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Are you referring to the same HR person who lied about

Posted By: how long she had worked for KS on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: Update. All tests taken are for ortho. All who have taken and - Not Team Lead

Look in the archives (9/05)for a series of posts about KS where several people posted that the HR person told them that she had worked there for X number of YEARS when in fact she had only been there a couple of weeks.

I was one of the people she told this to. I am also one of the people who waited weeks to be contacted AFTER I HAD BEEN OFFERED A POSITION. Check it out for yourself. I have no reason to lie. I don't think anybody else has any reason to lie. The person you are referring to who gave you the stats about applicants and testing has lied before.

I urge you to find the conversation on MTSTARS that I am referring to that occured in 9/05.

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The person that told you that LIED like a rug.
If you have it in writing, I'd turn them in to the FTC or BBB for false advertising. $30,000 is pretty respectable.
I wasn't referring to a person I know who can't spell
Axolotl.  I was pointing out that it would be odd for an employee to not be able to spell the name of the company she worked for.  The point is that since you cannot spell Axolotl correctly, one would assume that you may not actually work there.  Now I know that you do.  I might also point out that my post said nothing negative whatsoever about Axolotl. 
Not speaking on behalf of the person the OP is referring to but
IMO never quit your original job until you are sure about your new job. No matter what. Just advice from someone who has been in the business for years. Sorry to get into the conversation, but had to put my 2c in for this situation and or any at all. Just IMHO.
All the ones I never lied to !!!
lied to again
I'm IC, too. Your line requirement is 4000 lines in a pay period -- I was told a while back that ALL of the offices were going to require 6000 lines for IC's.
I have to say, though, I was never lied to by MQ

I'm not trying to start a MQ dispute here, I know this isn't the MQ board, but I left Precyse and went to MQ and I have been treated sooooo much better there and way more professional than I have ever been with Precyse.  Although, I think that any company would have treated their employees more professional than my supervisor.

I am the type of person that doesn't need my hand held, I would rather have minimal communication...BUT when I have a question and the lack of work is making my pay go to ZILCH.. It is their job to stop badgering me about line counts when e-mail upon e-mail was sent to them about not having work.

.. I bet you can guess my pay because this was my average 5 day, 25 hour  week... log on work for 20 minutes, but never more than 1 hour...no work the rest of the night...then hear about you have to make that time up  ..lol, when? I tried to get my schedule changed for that exact reason and was absolutely, flat out denied.

Like I have said before, I guess maybe it isn't the company itself, but the lovely supervisors that are hired that make or break your experience.

Again...they should not have LIED.
Not every MTSO requires this. If I am being hired to QA...then my QA skills should be assessed. If I was a poor MT I never would have been able to pass the testing. If I am a poor MT it will show in the work that I QA.
they lied. NM
They flat out lied to me then. They said
they do not get any kind of pay at all. Hmmmm....
Oh come ON! She lied her head off. sm
She lied on the boards right up to the minute the electronic e-mail came out that said she had sold the business. Good gracious, some people have a short memory.  And when she was in the process of selling, she was send out e-mails saying how sick she was of all her MTs and talked about their K-Mart clothes and Kathie Lee hair.  I remember those e-mails being posted.  Pretty bad.  LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.
That is terrible, to be lied to and out of a job
At OSi I took maternity leave and they constantly called me to work no matter what I told them.
Well, think about it!! They lied to the MTStars Admin.
The fact that the offshore and lied about it so they
could advertise here and when they were banned, they tried to hide their postings inside other posts and continued to post shows that the ethics don't exist.  I wouldn't need any more information than that. 
Other than the offshore, lied about it and got caught you mean.
One more thing...they lied on their web site
When I applied with them, it stated on their web site that they paid for spaces. After starting work with them, I discovered that they didn't, and when I questioned them about it, they stated that they had changed their line counting program and hadn't yet changed the web site. Well, the last I looked, their web site said yes, we pay for spaces, so if anyone is desperate enough to go work for this company, I would make down sure it is in the contract what the time frame for payment is and whether or not they do in fact pay you for spaces. They are very devious at Rapid Transcript.
wow 10 minutes a lot of time. She could have lied to you said sure ...
was okay and then have it rejected once you go hired like a lot of places have done and will keep doing.

You are lucky she was trying to at least work with you.
Actually, it is my business, when I have been lied to in the past about (sm)
why I am getting a pay cut.

Also, if you are an IC, there is not unemployment tax, worker's comp and normally, there is no rent, because they work out of their homes.

If they have been in business for a few years, you can be sure that their equipment and software are paid off. Again, no expense. Most companies do not provide equipment anymore, just the software and that is recycled if someone leaves.

You are right, I don't have to be concerned if there is coverage for the work. What I have to be concerned with is if there IS work and if I am going to be able to pay my bills at the end of the month.

And actually, I think it is everyone's business working for an MTSO, to know what their company charges the client. Why hide it?

Transcend recruiter lied to me
When I itested, interviewed and was offered a job at Transcend, the recruiter proceeded to tell me about this really nice account.  Turns out it was an account that I had worked on at Medquist, and it was far from nice.  As a matter of fact, it was one that I recalled as being among the worst.  I called her on this, and she tried to take back and edit what she had plainly said.  I figured, if the recruiter could lie about that, what else was she lying about?   I declined the position.  So, beware....
Well, I guess I got lied to by the recruiter then. Nice.
OSI lied when a company I worked for outsourced to OSI and .......
The gentleman representing OSi was present offering five of us a job with OSI. I point blank asked the gentleman if OSI outsourced their work, because I did not want to work for a company who outsourced overseas. His response was, No they did not; however, if they ever felt the need to do so because a client specifically requests them to do so, they would have to consider the client's request. I had just cut out an article not three days before that meeting where an OSI executive stated they were outsourcing accounts to overseas. I did not have it with me because at the time of the meeting, we did not know that the meeting was to tell all of us we were outsourced, no more job, see ya or I would have shoved the article in his face after his answer. Of course, I had no intentions of ever working for them, but just wanted to see what people like that say when directly asked. Oh well, if that is how they run their business, it will catch up with them eventually.....
It is his choice who he offers what position to. He should not have lied about it, but I think
I think it is one person. I had a few print outs from a few weeks ago and this person even capital
I have had a positive one. I have been with Keystrokes for 3 months and am very happy.

I printed them to show my manager but she told me that there are few bitter people out there and no one can do anything about them. My manager said that everyone can tell that it is the same few over and over again, for Keystrokes and a few other companies as well. Time to move on Ms. Anon. I cannot think why a company would go through the trouble of getting IDs and getting you installed just to ignore you after that. Doesn't make sense, does it? Are you sure that't the whole truth? You keep saying truth but it sounds fishy.
Exactly what I'm talking about RUDE! You are a very unhappy person. A happy person does not
respond in such a way!  This is the reason SS has such a bad name.
I guess if I got screwed out of my paycheck or got lied to by an employer I'd have a rotten att
This board is a great way to find out about an unsavory company before those things happen to you. If you think warning people about scheisters, liars, bottom feeders, and rip-off artists is amusing, time to double up on your meds, sweetheart.
Nope, the board administrator checked with OSI and they lied to her and got caught.
Mts have "personality disorders" ? Like, wanting to be paid what their worth and not lied to?
How about vacation? Bereavement leave and not losing benefits because your parent is dying and you miss a quota?

Or, how about wanting a 401-K and employer contribution? Or medical and dental benefits? Is wanting those a personality disorder?

Or, wanting to make production, but getting NO WORK day after day, or getting only the worst dictators?

Let me know where you work where it is perfect, because I want to work there, too. But, I also want benefits and vacation and bereavement leave and a 401-K, as a minimum, and I want steady work, like I am a steady worker, and I want to be paid what I deserve, and I want some good work along with all the crap.

Thanks. Let me know. ONLY a profession of predominantly women would call the other women crazy for wanting the basics. Sheesh. Again, email me with that perfect job, because I'd like to have one just like it.
I am not a hateful person but that person screamed at me for 45 minutes. sm
She said all transcriptionists are idiots.
Isn't Wal-Mart the company that lied/replaced labels several years back with Made in USA? nm
I think she is referring to
what you said in your post about this lady being an idiot.  I don't think that was bullying or anything.  Although, I was not looking for an opinion on a person here, I was simply looking for feedback on my post.  And NO I am not putting you down for anything you said in your post.  I really don't want this thread to turn into personal attacks and all the other junk I have seen on this board.  I just want some feedback.  Thanks all.
Which MDI are you referring to? - sm
If you are referring to MDI-FL, I use IT ProV with one of their progrmas, and it works great. They have very good benefits for employee, but I would ask the recruiter about that. Hope this helps.
Which OSi are you referring to? sm
I heard bad things about the OSi in Florida (Outsourcing Solutions or something like that), or are you talking about the other OSi in Pennsylvania (I think)?  Thanks a lot! 
What are you referring to?
I think you are referring to the other OSI...
Opti-Script is out of State College, PA and I'm pretty sure they don't outsource. I like them so far. MT friendly and nice people.
Which MDI are you referring to, MDI-MD or MDI-FL? nm

What exactly are you referring to?
I work for Amphion and don't usually do unpaid busy work...so now I'm confused.  As far as their line rate goes, it is comparable or better than most of the nationals out there.  So, I am quite confused as to your post...feel free to email if you don't want to discuss it here, I am very curious...
What exactly are you referring to...
*all those demographics*??? It's one lousy number to type in, 7 lil ole digits...come on now, that doesn't slow me down that much. I'd probably produce much more if I'd keep XXXXX off this board for more than 30 minutes! So, don't blame the lil ole 7 digits I type in on the DI, cause that aint it...try again...
Not sure what you are referring to,but (sm)
could it be that they are no longer the little company - they have grown so fast and are so busy............is the atmosphere changing?  They are still wonderful to work for and take care of you when you need something, it's just....... can't finish a sentence here.  Still the best place I've ever worked.
I believe I know who you are referring to.
They did that to me too when I applied and I did not go any further with them. I do not know why it is important for them to know anything about your credit.
The OP was not referring to anyone in particular. SM
She was simply giving her opinion and I agree with her.

An impartial post would give the pros and cons of any given company and they all have them.

and that is what I am referring to...
She is obviously speaking up for her friend--what's wrong with that? And it doesn't matter why her friend stayed with the company so long. Maybe she was hoping (like we all hope) that it would work out. You guys have no right to laugh at ANYONE who wants to make things right.
Yes, indeed that is what I was referring to
I am glad someone is literate!
I don't believe anyone is referring to the OP
They're referring to that wacko who jumped in and derailed the entire thread with yet another TT rant and how much she hates her job and her company.

I don't think anyone is speaking negatively about the OP at all if I'm following this thread correctly.
I'm not sure which posts you are referring to
but I am the one who claimed the VR platform was released too soon.  I never said I was making good money on it.  In fact, I claim just the opposite.  My pay was drastically decreased on VR as opposed to straight typing because of the sound quality and the technical problems.  I did not make contradicting posts.  I can't explain the closeness of the IP numbers, but mine should all be the same as I have a static IP number. 
Which post are you referring to? (SM)
You can report posts you feel should be reviewed for deletion on the Monitor board at anytime.

Which post uses the name of company President?

Are you referring to the co. out of N. Carolina?
If so, I would also like some information.  I have been hired by them but the account has not started up yet.
Are you referring to the Sten Tel
There is obviously more than one Sten Tel in MA. Please clarify which one you are speaking of.
If you're referring to me...(sm)
I do acute care with about 90% ESL.
What post(s) are you referring to? Thank you. nm
which company are you referring to then? nm

Are you referring to Sten tel?
This sounds almost identical to my experience with them.
huh?? what are you referring to? saw no misuse of --sm
there, their, or they're in any of the above messages. SHEESH.