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I don't even work for them, but I can read SM

Posted By: but here's the thing on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: To MTSO - sm - BTDT

and I know every time someone mentions this company you are all over the thread, making multiple posts about your particular experience.  It was A WHILE AGO.  But you are still holding a grudge or beating the same drum, whatever you want to call it.

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Did you not read all the posts about no work, that if

you had bills to pay this wasn't the job you would want? 

If you work for Amphion please read

I think my post got lost in the shuffle down below.  Pleeeeeze somebody I need an answer.  Just email me if you like.

Can anybody tell me how long it took you to get up to production speed at Amphion.  I have been here three months and still nowhere close to where I was at at MQ.  I can't go back to MQ, too much going on there.  I need to get another job or get parttime somewhere unless somebody can tell me that I can get up to where I need to be.  I have alot of experience but this platform and demographic stuff is killing me.  TIA

read the archives. also, low work
times outside of the holidays is just plain poor staffing, which can be done so that everyone has enough and the work is kept up. It has been done. Problem is, getting people to do more when there is a slam. No incentives for it? they won't come through. company solution? overhire.
If you read the email she sent about 2 weeks ago - more work by 01/23/06. nm
I read somewhere that certain routers dont work with VPN. SM
I believe it was a certain Linksys brand.

I would like to go wireless too.
I have read that, but wonder if anyone has enjoyed their work experience or.....
if anyone had any problems with the VNC connection as far as privacy issues??? Everything else seems great??
I think you better learn to read better, I didn't say I don't work weekends
I said I get to spend more time with my family by working 3rd shift on the weekends and evenings.  I have to work either a Sun-Thur or Tues-Sat shift just like any normal MT who cares about the company they work for and their TAT requirements.
LOL. I read too fast and thought you were contacting her about porn work. nm
Worst company to work for. Read the archives and you'll
be hard pressed to find anything good about this company. 
What I read was that they opened a center in India BUT were adding work for them and keeping their
domestic work force as well.
I read all read all the threads in the "companies" section
of another board, MT Chat, and Googled each one that got positive reviews. If they had a website and a way to apply online, I did so. And that was how I got hired at TRS. They were not advertising at the time. By sheer coincidence I applied to Transcend just before I applied to TRS, and they were not interested in what I had to offer at the time. And now they've got me anyway, since they bought TRS. Interesting how things work out sometimes.

Companies with negative reviews, or company queries that got only a terse I sent you a PM reply, I passed over.
I read your post. What do you want me to re-read?
and it seems those are your posts, too, so things just didn't add up and seemed inconsistent. If a place dropped me down to p.r.n. at 7 cpl or whatever and I already had another job where I could get 1000-1500 lines, I wouldn't give the first place a second thought so just couldn't figure out why anyone else would.
To Before You Read This
Girl... you are absolutely right on target and now even after I read your comments, I never knew OSi outsourced. That to me is a SLAP in the face. And you are right about the promotions. I have applied for different jobs and told they were already taken. when they have a job available, they KNOW ahead of time who they are going to hire. and you are right about the "welcoming thing, saying welcome so and so, when we didn't know there was a job available Now that I know they ship work overseas, I am totally OUTTA here. And you are right again, you are NOT paid extra fo holidays, weekends, or shift differentials.
OSI........LOL....... read on.....

OSi will promise you the world if they want you bad enough.  Then once they get you, the promises are null and void.  I see where they are finally following through on their annual raises that they promised years ago that no one ever got....and FINALLY, a holiday incentive?  Wow, they must really be desperate.......I worked for OSi for many years, gave them my all and got nothing in return except heartache in the end.........do what you want, but just be looking over your shoulder every inch of the way and get EVERYTHING in writing! 

Don't believe everything you read. sm
Most are staying with MQ.
Did you read where it said
39 hour 7 day work week?? Does this mean we are being forced to work weekends? I only browsed through mine.
Don't believe all you read....
I had never even heard of MTStars when I was looking for my first at-home MT job.  I would have never accepted the position I currently hold.  Every time someone tries to encourage others to apply at "my company" the negative banter that follows only does more harm than good.  Just wanted all to know you can't believe even half of what you read on here.  Mostly just ex-employees of wonderful companies that couldn't quite make the cut. 
Sorry, that should read SM above
I can't read it.

In fact, I can't read any posts regarding Transcend.  First time I heard of Yahoo even having a message board about them.  If you can still access it, could you please copy and paste it and email it to me?  I'm very interested in this, concerning the constant turnover & turmoil with that company.  Thanks. 

I cant read it either. NM
Read above! Read below. Just read!
Please read....

This topic has come up before and this concerns me as well.  I saved a post I did on this board a while back.  It's edited a little but the message is the same.  Here it is. 

I've worked in many pathology departments, referral labs, and the like. And I'm here to tell you that there isn't a single pathologist that I have met that is willing to go with VR let alone outsource their dictation. NOTHING will convince me otherwise. As for radiology, I am seeing too much of it being outsourced to ever believe it will go totally VR. Besides, VR is an absolute joke! Y'know that old phrase? Garbage in/Garbage out? Well, there are many docs who have already found out that's just how VR works. Just TRY, and I mean just TRY and take out the human element out of the picture (meaning the transcriptionist) and you will have reports coming back that are even worse than what is coming back from India!!!!! A question here....a very serious one......don't you think that if VR was more effective in transcribing reports that all the companies outsourcing overseas would go with VR before they did that? Something to think about. I've been around since 1990 in this field and they have been saying that VR was going to replace transcriptionists back then. Well, here we are 15 years later and quite frankly, VR hasn't even made it past first base yet. The doctors, the naysayers if you will, the big companies, etc. will be trying to find anyway they can to save money, cut costs and so on and the bottom line is, it will NEVER HAPPEN. The Transcriptionist is here to stay. There is absolutely no way you can take the human element out of this picture and have the absolute best quality reports/charts/medical information system on the planet....PERIOD.

Read MSG
Thank you for noticing!! Yes I made typos.. there are LOTS of MTs that make typos on here. As long as Im not doing it on my accounts I don't really care. I DO make this much on ONE account. I charge 12 cpl GROSS. I do have one Transcriptionist who make about 15000/year, so yes deduct this off the 60,000. This is also PRETAX. I really should not have to explain myself. I knew I would get some posts like the ones I got. I will laugh all the way to the bank with my nice FAT checks, while these negative people struggle at their low paying jobs. :)

Happy New Year!!
You do not know how to read do you?
Who said I still worked there?? I specifically said the entire year I worked there. As in PAST TENSE!!!
read above on DRC
read all the notations
Read this:
second paragraph

And also on the main board at the very top read the sticky post embracing offshoring...
did you read it
Hmmm... and what fact did the other person have except to say she would stand by the owner....!!! And someone already working at a company of course what are they going to say? But everyone will find out for themselves. These are just differences of opinions! Simply that. If you don't agree move on. No big deal. And honestly that person is a cheerleader. Goodness sake.
I still have not read what the lie was. What was the lie?
I think the MTs should know what that was.
then don't read about it..everyone has a right
to an opinion.
as said above, if you don't like it, don't read it.
It is something to read because....
People for some reason did not know how truly open SPi is on their website about their feelings toward US MTs.    People were questioning that on this site last week.    In case they didn't know...I wanted them to be able to read it for themselves.    
Did you read right?

The pricing I read was 17 cpl for gross lines under 2500 lines per month.  Most of my accounts do well over 10,000 lines per month which is only 13.5 cpl and that is very fair for  large company.  I charge 12.5 cpl but I pick up and deliver and print.  And at that price it is hard to pay someone 10 cpl to type as you only get 3.5 to (I get 2.5) cover all of your expenses.   Unless I read it wrong and if I did then please slap my wrist.  Those 4 to 5 cents per line that a MTSO makes has to cover a lot of things and if you have a QA person on top of that then you make very little per line.   That is why I stay so small as the more you grow and the more IC's you have the more headaches of coverage, quality and other things.   Anyway just had to say what I read was 17 cpl for anything below 2500 lines per month. 

I read that too
last week all of the financials were in process. Today, at least according to our daily report, it became official. I sincerely hope that this guy is true to his word, especially considering all, at least to me, the talk from our team saying how this is going to be a good thing and that they have not sold us down the river.
that should read get RID of the changes, sorry. nm
From what I read

They are probably backed up but I would leave the vet's name and number, telling them the vet will tell them what it is and if it was their product.  That might carry more weight.  Most likely every sick cat is being called about whether it is the food or not.  Don't give up, vet bills are outrageous and they only take cash up front I know - been there - but after 2000.00 my cat lived (not this food crisis but a couple of years ago).  Maybe your vet would call them that might carry more weight. 

just read this
You must have posted at the same time I did.

This company is paying you when it is convenient for them. In other words, they are in trouble. Why do you want to stay with a company that does not value their employees? You deserve better.
Read the above again. nm
I read it again and (sm)
it sounds to me like you are saying people have to edit offshore, or send it offshore, or whatever you mean to get a paycheck, and what I am saying is there are other companies to work for.
Have you read.........
Everything about them on this page?????
Please read before considering the Q
I left MQ after 14 years of dedicated service.  It is a horrid place to work these days imo.  There was such a lack of work the last year I was employed and yes, I do all work types and high ESL as I am very experienced.  US MT/MEs are given the bottom of the barrel in work and even I had trouble with the dictator's speech barriers.  Not just the lack of work but the low pay.  Was told I would never get another raise, kept losing supervisors, had to work nights and weekends, unindated with stupid e-mails then no reply when questions asked to supervisors, and on and on.  MQ likes to keep their employees in the dark about just about every decision until the last minute. You should check out the MQ Board and you'll see how unhappy so many are.  I got out about a month ago and am so happy with my new place.  Bottom line - MQ cares out their Indian and Vietnamese employees before their US of A and that was my boiling point!  Good luck with your decision.
At least he can read which is more than I can say for the
dunce we have in there now.
That's how I read it too!
Count me in...doesn't hurt to try anyway!
Please read it again.
The ad does not say that you get double pay if you do not work.
Did I read their ad right?
Is this just a medical coding company?
tell me if I read this right...

MTStars ad:  Experienced US MTs....

Synthescribe's website:  ...Synthescribe's production and Quality Assurance center at www.synthescribe.com to learn more about our team located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


Should I be wary?

Yes, I would say you read that right.
same as TTS read below nm
I did read it again.....still don't get it...
I don't know anything about an employee who couldn't spell a name.  That is what is confusing...please enlighten me.
I have read...
that they subcontract their work out to other transciption companies that then do send the work offshore. So while they don't necessarily offshore themselves, some of their work is still done overseas. Seems shady to me to boast that you don't offshore and then turn around and then subcontract to a company that does.

I will see if I can locate the article for anyone interested.
I read this somewhere before.

Yet another not so great trend of this industry.  They are taking the new grads and placing them as QA so they can learn the ins and outs a bit quicker.  I have a LOT of issues with this one myself because it was 7-10 years before I could catch when the doc had dictated an incorrect drug dosage much less catch the subtle differences in transcribing sound-alike words/drugs.  I'll have to look to see what publication I read that in, but I'm thinking it was one of the major HIM magazines.  Here's actually a link to one such article...written by Ellen Drake no less.  Now how many of you just swear by Drake and Drake books??


Since when do you believe everything you read? sm
My mom said, don't believe things people tell you and don't believe everything you read. People lie. People get their jollies out spread crap around.

At TT we are just plain BUSY. There is a large new account and it is quite evident to me that this was BIGGER than first anticipated. Why do you think I have so many lines this week? I am at 6000 and counting and I *only* did my minimum (first only day this week) because I AM TIRED TODAY because I have worked and worked. That is to say, I put in my shift and well exceed my line quota. I put in 9-1/2 hours in Monday and I have 1940 lines. Yeah, it is like that because there is more work than anticipated.

You nasty ones...what? Are you one of the very few MTs FIRED from TT because you won't show up, you won't call in and if you are not too busy being you, you will log in and then whine that you don't have work? It is because someone else got there first.

And while you are at your *better* job you got and are busy breaking your arm patting yourself on the back, see if you can break your leg kicking your own arse on outta here.