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This shouldnt be a surprise. The owner herself posts on this forum all the time when KS is attacked

Posted By: it is very unprofessional but expected from KS. on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: I cannot believe that representatives from any company would come on to this or any other board - Anna

sad but true

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Old posts say the owner is nasty and they run out of work all the time. Don't like workaholic
Not attacked? I completely disagree...and when is the last time
you actually talked with MTs, in an open type forum. My views are not all that far off from other MTs. Many MTs are afraid to speak up because employment is volatile.

I have done it myself, either spoke up and been squeezed out of a job, or kept quiet and just have agreed with everything happening and suffered in silence just to keep a paycheck coming in. We can be let go anytime anyone wants to. There really are not many laws protecting us.
Are you aware of the fact that a lot of posts on this forum
appear also on the Internet, accessible to everybody?
What impression will people get about the qualifications of MTs?
Obviously you do not care.

Or maybe they get weeded out.

A few posts on here say the owner is a mean one. nm
All of these posts are by the owner herself. LOL
if you are referring to posts about Pam, she is NOT the owner
she is the manager and is TERRIBLE. She doesn't even know what is going on half the time. Totally clueless.
Past posts said they involved the owner. nm
InHealth has had good & bad posts. Bad ones concern the owner. nm
I removed the posts after speaking directly to the owner of the company. If
you have questions or concerns you need to take it up with her.  There is one specific person causing most of this grief.  I have CHOSEN to remove the posts, I was not forced to. 
Owner is very ethical, pay always on time. sm
what else do you need to know, I will try to help.

They are a small company in Maine.
Owner is very nice, pay is always on time (more)

I personally didn't have an issue with Emdat, but I know there are others who really don't like it.  The patient info is in the system, and all you do is pull it up.  I think the accounts are primarily family practice clinics, so if you like that it may be a good match. 

Pay is about average, I suppose, and the line requirements are easy enough to reach.  Scheduling is very flexible. 

Did I hit the high points?  Good luck!  KM

Great little company..I worked there for a short time, IC, and pay always on time, great owner too!
I had good dictators, they use FTP, and I had a 12-hour window to return the work.
For a business owner, you sure have a lot of spare time!
And quite the potty mouth. Poor bitter thing!
The owner needs a personality transplant, but the checks are on time. nm
Here is a copy of the owner's post the last time the help-wanted ad was listed;

I would like to comment on your posts, as it is my help-wanted ad you are discussing.  I have attempted to put as many details into my ad as possible, in order to answer all possible questions anyone might have before applying.  My ad is not meant to be overbearing, rude, or pushy, but I realize it might appear that way to others because of all of the fine details I have written into it.  I have amended the ad many times over the years due to certain situations that have occured.  The part about if you love animals is due to the fact that I had a Transcriptionist working with me, who later told me that she did not like animals.  Since she did not like animals, it reflected in her work, which is probably because the work did not hold her interest.


I have read a lot of really vicious posts about myself and my company, none of which I feel are justified.  I am sure I have hurt some feelings when returning test results and when informing others that they do not appear to be compatible with the current position, but I have always been diplomatic in my emails and polite when conducting phone interviews.


I would like to set the record straight and let everyone know that I do NOT send out real work, hoping someone will do my job for me.  When I test someone, they are typing actual dictation files, but the reports have already been typed and returned to the clinic.  When testing potential applicants, I only send out two small dictation files at the most (sometimes only one), and the person below is obviously confused, or is blatently lying.


Also, regardless of what some people might be saying/thinking, there are at least four new clinics that open each year.  In the past six years, I have had five people leave their jobs voluntarily for their own personal reasons.  My newest ad is posted because I have been short-handed for some time now due to all of the unexpected clinics thrown at me and because I recently had a transcriptionist pass away unexpectedly.


I personally take the time to train each new person, and I can only handle training one person at a time because I have many other duties during the day, such as invoicing, payroll, emails, phone calls, typing the work from my own assigned clinics, etc.  It takes at least one month for each new person to feel comfortable enough to go on their own with the work, so I am constantly behind on getting all of the clinics covered.  As soon as one transcriptionist is out of training, I post my help-wanted ad and start all over again.  Believe me, I would like nothing more than to hire someone and put them on their own right away, which would make my life a lot easier!  However, the vet group I type for is very picky, which I can only blame on myself because they are spoiled and accustomed to having things done a specific way.


I could write a book in trying to defend myself and my company name, but, unfortunately, I no longer have the time to chat with other transcriptionists like I used to do years ago.  My main reason for posting a response is because I realize these posts will remain on the board for a very long time to come, and I am hoping potential applicants are not deterred from applying because of what has been posted at this site.  

should i or shouldnt i
i got my email to take my test and i have only 3.5 years experience. i hate to say, but i agree with what teh others are saying and i dont understand why OSi would make idle promises. even if i did pass the test (if i take the test), this is gonna be lurking in the back of my head. i dunno man, dont sound right to me. sorry, but good luck to you.

you should

I don't think anyone has attacked you. You are simply
Good example of why you shouldnt have to be out
He verbally attacked me

I had the problem where they sent me a rejection email, even though I hadn't even tested with them yet.  All I had done was send them an email.  Their email said I didn't meet their minimum requirements for an MT, even though I have 20 years acute care experience.  The recruiter told management I didn't know what a hysterectomy was or bariatric surgery, etc., and I had never even spoke with her.  He insisted I had and that I was just mad because they turned me down!  I still have those nasty emails.  That was about a year ago.  I decided then and there I wasn't going to work for a company that allowed such a psychotic nasty person to be in charge of HR. 


Yes....after she attacked these individuals and invited
companies to email her so she could give out names. What kind of ethic is that? I would never believe someone who did that. It is so obviously done for sheer spite and to hurt someone, not to help a company.
I don't care how you feel. You said everyone attacked you, tho.
Most of the posts are NOT from QA.

Shouldnt that be rpl---- rupees per line?
Shouldnt that be a good thing? Means we are in TAT.
About 3 wks ago, there were posts saying they run out of work all the time. nm
for the last time, if you read the posts and
had your listening ears on; there was NO NEED FOR ANYONE TO REPLY.
The problem with this forum is that it is a forum...
meant for MTs who want to share information, get answers, and sometimes just vent about a problem. The post about cherrypicking began with the MTs problem of having to transcribe reports that were obviously skipped over by her fellow MTs. The response was quit being a cherrypicking busybody and do your job.

Regardless of how you view cherrypicking, how is that response helpful in the least? If you do not have anything productive to add to a thread, then just stay out of it. That was completely inflammatory and characteristic of what a troll would do.

Nobody wants to hear just deal with it when they need a solution to a problem. They also don't want to hear about how perfect other MTs and if they were just like them, it would not be an issue.

In your own words, nobody likes it but some choose not to worry about it. Then don't respond to the thread. Don't be pompous. Don't make it sound like you are so superior because you don't care if you get all the worst dictators. Maybe give a positive response on how cherrypicking is good and should be appreciated.

That is the problem with this forum...the people who come here to be completely unhelpful in the guise of being a perfect MT.
Oh, the same egotistical blowhard posts this every time.
Like we don't remember the names of every recruiter who's ever lied to us to get us on board ASAP to meet their hiring bonus or quota or whatever.  Most smaller or mid sized companies don't even use recruiters.  As for the big nationals that do use recruiters, I would never work for any one of them again, so the recruiters can stick my name above their desk in gold glitter for all I care.  Recruiters that job hop also have sketchy resumes.  Whoopdedoo.  I'm totally honest about my work history.  I applied to ONE MT company yesterday and had an interview within an hour of submitting my application.  How's that for being a blacklisted jobhopper?
Posts from May said they offered 6-8 cpl with spaces and pay was on time. nm
They are a waste of time. Lots of posts in
the archives.
Don't think they hire part time. Old posts are not favorable. nm
Why should I waste time proofing posts, they don't pay the bills. nm
Posts from Aug. say hounded by phone calls all day, micromanage your time, and
Would not surprise me
Immediately after posting a negative but factual comment about a service, I received a fail notice on their test - over two months after I took it.

Any company that assumes such a list is accurate you probably don't want to work with anyway...
Does NOT surprise me with DSG . . .
they really do not care about their MT's, and yes, I too was one of their biggest defenders until they turned on me. I was very hurt by it after all the loyalty and hard work I gave them. They do not appreciate it.
well i may be in for a surprise
but in my year with them, I find them to be very stable, with a consistent workflow. I do have several accounts to draw from, but I'm really surprised some of you have more than a rare problem with this.
It does not surprise me
at all. It is Indian owned and run. Keystrokes has 100% US staff (even tech support is here), and the owner is adamant against offshoring her work. Cardioscribes was probably just trying to avoid holiday pay for the US MTs. You'd think the Mumbai incident a while back would have taught doctor's offices a lesson about that country but I guess not :(
I was also taken by surprise...

but it seemed like a lot more than $30.  I took out family coverage on the new insurance and, since they hadn't taken the premium out before, to have it doubled the first time out seemed like a big chunk.  To add to it, I just got my card on Saturday.  I didn't even know the insurance coverage had started yet!  To go back and pay double since June 1st for coverage you didn't even know you had IS quite a blow.

Oh well, two more paychecks to go before we're out of the hole.   :)

Would not surprise me in the least. Something is coming not sure what.
Wouldn't surprise me any
If they have "QA to QA the QA'ers," you can bet that each step of the QA-ing will have the QA'ers who are QA-ing the QA-ers who QA the MT finding all the work "they" didn't QA to be crappy QA-ing.  LOL
Doesn't surprise me one bit...
same thing they always do...
It wouldn't surprise me at all.
That sure doesn't surprise me. And just think -
if they're willing to commit fraud on such a grand scale, then it's a no-brainer that the people there doing the grunt-work, (and getting shafted paywise in the process, just like we are), are going to look for ways to augment their earnings. Enter the fancy, company-paid-for PC, access to the internet, and access to confidential American information, and you have the potential for fraud and scamming that surpasses what we already know about Nigeria, Pakistan, Cameroon, China, etc.

American businesses are too greedy, they already have more money than they know what to do with, and they are pitifully naiive when it comes to bringing the Third World countries into our corporate systems.

Not yet, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. sm
Have received more than 1 email regarding their attorneys and posting on this board.
Wouldn't surprise me to see that being s/m
1 cent per report.  After all...why should you get paid for typing yes over and over.  Before someone pounces on me I am definitely being sarcastic but still it wouldn't surprise me the way some of these MTSO suits apparently stay awake at night thinking up new ways to screw MTs.
no raise, no surprise
I think I should have had one a year ago myself, but dared not ask because of the economic situation starting to cave and as bad as I want to ask now, I still feel the timing is not right. So many are struggling just to stay afloat and/or profitable.
I agree. It was a nice surprise! nm
What about these surprise situations with Transtech? --

Hard to compare to a normal job, as you are trying to do.  When there is no work at TT, they send out emails not to contact the office.  Of course, there is no pay, yet we reported to work on time ! These are always surprise situations to TT's at-home employees.  Good companies do not treat their employees like this.  You report to work and you are not sent home without pay. 

TT is not the only company that treats their MT's like this -- but be sure to compare apples to apples !!!

Don't compare us with away-from-home jobs. Ex-MQ'er, your time is coming for being out of work.  You are new right now with TT and have nothing to compare to yet.

oh yeah, like that's a big surprise, gals
FN's greed shining thru their friendly facade.  Over-cover an account, make sure you don't earn enough, but they sure do.  Those of us who tried to warn everyone that they always ran out of work were basically told by posters on this board that we were not given work because we were not good enough and they were phasing us out, which was certainly not the case.  They just over-hire.  That way, their TAT is met, but the MTs don't earn enough to make a living.  And now, the bait and switch of going to VR?!?  They've got nerve.  Leave the ever-sinking ship; start warming up those resumes and bail out.
It caught me by surprise too -- I'm right there with you. Fortunately, I have a 2nd job sm

so that helps take the sting out a bit.  I love the people and love the company, but I do not think maybe they realize what a big shock $30 can be sometimes.  To me, the more fair thing to have done would have been to say something like effective next check, we will be taking out double premiums until we catch up or whatever.  However, cannot unring a bell.

And I have always been a bit disappointed that they wait until the following Monday to pay us instead of that Friday, but for the most part it is a good company.  Seems like all of the MTSOs hang on to their $$$ as long as they can -- guess the interest is better in their pockets than on our paychecks.    I was stupid and am now waiting a month to get paid for work I did for a woman in Virginia.  Chalk it up to lesson learned.

Good luck to you (and me!). 

No surprise. We already knew this. Suprised that others are