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I'd be most happy to receive an email from you.

Posted By: Marmann on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: Marmann: Would you mind if I sent you an e-mail? s/m - the truth is out there

I don't understand why MTStars won't forward yours to me.

I guess receiving an email from you would require me to publicize my email, and that sort of makes me feel like I'm diving into a river swarming with piranhas, and, not knowing what kind of physical damage (viruses, etc.) they could do to my computer, I'm just not comfortable doing that.

Let me think about this for a while, and I'll get back to you (or you get back to me if you think of something).  In the meantime, yes, I really would like to have an intelligent conversation with a reasonable person.  It would be a breath of fresh air. 

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If I ever receive an email like that from my employer...

..I will IMMEDIATELY begin to send out resumes and when I find another job, I will quit.  I will give the courtesy of two weeks' notice, though, because one of us should be professional.  However, my association with an employer like this will end immediately.

So, it's okay with you for women to not receive....
equal wages for equal work.  Maybe you would be okay with us just going back to the stick at home and support your man theory.  Maybe we shouldn't think for ourselves.  Why don't you come to the rescue for Obama, or anyone else for that matter?  She is a politician by choice, and we all know the scrutiny and criticism that comes with that.  I don't plan on treating her with kid gloves just because she has a vagina.  You, on the other hand seem to have a double standard, and that double standard does not help with the cause for equality for women.
Would you prefer he receive a

declaration of war from these leaders?  He can't possibly be responsible for RECEIVING letters from people.  This is ridiculous and serves to do nothing but fan the flames of hate and fear.  Please open the link I provided and look at the graphs.  George W. Bush has completely destroyed any trust, respect or credibility the United States once had.  The WORLD wants a leader they can trust.  The WORLD simply doesn't trust the Republicans after eight years of Bush.  Open the link and see for yourself.

And the thread you started above is simply false.  Public service will NOT be mandatory.  He's trying to bring back a "Peace Corps" style attitude to America and wants to REWARD those who CHOOSE to perform community service with help paying for their college tuition.  The rich kids can still float through and don't have to do anything, but the poorer families -- and they are increasing in the USA every day with every job lost -- are offered a way to help pay for college tuition.  That's hardly sinister.

"Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country" used to hold a positive meaning in this country. 

Maybe some Americans have gotten too greedy and spiteful for those words to mean anything today, but they still hold meaning for many of us.

So how much would someone who rents receive?

Or does your plan exclude these people?

And while you're getting your 50K, can poor people still get food stamps to feed their families?

They not only can apply, they receive mortgages
We didn't receive moronic reports like this back then. Let me explain.
This report is so broad and covers so many perfectly harmless individuals and so many perfectly legitimate political beliefs that it is not actionable. It's stupid because it's useless, and that's why it would have been laughed out of the squad room. This wasn't "intelligence"; it was amateurish gibberish - and it wouldn't have done one thing to prevent McVeigh's actions, if for no other reason that every cop in Oklahoma City would have been tied up watching the wrong people - perhaps you, for instance.

I'd say 70% of the people in America share at least one of the "issues" that this report enumerates as portending extremism. That's what makes it rubbish, and that's also what makes it alarming.

SC Roman Catholic priest says Obama supporters shouldn't receive

By MEG KINNARD | Associated Press Writer
9:04 PM EST, November 13, 2008
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) _ A South Carolina Roman Catholic priest has told his parishioners that they should refrain from receiving Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Obama because the Democratic president-elect supports abortion, and supporting him "constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil."

The Rev. Jay Scott Newman said in a letter distributed Sunday to parishioners at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greenville that they are putting their souls at risk if they take Holy Communion before doing penance for their vote.

"Our nation has chosen for its chief executive the most radical pro-abortion politician ever to serve in the United States Senate or to run for president," Newman wrote, referring to Obama by his full name, including his middle name of Hussein.

"Voting for a pro-abortion politician when a plausible pro-life alternative exists constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil, and those Catholics who do so place themselves outside of the full communion of Christ's Church and under the judgment of divine law. Persons in this condition should not receive Holy Communion until and unless they are reconciled to God in the Sacrament of Penance, lest they eat and drink their own condemnation."

During the 2008 presidential campaign, many bishops spoke out on abortion more boldly than four years earlier, telling Catholic politicians and voters that the issue should be the most important consideration in setting policy and deciding which candidate to back. A few church leaders said parishioners risked their immortal soul by voting for candidates who support abortion rights.

But bishops differ on whether Catholic lawmakers and voters should refrain from receiving Communion if they diverge from church teaching on abortion. Each bishop sets policy in his own diocese. In their annual fall meeting, the nation's Catholic bishops vowed Tuesday to forcefully confront the Obama administration over its support for abortion rights.

According to national exit polls, 54 percent of Catholics chose Obama, who is Protestant. In South Carolina, which McCain carried, voters in Greenville County traditionally seen as among the state's most conservative areas went 61 percent for the Republican, and 37 percent for Obama.

"It was not an attempt to make a partisan point," Newman said in a telephone interview Thursday. "In fact, in this election, for the sake of argument, if the Republican candidate had been pro-abortion, and the Democratic candidate had been pro-life, everything that I wrote would have been exactly the same."

Conservative Catholics criticized Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in 2004 for supporting abortion rights, with a few Catholic bishops saying Kerry should refrain from receiving Holy Communion because his views were contrary to church teachings.

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said she had not heard of other churches taking this position in reaction to Obama's win. A Boston-based group that supports Catholic Democrats questioned the move, saying it was too extreme.

"Father Newman is off base," said Steve Krueger, national director of Catholic Democrats. "He is acting beyond the authority of a parish priest to say what he did. ... Unfortunately, he is doing so in a manner that will be of great cost to those parishioners who did vote for Sens. Obama and Biden. There will be a spiritual cost to them for his words."

A man who has attended St. Mary's for 18 years said he welcomed Newman's message and anticipated it would inspire further discussion at the church.

"I don't understand anyone who would call themselves a Christian, let alone a Catholic, and could vote for someone who's a pro-abortion candidate," said Ted Kelly, 64, who volunteers his time as lector for the church. "You're talking about the murder of innocent beings."


On the Net:

St. Mary's Catholic Church: http://www.stmarysgvl.org/

Anyone who wants to email me
I would love to hear from you but this is why the gourd is going elsewhere.  Expect this will be deleted as well. 
I sent you an email.
are going down, but if Medquist, the largest transcription company can cut employees pay by 10%, other companies may follow.  That means ASR work now being done by a Transcriptionist will get paid for 60% of that work.  We figured out it will be approximately 1.60-2.00 cut in pay an hour.  MQ states they need better quality being performed.  Hello?  It is NOW going to make MT's fly fast through the report and will probably careless about the quality because MT's are just trying to make the same money they were making a year ago.  Basically MQ just might get crap work back to them.  Does not make sense at all.  Also did a survey with MQ and 51% of the employees felt that ASR was worthless and ASR has been getting worse since a year ago. 
You got the email because you
visited the questions section the other day. Their's was an internet campaign and will be an internet administration.

I get their emails all the time and enjoy joining in the discussions. It's a lot different that MT Stars. I think you should go for it since you get a kick out of it. Makes no difference who you voted for or whether you like him or not.
Sent you an email.
It would help if I could see the email since obviously someone has it.
It would help if I could see the email since obviously someone has it.
But even so, I stand by what I've said. I'm not suffering a bout of outrage over a joke by republican or democrat or anything in between.
It was sent by email and us mail
to the Clerk of the House and the Superintendent Senate Office of Public Records. I don't think he would have backdated it 3 weeks and then emailed it, but maybe he did. I will have to investigate.
email hacking
If, IF it is true that someone hacked into her personal email, that is IMO going to far.  Other than that, any candidate should be open to the closest scrutiny (sp?).  The American people have a right to know everything, good and bad,  about all candidates. However, I think that if intelligent people listen to what they are saying and watch the body language, they'll learn all they need to know.  Both candidates will do anything and everything to get elected.  They lie. Personally I have no use for liars and I have absolutely no respect for people who get their way by lying and slinging mud. Maybe they should quit bad-mouthing each other and get down to the issues?
Obviously a "form" email but

read it carefully, especially that we have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track.  We most certainly do.  *IF* I do get the follow up emails, I'll be glad to share if anyone is interested.  WE need to get this country back on track.  IF you really care about abortion, immigration, whatever....GET TO WORK TO CHANGE IT!!!

Doris --

I'm about to head to Grant Park to talk to everyone gathered there, but I wanted to write to you first.

We just made history.

And I don't want you to forget how we did it.

You made history every single day during this campaign -- every day you knocked on doors, made a donation, or talked to your family, friends, and neighbors about why you believe it's time for change.

I want to thank all of you who gave your time, talent, and passion to this campaign.

We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track, and I'll be in touch soon about what comes next.

But I want to be very clear about one thing...

All of this happened because of you.

Thank you,


Who else got an email from the O camp?

I got one yesterday. They want help with their health "discussions" on health care.

"Over the coming weeks, thousands of Americans will be leading Health Care Community Discussions -- small local gatherings in which Americans are sharing thoughts and ideas about reforming health care. President-elect Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary-designate Tom Daschle are counting on Americans from every walk of life to help identify what's broken and provide ideas for how to fix it.

You can help shape that reform by leading your own Health Care Community Discussion anytime between now and December 31st. "

Do ya think I should do it? Do ya think I can get them to stop outsourcing? I'm not an O lover as you all know and I get a real kick out of this. How many of you O lovers got this email?

I didn't get an email but I got my Yes We Did
Just received this by email

petition to sign to VOTE NO ON THE STIMULUS PACKAGE.
An email I got - didn't know this
(Hope the spacing isn't off)

This is an interesting message about the reason AIG was bailed out....

Remember when this economic crisis hit, and Congress let Bear Sterns go under, pushed a bunch of forced marriages between banks, etc.?

Then they bailed out AIG. At the time, I thought: "That's strange, what does an insurance company have to do with this crisis?"

I think I just found the answer.


No wonder they got bailed out right away!

To he!! with the people, let's protect our future, said all our Senators and Congressmen. Nice to see where their loyalties lie!

(I'm from the government and I'm here to help you!)

My comment - and now you know why I don't trust congress.
It wasn't my son, it was an email sent to me
by my friend. I'll bet the mom was very proud. Looks like her son understands very well what it means to be patriotic. Congress needs to take some tips from him.
OK. Are we going to email the Prez about all the

backwards stance he is taking and all the trips Michele is taking, or are we going to sit here and take it?

Sorry, but at least GW mostly stayed in Washington if not in Texas and ran the government. They did not take "geography" classes on the road. How's the garden doing Michele? Do we hear about that? Nope. Just another publicity stunt.

Now he is praising Pelosi for her wonderful help? Give me a break.

When O became president, I figured I would give him a chance....but I figured okay, some of those bailouts he did might work  Today, he is pushing for the CLNE, clean energy bill,  which Pelosi has a big stake in, and now I know  he is just a puppet of Pelosi and the others. I will not sit here and take his lies any longer. If i have to I will send an email every day to the WH telling him where to get off.

We get a magazine on country living and they are telling us to brace ourselves for the coming new policies on food. They are telling us to stock up on food for at least 3 years especially if H.R. 875 passes. Now, I don't know when this is coming up for a vote but I read the bill and it doesn't make me happy with the wording.  If what the magazine is stating, they can stop us from producing family gardens if they will it. I'm hoping they straighten this out because as I read through it, it directly aims at the larger food production facilities, but the words that bother me are "any farm, .....or facility.... that produces food for resale." That means you will not be able to sell your garden grown extra foodstuffs unless you have a registration number....which also means government intervention. If anyone is interested, I can post the article pertaining to that.

O is finding out that his words aren't penetrating those who hate us a lot, so, as of this week, he has decided to pull back on international "friendship" and just deal with the USA because he knows we are getting disheartened with his policies. This gets our minds off the real issues of  the world and we are supposed to believe every word he says, yet some are still idolizing him. Just wait another year. Then it will be too late..

Sorry, not in my book. I think it's time for all Americans to stand up and fight, deluge the goverment with emails, etc., whatever gets through to our President. Heck, I've been emailing every time I hear something new that goes against the laws of the land.  Does it fall on deaf ears? Certainly....but I still do it. Guess I wil lbe on he UnAmerican list soon but I don't care. I've been quiet too long and am actively taking a stance in the American way of life....which is almost gone already after the 100 days. So sad.....

Now I'm getting off my  and going for a . All the politics make me very thirsty.


American Woman - email sent
Hi American Woman.  I sent you an email.  Hope you get it.
If you truly are Democrat, then please check your email.

I hope you received it.  I received a confirmation saying it had been sent, while at the same time receiving an *error* message, so I don't know what that means.

I hope it truly was you who posted and not just another misleading, dishonest ploy on the part of some of the less than forthcoming people who frequent these boards.  Given the recent threats and their admission of stalking me and my posts, my safety and the safety of my family simply isn't worth it.

Palin's email hacked


and her email address is gov.palin@yahoo.com

I had to put one of them on unaccepted email list
It was like receiving emails from a child that would post a rebuttle to everything I posted. I'm all for differences of opinions, but everytime I posted something I received a very immature email. Seeing as she was kicked off this board awhile back she decided to do emails instead.
email petitions are not valid - nm
Here is the speaker's email address.

Maybe we should all send her an email.  Let her know how we feel about her use of taxpayers' money for her own personal benefit. 




I have already written the author of this- others should email
Doctors swamped, having to dictate from a zoo. Honestly. How many of us have heard doctors dictating from the bathrooms, doing their business 1 and 2, their homes with dogs barking, eating, snorting, and the list goes on. Also as an Editor was amused by the fact "only doctors are allowed to edit reports or change." I do not know of any physicians here in the US doing that. As far as what is not to like, when my hospital tried to send work overseas the physicians up in arms because of the horrible work they got back. That did not last long with them when the doctors spoke.
This is an unfortunate email rumor that is actually a hoax
An email I recieved tonight and my answer

"Much is made of McCain's age.  Has anyone brought up the fact that Obama smokes and both of his parents died at an early age. Plus Biden has had two brain aneurysms which could have killed him.  If they both died while in office; that would leave Nancy Pelosi as president.  

I can't think of a better reason to vote for McCain & Palinand McCain's  mother is 96 and still living!"

My answer

I  can think of a better reason. SOCIALISM is NOT FOR THE USA. Age doesn't matter. True love for this country does. I will not "hobnob" with a socialist who will be a "fanatic" against the rich. The rich could be anyone who makes over $250,000 a year but is that gross or net? He aint's sayin'. I'd rather somebody who knows Washington and tries to change it rather than somebody who is trying to be an old-fashioned "Robin Hood".


Do you really think this will play well with the senate and congress  who makes that kind of money? No, I don't think so.


Do we want Venezula as an ally? How about Cuba, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, etc.? No, I don't think so. I'd rather live "poor" than give my money away. I'd rather they try to stop illegal aliens, businesses moving out of the country because of  low taxes,. etc. If I was McC, I would have sat down with the businesses and asked  what it would take to keep them in this country, but if it was an outrageous answer, then I would tell them to take it or leave it. If they leave it, then no tax breaks for them. Stiffer taxes for them.


I do not buy Hershey's candy because they moved most of their production to Mexico and other countries. Am I alone? Apparently I am.  I will buy M&M (Mars) for the reason that they have not done that as far as I know.  I try to buy American as much as I can except if I want authentic Mexican food, authentic Italian cheeses, etc. But for an American company to move because of cheap wages and tax breaks, NO! I am trying to find a list of those, but don't have much time to do so.


McCain/Palin is the only way to go if you are a true American.




You may notify admin of their email address,
and that can be blocked as well. Usually there is a link in the email that says report as spam, which will direct you to admin@mtstars.com

did ya get the email about requiring a urine test to
have their employees urine teseted to keep their jobs and get a check. Now there is an idea. If they had to provide urine and drug screens to collect a check, they might be forced to actually get a job.

And another though, is that a lot of handicapped and mentally ill persons can do some sort of work.
Form email from John Kerry and my reply

...and my response.  (Warning:  It's lengthy.)

This is our moment of truth. You and I have to make it absolutely clear that we won't stand for Republican Swift Boat style attacks on Jack Murtha.

Yesterday, an extraordinary congressman, former Marine Drill Sergeant and decorated Vietnam veteran, spoke out on the war in Iraq. He didn't come to that moment lightly. He spoke his mind and spoke his heart out of love for his country and support for our troops. No sooner had the words left his lips than the vicious assault on his character and patriotism began.

Today, in a statement on the Senate floor, in interviews with the national media, and in this message to you, I am seeking out every opportunity to defend a brave American hero that the Republican attack machine has set their sights on.

I urge you to do the same. Whether you agree or disagree with Jack Murtha is irrelevant. These despicable attacks on Jack Murtha's patriotism and courage must be met with an enormous public outcry. Call your local talk radio show, write a letter to the editor, phone your members of Congress - join me in acting now to reject these Swift Boat style attacks on Jack Murtha.

It disgusts me that a bunch of guys who have never put on the uniform of their country have aimed their venom at a marine who served America heroically in Vietnam and has been serving heroically in Congress ever since. No matter what J.D. Hayworth says, there is no sterner stuff than the backbone and courage that defines Jack Murtha's character and conscience.
Dennis Hastert -- the Speaker of the House who never served -- accused Jack Murtha of being a coward. Well let me tell you, Jack Murtha wasn't a coward when he put himself in harm's way for his country in Vietnam and earned two purple hearts -- he was a patriot then, and he is a patriot today. Jack Murtha's courage in combat earned him a Bronze Star, and his voice should be heard, not silenced by those who still today cut and run from the truth.

Instead of letting his cronies run their mouths, the President for once should stop his allies from doing to Jack Murtha what he set them loose to do to John McCain in South Carolina and Max Cleland in Georgia.

The President should finally find the courage to debate the real issue instead of destroying anyone who speaks truth to power as they see it. It's time for Americans to stand up, fight back, and make it clear it's unacceptable to do this to any leader of any party anywhere in our country.

I urge you to join today in a massive public outcry that rejects the attempt to demonize and destroy anyone who dares to disagree with George W. Bush's aimless stay for as long as it takes policy on Iraq.

Please act now. Call and email your elected officials. Flood talk radio with calls rejecting these vicious smear tactics. Send a letter to the editor.

Express your outrage about the tired old Rovian Swift Boat style attacks on Jack Murtha.

John Kerry


Dear Senator Kerry:

I absolutely agree with everything you wrote, and I have been posting my views on political message boards, as well as emailing Duncan Hunter, and I've written a four-page letter to Congressman Murtha himself.

Now I must address YOUR response to the attacks on Congressman Murtha.

I thank you for your defense of him; however, I felt it was very, VERY weak. (By the way, please pass this on to Senators Clinton and Reid so they might get a clue into what makes the majority of Americans tick).

For years now, Democrats, including yourself, have openly expressed their opposition to the Iraq war, but you haven't had one single idea to fix the problem, and when asked WHY you voted for it (before you voted against it), you all give some lame, limp, meaningless excuse.

NOW is the time to aggressively defend Congressman Murtha and his plan for leaving Iraq. Bush HAS NO PLAN. MURTHA DOES. It's really quite a simple concept.

Although I'm beginning to lose patience with you all, let's regroup and start over. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

I realize that most of you fell down on the job and didn't really scrutinize the Bush intelligence (this term is found in the dictionary under oxymoron and/or just plain old moron).

You were probably busy and didn't have time to read thousands of pages of documents. That's understandable. What's even more understandable is that as President of the United States, there's a preconceived notion that this person is, in fact, ethical and honorable. We now know that is not the case. We now know that he possibly took America to war on the blood of thousands of 9/11 victims simply to insure a successful Presidency. NOW is the time to admit that you, as well as every intelligent, thinking American and the entire WORLD, were FOOLED by this man because he was so blatant and aggressive in his pursuit of this war, it simply never occurred to any of you that you were dealing with a man who planned on attacking Iraq before he was even (s)elected President. (See

NOW is the time to expose the true character and motives of this prior alcoholic who never received professional help for his addiction. He comes across as a simple man because he IS a simple man, in every sense of the word. His simplicity extends to the largest deficit in American history, and his tactics remind me of a teenager who recklessly maxes out Daddy's credit card because he has no responsibility for the bill, given that Daddy will pay it.

NOW is the time to embrace Congressman Murtha's plan, since it DOES make sense, reflects an actual THOUGHT PROCESS taking place, and is the thing that most Americans want. This man is not some 5-deferment draft dodger or Air National Guard absentee. He's a decorated Purple Heart recipient, who has devoted his entire life to helping the military and veterans.

NOW is the time to reveal an administration who would place the lives of a CIA agent in jeopardy and with everyone who ever worked with her, simply because her husband exposed the TRUTH.

NOW is the time to reveal the administration's press secretary's Plamerizing of John Murtha. NOW is the time to acknowledge that you truly have connected the dots, and the picture of a lying, unethical administration has emerged. If you do this NOW, most forward-thinking Americans will probably forgive you for now just catching up with everything they've known for months.

NOW is the time to publicly condemn Friday's histrionics of the House of Representatives. I, as a taxpayer, resent having to pay for that crap.

Sadly, you've pretty much already proven that you don't have many original ideas. NOW is the time to attach yourselves to John Murtha's coattails and hang on for dear life.

In case you haven't figured this out yet, you're up against an administration who will stop at NOTHING to transform this country into a theoracy, who will brag about the impending freedom for all Iraqis, while simultaneously slowly removing the freedoms of Americans, as his narrow-minded base pursues control over every single American regarding when we're born, who we love, which God we're allowed to worship, and when and how we die.

NOW is the time to expose the evangelical recruitment taking place in the Air Force in Colorado and the accompanying ridicule and persecution of soldiers who have different religious beliefs.

NOW is the time (albeit it four years LATE) to prove you care about the safety of Americans and aggressively pursue the security of our borders so that al Qaeda members cannot come into America from Mexico and KILL US.

Above all else, NOW IS THE TIME to reveal this President as the one who is truly aiding and abetting the enemy by providing them free, complimentary OTJ training in Iraq where they can hone their craft while killing our American soldiers.

NOW is the time to STOP being quiet and milquetoasty and to aggressively pursue this Administration's lies (I know they're numerous, ongoing, and difficult to keep track of) and reveal them for what they truly are.

MOST OF ALL, NOW is the time to honestly express what Congressman Murtha REALLY said when he outlined his plan to leave Iraq. It was a very thoughtful, sensible plan, and the fact that administration henchmen are maliciously mischaracterizing it should be revealed and aggressively FOUGHT.

If you truly foresee a future for your party, NOW is the time to embrace and advertise something the Administration doesn't have: A PLAN for Iraq. Although you might be able to win some elections by simply being the least worst party, is that really the future you envision for the Democratic party?

The ball is in your court. Don't let this one get away.... again.

Americans are losing patience.



Go ahead, I'm sure she will accept your help. Email her and find out where to mail your help. nm
This is just ridiculous! Is this kind of a funeral? Have you ever heard of emails? Email her!..nm
A friend sent me this email today about the stimulus payments. Thought this board could use a laugh.

Subject: Stimulus Payment Info. 
"This year, taxpayers will receive an Economic Stimulus Payment. This is a very exciting new program that I will explain using the Q and A format: 
Q. What is an Economic Stimulus Payment? 
A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. 
Q. Where will the government get this money? 
A. From taxpayers. 
Q. So the government is giving me back my own money? 
A. Only a smidgen. 

Q. What is the purpose of this payment? 
A. The plan is that you will use the money to purchase a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy. 
Q. But isn't that stimulating the economy of China ? 
A. Shut up. 
Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the US economy by spending your stimulus check wisely: 


If you spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will go to China . 
If you spend it on gasoline it will go to the Arabs. 
If you purchase a computer it will go to India .  
If you purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico , Honduras , and  Guatemala (unless you buy organic). 
If you buy a car it will go to Japan . 
If you purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan . 
And none of it will help the American economy. 

We need to keep that money here in America . You can keep the money in America by spending it at yard sales, going to a baseball game, or spend it on prostitutes, beer and wine (domestic ONLY), or tattoos, since those are the only businesses still in the US.

Happy 4th to you too MT -
...and to everyone! I feel it an appropriate time to remember...I LOVE AMERICA...sappy but true:)Not even THEY can spoil that, ya know.

Happy comet watching! Here's a link for anyone interested in seeing the collision:


So happy here
Bunch of corrupt individuals..Frist is waiting in the wings.
Oh Happy Day

Sunday, Oct. 02, 2005
Power Outage
House leader Tom DeLay's indictment upends the Republicans' to-do list and their outlook for next year's elections. Can they recover in time?

The news that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay had been dreading for months was brought by an aide, who interrupted DeLay's weekly lunch with Dennis Hastert in the House Speaker's office. DeLay absorbed it, and then the man widely called the Hammer on Capitol Hill (though rarely to his face) did what he does best: he hit back. All right, DeLay replied. Let's go. Let's go fight. Less than three hours later, before a roomful of reporters, DeLay addressed a Texas grand jury's charge that he and two political associates conspired to funnel $155,000 in illegal corporate campaign contributions into Texas legislative races. He called it one of the weakest, most baseless indictments in American history and the prosecutor who brought the case a partisan fanatic. That night, anxious to show he's not a recluse, he introduced Rudy Giuliani at a Friends of Israel banquet. DeLay even made an uncharacteristic round of the cable shows, hinting darkly on cnn that he would soon produce very good evidence that his nemesis, Travis County district attorney Ronnie Earle, had engaged in a conspiracy of his own--with the Democratic leadership here in Washington.

Combativeness has seen Tom DeLay through near-death experiences before, but on the Hill late last week, it was hard to miss the signs that his foot soldiers and allies had begun positioning themselves in anticipation of his demise. G.O.P. rules require that DeLay, 58, majority leader since 2003, relinquish his post while he fights the conspiracy charge, and speculation is rife that even if he is acquitted his days as one of the most powerful men in the House could be over. You leave a job like this, there is no coming back, says a top Republican official who likes DeLay and thinks he will be cleared. Politics abhors a vacuum more than anything else, and it's going to move past him too quickly.

Almost immediately, it did. A plan engineered by DeLay and Hastert to install complaisant Rules Committee chairman David Dreier as temporary majority leader was nixed by conservatives who dislike Dreier's moderate positions on stem-cell research and gay marriage. Instead the brain trust installed ambitious whip Roy Blunt, who will share some of the majority leader's duties with Dreier. The setup is so shaky that some House Republicans are pressing for the election of a new leadership team as early as January.

Meanwhile, lobbying shops that had traded on the access to DeLay were desperately dialing House aides to forge new relationships. Those not tied to DeLay were calling the same staff members to gloat. There's millions of dollars on the table, said an aide who had heard from both camps. These guys are going to slaughter each other. What's left of the G.O.P. leadership, already beset by a raft of other political problems, was trying to figure out how to salvage the ambitious legislative agenda of more tax cuts, hurricane help and gas-price relief that they want to carry them to next year's midterm elections--a more difficult challenge with the sidelining of the man who had so determinedly pulled off many of their close victories.

DeLay may not have seen the worst of it yet. Sources tell TIME that while Earle was closing in on DeLay from Austin, Texas, a federal investigation into the spreading scandal around disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, accused with Michael Scanlon (a former press secretary of DeLay's) of bilking their Indian-tribe clients out of $66 million, has begun lapping at the edges of the former majority leader's operation. A former Abramoff associate who was questioned by the FBI in August says, They had a lot of e-mails, a lot of traffic between our office and DeLay's office. Many of those exchanges involved lavish travel by DeLay arranged by the lobbyist but requested, the e-mails suggest, by aides in DeLay's office. (House members are allowed to accept gifts under limited circumstances but not to solicit them.) Says the source: There was nothing I saw that hit DeLay personally, but there was a lot of questionable stuff that was going on with his staff. 'Tom wants this. Tom wants that.' Was it really him or just the staff that was being aggressive? DeLay's office wouldn't comment on the Justice Department investigation, and neither would the FBI.

Republicans had plenty of problems even before the latest blow to DeLay. Voters are angry about gas prices, the war in Iraq and the botched response to Hurricane Katrina. Polls show President George W. Bush at or near the lowest public-approval ratings of his presidency. On the other side of the Capitol, Senate majority leader Bill Frist faces an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission into the circumstances surrounding his decision to sell all of his stock in the hospital chain founded by his family, Hospital Corporation of America, in June, just before the share price dropped following a bad earnings report.

So dispirited are Republicans that some worry about losing control of the House--a danger that once seemed remote. We're looking in the crystal ball. We're moving into an area where we don't know what will happen, says deputy whip Tom Cole, a conservative from Oklahoma. With a switch of only 15 seats required to end their majority, Cole is anxious that the party may have to contest as many as 100 tight races if the winds arraying against it turn into a national backlash like the one that ended the Democrats' 40-year reign in 1994. Having seen how the Democrats failed to galvanize their voters in that campaign, Republicans say the chief goal in rewriting their strategy for the fall will be to re-energize their base. The plan taking shape calls for a robust conservative agenda through next spring, including a tax-reform package. That move would allow Republicans to pivot back to issues like education tax credits that would appeal more to moderates as the elections approach.

As for DeLay, his struggles appear likely to consume him for many months. He has launched what amounts to a major political campaign to convince supporters that the indictment is flimsy and he is a victim of a political smear. DeLay pointed to Democrats' vow to use G.O.P. ethics as a campaign issue, and supporters noted criticism of Earle in Texas for speaking in May to a $100,000 fund raiser for a Democratic political action committee (PAC). But DeLay has produced no evidence Earle conspired with Democrats in Washington.

While it's true that Earle and DeLay have been locked in a complicated war of Texas-size egos for years, the charges against DeLay are fairly simple. During the 2002 elections, a committee DeLay founded to support conservative politicians--Texans for a Republican Majority, or TRMPAC--allegedly accepted $155,000 in corporate donations and then included that in a check for $190,000 to the Republican National Committee, which then routed a similar amount to seven Texas legislative candidates. DeLay's lawyers say the transactions were separate and that the PAC accepted money from both individuals and corporations. The contribution helped produce six wins that were crucial to DeLay's political ambitions in Washington because they resulted in a Republican majority in the state legislature, which redrew congressional district lines and helped add five more Republicans to the state's congressional delegation. If convicted, DeLay faces up to two years in prison and a maximum fine of $100,000.

DeLay has done his best to paint the D.A. as a Democratic loose cannon. But Earle, 63, points out that of the 15 public officials he has prosecuted, 12 have been fellow Democrats. Texas law makes it a felony for corporations and labor unions to contribute money to political campaigns, Earle tells TIME. My job is to prosecute felonies. I'm doing my job. The grand jury foreman, William Gibson, 76, insists that this was not one of those rubber-stamp deals. Ronnie Earle did not indict Mr. DeLay. Twelve people on that grand jury voted to indict.

If DeLay has cause for hope, it may be that Earle has been more successful convicting minor figures than major ones. The majority leader has put together a legal team headed by Dick DeGuerin, who handed Earle the most spectacular failure of his career: a 1994 misconduct case against former state treasurer Kay Bailey Hutchison that Earle was forced to drop on the first day of trial. Hutchison is now the state's senior Senator.

There are those who predict that DeLay will be able to balance mounting a defense with pulling strings behind the scenes in the House. But whereas he had been accustomed to just stepping downstairs to the majority leader's spacious suite of Capitol offices after a House vote, dusk last Thursday afternoon found DeLay outside on the Capitol Plaza, waiting at a traffic light to return to his office in the Cannon House Office Building across the street. Just like any other Congressman.

Happy day
I have been a vegetarian for more than 30 years and am also pro Native American.  I have not celebrated Thanksgiving for many years.  However, I do celebrate a day of getting together with family and friends and a day of appreciation..So, to all my liberal friends/co-posters..**Happy Day**..There are truly better days coming..
Happy 4th to Everyone!

I hope we never forget that brave American soldiers fought and died for our freedom to post on this very board!  Here's hoping that we all still have the same freedoms in the USA next year this time as we have today. 

My flag is hanging proudly.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Happy 4th to you and everyone!

She sure does not seem happy about it.sm
JMHO but to me it is hands off unless invited.
I'm happy s/m

To see that a couple of people will stand up with me.  This nation was founded on the principals of Christianity.  We kicked God out of our schools, courthouses and everywhere else a few thought He should go and look where we are now.  Kids killing each other in the schools, etc. etc. Now I hear they want to take "In God We trust" off of our money.  And my further opinion.........these radical evangelicals who think that anyone who says, "Lord, Lord" must be a Bible thumping Christian, have done more to turn people away from God than the other way around.   No wonder we're in such a mess. 

For anyone who wants to jump on this as "religion"....well don't.  I don't propose that anyone who doesn't want to turn to God be forced to do so but I do believe that it is high time that Christians.....or those who follow Christ (or try to)... stand up and be heard.  AND I believe when enough of us do that, God will lead us.  Again....this is my opinion and I'm not talking about "religion," I'm talking about those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savoir.  He gave us a choice to accept Him or reject Him and I don't believe he would want us to cram him down anyone's throat who does not want to be a believer.

I'm off my stump now.

Am I happy?

I must admit that I am not happy about Barrack Obama winning.  I do still have some fear because it seems like there is so much about him that we do not know.  I still worry about his inexperience as well.

However, I hope he is successful as president.  I don't wish him to fail because if he fails.....we all fail.  I hope he is a wonderful president who can bring us out of our crisis.  We will just have to wait and see. 

Just because I'm worried and scared of what is to come....doesn't mean I won't give him a chance.  I will give him a chance and hope and pray that I was wrong about him all along, but until he proves to me that I am wrong....I'm still naturally going to be worried, nervous, scared, etc.  That doesn't make me unpatriotic or a radical republican.  It makes me human.

I'm not happy
I'm not happy about any assassination talk about anyone. I would be MORE upset if McCain/Palin had been LYING about Obama, but they were not.

The original article talks about there always being a surge in this type of activity after every election. There is more of a surge this time because Obama is African-American. I'm pretty sure they saw that coming. I'm also pretty sure the Secret Service can deal with it.

End of discussion.

Hey, I'm happy to have someone
else munching on crow alongside me.  LOL  Have a Happy Crow Eating Day!
Why are you happy about this? Why would be want
What I'm happy about is
not to be living in such a black and white world. This is not a question of whether or not you respect Obama. This is about the knee-jerk hatred expressed by sore losers. Just because W has earned such deep and broad disapproval (the kindest word I can think of) and has taught us all that we cannot trust government, does not mean that we have the right to assume that Obama cannot and will not take us to a higher level and get us back in touch with who we really are.

He may not have earned your respect, but he DOES deserve to have his chance. You don't want to come out of the darkness and into the light? Fine. Hunker on down in that dark damp dungeonof yours, but please stop trying to drag te rest of us down there with you.
Not happy, but if I were, I would not act like a