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Keystrokes hiring - sm

Posted By: BTDT on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: Is it true that once Keystrokes hires you... - nervousnelly

I got hired and NEVER heard back...good luck.

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Keystrokes still hiring, last ad I see is 05/24.

keystrokes is hiring
Give the office a call.  I was speaking with my super last night and she is in need of a few people.
Is Keystrokes Hiring?
I sent a resume, but haven't heard back.  Can anyone tell me how they like the company?  They don't off-shore which I think is fabulous!
Keystrokes hiring?
Anybody know?
Keystrokes Hiring?

Is Keystrokes hiring?

I went to their web site to put in my app and resume, and hit submit, but I did not get a new screen saying it was sent or anything like that.....

If they are hiring, can someone let me know how to get a hold of a recruiter?  I would like to know if they are hiring so I don't waste my time if they are not.

Thanks in advance! 


Did you have ever contact Keystrokes?? I know they are hiring.
I took the test and just wondered if you were given the chance.
Keystrokes stil hiring.
I just received a phone call from them this afternoon wanting to talk to me about career opportunities, so it looks like they are still hiring.
Keystrokes, and they're hiring. nm


For Radiology, try Keystrokes. I know they are hiring on one of my accounts. sm
The hospital just hired KS to do their whole department. I think they will be doing their Med/Surg stuff too.
Keystrokes is definitely hiring. I received an email from them saying that they sm
are hiring a lot of new MTs. They emailed CMTs from what I can tell, as they also emailed a few friends of mine as well. Three of us have taken positions. The timing was right; I have had it with MQ.
Keystrokes is hiring. Can anyone tell me how much for their medical insurance benefits etc...
I am looking for a FT job with good medical benefits for either myself or family coverage. They are seeking ortho MTs and that is right up my alley. Thanks in advance for any help.
Clarification about Keystrokes' current openings, hiring, etc. sm

There have been a few posts that Keystrokes is hiring and a few that Keystrokes is not hiring.  Right now, we are working with our current MTs to make sure that they have the volume of work that they want, accounts that they are happy with and changing our benefits package.  We are transitioning to having primarily full-time MTs, with a few exceptions and have been helping some of the part-time MTs increase their work load to full time.

We continue to grow and will be hiring in the very near future, once we make sure that current employees have everything they want/need.  There are definite gaps that we need filled, all full-time positions, but the openings will not be posted until each and every current employee has had his/her needs addressed.  We are also working on a formal training program for new employees, building a new office and working with MTIA and AAMT on the new apprenticeship program. 

We hope this clears up some of the confusion and questions we have been getting.

Maybe MQ is over hiring now in preparation for something. Must be some reason they keep hiring when
some people have not work.
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying up companies sm
but I heard from another service owner that they sold out to Transcend. Anyone know if that happened?
keystrokes ad..can someone tell keystrokes their banner ad needs a hyphen...quality-minded
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying sm

small companies but another service owner told me that she heard that Keystrokes sold to Transcend.  Is this true? 

I posted this down below but meant to post it as a new thread.  Before I apply with them, I would like to know as I left Transcend a few months ago and do NOT want to get back into that mess.

Not only that, but I would MUCH rather work for Keystrokes than Spheris as Keystrokes doesn't

Only Keystrokes. Worked at MQ until I came to Keystrokes. Started at sm
Keystrokes PT, liked what I saw and experienced, gave notice to MQ and went FT. Have not look back since. I had previously worked at 2 hospitals, for MDI, Transcend and MRC until bought by MQ. I plan on retiring here as long as they stay as they are.
No, Not with Keystrokes, visiting friend and using her pc, she got job with Keystrokes
I forgot to change the Name. I do not think Keystrokes is hiring anymore now. Would like some info about Diskriter though.
Ditto, Keystrokes is a wonderful company with wonderful people! I love working for Keystrokes!
I am just not making enough money.  They are a great company though, just ask for a back up account.
Been with Keystrokes staying with Keystrokes

I was there for the promises and guess what Keystrokes is making good on those promises. 

I get vacation time, 401K, and even AFLAC.  My pay is great, always on time as well as accurate. 

I have my main account and have been given back up accounts for which I have been fully trained and am comfortable typing on.  I have great leads, great tech support and plenty of work.

Am I biased???  Yes I am biased.  I am grateful everyday that I was given the opportunity to work for Keystrokes and their team.  I am grateful that my company's owner is a fellow Transcriptionist that goes home at the end of the day and works like the rest of us so she knows what a hard job I have and I know that she is working to make things better for me because unlike other companies I have worked for she understands what it is I do.

Please accept my apologies that you were unhappy with Keystrokes and chose to move on before all of the promises came to fruition but don't begrudge those of us that stayed loyal and are now reaping the benefits of a GREAT COMPANY WITH GREAT BENEFITS, LOTS OF WORK AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THERE ARE MANY MORE GREAT THINGS TO COME!

I just want to say Thank you Lee, Jeff, Becky, Karyn, Martha, Annette, Paul and everybody else in the office for all that you do.

Keystrokes does not go by keystrokes, we go by lines. sm
1200 lines per day comes out to 150 lines per hour. Most transcriptionists are able to do 200-250 lines per hour, so this is not unrealistic, nor is it unreasonable. The hospital that I used to work at prior to coming to Keystrokes had a minimum of 185 lines per hour. The service I worked for prior to Keystrokes had a minimum of 200 lines per hour.
Don't know anything about escribe, but my company, Cy med, hiring.
Anyone know of TM Transcription in Oregon?
Since I have been hiring for Keystrokes, I have ALWAYS followed thru with providing the proper paperwork to the office, and the AA gets the paperwork out the same day within hours of when I submit the new hire information, and then when the signed paperwork is not received usually we give someone about 72 hours, which on many occasions, people do not fax the paperwork back to the office, the AA in turns either sends out a FU e-mail asking where the paperwork is and/or I will call and send out an e-mail if there is an issue. I HAVE NEVER let anyone SLIP thru the Cracks with Keystrokes after I have offered them a position. Please get your facts straight before you post on here and use my name!

I have a note on the resume the date of hire, and the date the e-mail was sent to the office, and also have a new hire folder, where I put the e-mail that the office sends to me that the paperwork has been returned and faxed back, to the office. Keystrokes does FU on hiring of all new hires, so who ever is posting that needs to contact me and allow me to find out what the problem is so I can find a solution.
Are they hiring? (nm)
Are they hiring?
They said they passed me up because someone else wanted a full-time position, and I only wanted a part-time position. Then I had to contact them, which took 3 weeks to get a response. If I did well on the test and they need help, then why not hire me? What a waste of my time.
They are ALWAYS hiring because
All of the smart MTs leave and only the extreme desperate stay. They do SUK.
as far as I know they are still hiring
I don't know about if it is specifically for ortho or not though.
They are always hiring...
and just as hard to get ahold of when you are working there.  lol.  Try e-mailing the recruiter.  Thats your best bet. 
I just saw an ad where they are hiring for
someone to go overseas to train/teach classes. Wondering what's up with that. If it's true, kind of bold of them to advertise on an MT job site to promote taking American jobs away. Guess it all comes down to the almighty buck and how these companies continue to screw US MTs over.
are they still hiring for Onc MT?

Hi SM!

I have more than 2 yrs experience transcribing onc reports.  I would like to ask if they are still hiring as far doing oncology transcription? What is their website?  Can I have their email address?  THank you

I'm wondering too...my QA is consistently over 99%, I rarely leave blanks and have 12+ years experience.
Are they hiring?
I am looking for a good IC job. Do you know if Sten-Tel is hiring for IC? Thank you so much!!
i think they are not hiring
thank you, but I went to GIMT website and it seems they are not hiring right now.  There wasn't any info where to mail the resume.
Are they currently hiring?
What is their website?  Thanks!
I think they are always hiring
Who's Hiring for ONC?

Does anyone have any experience with any of the companies hiring for ONC now?  Positive experience with the companies and the accounts, or negative? Which companies would you recommend for ONC?  TIA.

Yep, they are still hiring

I cannot understand why they do not understand this.  I hope you have another job.  One problem they have...on one account, they had overseas MTs doing the typing, they allowed these people to go off of QA...next couple of weeks, the account was gone.  Nobody said it was gone, but there was never any work on the account and still isn't any. Zip activity.

Who, in their right mind, would allow overseas MTs to submit work directly to a facility?

I just e-mailed you. Thank you for information.
Do you know if they are hiring ICs? TIA.
are they hiring right now ? -
Applied a week ago, waiting to hear from them. Thanks. Not sure if they are hiring right now or not.
Are they hiring right now? Thanks,
are they hiring right now ? -
I sent a resume and haven't heard anything in over a month.
Are they hiring?

Have you heard if it's a good company to work for?  IC or employee?  I think I have a contact email that I can send you if no one else has already done it.

What is with all the hiring at
Are they expanding that much?
They better not be hiring..
Don't know if they are hiring PT . . .
I am working PT, and I chose to work a pretty fixed schedule. It's busy now and I have work, so I'm doing my hours. It's employee status, and I'm required to work one weekend a month and then rotate either T-giving or Christmas each year. If a holiday lands on one of your regularly scheduled days, you are required to work. I think this is all pretty much standard throughout the industry.
Seems like they are ALL always hiring, sm

complaining that there are no good U.S. mts, available, and using it as an excuse for voice recognition and hiring off shore.

If you are good, and can prove it by testing and experience, they are always hiring.  Maybe not posting ads, but they are hiring.

saw they were hiring 40 MTS

for big new account.  Anyone here work there.  How do you like it.  Pluses and minuses welcomed and appreciated.


Maybe that is why they are hiring.
employees, so they are in need of some help.  Hmmmm, very interesting.  They are not the first, and I bet they won't be the last.  This board is supposed to be informative, good or bad, so why worry what is being posted?  There would be no posts if everyone took everything up with the actual company they work for.  No one seems to have a problem when good things are posted, so why when there are bad things posted or a suspicion, someone says take it up with the company?  Just curious.