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Yes, I believe there are actually TWO

Posted By: Marmann on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: Please take this old saying to heart - sm. - WiseOldOwl

reasons they swarm around her like angry hornets.  First, she has admitted to being an atheist, and that just drives all those holier than thouers to throw a hissy fit.

Secondly, she's also stated that she leans left, the other reason she gets attacked.

She seems to be so much friendlier than those who can only reply with insults.  Unfortunately, there are many here who know nothing else.

She likes to debate, to discuss like adults.  Too bad there aren't more of those around.

If anything, she seems a lot happier than some on this board, and just seeing her post makes me smile, whereas for some of the others I can only feel pity.

Sorry, but I grew out of the "we'll attack her because she likes somebody we don't like" mentality in second grade so I can't relate to it much these days.

Insult me, berate me, hate me in your Sunday best -- do whatever it takes to make YOU feel better.  You don't bother me because there's nothing easier to ignore than nothing.

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