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Ortho yes, sorry but took the test more than 3 days ago and

Posted By: Mojo workin' on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: Update. All tests taken are for ortho. All who have taken and - Not Team Lead

YES, I was told they get 150 emails a day and to be patient... she DID call and did tell me not to call back because she is impossible to get on the phone and is on the phone all day. Why would I make that UP?

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If you have not passed the ortho test in the past 30 days and want to sm
know your errors, please email KeystrokesHR@aol.com and ask for the results. We have re-evaluated the procedure that we have had for the past 5 years and agree that this can be sent to those requesting the results. The test is harder than it seems; the coordinator is looking for very specific things and requires 100% to hire someone. Please send an email requesting this and we will get it to you right away.
There is no written test. Must have been a different company. I took their ortho test sm
and it was easy. You had to know your terminology but it was easy to understand AND I used my foot pedal.
I took the Ortho test and didn't have a problem with it..
maybe it was a different test than your family members but no trouble here...
They test for ortho but not others but I was just told that starting this week, everyone will have t
I love it there too!
Sure, but nobody can understand the Ortho test dictation, no pedal, no speed control...sm
I took their test 2 days ago

I took the test for Transolutions 7 days ago and haven't heard anything as of yet, sent back Keystrokes questionaire 4 days ago, nothing yet. If they're all supposedly hiring, why we waiting? 

 Maybe they're busy sorting through resumes and tests, and it just takes awhile.  I'm keeping the positive attitude so far.

I sent it in the first day, heard back in a few days, took the test and started last week. sm
I know that they are very busy and it sounds like they are getting even busier. It took about a week after I took the test to hear, but I was told there were over 100 people taking tests and they were picking the best scores.
Keystrokes has great ortho accounts and a wonderful manager over the ortho work. sm
I have worked with them for 4 years and will never leave unless something drastically changes. I do not post here normally as it seems that there are so many negative people, but this is one I felt I could answer without being attacked.
That is what I just said. !0 days PTO, period. That includes vacation, sick days and personal days
They should have paid holidays so that you are paid if you take off. Also should inculde extra hours for sick days and personal days.

That annual raise of .002 is kind of a joke especially when at the same time they upped the minimum line requirement from 10,000 lines to 12,000 lines.

OSi just does not have the qualified people in management positions that I wish to work for.

I am glad that you are happy at OSi and all is working out for you. Their dishonesty and the way they treat people just does not work for me.

Of course they can get by cheaply by hiring unqualified people so that is very good for the owners.
Usually a spelling test, a punctuation test, and maybe 3-6 test files to do. Sometimes done using
You bill 30 days behind, and they snail mail it so it's late - about 40 days from invoice
No way jose - they even messed up their direct deposit payments
I took a test for a company and my foot pedal would work with the test and I had keep going back
over the dictation time and again to get all the words because I couldnt stop and start it by the foot pedal.  What can I do about this.
Just took the test myself. No actual dictation to transcribe. Just a written test.
For 13 cpl, I might do it if the dictators aren't a total horror.
I just took the test today - thought it was a great test of MT skills.
Maybe she/he works 14 hour days/7 days a week? nm
Would that be 5 business days or 5 regular days?
So when are we going to be paid this time around since you're so knowledgable?

Sorry, but for some of us a day or 2 actually makes a difference.
Most want 20 hours over 5 days, but it could be more, or it could be spread over 4 days. nm
Correction - TH has 5 PTO days 1st year/10 days 2nd yr
Axolotl within 30 days. Transolutions in 60 days. NM
It is true. Any job has its good days and bad days.
Perhaps you'd like to just keep your old job and try this one out. Just because a poster here is crabbing about it, or even if as in the past there have been negative posts, odds are that there are very happy people who don't even post or know that this board exists. As Alice says. Everything is relative. The fact that this company is hiring and pays may be a place which is a blessing. As opposed to digging ditches on day labor for example. Or somebody might prefer digging ditches. This is just an example. Sometimes we who are employable, even though we don't make as much as we used to in this business, or as much as we would like to, we still if working at home do not pay for gas to go to work, career clothes, deal with office politics, have to look at a boss who writes us up if we are a minute late, etcetera. I don't make half as much as I used to, but I don't send my 3 children to day care which by the way saves us money. SO I remind my husband I am worth that in addition to my salary if I had a job outside. No job is perfect. I am not even sure if Focus is any good or not, I have not worked there. But if one poster says there are good days and bad, I say that is the most honest answer you are going to get anywhere, and if you need a job badly, how is it to hurt trying it out, until you know for sure for yourself? THanks for listening. But sometimes this board gets to be a bit much with the agendas of people railing on other people like the OP here who just wanted all opinions instead of just one side. Balance is always great. And, if things seem lop-sided, then it is a good thing to seek out both sides. IMHO.
I think they would. Those are good days for 10-hour days. sm
I have a set schedule but it is Tues-Sat and it works well for me. It wouldn't hurt to ask!
90 days is correct. 3 days off 1st year, 10 during 2nd.
Is the test through mttest.com a timed test? Thanks. nm

Ask them to put you on the ortho
Ortho job
I got an E-mail the following morning after I sent my resume and then a phone call yesterday afternoon to setup a formal interview.  
is it ortho? nm
I do Ortho...
Ortho with KS
What's the ortho like with KS?  I've heard that the supervisor is very strict and makes it a difficult situation.  Just wanted to check before applying.  I am not looking for a job that will just be a lot of grief and torment.
Ortho help

Although I have been doing transcription for quite some time, I am relatively new ot ortho. I must admit I do enjoy it; however, my productivity leaves a lot to be desired.

Each report is different. No Lungs are clear. Heart is regular, you get the drift.

Any ortho MTs out there with any suggesions?

Thank you (as always)!


As with any new specialty, your line count is going to be down at first but with a little time and patience and good use of your expander, you'll see it go back up and will know most of the terms he's going to say before he actually says them.

Thank you to everyone!

I am relativley new to this board.

I have posted several times in the past and am always astounded people  take the time to help with their advice.

(Message n ot even on correct board..........oops)

Thanks again!



In ortho, there are a lot of two and three word combinations like tenderness to palpation and thoracic spine.  I would abbreviate these things in my shorthand.  Sentences that were repeated often, I would put the first letter of each word and put that sentence in my shorhand.  I used ShortHand just as much in ortho as in HPs and consults.

were you in ortho?
I am and often do OT but I need/want the money so I volunteer.
One of their ortho accounts (sm)
I spent more time going in and out of documents than I did transcribing on one of their ortho accounts.  Nice people tho. 
ortho or podiatry
Does any know of any company that is hiring for orthopedic or podiatry accounts?  
I would like to do ortho work too
I have almost 9 years of ortho and I
when they called. When I returned the call, I was told that We did have 3 openings when I called you but it's first come, first served and you missed out.

I was told that at 1 pm today and now I see they have a job posting for 12 ortho MTs.
On the ortho accounts, about how many SM

minutes per day do you get from your doctor(s)?  After you get used to account specs, is it pretty easy to get the work done in 8 hours?  Also, are there a lot of ESLs, because I'm terrible with ESLs.  (Are they clinic notes, op notes, consults, or all of the above?)

About what time do you get your work and when is it due back?

Are the benefits okay?  How much for medical and dental for employee only?  When do they start?

Thanks for your help! :o)

KS wannabe

Ortho Pay Per Page
These were orthopedic doctors that I was charging $3.00 per page.  Two types of notes.  One was a progress note and the other new patient was in letter form.  I typed them in Word, so I made templates.  They usually put an entire day of patients on one tape.  It was only a matter of choosing the appropriate template.  My experience with ortho clinic is they are fairly short dictations.  I'll put it to you this way if I had to choose it would be per page because the dictations are usually very short.  Ortho docs see a lot of patients in one day and even if they are a new patient most will not go into a lot of detail regarding past medical history, etc.  They mainly focus on symptoms, the exam, and then the diagnosis and treatment.  Glad I could help. 
Considering Keystrokes...ortho
Any current information would be great!  I am wondering about the work load, dictators and how steady the work is?  TIA
Although I don't type ortho...
I am very satisfied with the amount of work. I have a secondary account, but my primary account provides more work than I can do in a day. The office staff is helpful. There are no ESL dictators on my primary account, and I never have to send work in with blanks. Again, I cannot comment on any specific ortho account, as I do not type ortho. Hopefully someone who does type ortho with Keystrokes can fill you in more in that regard.
Ortho acct
i have been offered ortho, which i have a great deal of experience. How much would you say per hour you make at 7.5 WI spaces. I really have a lot of quesstions and if possible would like to e-mail you direct. Also can the ShortHand program be used
The ortho manager IS the BEST!
Best manager (and company) I've worked for in over ten years.
Ortho Accounts???
Any experience with their ortho accounts?  Is it easy to make lines or do you have to fill in a lot of demo info? 
Ortho transcription

Did someone really advertise 6.5 cpl with experience.  UNBELIEVABLE!! That is less than I made when I started 23 years ago.

Ortho work

My company does alot of work for the same Orthopedic Specialty hospital D&L works for and they are always looking for experienced MTs. We always get paid on time, and have for 9+ years with never one problem.  Contact Phoenix MedCom, Inc. at www.phoenixmedcom.com. Send resume to hr@phoenixmedcom.com


ortho at DocuMed and pay
Can anyone tell me anything about about the ortho positions at DocuMed and how their pay is?  Do they pay on time?  Direct deposit?  Help if needed?
This is what I have on DocuMed ortho.

Resume sent (date).  Test sent to me (date).  Test was too long.  Never apply again.  This lady wants to call my account contacts and sends an old e-mail from back in February 2007 for testing.  Dictators are horrible.  Hope this helps some.  Pay on ad was 9 cpl.   

Why Ortho Words?? sm

I most times start with Google and then make sure it is spelled correctly by looking it up in the medical dictionary.  I also use a Word Book that just gives medical words but no definitions.  That helps to narrow things down sometimes too. 

I'm wondering why the above poster said to get Ortho Words.  Is that a must for all types of specialties in your opinion?  I don't have one but would get one if it is helpful.   I do Radiology so you would think that would be good for me anyway.  Think I'm going to go to Amazon.com right now and order one. 

Did anyone apply to Ortho MT/Wk at hm...

on job seeker's board?  I am just curious as to if anyone did and what the feedback has been like thus far and/or what anyone knows about who this company/person is.  You can e-mail me if you'd like - it seems all good but I like to try to confirm if possible before jumping in.  TIA.