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Why? After all this, I would never apply with them or want to work with them. I have

Posted By: confused on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: I will not give initials because - I still want the job

never seen anything good.

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Why would anyone apply if work is low?
So, where do you work so we can apply?nm
I don't work there but wanted to apply
Is this a bad time to apply for work?
Go ahead, apply, and take my work
Such glowing reports all the time. Ugg. Please, don't ask someone who stuck with it and went broke, and had to struggle for so long due to overhiring. Of course, they will tell you to go nights and weekends and if you don't it is your fault for not being a team leader. So, go ahead and apply. My job is happily available to you.
You apply with your hours and days available and try to cut a deal, especially if willing to work a
DO apply. I have not had a lack of work problem that I couldn't deal with in nearly 3 years. nm
1) Explain what you need in schedule; I'm sure you'll get it.

2) IF it is brought up, explain. I'm sure you'll be fine with that!

why don't YOU apply with OSI?
Please don't apply because ...sm
you can't even spell why ruin a good thing for the rest of us?   As far as ads being posted well duh - the company is growing with large accounts being added continuously.  Nothing wrong with new business!!! 
I would apply for another job
One that gets good comments AND takes out taxes :-)

BTW, that's what I did and start the first of the year, couldn't be happier!
Don't apply there then, what can I tell you.
Again if that is so, why would you need to apply at DSG?
You come on here knocking them down for not responding to your holey (misspelled on purpose) self.
Why do I need to apply? No, I don't need
for any amount of money.
Please - where did you apply?
Please, where did you apply?  Yes, I do have a letter of recommendation from her.  I've got 3 kids to support on my own, and I feel so discouraged. 
How do I apply?
Do they have a website? Thanks!
MW MTS, apply to
TransTech..they are growing and wonderful to work for, and do not outsource to India. 
Does that apply to ICs too?
Thanks! I will apply and see what happens. NM

Did you apply for the
prn ad?
Apply at TT
with TT112
I always look, never apply.

But there are still a lot of hits and I imagine a lot of serious lookers from the posts here.

So how do you apply at MDI?
I visited their website but saw no place to apply. How do I go about doing this?
Did anyone apply for the job (sm)

Did anyone apply for the job that was on the job seeker's board with CLK transcription, the nonmedical transcriptionist?  If so, just wondering if anyone has heard back from them.  I sent my resume in, but have not heard anything yet. 

thanks in advance!

Where did you apply? sm
Do you just send cover letter/resume through contact information. There is no actual place to apply at on the web site. Thanks!
How do you apply?
How do you apply to MDI-MD? I didn't see a link on their site.
All you can do is apply and see what happens!!!
Why not apply for both and see what happens?
How to apply at MDI-MD
Can anyone tell me how I go about submitting an application/resume with MDI-MD? They don't seem to have a link on their website, unless I have the wrong one! Thanks very much.
Would anyone apply here? sm

Just out of curiousity, how many of you on this board right now would apply for this job? The pay is less than minimum wage, they supply no equipment and looks like you may as well make yourself available 7 days a week. I am serious here, is anyone that is looking going to apply here?

We have another position open. This is an IC position transcribing for a few acute care hospitals, as well as a few specialty clinics. The position is part-time, requring M-F (evenings only) and Sat and Sun (hours flexible).

All candidates must posess at least 2 years of acute care experience (not counting schooling).

Other requirements are as follows:
High speed internet connection.
Universal foot pedal.
Windows 2000 or XP (NO Vista).
Microsoft Word 2000 or greater (no Word Pad).
MT U.S. based.
MT easily reached by phone or email.

We area reliable company that offers direct deposit. Pay starts at .07 cents per 65 character line including spaces. Raise will be given when MT is on their own needing minimal QA.


I think I will apply
I have not had steady work since Thanksgiving and it sounds like they have work, think I will apply.  I hope they have employee positions.  Kim.
Ever apply for a job and get a
ticket number back?  I guess they will call when they get to my ticket number.  That doesn't sound like a shortage of MTs to me.
All you can do is ask when you apply.
That could apply to just about anyone,
I feel the same way. If you want me to spend hours proof-reading and looking up the addresses of obscure doctors in the Middle-of-Nowhere, USA, then give that 3 cpl you're paying the so-called 'Editors' (and I use the term extremely loosely!), and give it to ME. Then I'll do all that demographic detail crap.
No, I was going to apply and I know last sm
week people were saying it might be bad?  Just wondering before I test, that's all.  I can't read it because I don't work there.
what you are saying does not apply in these
terrible times. How can you say, 'if you don't like it in 1 company, quit and look for a better company. They are all equal, more or less and jobs are scarce.
It is not proven yet that using the shortcuts brings the speed up. Not for everybody, some people are just 'mouse people' and prefer to continue to work with the mouse. Using the shortcuts is optional and pitting a lot of stress on only 3-4 fingers hitting constantly the Ctrl- and Alt- button in combination with others.
Also, the poster who said that editing isn't even editing anymore, meant, and she is right, that editing has often gone so bad that it is often better to delete the whole document and type it up anew. And this for the VR rate that is 50% of the straight rate.
I don't think I can apply though
cuz I don't have a the foot PEDDLE they require in the ad;-)  Good gravy, they should have QA for their ads.  Guess recruiters don't have to understand the industry at all anymore.  But bet they get paid more than MTs at this CPL. 
There is a box that says Apply Now -
That's where I always click, and it brings up another page where you copy and paste your resume. It seems to work for me. I haven't gotten a good job yet, but at least I think I'm applying right! :)
How To Apply With MDI

Could someone tell me how to apply with MDI.  I went to their web site and wrote them under their Contact Us link, but I have had no reply.  Other than sending them my resume through the Contact Us link, there's no way currently to apply from their site.  It may be that they are not accepting new applicants at this time.

Any help appreciated.  Thanks.

Sure, an IC can APPLY
imagine it being granted, unless we ourselves contributed to the state fund as our own employer.  However, the application would at least help statistically show the true unemployment rate, and annoy our former company with having to respond. 
Apply at both,

see which one is more appealing to you when you pass their tests, and then make your choice.

In this economy and with all the low paying jobs, just getting a job will be good!

Hmm. Maybe I will apply with Medquist.
with Transolutions. For some reason, I just cannot seem to get a decent line count.
What would be the next best company to apply to then?
apply on-line

You would be an idiot to apply to MQ
after reading all these posts. That 2300 a day would equal maybe a 1200 in DQS.
They lie, steal, cheat, and do anything and everything but pay you!!!! RUN, RUN, RUN.
I am very disappointed. I was going to apply there
I was going to apply there, but I will only work for companies that only use United States employees.

Thank you for the information.
I would apply right away. I know there are only 2 openings right now. sm
I think any company would love to have someone with stability apply, and a resume can be informal.
that is also a reason I might not apply to one
posted. I think most people can weed out the garbage from the real issues just by the presentation of what is posted. But if I don't see anything at all, unless someone said email me and I'll talk privately, then I would seek an employer who has happy employees.
I figured as much which is why I would not apply
for the position.
oh yes, unless you are on medications, don't apply
It is run by the owner and a couple of office staff in her basement. She sounds very nice to talk to, but once you are hired, she OWNS you. It doesn't matter if you have to work 20 hours a day, the work must be done and on some, the turnaround times are outrageous. Expect to get nasty emails, phone calls, you name it. You send your files via email and she constantly loses them and then you get more nasty emails demanding the files. She is one of those who likes to gossip about employees too, so anything about you she finds out, everybody will know. If you need a day off for anything, including a doctors appointment if you have a tumor the size of Kansas, then you obviously are lazy and don't want to work. You can work 6 months, 7 days a week without a day off and woe be you if you ask for one. Some of the accounts are pretty good and she used to pay by gross line, but it got to the point the money wasn't worth it. Expect a foul mouth and to be belittled by the so-called QA staff. I made huge amounts of money working there for many years but watched as things changed and the original MTs starting hitting the door. She may tell you it's okay to work certain hours, but within just a little bit, more and more will be added for you to do.