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I am thinking they are disorganized and shorthanded with admin

Posted By: Mojo workin' on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: A company would not go through the expense and time of hiring you only to not - MTSO

That is the impression I get.... and they called and told me not to call back because they are constantly on the phone. okay so ? But ?

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At first I was thinking that you were being unrealistic, not thinking about taxes, benefits, etc. bu
surprised to find that you are not asking the moon. Let me clarify a few things: Rates charged are not as high as 0.25 per line, but no one that has U.S. employees goes as low as 0.115 or they would not be able to pay their bills. A more realistic range is 0.125-0.165, and that top end is hard to find, most falling at 0.14-0.15 per line.

The rates of pay you propose are very reasonable IF the following is true: These are seasoned MTs who do not need a lot of hand-holding, QA or blanks filled in, unless a very difficult/impossible doctor.

How about a scale based on experience and accuracy of 0.09 - 0.105 per line (acute care), and $1.15-$1.30 per report (radiology)?

The VR one is tough as everyone, MTs and MTSOs and facilities are still feeling their way on this. As an MTSO who was an MT, I feel that VR editing is as difficult to do as regular transcription. I don't think that it should be substantially less pay or charged less as the end product is still the same.

Funny thing here? My company already follows that scale. We should work together, not at odds, to reinforce this industry and bring it back to where it should be, right here in the U.S.A. with a decent paycheck.
Thank you, Admin!!! sm
It's not that I don't believe MQ MTs have just as much right to post here as anyone else. It's just that there are so darned many of them that wading through their posts was getting to be a pain.
I've been in admin before... (sm)

It was impossible to balance the accounts and keep everybody happy. Stuff would get backed up to the point that accounts were in danger of being lost. MTs would be hired. Dictation would suddenly slow down, and people would run out of work. Some would be out of work while others had tons of work due to individual ability to do various work types.

I don't think they try to overhire. Usually the people who recruit are told what to hire for. They don't have anything to do with setting the number. It's just a crappy field. Either the clients are unhappy or the MTs are unhappy. I'm an MT again, and I can relate to both. The field just sucks if you don't have a backup form of income.

obviously there is a KS admin person
You may have had a good experience, but others are not and that cannot be denied. I was raring to start work and I got pushed away until... their loss, I might add.... I got another offer, a pretty good one at that.

The Admin is not the offshore
You have to have admin rights to get
What do mean by admin rights?
Do you mean whoever we work for has control over the line counting method? 
IP numbers can be seen by the admin BUT a lot

of money will be paid for the service of having someone's records subpoenaed. I have read this entire thread and I see nothing that anyone can really do.

IP addresses are not definitive either. Groups of people can share an IP address particularly on places like AOL and there are other companies that do it that way also, so someone would really have to go to lengths to find out the definite ID of someone. I don't believe I have read anything other than independent opinions presented on this topic.

These boards are to share opinions and not all opinions are fair, but this is the United States and we do have freedom of speech. Presenting an opinion about a company is ok. Libeling a company is not. I do not see libel at all in this topic.

I feel bad for moderate/admin
They remove them, but they don't really realize that the posts are true.  There are so many things that happened to me with that company that were bad.  If they realized how true most of the posts were, maybe they wouldn't delete them so often.  I don't know.
Thank you, Admin. I agree wholeheartedly. NM
Kudos to you Admin!! Ty whoever had the proof too!


Well, think about it!! They lied to the MTStars Admin.
Telerecruiting Admin Services
I just found this post on www.whydowork.com/forums:

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 2:44 pm Post subject: Telerecruiting Admin Services Reply with quote
Anyone heard of these people?

I fell for the first part of their scam.

Now, I am trying to get my money back. I keep getting the run around from these people about my refund.

I just want some information about this company because I am considering turning them in to a few agencies.

If anyone has any information about them, please reply.

I could use the state that live in, perhaps an address, name of a contact at the company, and a phone number would be great too.

I would really appreciate any help anyone can give.

If anyone is interested in hearing of all of the steps I have taken so far in trying to get my money back, just let me know. I will be happy to share.
unless you're a moderator/admin..sm

unless you're sysops and/or can grab IPs and DNS, you can only SURMISE who is posting what....

However, the moderators and administrators can tell for sure.... *S* 

You can email me at admin@mtstars.com
good advice from admin above
This is a good recruiting board.  Recruiters posing as MTs raving on and on about their company.  What snakes!
ATTN: Transcenders - Pls provide admin.
that Transcend is offshoring, and they will be dealt with accordingly.
They still seem to be disorganized from what I can tell, but
I didn't have any of the particulars as far as pay, etc.   Their test was a killer though. 
Very disorganized...just me...nm


Still very disorganized. sm
IMHO, there are some pretty big problems especially in the communications department. They do pay on time and you probably would have enough work if you asked for more than one account. But I think they should have some hard internal come-to-Jesus meetings and get organized before they take on more accounts and more people.
cool board admin "stop the ...crap" nm
very disorganized, no work, low pay
spare yourself the agony!
After one week of working for them, I notified them about my wish to terminate the contract (2 wks notification required). After completing the full 3 wks (luckily I found a good company to work for!), I sent them invoice for (whatever little available) work done amounting to $65 (hahaha! what a joke!!!) and still have not received any payment...
Don't waste your time and talent.
The point is that they are disorganized

and unprofessional....

that is the point, not that the recruiter was out to get her but that the recruiter is lazy and incompetent and too lazy to come up with a better excuse or a better way of presenting the position.


Very disorganized company. nm
I had the same experience, very disorganized - sm
I had to wait about 6 weeks for my first check, that alone made me nervous but I did get paid w/o issue every 2 weeks after the initial wait. I only used C-phone and word though no platform. Agree with the bad QA, nice enough people though very, very disorganized.
They seem to be terribly disorganized, trying to
change procedures, added new staff, adding lots of new accounts and I guess they are just overloaded.  I would definitely recommend a phone call.  Usually after that things get rolling.
This company is very, very disorganized.
They seem to be very nice people, but they really need to evaluate the way they do things and put a checks and balances system in place so that people don't fall through the cracks. I was in disbelief at the experience that I had with Keystrokes. I just moved on.

One should not have to keep reminding a company that they have hired you and that you need to get started. Unbelievable. I am not bashing...just sharing my opinion of this company.
Very disorganized. I worked for them for like a
They owner will IM you to death for 8 hours straight.  Yes, IM is a requirement.  Meditech was the platform, which is horrible. 
They are ok. Kind of disorganized but
VERY disorganized company.
The supervisors are not MT's and it's hard to get any information.  I have a second interview Tuesday elsewhere and will be moving on.
Not only disorganized but I found
less than knowledgeable.  Based on her answers to my questions I concluded she had no experience as an MT which didn't sit well with me as I think she also doubled as the transcription supervisor also.  Based on my interview and then prior posts about this company regarding QA issues, platform and dictators I decided to keep looking as I didn't get a feeling there would be stability with this company. 
Not true. This info is on the Company board per Admin's request.
It is all clearly marked "MQ" somewhere in the subject line or name.

The Main board is virtually free of the new MQ posts. Go back over there or just scroll down the page to where you want to read.

No one has forced you to read anything. Admin made a request that the new MQ info be placed on this board and we have complied.

You're not obliged to read if you don't want to.
Prove it to me then. I'm open for discussion. You can email me at admin@mtstars.com


They weren't rude with me, but a little disorganized and
not looking out for my best interests, but the interests of their client, which I guess is the way it should be since the client is paying for their services.  As far as I know there are 2 women that run this company, I have not talked with the owner and maybe she was the one rude, but the woman I dealt with was not rude, just a little dingy and maybe not 100% truthful about the company that she was recommending.  All TM did though was screen me and then I still had to go through the testing/interview process with the company.  I had had contact with the referred company previously and had even been offered a position with them, which I turned down.  The pay rate offered to me by TM and the pay rate offered to me by the company were the same.  I declined referral to the company, being that I had already declined an offer from them and I never heard from TM again. 
I think they use different programs, very confusing and disorganized
When I was there a year ago, they were VERY disorganized but still micromanaged and
MDI-FL, very disorganized. Agree with poster (sm)

They get nasty at MDI-FL and answers to questions ignored if they don't like the question being asked.  Paid time off is NEVER correct and good luck getting the time listed on the stub.  Work flow is hit and miss.  They order you off and then back on with VR accounts.  Pay and insurance benefits are better than most if you tolerate their demands and disrespect.

Do you find it a very disorganized company?
Transcend is so incredibly disorganized.
They need to get their act together before they buy another company. Nobody knows what the other is doing, poor communication all around.
Used to use this in a hospital setting, admin could change the number of characters per line (sm)
at one point they had us typing an 80 character line. Talk about zapping your line rates down. Of course we worked for an hourly rate so it really didn't matter, just management's way of pushing us to do more. They only required 800 lines per day for a FT MT so they were trying to get their moneys worth I guess.
Shapin...unprofessional, disorganized, let go without any warnings at all.
I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy!
Drs. who are so disorganized you get a 15-minute report and wind up
Drives me NUTS! 
I thought their training was AWFUL. Disorganized, sm...
and way late on feedback (it took me more than 24 hours to get feedback on my first training day)! I lasted about 30 minutes into the second day and said I'M DONE! The platform, IMO, is rather cumbersome, as well. No DD for 90 days, as I recall. All in all, I would suggest to look elsewhere, but this is JUST MY OPINION!
Very disorganized. Unqualified ppl in upper managment

Three words..Feast or Famine.., disorganized, and bad communication, anything else??
I wish I had more positives other than pay is on time. That is about the only positive at all.
Great bennies but extremely disorganized and out of work a lot. nm
Precyse. Disorganized, low work, broken promises.
Disorganized. If you aren't the favorite, then forget it. Never enough work
so you can work your schedule.  But if you don't get your line count, you are expected to do whatever it takes to make it.  Keep looking -- there are better companies out there. not to mention you'll get talked about behind your back
Worked there shortly. Pretty disorganized. Hard to understand the
Keystrokes-disorganized accounts, broken promises, moody owner
Admin rights are rights to modify different facets of