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That was rude and heartless

Posted By: Where are your manners? on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: Give it up. You have been here saying it for a year now. sm - Sick of the same posters over and over again


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seems most are heartless now
I hired a girl the other day whose husband became critically ill and she was afraid to leave and go to the hospital with him!! Nobody should have to work for a company like that!! There are always some people to take advantage, but really, people have emergencies, they get sick, they have kids who get sick, etc.
heartless SPi

Obviously, your post shows that you have been through the same situations I experienced, and for those of you who still may be folishly thinking you'll hang in there as another posted suggested, or even applying for Heaven's sake, I can verify that the above post is 100% spot-on. 

Even if they FINALLY have moved one of the 3-4 people left who know how to run a MT service into a regional director position in the past few days, why would any intelligent person decide to hang in there for one second longer to be mistreated and demoralized?  I can assure you, if they give him no more support than they have their other managers, it won't take him long to become disheartened and leave as well. 

They get what they deserve.  Wake up!  SPi is a huge company owned by a cororation the eqiuvalent of AT&T in the Philipines who have no regard for our US family!  

The rude rude rude post is TRUE
Wow! That was Cold and Heartless
I am not in any way, shape or form a supporter of AHDI. In fact I despies them. I think they have sold this entire industry down the river.

I should be surprised that they treated you in this horrific way, but sadly, I'm not. They are all about money and padding their own pockets.

I did happen to get a very small raise when I got my certification, certainly nothing to write home about and certainly nothing to compensate for the expense of maintaining their credentials.

I just did it to see if I can accomplish it. I don't know if I will bother to keep it up either.

I'm sorry you had that experience at such a hard time in your life. I think we both agree that AHDI sucks...as in the loud sucking sound from dollars leaving your wallet...
Yep, it was cold and heartless
which was pretty much the tone set by the original queen bees who set the organization up eons ago. As a Californian, I saw first-hand the shenanigans. I once went to one of their daylong seminars at a hotel in Berkeley just to give them a fair chance. Guess what the presentation was? Some plastic surgeon who gave a thinly-veiled infomercial for getting your boobs done. That lack of professionalism, coupled with the coldness and heartlessness they showed to a friend of mine, was enough to convince me that this was not a group I would want to give any time/money/loyalty to. I didn't, and I have been just fine.
Milk - how heartless
I can relate. I returned a purchase (a dress) in order to get groceries instead because was hit by unexpected medical expenses ($15 copay and $40 copay for meds for my son).
I work for Keystrokes and I am not heartless or hateful...
I think the other posters just had horrible, horrible experiences with this person when she was there and they are just still very angry...sometimes anger makes you say things you don't necessarily mean...they are just trying to stick up for a good company and not let one disgruntled former employee badmouth them...
My only contact with them was rude. The front office person or whomever schedules interviews is rude
This was about a year ago but I set up an interview and either I was supposed to call them or they were to call me at a certain time but I totally spaced off the time change. The lady went off on me and told me that they had no interest in me because I couldn't call on time etc. Rude. There is no way I would ever work for someone like that.
Just be rude..out and out rude so they have just cause to "fire" you.. haha..What a bunch of i
Who would want to work for incompetent people like that. Time to change your phone numbers. They are like bad stalkers.
Rude answer to a rude post. nm
3 words, rude, rude, rude....sm

the owner sends out UGLY and NASTY emails to the MTs. The communication is just a disorganized mess and they hire you as an IC, but pretty much treats you like an employee.  Emdat sucks and pretty much the accounts are not that great.  VERY hard to get your lines in Emdat platform.  They LOVE to FIRE....when in actuality.....(that is the term they use)...you cannot FIRE an IC, you can lock them out of the system and I guess that is firing, but those two words have always been a pet peeve of mine....hearing when MTs are fired as ICs....Just my opinion

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MTStars Team

Rude, rude posters
Hope you rude posters find a good fit for you.  Don't run down OSi because some of us like them.  No problems either and I have 10 years experience.  No newbies here like you say.  Love the accounts I'm on.  Hope the complainers find a good home, but if not, they will be back and on another company's case. 
It is so rude to call QA rude because YOU have
been stuck on QA hold for six months!! And the other poster above - if you are getting QA notes and they are including your supervisor, which you imply is not the norm, then YOU are the one responsible. It matters not if you've been an MT for 1 week or 30 years - if your skills are not up to par, they are not up to par. Many MTs get cleared from QA hold within hours or days at most - companies do NOT want to hold you up from producing, nor do they love to waste their $ on MTs on QA hold. You really need a reality check. And no, I am not rude! It is always, always the MTs lacking in skills who get pissed at QA - no form of feedback is acceptable to that type - even sealed with a kiss and a big bow!
Rude! Recruiter was very rude to me.
She had an attitude right off the bat.
Don't tell someone "get out of the business"... who the h are u?
Weekend work should be optional....... or hire people who want to work for a premium. Forcing people breeds discontent. So there big mouth.

rude rude rude
Those of you who NEVER have a typo cast the first stone.
They were not rude to you because you
took their offer. It is funny you say they charge because they claim they do not.
You are the one being rude.. sm
Your post sounds like deja vu. I'm not the one doing the name calling. I merely stated a fact as I know it. Say what you want. Everyone here knows the truth.
Why be so rude about it?
If you don't have an answer to that question, don't bother to post a reply.  It's annoying.
wow, are you rude!
I hope you don't treat your family that way!

I happen to live by myself, and all I know is, I have to be able to make enough money to pay my rent, etc, etc., and I could not make anything with KS. I have MS, and cannot work out in public because people make fun of the way I have to live. So, like I said, walk in MY shoes first before you criticize ME! I have found work again. I have been an MT for 5 years, now, and love doing it, but I need some money to live on.
rude QA
I have been a Transcriptionist for more than 20 years. I was let go from my job at the hospital because of my sons illness. I worked for Medquist but made more money 10 years ago than I did when I got fired for questioning how they calculated their lines.

I started with a company at home in 1/06. I have benefits which are very expensive but the pay is OK. Nothing like the good old page count though.

I have been on full QA for 6 months now. I think it has something to do with the editors getting paid for QA-ing us. I was constantly getting emails in BOLD basically yelling at me. I did complain about it and have treated with respect since.

I think these QA people think we are all from India and have the right to ridicule.
You are very rude - sm

I believe the poster was wanting ANY response, positive or negative, about getting the job or not.  No one said they felt they GOT the job.  If you take the time to test, and some of the tests are lengthy, they at least should give a response to you, especially if you have tried to contact them, as the OP had obviously done.

There is no reason to have rudeness.  Read the post more carefully.  You obvious misread it or wanted to misinterpret it.


I did not intend to be rude.  It is rather sad to see someone with bright hopes and plans based on not enough information. I have had and friends have had such snow jobs by recruiters that it is difficult to believe anyone any more. This board is populated by honest, hardworking people in a declining, sweatshop industry (I've been around 20 years) and it makes me sad.


Thanks but I'm not being rude. (sm)
There is a lot of information out there from as little as 2-3 weeks ago that he/she might not have come across without doing a search first. So, you see I'm not being rude at all, quite the opposite.
The state boards are very inactive.
I'm sorry, I truly don't mean to be rude
And please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that this was a company board where people can (are supposed to?) post their questions about MT companies?

I am far from new to MT, but am new to this website, and I only posted my question after I had already been trying to search in the archives. Did I break protocol?
I don't mean this in a rude way, but
why does this matter? I don't get it.
RUDE. nm
Now that was rude.

You are so rude to people. I am glad I do not work for you!!!!!! I feel sorry for your employees. You must be one miserable person, I pity you.

Was not trying to be rude...
And I was not just talking to you giddy pc guru. I was simply trying to say that sometimes there are reasons to which no one knows about and everyone here just automatically thinks the worst about everyone without giving them the benefit of the doubt.
this board is nice w/o all the rudeness.  why are you so testy?  my gosh, if I were  moderator of this board, I would ban you for being rude!
Rude QA
The one that nitpicks your work to death, i.e, Quality is more important than Quantity and gets p.....d if you do too much work while first on QA that she has to read. If she gets too much work for her liking, she'll only let you do 2-5 jobs a day.  (What the heck...SHE's still getting her full-time paycheck, right?)  My friend lasted about a week with her... she had her keep her IM on full-time in case of emergency (SIC) . Acct. specs are an encyclopedia... Half of the time was spent on unpair/demographic work on the accounts... lines?? what's that??  T
You do not have to be rude...
These are legitimate concerns and no one is airing dirty laundry. This is a great company and like some of the posts above, people just want some reassurance.

No need for people to come here? Hope you do not ever need anything...
how rude of you! you could sm
have not been so snippy.
How rude.
I guess some people were not taught if you do not have something nice to say do not say anything.
No wonder they are rude to you
Hmm, not trying to be rude, but obviously at
$5.00 an hour compared to 0- no job now I mean is that really realistic? First of all you came off as talking like no one else cared about their quantity if they made a reasonable amount on VR. Just because you cannot hack it does not mean everyone is like you. I make a decent salary and get very good reviews, always. At not even $5.00 hr wage now, why are you defensive about the truth?
You were and are rude. sm
I'm in QA, and I can distinguish between a medical document and an informal online bulletin board. Google the word troll (and know that quotation marks don't work here, sweetheart), and you'll find one called The Grammarian. You're a troll, plain and simple.
how is that rude?

It's not rude!  Why not read the archives is not a rude thing to say.  It can be helpful, but of course some people would rather be lazy and have things handed to them on a silver platter. 

Cut me a break! 

My, my, so RUDE!
Another know-it-all from the blowhard gallery.

Thanks for your opinion.

I'm sure it was VERY helpful to the OP to have an anonymous nobody on a message board she came to for HELP tell her her skills suk.

Your parents must be so proud.
How rude! She was only trying to help.
That was rude and uncalled for!! nm
Wow that was rude and NOT funny
She has a legitimate point and you just proved it by that unecessary post. Is there something missing in your life that you have to be so hurtful towards strangers? It is so easy to say things on a message board that are hurtful and disrespectful. Try it in the real world once or twice and I bet you get your teeth knocked out and deservedly so.
That is not true and rude
There are a LOT of in-the-closet Americans who work for these companies. Their protocols ARE rigid, but some of the MTs just aren't (American and offsore, mixture of both working for the same company). The test I took on mttest was the hardest I have EVER taken with more actual files to be typed than any other company. When it comes down to making a living, you do what you have to do. No, I don't work for one now but I have and money is money no matter who gives it to us.
He was extremely rude to me when he was at JLG. nm
You are a very rude person,
That's all I'm gonna say. Have a great day.
very unprofessional and rude (sm)
and I was able to find much better work for myself, at Proscript.
Rude & not helpful..
Notice a trend here? :(
At the risk of being rude, PLEASE can you tell me
your company? Sounds like just what I am looking for. I believe you that they are looking for quality and weeding out the rest, and I SO WANT TO WORK for a company that cares about quality!! I promise I won't bash you, and you can even reply by email! I am sooooooooooooooo trying to find just a decent company = so that I can leave that - other one - forever!
reply to Ms Rude
Well thanks for your rude reply. Lucky your the professional one offering the advice and I have since found work in my own Country paying me $24 per hour. I guess I live in a lucky Country.