MQs forum - can you move please?  sorry about that.
The moderator (nm)
Half the board is taken up with employees and insiders' posts... but then again I don't really care :)
Um, that's moderator... nm
I feel this is an appropriate section for this because it is aimed towards companies that outsource but also includes political views to try and influence the reader to look for companies that do not outsource. I believe it could also be posted on a separate page to cover the political view, but this is aimed to grab the reader's attention with the aim towards American companies that do not offshore.
Well moderator, I think she knows to look there, duh!
She is looking for some recommendations of good companies. Geesh!

Whoever this person is posting as SoftScript management and posting such derrogatory remarks about people should be banned from posting here.  If that person does truly work for Softscript, she is definitely hurting them, and if she doesn't, well....she is definitely hurting them.  I do not, nor have I ever worked for SS, but I find her comments to other people totally out of line and extremely offensive.  Please consider this.


Now where's the moderator
They've got another posting up there now looking for someone in their Bangalore office, which is a bit of a commute for a US based transcriptionist.
Thank you moderator
Thank you for the explanation.
The Moderator said...
that MTStars can provide the information through a court order.  Whether that is the case, I have no idea nor do you, I imagine.  Either way, the bottom line is that they apparently know who posted what and there is a lawsuit.
Given the name Moderator...
Wow! I must have hit a nerve with you. You are really bent out of shape about being told off, aren't you? You even went to the extent to E-mail someone and beg to have your post closed so you could have the last word. What a goof you are. Ha ha ha!
Seems it's the moderator's perogative.
After all, it's their board, not anyone else's. As long as it's done fairly and consistently for all issues for all companies, I don't have a problem with it myself. Even if it isn't, I have the choice to view and participate, or not. We all have that right.

This moderator doesn't have to play by anyone's rules but their own, and the popularity of this board speaks to the success of how they've handled things so far. I've had a post or two pulled in the past and, in retrospect, I'm glad it was done. I'm not perfect, and at times I get angry at some of the ignorant, hate-filled posts. My posts have probably been pulled as a part of the whole hate-mongering post's thread and that's really just fine. If some information that was "valuable" is lost to the public at the same time, well, so be it.

Also, sometimes "negative" posts not only are negative, they are downright ugly and nasty.

I have to agree with a poster a while back that, if you don't like what you see (or don't see) on a given board, there are plenty of places to create one of your own.

Mr./Ms. Moderator pleeeeeeze!!!
Have you gone on vacation or just thrown up your hands and given up on trying to keep this crap off here????!!!!  Looks like things have gotten waaaaay out of control.  Guess it's obvious you can't get through to the people determined to act like idiots on here, so why try? 
Huh? Moderator, what's your opinion? (sm)
I don't see what's wrong with what I posted.  I didn't give out personnel names or account names.  I don't see the big deal.

If it's improper, fine, delete it.
Moderator: Can you require sm

ads to give a company name as well as IC, statutory or employee status??  Would make things much clearer and simpler.  Thanks, MomMT

Moderator - How can I e-mail you? nm


I agree moderator
The subject is off-shoring - a persons, race, beliefs, age, quality, experience, etc is not the issue. Stick to the point, I do not want offshore not just because I lose income, but because I do not want my information sent half-way around the world to India, China, Vienna, Mexico etc - The US needs to keep our earning potential, information, and growth within our borders - we do enough overseas and across borders for our foreign neighbors - technology, money, troops - I do not need them in my GYN visit too. So whether you are red, white, or blue, brown, yellow or orange - if you are a US citizen - I stand behind you, and want the work kept here. Lets effect a change, not animosity. One pays off, the other does not.
It was removed by the moderator almost as
I agree...moderator, what's going on? nm..
Moderator, can you please email me?
I just reported this ad to the moderator
All job posters MUST post the company name according to the note from the moderator on the job board.
moderator...just curious, but why
was the rest of this post deleted?  I was hoping to get more info. 
Moderator, please take note
The jobs board is totally cluttered with Focus ads, breaking that 2 ads rule.  I understand wanting to keep the board full of ads, but they don't need to repost over and over.
hey Moderator - INDIA has a job ad. NM
Dr. Saroj Bobde is back on the job seeker board
no they cant state the name because the moderator will take it off nm
Dear Moderator..
Unfortunately, that is the norm here lately.. I don't know how it got so bad here, but there is so much bashing, it is uncomfortable to post here most of the time. Just my opinion. I know that the political section has a ton of bashing and that the moderation is kept at a minimum but there seem to be certain posters who continually flame other posters- and they just keep on doing it. It isn't opinion it is flaming. My opinion.
MODERATOR.......I realize all sm
opinions should be welcome here, but LMAO is just cruel beyond words. Are these the kind of posts that mtstars really want on here? Just cruelty to people who are down and out?

LMAO poster is a very cruel and scary poster. If you have any sympathy at all, could you please stop her?

Moderator blues
I'm thinking if I were the moderator of this board I would be ready to just call it quits. She/he tries to explain nicely that opinions and vents are welcome but that personal attacks and name-calling are against the policies of the board. Then within just a few hrs. there's a whole thread or 2 or 3 of the same crappy junk. It's obvious some posters have no clue about respecting other people, but they should at least try to honor the policies of the board. What part of agree to disagree is so hard to understand? And I truly believe there are those who come on here for no other purpose but to stir the flames. My husband visits a tech forum regularly and there is a 0 tolerance policy there. Offensive threads that break board rules are deleted immediately and the system works great because the forum is a helpful tool for those who visit it. It should be that way here too, but unfortunately it's gotten so bad here that it would be a full-time job for someone to try and keep the junk away. Vent and opine all you want, but please start showing some respect for the moderator's posts and the policies of this board. Believe it or not there are people who come here for information about companies rather than looking for a fight.
Eyetype, if I were the moderator on this board...sm

you would be banned so fast it would make your head spin. You are truly an unfortunate soul and I feel for everyone who you choose to inflict with your hatred.

Would you say these things to these people face-to-face? If so, God help the world.

unless you're a moderator/admin..sm

unless you're sysops and/or can grab IPs and DNS, you can only SURMISE who is posting what....

However, the moderators and administrators can tell for sure.... *S* 

ADMINISTRATOR, MODERATOR, please explain (sm)
Why does clicking on the OSi link say no offshoring activities reported after they have been banned from advertising on MTStars for proven offshoring?
Great idea! MODERATOR, please
This is a great idea. I hope the moderator will do this.
Not a moderator, but this is the wrong board for that
Yes, administrator/moderator has posted that

Ask the moderator - is that supposed to scare me?
I stated - it was posted here about a month ago - it was an article from some publication - already said I can't remember - its not speculation - it was a long, long thread full of postings from Spheris MTs - they started the post and were all very upset. Then, like so much on this forum, all got quiet and Spheris postings have vanished. Just like Keystrokes - just like Transcend - If I had the interest or the time, I'd run a Google search on it. It certainly looked legit at the time, was a very interesting long thread. And something that MTs thinking of applying should be aware of - I was hoping that Spheris MTs could comment in follow up. In the grand scheme of things, I could care less, but am certainly glad I had the good fortune to see this info for myself. Blast away - flame away - tattle away - I'm sure all will be deleted soon anyway - typical for most company posts!
I proof all day, as far as I know the moderator/owner

doesn't require us to proof here. 

....and you don't want to wake The Moderator Momster!
let moderator know; they will ban the spelling police
Well thanks for the information, moderator, sure am glad I was able to
find out a year or so ago where my account went.  ***Edited by Moderator*** I was asking about this particular place for an ex-coworker of mine. I will certainly tell her how things have changed. ***Edited by Moderator***
More deletions..question for moderator.

There is an alltype thread below that has had several posts deleted that had nothing libelous in them, just pointing a poster with a question to the archives and some specific instructions when he/she couldn't find them.  What would be the reason for deleting those?  On most boards things are not deleted until they are very out of line and that certainly wasn't the case in that thread.  In fact, by deleting particular posts in that thread you effectively kept factual information from going forth to people with questions...exactly how much contact do you have with companies? Alltype?  Do you get requests from companies to make deletions or do you make that decision on your own?  Have you checked your statistics for demographic site hits lately, surely you must be aware fewer and fewer people are visiting this site and I imagine that will continue...

Dear Moderator: Regarding post below

(sorry, the only way I can reply is to post a new message)

Regarding my message below (MTnest),  you wrote: 

This site is not affiliated with Webmedx.  If people choose to respond positively about that company, they have every right to do so.  Not every person has the same experience with any company. 

Negative comments are not tolerated about this company; that is why I thought perhaps they owned this board. 

My point was not that people choose to post positively, but was that why are people not allowed to post negatively lately toward this company without being intimidated or having 5 or 6 posters immediately come out swinging?  Does not matter to me, just an observation because this board seems to have become less open. 

It is like everything nowadays.  You have to find out who is sponsoring something to make sure you are getting objective information.  If people are no longer able to post honestly without fear of intimidation, then the whole dynamics of this particular board have changed, unfortunately.  It used to be fun to come here and get all points of view, good or bad, and make up my own mind. 

To Moderator Re Aspen in Job Postings
What company is Aspen?  Is this a company or a name of someone?    Can you please tell employers to list the company they are with.  Thanks! 
Moderator - Indian company
advertising for clients on the Job Board. 
it's okay to post company name, per moderator.
Moderator please remove post sm
naming account at Keystrokes!
I thought they had been banned - moderator needs
to remove their post again!