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Don't you realize..........sm

Posted By: Facts Are Straight on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: not hearing back - keystrokes

that many of these posts are from MTs who have experienced your hiring process nightmares first hand? You only make it worse for your company by coming on this board and calling us liars.

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Didn't realize it was catty to realize that from 1/18 to 1/25 is a week and nothing happened. sm
Thanks for being supportive and kind.
I think you all need to realize
That MDI would not have never been created if not for Liz and Sue McGrogan....remember this is a company that they built from scratch.   So without Sue's input MDI would not be what it is today.  Kudos for her and the $$$ her business has made over the years.  I don't care where you work you are not going to be able to please EVERYONE all of the time. It just doesn't work that way...Oh and by the way...I am not management and I don't even work for MDI...I work for hospital in Florida. 
Maybe you need to realize that they
most likely had to sell out because of their poor management abilities! Management is where all the troubles lie!
I'm sure you realize...
...that much of what I said was tongue in cheek, as there really AREN'T questions that will identify someone who has a personality problem. Unless, or course, the person is severely troubled and is speaking tangentially, or is using word salad, or has flight of ideation. I've come to realize that grandiosity is an uncommon, but workable trait in some MTs. Lol....

I appreciate your thoughts and wisdom on the topic. Hopefully others will begin to recognize that, short of tests that are designed to help identify problems, there isn't anything a recruiter can do to weed out the problem folks. To infer that there is someone bigger and better than a recruiter ("the MTSO")to accomplish this isn't going to be easy, or cost-effective.
Don't you realize..........sm
that many of these posts are from MTs who have experienced your hiring process nightmares first hand? You only make it worse for your company by coming on this board and calling us liars.
I don't think most realize that you don't have
to be consistent. I stick with it consistently.

It's not that hard to make this money. You're right - don't work for peanuts. Find the line rate you need.

It can still pay well if you're good at this work. Some people just aren't as good as others.

Thank you. I now realize that I am being
paid for links. Just did not know what they were exactly. I have been counting them as separate reports so I guess the end result regarding pay is the same.
I realize that, I was just saying...sm
There were companies I worked for that didn't require me to send invoices because I know that if the IRS were to question them, all they have to do is show them the contract that I signed as an IC and it saves their butts. I wasn't disputing.
Not sure if you realize...
but the 7th was a Sunday. Of course you were paid on the 8th.

I don't work for Cardioscribes, so it's really none of my business, but you're making yourself look pretty bad here. Banks aren't open on Sunday for DD, and mail doesn't run on Sunday...so you do the math there.
You might not appreciate it, but do you realize that
every day there are people wondering how they are going to feed their kids, that people are losing their houses, and $100 would be a major blessing to them. 
You have to realize there is more than 1
Medscribe, none related.
I think once you get into it you'll realize just

how little med-speak you know.   I have always soaked up anything medical, starting in junior high and terminology came very easy to me, but I have been in this business 20 years and I still learn new info all the time.   I may learn a new piece of equipment or new drug, or have a doctor from a different part of the country and he may use different terminology, not necessarily new, but new to me.  I may have a day go by where I don't have to look up anything, but I rarely have 2 days that I don't.  

The speed will come with practice.  I barely passed typing in junior high and never really typed aftewards until I started in this profession.  If I had to take a typing test where I had to type from a book I'd fail, but I can fly when typing dictation.  

I didn't realize there was such a
company where everyone is happy and no negative comments.  Point me in the right direction - I certainly would appreciate it.
You need to realize that about 80 pc of the docs sm

practicing acute care in this country are ESL.  It is what it is. 

I like them a lot better than the native English speakers, who slur words, like to play with the language.  ESLs learn one way to say it, and they say it that way every time.  You just have to get used to it.

You have to realize that there are some people that you cannot sm
make happy no matter what you do and that those same people take their negative selves to the boards and attack their latest company. It IS two-sided. MTSOs have as many problems with MTs as MTs do with MTSOs, but we are supposed to just sit back and be attacked without voice.

There are some people who have miserable lives and like to spread their poison everywhere they go. The problem is that they seem nice and normal when being hired and then their true self shines through within days or weeks.
glad you realize

what I am talking about.  I worked on it for 2 weeks.  I gave it my best shot.  My Expander was loaded.  The account was super-easy, but Meditech ran so slow I was typing faster than it could run and I was typing a word, pausing, typing a word, pausing.  I have worked on more than 50 accounts in my career and 10 or so different software systems.  I can say, without exaggeration, I would not work on that particular account if they offered me $25/hr salary.  I was so stiff with tension at the end of the day I walked like Frankenstein.


Thanks, I didn't realize there were so many. nm

Bet I realize who this company is - sm

Someone on here did that to me too, was back and forth, back and forth, had a confusing pay scale, just had another ad on the boards this past week.  Don't want to say too much here because I KNOW they come here although it is not a well known place. 

If it is the same place, I'd say run because I think the problem is just total chaos and disorganization - nothing to be a part of.

While I realize we all need a Plan B, I mean...
the same thing? Maybe we should broaden our horizons elsewhere? Anyone else thinking this way? Break out of the mold...you know??
that was nice of you, I did not realize
you would do that.
Oh they realize, and they were the first ones I contacted
I realize...I just want a job that has a ton of work that
I can do as I please. There is one company I've been hearing about that has a ton of work and will let me go part-time, which helps (since I have a current job as well). I have little kids, it's just so hard...not what it used to be.
MODERATOR.......I realize all sm
opinions should be welcome here, but LMAO is just cruel beyond words. Are these the kind of posts that mtstars really want on here? Just cruelty to people who are down and out?

LMAO poster is a very cruel and scary poster. If you have any sympathy at all, could you please stop her?

Now I truly realize with that statement
Brillant, hehe. Associating with the group that is having those infamous tea parties- now the postings make sense taking up for her. I get it. What kind of nuts do you like?
Thank you. You're very savvy to realize
that if you are new you need support before venturing out on your own.

This thread has certainly made me realize how fortunate I am. I was pleasantly surprised today to inquire as to why I am getting per-paycheck incentive and not quarterly SE bonuses. They told me I get both. The incentives on production (up to 2 cpl) are on my checks and that I will get a quarterly bonus as well. Kinda of shocked me. I feel really lucky and I think that will help me stay motivated and keep at it.

I appreciate your positive note. Sounds like you'll be right up there with the best before too long. Then I can say, "I knew her when..."! LOL

I didn't realize it was the "law" to
board. And besides, Jayne may not even be your name.

The law suit is going just fine by the way, and we will get our pay owed to us, it is not just me in on this.
You do realize what MQ is doing right now is exactly what Spheris does. I still think they may drop
SE but hope not but Spheris does not have IC or SE so if there is a plan in the works MQ may just have employees.
I think people don't realize those records are THEIRS
They are YOUR medical records. My sister is a nurse, and I used to work for a medical malpractice attorney, and I was amazed at the errors I would see in the MR. Plus, my sister says - those records are yours. You are entitled to view your medical records any time you want. You can't view someone else's, but you surely can view yours, and NEED to view them for accuracy every once in awhile. When we moved recently, and my husband was given his records to take with us to a new doctor, I was amazed at the sloppiness of the records. I loved our doctor, but considering the fact that her staff took my husband's history, and listed he was allergic to Doxacillin (he is actually allergic to doxycycline) - made me think twice about whether or not I would ever return to that office. Pitiful.
I didn't realize that was a problem
Let me see if I can edit it. Thanks for the tip-off.
I realize this also, but MOST newer computers..sm
do not even have the 15 pin serial ports (game ports) any longer. I had purchased a 15 pin game port pedal and used it less than 6 months because my sound card went out and I had to get a new one. I could not find ANY that had a 15 pin game port any longer and ended up having to buy a whole new pedal (usb) in order to work. USB is what is mostly used these days. If she needs a 15 pin footpedal I will gladly sell her mine... been there and did that.
Well that is great! I did not realize some companies
actually pay well for this expertise! Good to know. Just wish I knew which companies... :(
Sorry. Didn't realize would be intrepreted like that but you are right.
u do realize there are more than 2 platforms they work off of
I am a newbie there. Clarity runs out of work but the 3.8 and something else doesnt. They wont train me on the 3.8 because it is more easy to make money. I think they are transitioning all to Clarity. If they do they are screwed unless they get the exterminator in, there are more bugs in this system then I have ever seen
Yes, I realize that, but until the termination letter comes, I don't really
I realize this, just hoped to hear from other MTs
and check out the companies they are happy with and make my own consensus!
Do you think OP would not realize count difference
Ugh. I was leaning towards TT but didn't realize
they were pushing VR so heavily. I can't afford the pay cut of VR. Guess I'll look elsewhere - thanks for the warning!
didn't realize, guess I don't then...NM
But - don't you realize not havng to work
See, many companies overstaff, have no work, and expect you to flex (attempt to work 24/7) or take PTO until it is all gone - taking UNPAID time is a luxury you can't have until your PTO is exhausted - at least that's what my supe just informed us.  In light of that, these folks are so nice they're actually allowing you to take a day off without expecting you to be chained to your workstation TRYING to get paid. Yep, what most people in other industries consider a given, we are supposed to consider a thrilling luxury since we are so far beneath all others on the food chain.
Now I realize why I never post on this board
Things get blown way up. It was just a question and only a couple just answered the question without judging me and getting into things they have no knowledge of. WOW I think you folks really need to get out more. !!!!!!
You do realize that probably 90% of the people who post
on here and read on here probably just applied to your company that you're talking about! It's nice to know that there are still good companies out there. It gives me a little glimmer of light in my oh so dark tunnel that I've been stuck in lately.
Companies do not realize how important communication is.
The company I work for is absolutely the worst, but I have been there long enough that I can just go ahead on my own. But we don't even know who is working in the office or anything that is going on in that chaotic world. And never rely on the team leaders to keep you informed because they either don't know or won't tell. The situation did not improve when they were bought out, either.
I realize that, I'm still asking for Transolutions Administration to come forward
When going from IC to employee I realize that you must keep an assigned schedule but
does that mean if you are scheduled, for example, 8 a.m. to noon, you cannot move away from your computer for any time at all? I am used to being able to get up and down when I have to and I am wondering if being roped in to certain hours will prevent me from doing this. Can anyone tell me how it works for them with having a certain period of time you are expected to work? TIA!
do you realize you are posting to posts from January of

Don't you suppose they realize that - have you asked for a backup? (sm)

I feel like I have sung this song before.

The others arent satisfied, they just dont realize
I say go for it. They have changed and realize that circumstances change for MTs too. sm
The email is sent from lists acquired over the years. Explain the situation to them upfront and I am sure they will understand.
I agree. I mean I realize you have to have some idea what people are doing
because of the work that has to be done but not to this extent.  You are right, I might as well be an employee somewhere.  She doesnt hire employees just IC so I expect she feels a need to rule them like that or she has a problem with controlling people.  It almost seems like that.  There are other vendors on the account so maybe it is greed to keep pushing and pushing to get as much as she can.  Who knows.
Anyone ever start a job and no long afterwards realize it was not a good
fit and feel stupid quitting right away within a month or  two.
Thank you -- that is a nice thing to say. I realize my experience will not always sm

be the same as someone else's, but I try to share what I know and help if I can.  This board has been tremendously helpful sometimes.  I once was considering taking a job with a company, and I did some research here and lo and behold, they apparently had a reputation for not paying their MTs!  Even on those days that I truly love my job, I don't love it enough to do it for free.  The idea of me living in a refrigerator box (with a microwave box for the doggie, of course) is NOT appealing!

Thanks again.