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BTW, Skull-less, it did not go over my head. s/m

Posted By: the truth is out there on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: Wow - right over your head. - Skully

I knew exactly what your snide childish comment meant.  And actually, I do believe in a lot of things.  I believe that a person should never intentionally hurt someone else.  I believe that whatever you put out in the universe comes back to you 10-fold, good or bad.  I believe that you are already getting yours back by having to exist in your hellish, miserable world and being someone who obvious takes joy in hurting others. 

Also, FYI, in school I was the cute popular girl, but I was always the first one to jump to someone's defense if they were being unfairly attacked or harangued.  Even the bullies respected me, and so being my friend was a sort of protection for these people.  It always makes me sick and angry when I see bullies like you just always ready to pick a fight because somehow it feels good.  I have seen the pain that bullying incurs and I have raised my own children to never be that way.  Too bad you never learned that lesson, but it stands to reason, usually bulllies beget bullies. 

The most disappointing thing, though, is to see the lack of response from other "people" on this board to your hatefulness and your attacks on me over a very innocent post.  I have never needed anyone to defend me and don't need it now, but this is a perfect example of the apathetic attitudes that pervade our society. You and people like you are a poison to our culture and, I for one, am not one to stand passively by and put up with it.  Please get on some medication or something before you eat yourself inside out with all that putrid aggression you have bottled up.

Namaste . . . .

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It's called your brain. It's somewhere in that deep skull (nm)
Head. nm

You are in way over your head.
extremely complex. It changes voice and tense constantly, even in the middle of a single passage. It is also replete with metaphor. You, my dear, would not know a metaphor if it walked up with a sign across its chest and kicked you in the face.

If you go looking for hate, you will find it. But it is a sad commentary on this election and on your flavor of Christianity when you try to turn a Holy Book into a hate machine for political gain.

I have spent decades in the midst of Moslems and their culture. I can say categorically, you are full of all sorts of baloney and do not know what you are talking about. You are a pitiable anachronistic narrow-minded bigot. By the way, the last time I checked, Christians are way not above killing the infidel (and I am NOT speaking metaphorically here). Can you say Crusades? Get off your high horse and get with the program. Your hate speech will doom you candidate to defeat.
Right on, you hit that one on the head!!

She is such a media "prostitute".  Why no one can see through her transparent self-promotion antics is beyond me, but if the pubs are looking to her for leadership, boy are they in major trouble!  

Ah, come on Mrs. M..........use your head
use it as a noun.........you know, as in the unteachable ignorant.
Very little is over my head.
What's your point?
Does this all come out of your head or are you
just copying and pasting?
Wow - right over your head.
Some people will believe anything. That's my point.

It was a direct result of your remark, "...it is provocative and thought provoking and very interesting in all the "coincidences" that seem to be wrapped around these events and bears more than just a glancing interest by anyone who is concerned about the state of our country today."

What a dupe. (Is that word in your dictionary?) Do you believe in Bigfoot, and UFOs, and BlackOps Helicopters, and people stealing kidneys in the middle of the night too? 'Cause, all those rubes use the phrase "the truth is out there" too. Gee, ya think that's why The X-Files used that as its cathphrase?

And, nice try to psychoanalyze me but I'm afraid your 'nanny-nanny-boo-boo' comments make you look like a total tard.

Let me guess - you were the fat, ugly girl who sat alone in the sandbox at recess. Maybe that's why you're so stuck on the bully/bullied thing. Oh, wait, I think I know. You were neither a bully NOR bullied. You were just ignored. And now you have emotional scars.

Awe - almost makes me feel sorry for you.

You said it...Shaking my head...nm
Not over the top & hit the nail on the head sm
with this paragraph.

Miss Coulter doesn't criticize Mrs. Beamer, of course, because Miss Coulter doesn't genuinely object to 9/11 widows being messengers; she selectively objects to their messages. If the women in New Jersey she so charmingly calls witches had expressed political opinions in lock-step conformance to the television-friendly slogans of Sean Hannity, Miss Coulter would have been applauding them. Instead, Miss Coulter is trying to silence them. Why? Because extreme right wing politics has always been about silencing inconvenient dissent. I'm a godly Republican -- trust me on this.

You hit the nail on the head!

I think some (definitely not all or a majority) of Americans just don't want to face the fact that the enemy we face is not from within.  Again, I'm not saying our government is perfect or without elements of corruption, but what I am saying is that we are comfortable in our *Lexus boxes* and mocha latte lifestyles.  Many people, especially the generation now in their early to mid twenties, have absolutely no idea about the extreme sacrifice of our ancestors made to make this country what it is.  I believe our country is at a tipping point.  I think people prefer oblivion and denial and just hoping that we can all just get along.  We really delude ourselves about all the violence and crime going on in our cities as being from people who are victims of this and that.  They think more understanding will rehabilitate people who yes, may have a had a hard life, but that should not excuse them of criminal behavior.

People just don't want to believe evil is a real thing.  It's not just the result of misunderstanding or a challenging childhood it's an actual force in the universe.  I'm trying not to get religious here, but if you don't have a good grasp on the actual existence of good and evil and the origin of them there's no way you're going to ever believe that what is happening in the world is bigger than all of us.

But your head is in the sand. SM
I don't equate the Crusades with bashing Catholics.  What an idea!  Wow...news to me.  So all those threats you mention, how many of them flew planes into our buildings and abducted and beheaded our people?  Really, your blase attitude is frightening.  I just don't get it.
Head in sand-sm

9/11 and Iraq - not related.  And that comes from our own government's report.

Head in sand?  Your belief appears to be that by invading one country in an entire region of Islamic culture that we can make the bad guys go away.  This isn't the American West in the 1860s.  We can't wipe out all the Injuns and take over their land.  The Middle Eastern culture does not like the U.S. politics, does not like our culture and generally doesn't want to embrace our form of government or religion so this experiment in killing all the bad guys in Iraq to secure the rest of the world from the terrorists was ridiculous from the start. 

Then...if you keep your head in the sand long enough you can keep repeating over and over that the war is well-conceived and well-carried out and is going well...er, at least will start going well ANY MINUTE. 

Maybe love won't cure terrorism against the U.S. but killing our soldiers in Iraq as well as a million Iraqi civilians isn't going to either.

Head in sand
I just don't understand why some Americans refuse to understand that Tex Bush is the most incompetant president in our history! Yet, some continue to try to talk themselves into believing he is doing whats best for America. You can say it as many ways as you choose, but, the fact is, the Iraq war was not necessary and has turned into one of our greatest collosal failures. It's simply too hard for some Americans to accept that over 3000 American soldiers have been killed for absolutely no reason. What about the many thousand innocent Iraqi men, women, and children who have died at the hands of Bush's war? Are they any less innocent than the victims of 9-11? Who are the terrorist in their eyes? Bush did not invade Iraq to fight terrorism and to bring the 9-11 culprits to trial. Had he done that, instead of engaging in this miserable war, his place in history might have been a little brighter. Instead, he is, and will, be considered one of the worst presidents in our history. For some Bush supporters, its simply too difficult to see or understand why.
You hit the nail on the head...YES!
Your last sentence...sums up the liberal socialist agenda! "Give all your money to us and we will take care of you (to keep you enslaved to us of course) because we know you cannot take care of yourselves and we can do it SO much better."

I do not mind helping out those who truly cannot help themselves. But a family of 4 (2 adults 2 kids) can afford to insure their children. They DO NOT need a program to help them do that....IMHO.
who do the voices in your head tell you I am?

Why does it make you feel better to keep telling yourself everyone on this board is pretty much all the same person?  Email me as well as the other folks on the board who you also think are me.  The truth will emerge if you care to discover it.

Yep...think ya hit the nail on the head....
he let them take over his convention and remain the big dogs, so they would not deep six his presidential run, and don't think for a minute they couldn't have.

Still, if I were Obama, I would seriously watch my back. He** hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially that woman. She and Bill both ascribe to the don't get mad get even club. This has been SUCH an interesting week.
You hit the nail on the head. (nm)
Head up. This just in. Sally is not the only
I posted this piece and I ain't Sal.
IGNORANT? I think this is over your head

Christianity is ONE faith.  In the world, of course, there are many others besides Christians that believe in God.  Are you following me? 

Christians are not the center of the world, if that is what you are implying...

BUT, the founding fathers were Christian.  That is all I am saying.



How's that for a kick in the head?

Clinton left office with a 1/2 billion surplus....Reps come in and squander it, plus rape America's wealth.... What a bunch of thieves!  Now, the American people can pay for their thievery.  Forget about those hopes and dreams, people...they are GONE!!!

No sam, I'm not calling for anyone's head
this.  Why are you making it so dem/pub?
And the first one to head home should be

You hit the nail on the head!
boy, did you hit the nail on the head s/m

They just refuse to admit it.


Do you even bother to get your head out of your
You hit the nail on the head.....sm
A while back, our Bible study class did a study on Revelation. I find several things in Chapter 13 that could very easily describe Obama as the Antichrist. If he is elected, it could signal the impending Tribulation. Those who are left behind will be in for some very hard and scary times.

Of course, if it is true that Obama IS the Antichrist, nothing we can do will alter what must be.
And to think, the head of the KKK at the start
You hit the nail on the head there..(sm)
Free enterprise -- capitalism.  Obviously the whole idea isn't working.  My guess (and this is a guess) is that before it's over with the auto industry will be run by the government, which is where the stipulations will come in.  Will this work any better?  Who knows?
you hit the nail on the head
it's ALWAYS okay for them...

and the MOST ridiculous part about it is they REFUSE to admit that!!! like it's staring them right in the face and they KNOW they'd be p*ssed if, for example, like you say McCain/Palin threw that kind of party... can we get a liberal on this board to stand up and say oh NO THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!


When your head comes out of the sand...........
Of course you may, stupid-head!

(And I mean that with the greatest affection!) 

*peeks head in* is the war over yet?
Is it safe to come back yet?

I found out that our health clinic here in town is being shut down due to the economy. They said it was because too many people who have insurance go there and get free treatment and just don't claim their insurance.

Which really stinks for me, because I don't have insurance and that is where I got my checkups and birth control.

My husband got a new job (finally!!!) so we will have insurance, but not for 90 days...

Guess we'll be taking a break from you know what! :)
It beats having your head cut off
Do they consider that torture?

Yeah, I'd take the $50K.

What people don't realize are there are certain times you need to get information. Like when you know something bad is going to happen and without the information you can't save those that may be in danger. They've got the medical personnel there, they are not chopping off their heads and doing bodily damage (inflicting pain through knife wounds or gunshot wounds, breaking their bones, rape, electrocuted, beaten, or any of the really nasty stuff that we get to endure if captured by them). They are trying to get the information they need to save lives.

Fear is the only thing they understand.
Who's holding a gun to your head? Don't like him
Simple as pie. Why spend your life being angry and posting these pathetically juvenile insults? Nothing better to do?
[shaking head]....

you guys are just pitiful.....simply pitiful.  It is such a huge relief that you guys are out of power it's unreal. 

Torture is okay....killing is okay....they did it in the bible.  What cowards you are to hide behind your religion when it comes to your own wrongs (especially since these wrongs, in particular, affect us all) and yet you have the gall to point fingers at others who would try to right these wrongs.

BTW, maybe if you keep telling yourself that torture saved LA enough times, it might actually come true....NOT.

You hit the nail right on the head!.....
Nobody can question that.

It was Adam & Eve !

And THIS is normal !
Wow! Now I will have that tune in my head all day.
and he fired the head of GM (which sm
he probably needed to go) but Obama is sitting up there taking Air Force one and spending all this money. No better than the GM execs, the AIG execs, all of it. Transparency? What a joke he is!
Over your head, huh? Obvious that you DID
Does your head have a limited capacity?
Thanks for the warning. You know it appears you're following me around making disparaging comments under every one of my posts for no purpose whatsoever except to annoy me.

I'm flattered:) Like your new name too - but by any name, you are never anonymous. Just can't stay on the conservative board can ya? Haha, never thought you could!

It tells me three things off the top of my head.

First, it tells me that he has an excellent work ethic.  He worked very hard to be the best lawyer he could be, which leads me to believe if he were President, he'd work just as hard to be the best President he could be.  In my opinion, Bush has NO ethics -- work or otherwise.

Secondly, it tells me that I don't believe in popularity contests.  If he won or lost his own state is irrelevant to me.  I respected what the man had to say, and the thought of a President Edwards over a President Bush has been looking better and better on a daily basis every day for the last year.  If we can't have a leader who has firsthand experience as a combat veteran in a foreign war, then the next best thing is to have one who actually HAD to work for a living, someone who went from being poor to being rich by virtue of hard work and dedication, instead of someone being born, as Ann Richards once said, with a silver foot in his mouth.

As far as bankrupting any STATE, the most damage Edwards could have done was to decrease some PROFITS of insurance companies (easily recouped by raising malpractice insurance rates).  I doubt he did any financial harm to the state.  Because of him and his lawsuits, though, there might be a few more doctors practicing CARE now when they practice medicine.  Don't forget.  Million dollar verdicts are handed down by juries, peers of plaintiffs, in these matters.  Maybe you think it's okay for doctors to get richer and richer as a result of getting sloppier and sloppier, but I don't.  Negligence should be punished.  That's what punitive damages are for.  If the lawsuits were meritless, they would have been thrown out of court.  Simple as that.

The third thing it tells me is that I'm entitled to my liberal opinion, on the LIBERAL BOARD, whether CONSERVATIVES like it or not.

No is ybbil one of the voices in YOUR head.
More like Sybil.
I head the same thing, Lurker!

And I'm ecstatic!!!  I heard Craig Crawford say that Bush isn't the radical evangelical that some of his more rabid followers think he is.  Maybe Bush isn't as bad as I thought he was.  Maybe he IS choosing a woman who is *reasonable.*  Maybe he's finally waking up and realizing his numbers are going down because he's ignored the majority of the people in this country while trying to cater to the whacky radical minority who want use the GOVERNMENT to force their religious views and imagined moral superiority down everyone's throats.

I didn't even start out being this left-sided.  It seemed the more right-sided he leaned, the more left-sided I became, almost an involuntary reflex type reaction in rebellion.  With the nomination of Miers and the subsequent disapproval by Krystal, Buchanan, etc., I feel as if I can relax a little bit and finally feel there might actually be HOPE for America.  This is indeed a happy day! 

keep your head in the sand - a month ago

they are VERY_CLOSE, this is no black sheep in his family....

You hit the nail on the head Lifelong..nm
Non't you worry your pretty little head about that.
Can I recommend an effective laxative to relieve you of that load of Focks News malarky you carry suffer from? Check out Cspan. The die hards aren't there. They may stay home, but the few that cross over will never put a dent in the vote deficit that will show up by the time election day rolls around.
Apparently this post went right above your head!
Either you are just plain ignorant or you have been drinking a little too much Sam Kool-Aid these days if you interpret the above post as proving Sam's point.
I don't think you missed anything...nail on head....:) nm
You hit the nail square on the head.
You hit the nail on the head regarding Obama.
Ahmadinejad probably has a thrill running up his leg too at the thought of an Obama presidency.