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I think the problem is that the owner of KS herself does the same thing. She clearly leads by examp

Posted By: Ex KSer on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: Frightening isn't it...that this person - is in charge of others.


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Leads with ANY company NEVER run out of work; that is why the MT's do, because leads pick and cho
for themselves!  TT has so many leads it makes me sick!  We have absolutely no work, but I know those leads and QA are picking out plenty of work that they like to do !!!  FACT !!!
The email said the owner as she is the owner of the email software package. sm
We got the list from AHDI. If someone does not wish to be on our email list, there is a link to click on at the bottom of those for opting out. We immediately remove those that click the link.

We also have a few mailling going out. Same thing - if you opt out of the email program, we will remove you from all contact.

We need transcriptionists for many new accounts and have ads on here and other sites, as well as several magazines. We are going to need over 100 MTs in the next 3 months due to new accounts and more work on existing accounts!
So you are saying that QAs & leads
I am a top notch MT too and was still asked to QA BECAUSE I am a -valuable- MT. Get over yourself.
job leads
This may be weird but I keep a list of companies in a favorites folder to check out if I find myself looking in the future. Going through MT Stars for old posts is a good place to start. Then I would check the company out on their web site, and if I thought I was interested I would either call the recruiter or test depending on their requirements. Personally I would not wait for a company to advertise before applying.
Job leads
Here's a few links to aid in your searching. I've heard a lot of people have gotten/accepted jobs from applications they put in long ago.



Hi, Thanks for your input. I did get a chance to read it before the deletion. I am searching again __________. I really wish I could find a place, where the pay is decent, with benefits, enough work and where the staff responds to account related questions. I am so tired of testing, thinking I have found the perfect place and then....................... Sorry just needed to vent a little.

Have a good Day!

Why do KS mgrs and Leads do this?
Why do you guys insist on coming to this board in an attempt to defend what idiots type? Then you have the gall to post 'KS MGR' or 'KS LEAD'. Your posts just make you look dumb and seem quite unprofessional when you do this. When you identify yourself as a KS MGR or KS LEAD, whatever you post reflects on the company as a whole. You stated 'you need to stop spreading lies'...is there not a better way to say this? Ignore the trolls. I doubt very seriously that people who are interested in KS will be swayed by these posts.

If you insist on posting remarks to defend KS, don't make it known that you are a KS MGR or KS LEAD. Sheesh!
OSI team leads don't do QA at all
All we do is monitor workflow and assign jobs when the coordinator is off - I get $14 for a few hours a week and then do transcription for a line rate. Line requirement is less than regular MT's.

Not a bad setup for us.
It's so they can hire even MORE leads, CEO's
for some reason that top-heavy management is good management.
With the exception of the Leads SM
Always seem to have plenty of work when work load is light/low.  Pretty unfair advantage, if you ask me. 
not sure what happened but this is down under Eliminated Leads below.. nm
Correct...my team still has leads. sm
The truth is, most of the team leads were eliminated because they WEREN'T an asset to the teams. Many of them got the job because they were the only ones who applied. Many were not confident in site formats and rules, giving incorrect information on team mail, and many of them spent entirely too much time chatting with each other about their personal lives on team mail instead of editing. They were the cause of their own demise.
Now 1 AC and 2 team leads are leaving OSI
Not only the MT's but also 1 AC and 2 team leads are leaving OSI.  If you haven't applied elsewhere time is running out before the good jobs are gone.  The only person who will be left when it is all said and done will be the QA manager who will never go anywhere else not only because she is attached at the hip with the great policy makers but also because she couldn't get a job elsewhere if she tried.  After all you have to actually pass the transcription test. 
I would, except the tone of some of your posts leads me to believe
Which leads? I asked my TL and she knew nothing of this. sm
But, leave it to MW to pave the way of utter cheapness.
Any Cardioscribe team leads here?
If so, please email me or post here. Just wanting to know if the hourly rate is fair and would like to hear what you think about your job.
Yea and what's the deal with getting rid of the team leads?
They still have Indian team leads.

Nope, I was called by my former Indian team lead in the begining of this week asking if I could come back to work for them. 

That being said, I had no problems with any of the team leads being Indian, was able to understand them and they were friendly.  My only problem was that before everybody left after being told they had to go employee, there was no work.  It could take all 3 shifts to get enough work for even part-time work on some days and we were told they would not pay down time if we didn't have work so a lot of my scheduled shift as an employee could be sitting refreshing queue without being paid for that time. 

I know that right now, there is pleanty of work but they are more than likely going to overhire.  They don't like work in queue at all.  If there are any reports sitting in queue on the weekend they want you working and threaten to hire more people, thereby taking work away from you.  I was shocked when I changed companies and found how much work stays in queue for my current account, very rarely running out and when I do I have a secondary and a tertiary acct.  Up until now I was always told by Focus that they couldn't do that so when I was out, I was out.  And, my QA is always excellent so it is not my quality that keeps the work from me. 

All of your team leads are India
Team leads not in India

When I worked at Focus my team leads and technical support were in India, but they have just recently changed this.  Your team leads are now Americans.

My leads are great but if you are having a problem...
email Lee...she will take care of it!!!
leads don't have line requirements
Leads actually are expected to meet
a certain quota like everyone else. Otherwise, they'd starve. Leads have to pay their bills like everyone else.
Please clarify how leads take the best jobs....

when they don't type during the times they are acting as leads? Work does flow according to TAT and has nothing to do with assigning so-called crappy jobs and dictators to anyone. First in line, first in time is the way it goes.

So, MTSOs actually ENCOURAGE the leads.sm
to cherry-pick only the work they want to do -- a wonderful setup!.  This, and their salary, too.  Which doesn't surprise any of us, but where does this despicable and unfair practice leave the regular MTs, who are not salaried and only have the measly few pennies per line for the garbage that they are allowed, even encouraged, to throw at us? 
I'm sure the team leads and mgmt SM

are keeping track of line counts, right?  Then they should be quite aware of who isn't getting their count in and contacting those people to find out what the problem is.

There's no time clock but the leads monitor who is on and who isn't. sm
The account I am on has very strict shifts because of being radiology. I have heard that others are more flexible.
I totally agree, the KS leads and KS managers
the negative posters.  Boy the defenses sure are up if this has gone all the way to management and even the owner.  Take a deep breath everyone.  Keystrokes is asked about on this board all of the time.  If something negative is said, then so be it.  Do we not all take any of these posts for what they truly are, which is an opinion.  Some posts may contain facts, but you must be aware that a message board is also full of opinions.  I have seen Transcend bashed on this board, and I had quite a lovely experience with them when I worked for them.  To each his own.  I try to comment in a positive manner when asked, but I do not know all of the facts.  I still would like to be able to post my OPINION.  I do not however feel the need to defend them every chance I get!  My goodness.  We are adults here, but you really could not tell from some of these nasty posts especially the ones claiming to be in a managerial position.  
But the newbies can handle being team leads?
Give me a &%$) break!!!
I was told last January all team leads would be

in the U.S. by summer along with the QA team.  Come May, I was canned along with a bunch of other QA and management people.  Strange dontcha think?  Now they are singing the same tune to a different audience.  See ya at the unemployment office...


But I don't suppose this is a new issue, is it?  Leads have to get in their lines, too, which I was surprised to learn - however, it shed light on a lot of things, like getting all crap/ESL, difficult work, this was before good work went VR and we actually did have some good dictators. 

But as soon as one of the good jobs turned up in the MTs queue (after a while can often tell by MD ID#) - it disappeared just as fast, replaced by a piece of ----.  Had asked lead a few times after this happened, who rudely answered that, what difference did it make to me - I hadn't started on the job yet, anyway.

In all fairness, work should flow naturally - first come, first serve, with the next available MT for the next available job.  But as long as the Leads have control over this, they'll continue to get the best work.  Lot of complaints also on this board re. Cherrypickers and blaming the MT (who get blamed for most everything, anyway) we need to look at WHO has control over work distributed and who benefits from having that control, and it's not the MT.

Most leads are compensated for the extra duties.....
like answering emails and watching TATs, etc. There is no OT, and no huge salary, and leads are expected to reach quota like everyone else. I would know, I work there, and I am a lead. We don't cheerypick, and work is first in/first out unless work has to be assigned for a particular platform. Geez!
They sent an email asking for leads a couple of months ago
Did you try and weren't chosen, or for some reason not want to be a lead?
I have gotten many solid, good job leads and offers from the board...sm.
I have never received any Spam or undesirable mail, only solid offers from companies, and I have gotten a great position through this and many other back-up offers. Just be sure to post a good resume, it will represent you, and always do research through board or Google, whatever, to see if this company would really be worth pursuing.....best of luck to you! There are a few other sites that you can post to for medical transcription, posting resume and such.
Questions about payroll, et cetera should be brought up to your leads...
not to the board...If this was strictly a Keystrokes board, then I would understand but it isn't. I have been there for over 2 years...Please don't feel like I am bashing you or anything. I just think it is inappropriate to bring up payroll questions on a public board.
As I have stated repeatedly, although very unfair, leads have line counts too.
TransTech leads and QA have enough work anymore! Are you either? Re payroll co. change,

I remember that well -- SUDDEN HURRY to get paperwork turned in to new company (same paperwork as a new-hire wound fill out).  Then the new payroll company did a horrible job of putting the data in, and made horendous mistakes in our personal info, etc.  I remember that HURRY very well !

No warning whatsoever to the MT's; just unbelievable mistakes made by new payroll company, and am sure it was due to the BIG RUSH put on them. 

Talk to your leads or call the main office to see if you can get a backup account...
I have been there for over a year too and have always had plenty of work...
Keystrokes....very flexible, tons of work, great leads, good pay...
I love it there...
I repeatedly tell you leads and QA have quotas obtain dictation too. That is where the good dictatio
TransTech leads/sups/QA/others beta testing new software ROBBING US OF THE BEST DICTATION AND WORK !

They are absolutely stealing money from our pockets!  The work has dwindled down to nothing because of the leads/sups (all those micromanage people they have recently hired) taking the best work and dropping the most HORRIBLE in our queue.  They will deny the ability to do this, but it is an absolute LIE when anyone at TT tells their MT's this.  You can watch jobs line up in your queue and then POOF -- pulled out by those leads, etc. taking the job out.  TT thinks we MT's are too dumb to see what they are doing.  NOT !   I watch my jobs coming and GOING OUT!!!!!   Very disgusting to be treated like that.  I don't care if leads have to get their lines or not -- LET THE WORK FLOW AND QUIT TAKING THE CREAM OF THE CROP FROM US MT'S so that we can no longer make a living at Transtech.  We have to make our lines, too, and we have to PAY OUR BILLS, too !!!! 

What a mess TT has gotten themselves in, but it hasn't affected management's checks YET, so no matter to them.

Debate is one thing, and posting is one thing,
but this is getting absurd. I think it must be the same person, otherwise multiples who cannot stay on topic?? Why can't you STICK with the subject? The subject of my post was NOT what your cent per line rate was or is - I could care less- and not how much money you made last year, this year, or in your life, but how silly the comment was that your cents per line rate means NOTHING, that its up to you - some fluff like that. That is just so silly. Again, working for the same company, same account, is one going to make more money being paid more per line? OF course! This is so frustrating and really makes me so tired of reading this garbage let alone posting. Its like a nightmare. And also makes me completely believe that the original company must pay peanuts.
good thing it is a temporary thing sm
because people with your attitude don't stay in anything very long anyway. Nobody has to listen to that crap to keep their job.

You don't know me either. you can say old fart all you want (when did 53 get to be old fart....too funny) but at least I am a valuable employee who can get a decent job!
That is a BIG problem at TransTech is leads assigning work, rather than letting the work flow
This TT MT just admitted to that fact.  It has been very obvious, as so easy to tell how work comes into our que and then gets pulled out as fast as it came in and replaced with YUKKY dictators.   VERY frustrating to us other TT MT's who take the JUNK that is NOT assigned to other MT's, such as this poster. 
Too bad they got rid of Indian team leads. My US team lead is the worst.

Hmm, wonder what the owner will say
no flame, but I would not tolerate that kind of off loading in a public forum from someone on my management team. Please remember I was responding to horn tooting that was short on information and left an impression that huh, I could do better elsewhere in addition to feeling insulted at the lack of decent benefits. There was no mention of UC contribution, STD or LTD, employer paying part of the health insurance premiums.

I said what I said mostly to make the point. If you want to sell me, do a good job the first time or you sink yourself and I won't look at you twice. There was little in the original post to sway me in your favor and the Jeckle/Hyde posting afterwards warns me of good day/bad day tangents.

As I said, best of luck to your company.
Are you the owner of
Why not just post the email address of the 'administrator'. Are you just trying to draw traffic to your forums and away from the forums here.

Seems to me, if you are really seeking MTs you'd just post like the other companies do on the Job board.
it USED to mean owner (sm)
back when most MT services were little and there was a real owner. Now that there are so many huge multinationals with no owner to take personal responsibility for the service, it's sort of transmogrified to mean organization, but that's redundant.

Just take it as meaning a service. Once again, AAMT, worthless as ever, ruins the language.
no changes that i know of. Same owner.
and this is the new owner
My god you people are so gullable.  That picture could have come from anyones kitchen!!!
How do you know? Are you the owner?

They are obviously losing something if there's no work.  Have you been with them since they started or something?  Do you know of every account MDI has or what?  How can you make a blanket statement like that?

I can't believe people sit frustrated about no work and don't move on; that's just plain silly.  There are tons of companies hiring; get on with it already!  Come on show your stuff to a company that will appreciate you and not OVERHIRE!