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KS lead, if you had any business sense you would never request such a thing. I have

Posted By: Absurd on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: It does not continue. No one will ever give initials or - KS Team Lead

never seen such a display by a lead in my life. Asking someone for initials on a public board is way too below the caliber of any leads I have ever known. It is just not done.

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Bad Business Sense
What I don't get is where is the logic of hiring someone with less experience and then having to pay a QA person to correct and review the work. It is the same old thing, you get what you pay for! Their loss.
Poor business sense
...Precisely. I know a radiologist who offshores his transcription to India. He kept his inhouse transcriptionist. She edits their work all day. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR TWO YEARS!!! He's paying India $2,500.00 a month for transcription and pays her, her regular salary!! It absolutely amazes me how frenzied a doctor gets when he has it in his head that he's going to get a better deal this way!!! INSANITY!!
I don't like it, but makes good business sense (sm)
Why pay OT to us when they can farm the overflow out at a lesser rate. I know some accounts have a $ penalty involved if companies run out of TAT.

So far WMX has been fair and upfront with me and as long as they are providing me with enough work to get my hours/line I feel they are keeping up their part of our business arrangement.

Business trip to Vegas makes absolute sense
I agree  with the above poster.  Management told us in an e-mail that the new accounts coming aboard were clients who pursued TT.  Being that TT has a major account in Las Vegas,  ... now another potential client in the same area.  I have seen this happen many times with services I have worked for.  It is called word of mouth and not that unusual to get clients this way. 
Intranet is only thing universal, otherwise ask your lead
We all have to enter our lines on the intranet each day (unless it's down!), but other than that it's account-specific. Better touch base with your lead.
This whole thing doesn't make sense.

It seems someone is confused or doesn't know what they are talking about.  If you have to make $900 to be considered full time, how much is that a line?  Are the hours flexible or do you have set schedules?  Are you required to work a 40-hour week or is it completely by lines?

Another thing I do not understand with this business (sm)
is why they EXPECT us to know just about as much as a doctor - because we are supposed to be able to flag for mistakes and bring it to their attention, know the dosages of the medicines, etc., yet we get paid the least. Nurses cannot even spell half of the things we do, yet they are getting an astronomical hourly wage. If you cannot spell the medication or procedure, how do you know what to give the patient? How do you know if you are making a mistake on the dosage if you do not even know about the medication?

If these MTSOs want their reports to be correct, then they need to start paying accordingly. All of this information does not come cheap. I have spent money on schooling, buying reference books, keeping up to date with new medicines that come out. And for what? A measly 8 cents per line? Only to be told that I do not get paid for EVERYTHING I put in the report?

I feel that if my fingers touch the keys to put that information in - be it demographics, spaces, bold, underling, etc., then I should be getting paid for it. I did that work and should be compensated for it.

Also, if these companies want you know all of the medical field and not just a specialty, then they should be paying for the knowledge also. That is what happens in any other career out there. The more schooling and knowledge you have the more you get paid, yet this field is going backwards because of lack of respect and knowledge by the doctors/MTSOs of what we actually do.

Like I have said before, I would LOVE to see the doctors, nurses, and MTSO owners actually sit down and transcribe for a month and then talk to me about their paycheck. They have absolutely NO CLUE what goes on behind that dictaphone!
As a shift lead I made $15 an hour, but did QA plus lead duties...
I also worked terrible hours with no differential for them. I think it just matters on the company.
? for any lead at Keystrokes. What does a lead do?

Do they do QA, mentor, or ....? 

You can e-mail me privately if you like. 

Some of us choose neither to lead, nor be lead!
I guess I just don't have that 'pack mentality'.
Do you feel better now? !! Business is business, most of it should be confidential. Why post on a
Trying to build his business? He's been in business over 15 years!!!!!! sm
I also had a hard time, nearly impossible actually, getting paid. The owner does this on the side; he is very involved with other things.

who is it you are trying to locate at medquist, i am an MT there presently, perhaps i can help

I have had accounts request a certain MT

off because of quality issues, although why they made it to the client I'm not sure as they should have been caught in QA.



There are two TN MTSOs who seem to have a problem with their 401K. Help if you have any problems or know of them.
request to fingers
Hi fingers. If you dont mind, I am out of work since April and trying to find somewhere paying okay. I left Medquist and they called me asking to come back. I am desparate at this point and am thinking about it. How do I contact e-MTS. HEEEELLLLLP. Here is my email address: baker699@adelphia.net
I would definitely request a max. of 5 specialties. SM
I have no idea who you work for, however I do not think it is unrealistic to request a reduction in the number of specialties that you work on. Any intelligent MTSO would certainly want to accommodate an MT in this regard. After all, it only increases your production, thus increasing the TAT to the client. Unless you work for a big national (won't mention names) and working in a cesspool mess, then there is just poor business sense. What can it hurt to ask, and if they don't accommodate you, look elsewhere. I have been in a situation similar to yours (15 specialties), but no matter how proficient I became with each specialty, I was never able to make good money. I was constantly transitioning back and forth from different templates for different specialties, in addition to different templates for different doctors (even if working on the same specialty), looking up doctors addresses, etc. I moved on, and luckily with the number of years experience that I have, I specified my need for a few steady accounts before I signed on the dotted line. Good luck, but don't settle for less than you are worth.
I sent a request for their website and
this is what he gave me -

Is is ever appropriate for an MT to request a raise?

Would anyone who has requested a raise be willing to share their experience with me?  How long were you with the company before you asked for a raise?  Were you an IC or an employee?  What was your company's response in general?  If you were granted a raise, what was considered before it was given to you?  Time in?  Quality of work?  Production?  Attitude/flexibility?  Coming up on my 1 year anniversary an IC and would like to ask for 0.05 cent/line raise, but don't know if I should even consider doing so.  Would not want the company to lower their opinion of me/punish me for asking.  Your kind, and most importantly, nonsarcastic responses are greatly appreciated.  This is a sincere post.

Exactly! And I did request results...
of my testing or a more definitive answer and received no reply. I learn new things every day--sometimes things that I have been doing incorrectly. If it was, indeed, a timed test...I was screwed because I checked EVERYTHING. I have even submitted a copy of what I typed (Yes, I copied and pasted to a Word document) to my current supervisor and asked her to point out my errors. She found none and I feel better:)
Just like I had a client request
each day.  I said absolutely not as I am an IC and I am not available sometimes before 4 p.m. and also may not have the work complete.  Once the doctor found out, he was definitely agreeable to my take on this situation as opposed to his office staff.  You see, sometimes, the office staff whether it be for your own private client or for a company will try to get over.  I also informed this office staff that I would have to be an employee for that as well as paid an hourly rate in order to be on call.  I work by production at my own leisure.  I give them the turnaround they would like, but that includes delivery.  The physician has not and will never have a problem with that; it's the office staff that wants to see me sweat because remember they think we have it made.  Without benefits, I call my own shots.  Like or not, the client/MTSO contracting with you must give you that right OR make you an employee if they'd like to demand things.   All in a day's work! 
Does an MTSO have a right to request..
My credit report/score?? I have applied for an employee position with a company that actually has decent reviews here. The company wants me to grant permission for them to access our personal financial information. My husband and I discussed it and have decided against this based on the simple fact that our my credit report has absolutely no relevance whatsoever with home-based employment. I could understand it if I was working in a field related to finance, handling money, or even dealing with the public. I don't have anything to hide. It's just the principle.

Can I be denied employment for not allowing them access to my CR? Anyone else experience this?

Tell them you will comply with their request
start emailing you every time the well runs dry, stating why that happened and what corrective actions are being taken to remedy the situation. Be sure to emphasize the requirement to inform you precisely when the next reports will appear and how much work you will be able to find on the system at any given hour on any given day.

Sheesh! If it were me, I'd stay put just as long as it takes to get something else lined up and then submit your final email and tell them toodle-loo.
Can you request certain job types...sm

Do they let you request certain job types?

My favorite type of job is operative notes and I would be more than happy to take them off everyone's hands. My ideal day would be operative notes (with an occasional psych eval and ER note mixed in). I dream of the days when I could work without a set schedule on the work types that I liked on ONE account. Those were the days.

I'm been with MQ for almost 10 years and right now I'm in the cesspool of 25+ different hospitals; never having the same doctor; I just talked to my supervisor on the phone for the first time ever last week (and she's been my supervisor for 8 months now); haven't had a raise in 5 years despite asking every year. I've stuck it out for the last 3 years being unhappy because I felt fortunate to be able to work from home. I finally got mad enough this past week that I put my resume out and now I have 3 different companies to interview with in 2 days.  

My request for workers
Apparently all of you who are so disgusted with my posting are so busy that you have time to be on this chat board. I, am quite busy and do not have time to filter through hundreds of resumes, which I have received in the past from a posting. Therefore I was upfront and honest about what I needed and what I would pay. NO, this is not subcontracted work, this is a full fledged hospital account, if it is any of your business. Spend time working not running other people down that you know nothing about.
She specifically said we had to request
If we miss work for any reason we are supposed to put in for PTO; then if we make it up by the end of the week we can cancel the PTO request.  She specifically mentioned that the only time we have the option of not using PTO and going unpaid is when we have used all our PTO up.  She mentioned all this in a blanket email to the whole team right before we started regularly running out of work due to overhiring.  How plain does it need to be? 
I'm not saying it isn't legal to request it

I'm just saying it seems a bid inconsiderate.  She isn't a new employee and she isn't an employee.  She is an IC who has been working for them and obviously has handled their accounts for a while now.  If she was a brand-spanking new MT to the company and clients, the request wouldn't seem so unreasonable. 

If it is a new platform that they're rolling out, wouldn't it be more considerate to train the ICs online rather than expect them to travel for training at their expense?  If she was an employee, the company would have to pay the expenses, but it seems they're just taking advantage of the fact that she is an IC. 

since you seem to like to nit-pick other MTs' small typos.  I'm sure you'd feel right at home there ... as far as this board is concerned, the poster whom you feel the need to criticize IS NOT ON YOUR PAYROLL -- unless you're trying to deflect from the message of the poster. 
some request to know cpl before testing.
comany info request

Hello all ~

Does anyone know anything about the following companies and could share experiences, etc?  They are Freedom Type and Private Secretary.  Also, does anyone know of any companies who handle just clinic or VA accounts?

Thanks so much!

I believe it's quite reasonable to request a deposit on the..
equipment. WMX does not require you to use their computer, but your personal computer must meet the system requirements to be used, so update it if you must. The deposit is deducted over 4 pay periods IIRC, and you will get it back when you leave the company and return the equipment.

Too bad you take this stance. I wonder how many good companies you've passed on. WMX is one of the best. It's a shame you'll never know that.

They do offshore, but only at the request of the client. nm
The client has to specifically request no
offshoring to not have it sent out. If nothing is said, the Q is able to do what they want with it.
I would request a copy of the test

to review and learn from.  I'm not saying that you did make any mistakes, but it would be easier to think that if the company is not willing to provide you with that.  I would definitely want a copy for my own knowledge.

Its a reasonable line request
Even with a slow, troublesome platform and lots of crappy ESL, I always do more that 1600 lines per 8 hour shift.  The only way I wouldn't is if I ran out of work or had a lot of interruptions, or just felt like goofing off.

I wish that you would share your post directly with MTSOs who may not see it here, by anonymous email or some other method.  Actually, I just might send the link to the HR manager of some of these MTSOs, if that's okay.

Recently, my Indian manager was replaced by a female USA manager, who has some of these traits/habits, the worst of which is that we have received emails that indicate her inclination to always assume that 100% of the clients concerns are the fault and responsibility of the MTs, that MTs should be able to read minds, etc., etc.  Her communication style is very condescending.  If you email a question, you don't expect an answer unless she decides that it is important.  You know the type.  I can't wait to find out how it all works out in the months to come.


I wanted, I got. Maybe its your attitude with which you request?

Sounds like to me you have issues.

Comm Pg; request Help; use the drop-down box. nm
did not receive yahoo request sm
can you resend it as I did not get it.  You have my yahoo email there right?  I will be back in about 2 hours adn will check for it again then.  thanks so much!!
Need I say more. You are a goof! Thanks for the laugh.
Well speaking as a QA person I have actually known accounts to request
specific MTs off their accounts so it does happen so it really is not that uncommon.

Good luck in finding another job and hopefully you will be more careful.
It is the lady who I call to request time off?
I get half the number of reports I request each sm
download, and then I have to call and ask for more work. Of course, then I have to wait for it, sometimes it never comes in, and I give up after waiting 45 precious minutes. Could this be why there were problems with TAT--that MTs weren't getting the work DURING THEIR REGULARLY SCHEDULED WORKDAYS??

The OP could have been me posting. I voiced my sadness to this company using the very same words.

I am sick about this.

I won't be defending this company here anymore, either. I've found that indifference helps to mend wounds such as these.

6 request for info on them in last year, no answers
One request, please -- all you Transtech cheerleaders go to your Yahoo board

Why are you showing up here tonight.  GO where you belong!

Most of the positive posts about TT and VR are mgmt posts;  they always do this, but you other cheerleaders/favorites, go to your new Yahoo Board and leave us along who don't want to work for LESS MONEY.

By the way, I have done VR with TT and HORRIBLE.  I can't make even close to the money I can with normal transcription. 

VR is more money in the pockets of TT execs.  Not in the MT's wallets.

Not true. This info is on the Company board per Admin's request.
It is all clearly marked "MQ" somewhere in the subject line or name.

The Main board is virtually free of the new MQ posts. Go back over there or just scroll down the page to where you want to read.

No one has forced you to read anything. Admin made a request that the new MQ info be placed on this board and we have complied.

You're not obliged to read if you don't want to.
It is almost common place to say No to request to contact current superv. (sm)

I always put No - they may not contact my current supervisor.  Don't want any inuendos or implications mucking up my current job OR my job prospects.  I have also put NO regarding former employers.  One in particular I left because she couldn't pay me and we did have heated words.  If the company wants references, I'll choose them, not vice versa. 

i would call at the high ups every night after midnight to request you be taken off their employee l
keep calling each of them every night after midnight as they do to you until you finally make someone upset enough that they see to it that you are removed from ALL their lists. or you could block their # and do the spam for emails as the other poster said.
It absolutely is NOT a reasonable request for a minimum line requirement!

We are not machines!  20 years ago when I started out, my first job had a requirement of 800 lines per day (8 hours), that's 100 lines an hour.  Five years later it was 1000 lines a day.  I think the standard right now is around 1200 lines a day.  Now, someone's asking for 1600 as a minimum!?!?!!? 

I'm not saying there aren't people out there that can meet and exceed 1600 in a day.  I'm simply saying making 1600 a minimum requirement is absurd and unfair.

Most companies of all kinds request credit reports these days, fair or not.
If you don't know what is confidential, you have no business being in any business.
This is confidential information and should not be divulged. It is one of the biggest problems a co can have. If you have to ask...well I won't be able to explain it to you