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I repeat - take it offline if you want to

Posted By: have a private discussion. on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: First of all, posting your CV has nothing to do s/m - the truth is out there

Otherwise, any post on this board is fair game for anyone to read and reply to.

...and how could I have guessed that an individual's qualifications to post on a particular topic (in this case, terrorism, 9/11 and related intelligence matters) would be meaningless to you? Well, because you've already proven that you're the kind who's invited to a steak dinner and prefers to eat out of the garbage can.

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Repeat - Factcheck is not a reliable source, Repeat - no reliable
You keep citing Factcheck and we keep having to tell you Factcheck is not reliable. Why is it not reliable? Because it is funded by the Annenberg Foundation in which Obama is part of. AND because Obama was Chairman of the Board. It really is like talking to a wall. So let me repeat and read this nice and slow. Factcheck...not a reliable source. Cheese-o-Pete...you might as well just say you asked Michelle Obama and she said it's real. Additionally....the b/c they put up there was found to be a forgery. So...once again...factcheck not reliable...b/c submitted was a forgery.

So are you a fortune teller? You don't know if he will be elected or disqualified and neither do I. If the SC comes back and says he is legite I will drop the subject. If they find anything out of the ordinary then I will most likely say I told you so. If they say he's not legite but we'll change the constitution just for him, then I will be madder than a hornet and you'll hear from me. But all in all I will be satisfied with what the SC says. We won't know what their decision is until they make it.

If it comes back that he is ineligible and he lied, he better do some explaining to this country about why and he better calm his worshippers down. I think overall the country will be okay. For as many supporters that he has there are an equal number of people who don't support him and view him to be ineligibile. There are even people who support him, but are saying...wait a minute here, things are not adding up. Just show us the certificate and be done with it. In fact more so now since all this info came out and many people upset about it that they didn't know ahead of time.

As for what I think will happen. I really don't know. I do believe that quite possibly Hillary will step in and become President because she is the one that he wronged by campaigning when he knew he did not meet qualifications. So I believe probably she will become the next President and Biden will remain VP, or Biden will step in as President and she becomes VP.

I highly doubt the SC will just elect McCain because the republican party did not win and now that we have a congress/senate that's all democrat (or mostly democrat) they would prevent that somehow.

As for McCain? Heck no I didn't want him in there. I wanted one of the following - Chuck Baldwin from the constitutional party (but he had no chance whatsoever). I was also interested in Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. I really like Dennis Kucinich. I agreed with a lot of his ideas (especially impeachment of Bush) and I have agreed with a lot of what he has voted on in the past.

So maybe what I would really like to see happen is if the O is disqualified to have another "mini" campaign. All the candidates can run again and then the public decides after one or two months of campaigning. So, instead of having a President inaugerated in January they could be inaugerated in February or March. It would be different, but nothing like this has ever happened before.

I'll just say this on the whole b/c issues and this is why I say this and I hope you can understand where I'm coming from.

1. Let me first say I voted for Obama in the primaries. So in no way do I hate him or a racist or whatever else people want to throw out. I voted for him because he has some ideas I thought were good (thought is the key word).
2. After he was elected I read about the stolen election from Hillary (even though I was way so not supportive of her). I started learning about his lies to the people. His dealings with Ayers, ACORN, Wright, Farrakhan etc, etc.
3. He funds different groups who create websites to detract from the issues.
4. The media treated him like a prince while trashing McCain/Palin. I was no fan of theirs by all means but what happened to them was uncalled for.
5. The b/c he put up on the "factcheck" site was found to be a forgery.
6. We find out he's born in Kenya and legally goes and has the records sealed, along with his school records. He is hiding something and that is not very reassuring for over half the country here.
7. His grandmother was in the room when he was born along with his sister and brother.
8. His sister mentions multiple hospitals he was born at, while Obama mentions something totally different.

Those are only a few of the issues that are my concerns about his legitimacy.

On the other hand you have the issues/policies of his that I don't agree with and am finding out more and more how unsafe our country is going to be.

The incident in India has the you know what scared out of me and the thought of that happening here in our country is a real issue for me.

I was in the US Army. I spent 8 years in the service defending the country. It just makes me a bit upset to hear that people don't care if the Constition is not upheld, just so Obama gets in no matter what. All I want is the Constituion protected. That's all I'm asking for. Our founding fathers created it for a reason and we need to abide by it and not change it. I saw where Barney Franks tried to change it so that a foreign born could become president as long as they had been a citizen for 20 years (it was quite odd timing because not too much longer after that Obama decides to run and then we find there is a forged b/c. Timing of all this is just way too suspicious. All I say is let the supreme courts decide. That is what they are there for. I have read articles that say The Supreme Courts job is to protect the constitution and even if it means that a decision they make is not going to be popular, they are bound by their duty to defend the Constitution and they will.

So, once more I want to repeat that Factcheck is not reliable source because Obama/Annenberg Foundation and Factcheck are one in the same.
repeat - sm
If checking the adoption records is part of the normal background check, then the only reason this is a problem is because the media is making it one.

Again, and I repeat. sm
This is NOT how MJF is every day!  I thought I explained this above.  I am not diminishing the disease.  My mother-in-law died of it a year and a half ago. It's a terrible disease.  But he controls much of the symptoms with medication, which he did not take, or so the word was last night.  Now I am reading that he actually had overmedicated himself.  Now, having said that, you have proved my point about apologies. I didn't hear anyone on the left mentioning when the famous leftie Ben Affleck, made fun of people with cerebral palsy.  He never apologized either, that I know of.  But, of course, that's different.  It's only bad when conservatives do it.  It's bad all the way around, I say. 
repeat after me

fair and balanced . . . fair and balanced . . . fair and balanced . . . obama is a muslim .  . . economy is fundamentally strong . . . fair and balanced . .  .


Anything.... I repeat - ANYTHING! is better
Biggest embarrassment this country has ever had in office. Time for Retardo to HIT THE ROAD.
Let me repeat myself
Because you're not getting it.

"Where did I say in my post to watch Fox News"

Where??? It didn't.

"Better to stay silent and remain a food, then to speak and remove all doubt" - Benjamin Franklin
Looks like I have to repeat AGAIN -
Snopes.com is not a credible site to verify truths/falses. They have been noted time and time again to say something is false when it's true and vice versa. It is a site run by two very liberal people. So if I go and create a website with a relative of mine and we put up a bunch of false claims as long as it veers in the positive towards the viewpoint we like your going to start telling us that we are credible? I don't think so. If you want to believe Snopes, then you might as well tell people to go read it in the National Inquirer, Star or any of those other sites you can access on line.

Here's a repeat one more time for those that do not get it.... do not come back here and tell us that something is truth or fiction because it said so on Snopes. Research many many sites. Do not judge things just by a liberal or a conservative site. Read, read, read and judge for yourselves. Find out who is behind these websites and what agenda are they fulfilling. Then make up your mind.

I could care less that the article has to say right now. What I am telling you and others is that Snopes has been wrong about many issues time and time again. Do not believe them, or if you do pull up their site pull up other sites as well to verify information, but don't come here and try and tell us something is or is not true because Snopes said it was or wasn't. Okay, got it now???
I'm not judging. All I did was repeat what she herself said.
I don't wrap myself in the Bible and the flag and justify my actions by saying that Jesus doesn't care if I act like a hateful person because he forgives me for every single thing I do, giving me free rein to act like a thug.  I take responsibility for my own actions.
I repeat...have as much right to be here and post as you do...
And until this becomes Venezuela North, I will exercise it. You can have all the opinions you want, and so can anyone else, along as they agree with you. If you have issues that are important to you, post them, defend them....don't spend so much time trying to silence me and put forth those issues that you are concerned about. No one is stopping you from doing that.
Will history repeat?
If Senator McCain is elected, wonder what excuses will be used to keep him away from the convention in 2012?
I repeat....there was no surplus...
that was just clever use of word. It was a "projected" surplus, and it was contingent upon a cap on federal spending for 15 years, and no added federal programs. There was no real "surplus" sitting around.

Mea culpa on the borrowing. I have already said Bush spent like a drunken sailor. Spending needs to be curbed. Neither candidate is willing to say what I think needs to be done...no more new programs and stop the ones that are not working. When we get back in the "black" again, then we can look at increasing programs. Throwing more money at stuff is obviously not the answer.
again why do i have to repeat this over and over WHO SAID IM CHRISTIAN!
IVE NEVER said that and in fact in my first post said "not all people against gay marriage are christian".

sacred to me means something i believe strongly in no matter what "faith" has to do with it, sorry you have nothing like that
Then I repeat...why doesn't your guy....
the prez candidate on the other ticket...go to a venue where actual Americans ask the actual questions and communicate with "us" directly??
Could you repeat the question?
Cause I can see Russia over there and they aren't too happy about having to loan Iceland money I can tell ya.
GP - how many times do we have to repeat
It is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center and is funded by the Annenberg Foundation. Obama, Bill Ayers, and Factcheck.org all have ties to the Annenberg Foundation.

Obama has ties to Factcheck.org. In 1995 Obama was appointed Board Chairman and President of the Annenberg Chicago Challenge - A branch of the Annenberg Foundation.

Factcheck.org is part of the Annenberg Foundation. Factcheck was also chosen by the Obama campaign as the arbitrar of Obama's birth certificate.

Anyone can put two and two together and see that Obama and The Annenberg Foundation pays Factcheck.org to put out the false information.

Factcheck claims it has "verified" the O's bc, but other sites has found several inconsistencies which call into question whether the certificate is authentic.

Before you tell anyone they should quit reading blogs that have any useful information, you should not be citing a website that is clearly misleading people and feeding them false information, and that is paid for by the Annenberg Foundation which = Obama.
Disregard this repeat.
If you can repeat yourself a zillion times..
Hearings where grounds for impeachment are the only topic of discussion are accurately referred to as imjpeachment hearings. Your attempts to distract do not change anything. The issues and evidence are up there for you to read. The links are provided. Dennis Kucinich can do this better than any of them. Watch the CSPAN interview and then come back and tell me there's nothing there.
This video is propaganda. Repeat...
Stand down. If you respond, she will repeat herself
an over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
Oh I see....just drive by and repeat the same opinions over and over.
Thank you for clarifying that for me.
Repeat: DNC phenomenal success.
Yes I have. I repeat, he is a patriotic American first..sm
I also think that McCain is a patriotic American and have no desire to stomp on him and drag him through the mud just because he is not what I want for president.
Brainwashed. Rinse. Repeat.
Whew - guess it's not a repeat then.
I don't always keep up with this board, but I thought this was interesting.
She did not repeat O's words, but that is is plan.
I see he couldn't even repeat the oath...

of office without it being repeated for him twice. Get the teleprompters ready!

"Socialism!" Boo, Hiss, Repeat......

The government pays for police departments, other law enforcement agencies and the military, so I guess we have socialized security. The government pays for public schools, so I guess we have socialized education.

The government pays for cleaning the streets and waste disposal, so I guess we have socialized sanitation. With any luck, someday, the government will take on the responsibility of truly providing health care for everyone in the country, so I guess if thatís socialized medicine, I can hardly wait.

If conservative Republicans are trying to make a fear of socialism their rallying cry to upset the Obama administrationís efforts to deal with our economic crisis, that pitiful effort will only make them look even more ridiculous in the eyes of the general public.

Michael Spielman

"Socialism!" Boo, Hiss, Repeat......

The government pays for police departments, other law enforcement agencies and the military, so I guess we have socialized security. The government pays for public schools, so I guess we have socialized education.

The government pays for cleaning the streets and waste disposal, so I guess we have socialized sanitation. With any luck, someday, the government will take on the responsibility of truly providing health care for everyone in the country, so I guess if thatís socialized medicine, I can hardly wait.

If conservative Republicans are trying to make a fear of socialism their rallying cry to upset the Obama administrationís efforts to deal with our economic crisis, that pitiful effort will only make them look even more ridiculous in the eyes of the general public.

Michael Spielman

Will this then be a repeat of Sodom and Gomorrha?....nm
To answer this I would only repeat my prior statements..nm

Geez....I repeat....Clinton had the exact same...
intelligence that Bush had...Bush inherited most of it from the CLinton administration along with Richard Clarke and George Tenet...and all the democrats were on board for it then, believed it then, LONG before Bush took office. That is fact. So if Bush lied, it is because Clinton lied first and Bush believed him. And one air force colonel is not going to change my mind on this. Do you have any sources but this colonel's book?

It is not weapons grade uranium, correct...yet. But it certainly could be enriched. Don't tell me Saddam kept 500 metric tons for peaceful purposes?

As far as the niger/yellowcake thing...Plame and her husband were right in the middle of that, and she claimed and it is documented that there was no evidence of yellowcake in Iraq at that time. Which we know is a lie, because they just exported 500 metric tons of it last week. So please...I don't buy what the Colonel is selling. You can if you like.

I do not dispute that abortion is legal in this country. I do dispute that the Supreme Court has the write to strike down a perfectly good state law and replace it with an "opinion." If you will check the constitution, it says only the congress can enact law. Not the Supreme court. Issue an opinion, yes. Strike down a law and replace it with the opinion of activist judges...no. It is unconstitutional and should be struck down. But then it would have to go to Congress to be voted into law, and so far congress has not been willing to legislate abortion. So activist judges did. They imposed their will on all of us. That is unconstitutional no matter how you look at it. Suppose conservative judges overturned Rowe vs. Wade, the same as liberal activist judges overturned the state law prohibiting abortion? Would you be as strongly behind that decision or would you be screaming you can't legislate from the bench like I am? LOL.

What is fact that in poll after poll after poll, over 50% of this country are against abortion. Those activist judges took the will of the people and said, basically, up yours, and forced their opinion on all of us. Unconstitutional, unfair, and so much for the majority will of the people.

You are right, it is not my choice. You speak for the right of the mother to choose, I speak for the right of the child to live...and I feel has as much right to life as any human being. Period. And I will fight for it, through legal channels, and hope that some day we may have a conservative majority to overturn Roe Vs. Wade and then put the question on state ballots where it belongs. Let the people decide, because Congress will not touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Geez, listen to ya. Morality is already legislated. We have laws against murder. We have laws against theft. We have laws against pornography. We have laws against child molestation. We have laws against rape. Hellooo....legislating morality. And you better be glad we DO legislate morality. What a statement...we can legislate morality when the American theocracy is established. Good grief!!! If it is all about choice, then why can't we choose to just take whatever we want, no matter who owns it. Why can't we just shoot people who annoy us or get in our way or hurt us. Why can't NAMBLA just grab up all the little boys they want? Because we legislate morality...that's why.

Good grief, we have laws against cruelty to animals, but it is okay to murder millions of babies in the name of "choice." Perhaps that all works in your mind...does not in mine.

As to Bush's contempt
I repeat...she mentioned upholding the Alaskan...
constitution twice. If she was one of "them" that is NOT what she would have said. Dailykos is a swamp with no bottom. They broke the nastiness about Palin's youngest child actually being the daughter's and ran with it, and the stuff there was vile. If that is "liberal opinion," and that is what you want to identify with, fine by me. Obama repudiated it...but he took their money.

Oh my, their leader was MURDERED. How many unexplained deaths surround the Clintons? Do we really want to go there?

Obama consorted with a known unapologetic anarchist/terrorist, William Ayers. And took money from him at a fundraiser at Ayer's house. So if you are going to blame Palin for making a video speech to this group, and not blame Obama for going to the house and taking the money of a man who bombed the Pentagon and police stations and caused deaths...does the term double standard ring any bells here?
I repeat...religious fanatics scare me!
I don't care what religion they are. If they are fanatic about their chosen religion, they are not independent thinkers, and I find that frightening.
I just hope we don't have a repeat of the 2000 election...sm
Whoever wins, let them win by a wide enough margin that the is no question. To this day I do not know how Bush et AL got away with that one.  Talk about stupid democrats!
Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
I wait with bated breath to hear him repeat

how the US and Israel should be wiped off the face of the world.  You must be rejoicing! 

Repeat: Unborn rights from conception to birth. nm
Repeated? Obama doesn't want to repeat tax cuts

for the rich -- and "rich," by the way, is anyone earning more than a quarter of a million dollars a year.

Obama wants to give tax CREDITS to businesses that keep jobs in the USA, instead of exporting them out of the country.

These huge greedy corporations may be creating jobs, but they're not creating American jobs.  Obama wants to try to slow that down and wants to reward companies who don't turn their backs on Americans.

I refuse to forget history...can't afford to be "condemned to repeat it"

He created this cluster with his cronies and they should be held accountable.