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Stop being silly, please. It's the job of every thinking adult

Posted By: to evaluate - not swallow bait.. on 2009-05-31
In Reply to: You must go through a LOT of windows in - your house as well as a ton of stones to throw.


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You are an adult when you turn 18.

Where does this adult work?  How are her and her future husband going to support this child?  Where does he work? 

I highly doubt anyone considers Bristol Palin an adult because if they did, they wouldn't have made such a big deal about it on the news????? 

My 3 adult children

were energized by the election.  Even if they had political views different from mine and my live-in BF, they would not be afraid to tell me.  I allow them to think for themselves.


You see, you are really sick. No adult
who is coherent acts in such a manner and makes such ignorant remarks to a fellow man.
We don't kill an adult
when they are found to have terminal cancer. Why then should we kill a baby who is terminal? No logic there whatsoever.
Strange....he's an adult now ......
He wrote that book as an adult, knowing full well young and old blacks alike will read that book! If you think for one second they didn't understand those racist remarks, think again! That is the reason racism will not go away.... people like him who perpetuate it..

Believe his lies if you want!
Sorry, I mistakenly thought we were adult enough
It's very easy to prove or disprove what is stated there regarding this type of claim. I don't tend to believe something just because it's said on a well-constructed blog, and that is the point. Do your own research instead of parroting talking points and spewing venom. That doesn't constitute discussion of any sort.

The Hillary blog was where I first read that the IP addresses went were traced back to "Fight the Smears." I didn't know if that was possible. I have since talked with people I know who told me, yes, that can be done and that they had recently done it while trying to determine who might be the running mates of the various candidates.

Anyway, then I researched it further and found more of the same by people I have confidence in. And my trust in them is because their opinions and judgment has been proven out many times, and they stake their livelihoods on it in some cases.
Or she might be almost 18, which would make her a legal adult.

You're right. It's hard for an adult to have
a meaningful conversation with dysfunctional children. 
No new adult film star quotes for today
now you're rehasing the old one....

Long Live King George!!
Why don't you discuss like an adult instead of throwing temper tantrums?
Inquiring minds would like to know.
Only drive-bys seem to be ruining perfectly adult conversations

We all were having good conversations and even adult disagreements until the usual drive-by suspects chimed in and make is a potty-mouth bash fest.  Democrat might have lost control a little bit, but we all do at some point.    You did your usual leftist troll duties by coming here and sabatoging and decent debates in process.  You are not a liberal.  You are someone who is so filled with hate that you cannot stand when conservatives and liberals are actually dialoguing.  Yeah, it gets heated, but you are not mature enough nor do you have substance enough to tolerate adult conversation.  You are a dive bomber, and you are the reason we have to be separated.

You and your minions are pretty sad people indeed.

Ah yes, another intelligent, adult comment from a SORE LOSER!

LOL!  YOU LOST.  AMERICA WON!  Grow up and if you can't grow up, LEAVE! 


I will not stop trying to stop the slaughter of the unborn in this country...
I never said you were a stupid wretch. What I said was, if you can watch that video below and not feel something, your heart must be seared over. If you can watch that video and advocate what you advocate, yes, I'm sorry, I find that cold. I am entitled to my opinion and all your ranting and name calling and belitting is not going to change that. Someone needs to speak for the child. You certainly aren't allowing it any rights, including the right to live. You are okay with that, I'm not.
LOL, how silly
I know, he he he he, LOL.  My gosh, blame the liberals for everything in this world that does not go the right wingers way, OMG, LOL.
Oh, you silly. nm

That's just silly.
Where do you get such ideas?  Afraid of him...hardly! 
Now that's just silly. nm

That's just silly.
God's salvation is really not that hard to gain.  He is not a cruel God, but one who expects those on earth to treat each other with kindness and compassion.  Your equation is all wrong, but I will pray that you will see the light before it is too late.  God would welcome you into heaven. 
That is just silly!
Anyone who makes less than $50K--and who says that we do?--must be racist if they don't support Obama? Thank you for the laugh!
It isn't silly at all.
This is silly
Why would I post anything here only to be attacked. And you guys call us rabid? I have my reasons for what my vote will be that I have tried to explain, only to be called numerous names. I believe that we have saved many more innocent lives in Iraq than we have taken, but we are not going to agree and I have finished defending my stances. Liberals talk of how intolerant conservatives are, but have not even noticed their own intolerance.
Silly? I think not.
It started below with Kaydie saying NO ONE gave their reasons for voting for change, etc. etc.  How about your REAL reasons for voting for McCain.  Abortion is a legitimate issue for some and not for others.  I meant how about giving some real reasons for voting for McCain?  Do you think her will raise taxes?  lower taxes, end the war?  What?  Don't ridicule those of us who would like to see WHY you are really voting for McCain.  We've been ridiculed enough for voting for Obama.  If wanting to know your personal reasons is silly then so be it.  Who knows, if you posted enough REAL reasons you might change some of the undecided voters but constantly hammering Obama is not going to do it.  Well....maybe it will for some but not for people capable of thinking for themselves.
Silly! That is because
if O can apologize for us and smooch enough butt to make everybody really LIKE us, we won't need national security.  One world, world peace, whirled peas, whatever.  We'll all sit together and sing kumbya with the world court to keep everything fair.  Who could object to that?
How silly. Who cares what

she goes to the bathroom. Why don't you focus on something that matters?


Just trying to show how silly all of this is.
Why not think of ways to make the world better on your own instead of cooking up stuff.  That's all I am saying.
Lol. That's silly but funny! nm
You silly woman

Where on earth do you get your so-called news?  Moveon, Kos, or DemocraticUnderground?

If you care to ignore the teachings of Saul Alinsky, what do you think about his "church" associations?

Bill O'Reilly will be doing "The Obama Chronicles" on his show this week (or however long it runs), starting with Wm Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn. 

If you're looking for documented accuracy, Rush Limbaugh is certified 98%-ish right.  I hear it so often that the way it's said escapes me, but the libs know it, too.  That's only one reason they hate him so much.  Of course, the first is that he's got over 20 million listeners.  Nobody can touch those numbers.  Incidentally, I'm one of them. 

Silly fact
McCain blinked over 3000 times during the debate. Somebody actually sat there and counted.
Ya know what, Silly Goose.........sm
You're not such a silly goose after all.

I agree that, as a public forum, we should be allowed to post what we want (within the realms of human decency) without meeting with ridicule and namecalling.

It may be that, come tonight or tomorrow or whenever the results of the SC decision are posted, I will be wiping egg off my face in order to eat a huge plate of crow (smothered with onion gravy, if you please), but I think the matter does need to be investigated and every person posting here has a right...yes, a constitutional right...to post his or her opinion.

Thank you for putting into a cohesive and coherent manner exactly what I had been trying to say earlier but seemed to have failed so miserably.....that this is still America and that we still have a right to our own opinions.
it's silly with a capital "S"
I know - how silly that we should know whether he is qualified.
You silly girl
I'm getting my claws sharpened. HA HA HA

I know your posting to try to get a "rile" out of people (is rile the right word?)

So all I'm going to do say is this.

Thank you for the advise. I turned off my TV yesterday (well actually I did watch some DVDs). So thank you for the advise.
Silly me, I forgot...
... Oklahoma City in 1995 too.  The good news just kept on coming during Clinton's presidency. 
My adivce to you: Let go, you are silly....nm
Why you silly thing you....
it doesn't apply to HIM...just like the transparency thing...yeah, Bush should have disclosed all the people HE met with in the white house, but NOT Obama...Okay when the big "O" does it though. Just amazing, isn't it? So many bought the larger-than-life superhero who was going to fix all the country's ills...but, come to find out...not even a year into it...he is just Barry from Chicago, uberliberal politician, no better and in fact worse than what left, the fox is in the henhouse and we are stuck. Pitiful, ain't it?? Gotta laugh.
Oh, that's just silly. So you are a mind reader? I don't think so.
It's obvious what happened.  Give some of us the benefit of having a brain.
No not silly. History is repeating itself. sm
He is very similar to El Duce the fat moose Mussolini. He disassembled the existing democratic government system in Italy. Bush and Co are doing it here through the USA Patriot Act. Yes, the times are different, but the ideology is the same.

People so silly in this country.
I undertand beter than U what this is!
Nothing silly about population control.
BTW....we ARE animals.
I think it is pretty silly to think she didn't know...
about birth control. We do 1.2 million abortions a year and I don't think any great number of those girls/women didn't know about birth control. C'mon.
That's a silly question, of course we have...most people do

but it should be up to us who we help, not the gov't.

This is just plain silly. You are wrong. nm
Sure will be relieved when these silly analogies
Nobody's listening to that crud anymore.
I'm sure by now you realize how silly your post was.
By the end of the day, probably a million or more.

Say this to yourself three times a day, and you will avoid these little faux pas: "I will not post prematurely. I will not post prematurely. I will not post prematurely."

If the condition has not cleared up within a week to ten days, repeat the treatment, but drop the word "prematurely".
That is a pretty silly statement. Does that make...
everyone in the south a racist? Everyone who is white a racist? Everyone who is Christian a Baptist? Please do not pigeon-hole me. And what does that mean, anyway...support Bush? I support many of his policies, including going in Iraq. I have never even been to the website you posted and did not even know that existed until you posted it. To include me in any agenda there is irresponsible and wrong. You don't like to be lumped together as all liberals.... yet does not bother you to say anyone who supports Bush is a Neocon. Gimme a break.
Nothing silly about the fear McBush inspires
There is one thing that all of these frustrated, angry posters have in common. All have lived their lives under 8 years of the Bush regime; some in denial, others in bondage.
well of course...how silly of me...don't bring up the timber in our eyes...
concentrate on the splinter in my own. Got it. LOL.
I know.....kind of a silly statement on its face...
and I imagine you were not the only woman in America who wanted to or did throw a pillow at the TV.
I figured out Silly Sally! See inside!



Call me silly, but I thought that republicans
are US voters and it is offensive to call something like this "typical." How many others have you seen do such things?
It's a dance-off, and meant to be just silly.... cute! nm