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I agree completely with Carolyn

Posted By: Newbie at KS on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: Keystrokes - Carolyn

I've had absolutely no problems ... a great team lead, wonderful communication - I love it at KS.

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Agree completely. nm
Agree completely
For all the work you do filling in the demographics and NOT getting paid for the header or footer, NO THEY DO NOT PAY WELL.
completely agree...(sm)
You'd be wise to jump on that one in a hurry!
I completely agree also
I don't even work for OSI, but people who do work there (or at any company for that matter) should be able post whatever they want. If you don't want to hear about it, then don't read the posts. Some people actually find it very informative in case they ever need or want to look for a new company. This way people can be well-informed about other's experiences with the company. Again, if you don't want to read more about it, then just simply ignore the posts.There is no need to tell people what they can and cannot post about on this site.
Agree......but not completely.....
I agree with the concern that work is going to companies overseas that do not comply with US standards (either HIPAA or financial), but, at least SPI owns the companies in India and the Philippines - with the corporate office being based in Manila. I cannot even imagine the companies MQ or Spheris uses for outsourcing.
agree completely
Completely agree
I totally agree. You do need to call the office if you are experiencing this, and I am very sure they will do something to fix it. My lead MT has been GREAT. She has answered any questions that I have had immediately, and I am otherwise left alone to do my work, which I love. I am able to get a very high line count everyday, and my lead MT keeps telling me what a great job I am doing. I wish I had found Keystrokes a long time ago. They are the best in my opinion.
Completely agree
I have been with Keystrokes for a month now and couldn't be happier. I get awesome line counts every day and my lead MT is so nice and always very helpful. I was very pleasantly surprised when my very first pay check was direct deposited right on time and it was for the exact amount that I had calculated at the end of the pay period. My fiance is also about to start there, but he has been waiting for about 3 weeks since he got his equipment to get set up, but hopefully it will be today. I am on an ER account and never run out of work and there are not even any ESLs! I work on ExText and LOVE it. It is probably the easiest and most efficient platform I have used in a long time, but they do have other platforms on different accounts, which I hear are just as good. I hope to work there for many years to come!
I completely agree!!!!!!
What a pain in the a**!!!!
I completely agree with everything you just said! sm
However, the one thing irritating me is the reduction in pay. In 1999, I was making 31K year salary. Now, salaried, I am making 29K a year. I have 10 times more responsibility than my other job and make less money. I work my butt off and for what? I do more work, they just add more on. I worked production for many, many years. I know I made better then (and this even included 4 years with the squid!) Oy vey - there is my vent because I never do. I truly believe in the harder you work, the better you will do. However, sometimes even I want to throw in the towel!
Completely agree!
I have worked for KS for almost 8 months now, have 2 accounts, and have never been treated better by a company. How is it rude by turning someone down for a job? I have been turned down for jobs in the past when I was perfectly qualified for them, and I never took it personally or took it as the company being rude. I simply moved on. KS has many different types of accounts from radiology, ER, basic 4, clinic, etc., and it may just be that they did not have any openings that they thought would suit you at this time. That may not be the case at all, but I have no idea. I am not a recruiter, just an MT. If it matters to you that much, maybe you could contact them and ask why you received the e-mail than you did instead of coming on here saying how rude they are. JMO.
I agree completely
I have to also agree that they by no means micromanage at all.  In fact, they are the least thing from that.  They completely leave you alone.  I have been very impressed with the way things are run! 
I completely agree with you...
I have been able to make my lines by being flexible. They, in turn, are very good with me. There has to be some compromise in this business. If there is no work on your regular shift, you just may have to go out of your comfort zone and work a flexible schedule now and again. You get what you give.
I completely agree!
Plus, try taking vacations! Not happening. Luckily my contract with a hospital got eaten up by one of the large services but it was the best thing that could have happened. Now I work for a company and THEY have to worry about getting me the work and a paycheck on time.

I was making more money but I'd rather let someone else have the associated headaches.
Agree completely.
I agree completely!
I agree with Mrs. Webber completely. I couldn't have said it better myself! The only thing worse than not getting paid on-time is not getting paid at all. Unfortunately, there are companies out there like that, which I found out the hard way with TSI of Illinois. If you have been considering TSI, save yourself a lot of trouble, and don't bother. THEY DON'T PAY!!
I agree completely....
Agree completely!
I just had to laugh.  I too was on AV, weren't they just the best?  And no special considerations either.  The only peeps who stayed on AV were the ones who didn't care...and I don't care what the managers said...horrible, horrible, horrible. 
Completely agree.
Yes, I completely agree (nm)

I agree with you completely! sm
It hasn't slowed me down at all. for some reason I have also not had the hand/carpal tunnel problems that alot of other people have had. I think everyone's body breaks down in different places at different times. I have enough other aches and pains! haha. I will be 54 this year.
I completely agree!
I live in the south and everything you said is totally true.  Just imagine living down here and dealing with these types face to face on a daily basis... ugh!
I agree completely

The Indian workers are just trying to make a living, too.  I'm mad at the folks like David Iwinski whose thirst for global dominance has stripped us of any humanity we had and reduced us to being teensy cogs in the money making wheel that is making them rich.  Those are the folks who should be ashamed of themselves.

Completely agree. Why should they get
away with breaking our labor laws? I'm glad to hear they're finally investigating some of these companies.
I completely agree... nm
I Completely Agree
Good post.
Agree completely, very happy. (nm)
I completely agree with your post...
As an aside and another thought, I see everybody as one creation under one God. What I see is somebody in that country being given a chance to make a decent living and have a job they can be proud of, to support their family with. The person behind that computer given work from a US company may be a single mother with that job providing the only financial means to feed her children. Food for thought.
Agree completely on the Webmedx..
info that my2cents put in about Webmedx. Also, just recently noticed an ad on mtjobs about Webmedx hiring. They OVER-HIRE big time. I happen to work on 1 of the accounts that she is talking about that usually has high volumes - but even that is now very low on work. Plus, this account is one of the oldest ones they have in the company, and their AS are extremely detailed and we have to jump through extra hoops for this account, that most companies would not allow.

My supervisor is really nice, but she constantly sends out emails asking us to flex our schedules/take vacation, etc. to make up for it. She constantly blames it on the time of year too. But that excuse gets old, especially when she uses it all the time. Also, there are companies out there with plenty of work and there are recent ads for Webmedx out on mtjobs.

Their cpl rate is pretty good. The incentives are a joke, like she stated above, b/c of the platform issues (see below) and lack of work - you will barely hit them.

The platform does have issues, and like she said, they are constantly sending out emails saying they are updating it/working on it, etc. It is VERY slow to hop from screen to screen, like the cc screen, the demo screen, etc. God forbid you want to use the function that allows you to see old records on the patient or from the dictator - you will likely freeze.

Hope that helps!
I totally agree -- this is completely do-able.
I have about the same number of abbreviations and am very similar in speed. I also have accounts with a huge number of doctors. I make templates for everything, also have some entire templates loaded into ShortHand, like a more or less typical PE, a consultation, labs, typical closing lines, etc. etc. All of these use jump points.

I prefer ops because in general more of the report is template-able -- I recently switched to an account that is all oncology consultations & it's slower because each report is so different from the next & so it's a lot more straight typing. I just keep adding to my abbreviations & working on getting back up to speed.
Completely agree. Before unions,
people were forced to work 7 days a week, 12 hour days, no benefits, no overtime, no minimum wage, no safety standards, etc etc etc.... THANK YOU UNIONS.
Sorry, but I completely agree with Georgie.
And to you, pot/kettle. You tell her not to be rude & then proceed to call her a NASTY MISERABLE person... Oh the irony.
I completely agree with you NightOwl....
After getting away from MQ, I am finally trying to get out of the financial mess I am in from sticking with them after pay was lowered years ago to 5 cents a line for their wonderful ASR. So far I love the new job, and I just have to get my line counts up a little more, but even with the lower line counts, the pay is almost double what I was making at Medquist with 11 years of experience. I think it is very insulting when companies offer such low rates to any of us especially transcriptionists with years of experience.
Very nicely said CJ and I completely agree with you.

Another MT here who is not associated with MDI or Transcend but wishing you all the absolute best in whatever direction you decide to go in!!!! 

I completely agree with you MT30, I do

remember that happening as well and remember that a lot of the women that went came back rather quickly because of the working conditions that were there, what they were expected to wear, act, etc. 

Like you, I consider this to be a slap in the face and could not believe it was allowed to be posted.  I've been an MT for 24 years and again, I believe now I have seen everything.

Good points, I agree completely.
Agree Completely. Will Clients Drop Us?
Those clients surely will drop the new entity first thing. Perhaps a new entity will evolve to cover those clients and will absorb those of us familiar with them?
FINALLY - found three MTs who I agree with completely.

What great posts. I get the feeling sometimes I am a loner in the satisfaction, my work ethic and passion for this profession.  I doubt like heck MTs will ever be replaced.  We may switch to editing but we are doing that now and surely within minutes of doing that, we become vastly sure that voice recognition will always need editing in the medical profession.  I'm not worried one bit. 


There are good and bad in every profession and there are always going to be those who complain more than they work.  Good golly, life and the MT jobs )or any job) are pretty much what you make them.  You do have some control.  I personally prefer IC but work more than the FT employee would.   You just have to be motivated and focused. 


I get to take time off for myself and go to lunch with my friends, stop and buy a new candle or plant for my desk and that is all it takes to refresh me and get me going again.  I have certain days of the week that I tell myself I am in an office and work like a mad woman.  If I lose momentum, I hang a picture of something I want to save for above my computer as motivation or that pesky utility bill or the kid's college tuition bill.  I don't lose time driving to work and don't have to stop and fill my gas tank, get up for coffee break every 2 hours and don't have anyone tapping me on the shoulder to give a donation for Suzie's cat that had the measles.  I do not answer the phone and I do not have the TV on.  I wouldn't working in an office,  would I?  I do have Willie Nelson and George Strait playing softly in the background though and I get to pick my own music. 


The economy kinda stinks right now and we all know it.  Folks will always get injured, get sick, need surgery and we have an aging population.  Health care is about the most secure profession presently and almost always and we are an important part of that profession as MTs.  Even my bad days ain't that bad. 

Bravo! Applause! Yes! I agree completely!

Thank U, Carolyn. Now I feel much less nervous!

Haha yen, love your post and agree completely with what you say!

I AGREE COMPLETELY! I'd rather be paid a consistent, respectable hourly rate
I am not completely sure about this,
but I think in India and in general in the 3rd world countries not every doctor dictates typed reports. I can image that they just keep their handwritten notes.

Correct me if I am wrong on this.
They need to have Deb retire completely
and have no contact with anyone they put in her place. She hates the world and passes her personal dislikes and vendettas down to everyone else. She has no management skills, no people skills, and operates like she has a mixmaster in her hands at all times.
to be completely honest

Alot of people on this board do not have a life outside of MT'ing, home all the time, not around humans much, antisocial, and that makes for deep seeded anger/cabin fever and frustration that comes out the only way it can...through this board.

Completely true!
What a great post!
Is anyone completely satisfied with their job?

I don't want to be a job hopper, but what is up with these companies??? 

They offer one thing and then completely turn around and do another (only after being employed for a month or so)---- 

You will be completely satisfied and productive on one account and completely out of nowhere they switch on you, throw you on a new account (when they said they wouldn't because they like to see their MTs productive).

I get my Expanders and macros set up ...and BOOM... new account. 

Then there you are learning new account specifics with a bunch of crappy dictators---It feels as if you are starting all over again with a new company.  

Can you ever be really happy?  I am not asking for specific company names here.  I am just wondering since changing jobs 3 times since leaving MQ THIS YEAR if all of the companies are like this.  Maybe I just jinx myself by getting happy and excited and telling people how great this new company is. lol. 

It is not just the switching of the accounts.. it is the IC companies that start out to be 24 hour TAT and then ask you for a schedule after working for a couple of weeks (even when you are getting your required lines in).  Or the companies that even though they are IC and you did give them a schedule expect you to log on any time of the day to work. AGGGHHHH.

I get that this is the business..and I don't want days filled with glorious dictators and simple work (I know that is not possible).  I would just like to be left in ONE PLACE for once with a primary account that doesn't get switched for no reason and get my work back as agreed upon!  Hey throw all of the horrid ESLs you want at me on the account... just leave me be! lol. Seriously.

I just cannot be productive working like this.

That is completely true
The platform is all up to the hospitals and clinics. The company just goes along with what the client wants to use for a platform.
IMO, it's completely relative. sm
I have an account in Cquence which felt cumbersome at first, but then I got comfortable and produce as much there as I do typing, say, in Word offline. Recently I started a Meditech account and...hey! Cquence is absolutely wonderful compared to Meditech!! So my opinion of Cquence has gone up, for sure.

That is completely untrue.
MANY of their accounts are still on Lanier. I should know. I'm on one of them. As a matter of fact, at least six clients are still on there, if not more.

There are e-mails from the owner daily asking people to stretch. There are demands for weekend work STILL. The recruiter has been know to say that SHE is the one true authority on QA, often defying what both the client profile and the QA feedback say.

I'm curious if you're just trying to keep people from knowing the truth, as people are leaving in an almost a mass exodus. Damage control, perhaps?

I Empathize With You Completely

It is just not right to get your line count average at a good-paying level and then have it knocked down to nothing because of a crappy dictator.  I could go on and on and on about this.  SOME (not all) hospitals, clinics, etc (and I know this to be a fact) will send the junk to the service and let their home people do the gravy jobs.  Yet, the people that work for the services risk their pay every day because of it.  I didn't choose to work for a service.  Was basically forced into it.  I love transcription, ABSOLUTELY LOVE it, but am seriously considering training for something more secure.  Just haven't decided what, yet.  Maybe nursing, but I'm not a young person anymore, so I do not know.

Hang in there.  Maybe with help from above, you can make up for it all in the next couple of days.  I truly empathize and sympathize with you!