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I haven't watched the clip yet. (sm)

Posted By: Marmann on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: Thank you for that, Marmann. s/m - the truth is out there

I've copied and pasted it under my "Favorites" so that when I can have time, with no interruptions, to watch it.  You can bet that I will, though, because after just seeing the first few seconds, I knew this was something I would be very interested in, and I thank you for posting the link.

I'm enjoying your posts and hope you keep posting, as well.  We may agree all the time, some of the time or never; but if we can disagree without being disagreeable, instead of calling others disgusting names, and treat people with respect, then we all "win" the debate, whatever it may be at the time. 

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and you would know this how? I saw the clip.
he was asleep at the wheel.
video clip

Whether you like him or not, this bush video clip is hilarious.




This one shows him more clearly - he says it toward the end of the clip (sm)
The clip you keep talking about -
I saw the clip you all keep referring to and I did not hear her say she would never had to pay that stuff again. She said she would never have to WORRY about paying it again. I take it to mean that she thinks the economy is going to improve and she will have a job and an income to pay those things without worrying every day.

I for one feel the same way. I do not feel like Obama is going to pay anything for me, but is going to help ensure it is possible for ME to pay it.
see video clip


Did you even watch the clip, or do
that anyone who watches the Daily Show is a liberal? Pathetic.
Where Did THE Money Go? see 3-min clip
less than 3 minutes long.
Do you see the video clip
where a college student asked Frank if he had any responsibility in the current economic situation and if so...what.  Instead of answering the question.....he goes off on this college kid....like how DARE he ask him a question.  The college kid wasn't even accusing him.  He just asked Frank he if felt had was responsible and if so.....what.   I wonder if I can find that clip and post it.
Yea, I saw it.........here is the clip!! What a sicko
I will try to find another audio clip for you..sorry
I dont think it was nervous laughter, it was just like..well, they dont have anything anyway..so...hmmmmppph..they are better off..she was not nervous, it was like she was just..well, hmmpphh..they have nothing anyway, so what is the problem, they are better off..kind of like..hmmmppphh..let them eat cake!  I will try to find another link for you.  I heard it and I swear, this Bush Babe is hitting the sauce..cold broad that she is..
The Colbert clip is funny...sm
But senator Allen's track record with minorities is not :-(

Imagine being black and in Alabama. Confederate flags are flying proudly over houses, on cars, etc. I've lived and learned through *my white friends* (pun intended :) and realize that to some people this represents a part of their history, but it also represents a part of my history that does not allow me to see any honor in the flag.

Allen to me is not just one of those attempting to honor his ansestors. He also had a noose in his office, a noose. I'm not sure a person can, as he said, *grow* out of that kind of hatred.

Short clip (less than 3 min.) Please watch this.
The clip has been pulled - imagine that!
They sure are trying their hardest to keep what it is they are about out of the news.

As the infamous Indiana Jones stated.....

"Nazi's.....I hate these guys."
Film clip found again

Talk about good little Obama nazi's  The film clip was found again.  Guess the teacher who released it was fired.  This is just way too scary.



I saw this ridiculous clip today. sm
OMG, wonder where he took his acting lessons, cause he wasted his money!!  Is there no end to the vile tactics that these looney fringers will resort to to get a little air time?  Every single one of them -- Lamebaugh, Coltergeist (she makes my skin crawl!), Hannity -- all blatant, money-grubbing, media hogs who pray on the pathetic uneducated half-wits that hang on every word of their hateful spewing garbage.  They are the scourge of society and should be relegated to the vermin nests where they belong!!
The level of maturity in producing that clip
is just astonishing!
great video clip, check it out :o)

Camp Casey | A Film by Sally Marr and Peter Dudar
Arlington West Film.com

couldn't find the clip, but CNN reported it and
what clip? Grimace, howl, convulse.



I agree. Listen to Feinstein on this clip sm
Did ya notice the bailout is now up to $850 billion. One economist said that translates into $7 trillion. I'm ill. They are putting the screws to us.

Feinstein got 85,000 phone calls in CA. The Bride of Frankenstein needs to go.

I caught a clip of Bill O'Reilly
chewing Barney Frank a new butt during an interview.  He basically told him to claim the blame instead of trying to push it on others and called him a coward.  I was just sitting on the couch with my mouth open in shock.  I'm glad someone told the stupid SOB though.  Needless to say, Barney Frank didn't get to say much.  Also, if Barney Frank got all that money from these banks, why can't he afford to get some dentures on the top?  I can't stand to hear him talk.  PUT SOME TEETH IN!  SHEESH.
Short clip on world government. sm
People have been warning us including Presidents it is coming, and getting called kooks and conspiracy theorists. Little by little, it is all starting to show up.

Have you heard the Howard Stern clip
circulating around. I no longer have it, but he sent his street reporter out and interviewed people in Harlem. They were asked who they were voting for, the ones that said Obama were then asked why? Reasons given to vote for him given by the interviewer were McCain's objectives - and they said yes that is why they were voting for him. They were also asked if they would be okay with Palin as the VP if Obama was elected - and they said yes. I think that says it all.
This is creepy. Check out the date on this video clip.sm
I remember when all the christians were freaking out over this speech.

I saw that clip earlier today and it is exactly right. And you can bet your bottom dollar on this...
Alarmist video? Who knows. Scare tactics? Who knows, but one thing I believe is there will be class war fare, food riots, and when Obama has taken all our guns away, then what???

It has happened in the UK with Sharia Law, in Australia they confiscated all guns, France with their huge Muslim population, and it sure as H.E. double-hockey sticks can happen here. And if Obama gets elected, you can take that to the bank. He will strip mine our country to its bones.

My DH has a saying..the tree of freedom has to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots. Or words to that effect.
LOL!!! I saw the clip regarding their kids being expected to make their own beds
and Barbara's incredulous reaction.  That was all I could stomach.
Did you take the time to watch the clip or you just gonna rest on your laurels and lurch?
I watched this ....
interview. It was downright scary but Dean has pegged so many people so well...describing the followers of authority, no matter who or what gets hurt...the ones who will march off the cliff right behind their leaders  because they are **right**  (no pun intended), the people who hate liberals ***who is just about anyone who disagrees with them*** and this from John Dean. This explains so much about the things I read in places that shall remain unnamed.  When asked about fascism Dean said we are not there now but we are closer than we have ever been. Again, I wonder if we can last until 2008. Hopefully 2006 will give us a little relief.
I watched it all the way through.
I hope you did too, because it puts this whole mess directly at the feet of the Democrats.

The bill was effectively killed by the Democrats, and it was not McCain's choice not to take it to the floor for a vote. The Democrats on the committee voted against it to a man, none of them voted for it. So, it was dead, and taking it to the floor would have been an exercise in futility. However, if it had, it is obviously how McCain would have voted.

Obama did not "weigh in" on the issue, did you note?

This video is an indictment of the Democrats. Every time I think about the culpability and where we are now and how smug and superior they all act, like they had nothing whatsoever to do with it...I want to hurl. Preferably on their expensive Italian shoes!
I just watched
the time for campaignin movie again and it cheered me up :)



BTW, if you actually watched Fox

instead of just pulling up blogs by people who continually bash Fox and spin things to make Fox look bad.....you would know that they did show the full clip including Obama wanting someone who will follow the constitution, etc.  However, no matter how you look at it....someone in that position is there strictly to follow the constitution, etc.  Empathy isn't something that really should be desired for one in that position.  People are naturally going to empathize with certain things but for that to be something you are looking for.....I don't know.  IMO, it just doesn't have it's place behind the bench.  Justice needs to be served and the constitution needs to be followed.....empathy needs to be checked at the door.

Once again people.....Fox is totally kicking other networks butts in ratings.  Why don't you actually turn off MSNBC or the We Love Obama Network and think for yourself.

Okay, now I watched the video
and all I can say is I don't know what that guy was on, and I don't even know his show, but I don't think he's going to replace Bill O'Reilly in the top spot anytime soon.  Maybe Jon Stewart, but not Bill...uh uh...  He is funny.  I'll give him that!     
Thanks. Watched it last night, and
they have the entire program on there too.  Didn't have time to see it all but intend to watch it when I get the time.  Thanks again, very kind of you to direct me there. 
I watched in on youtube.com...sm
She is a good speaker, very influential, and her voice needs to be heard in the Arab community. However, nothing she said convinced me that war in Iraq has brought stability there.
I watched Hardball too
I saw the gentleman that you are talking about. I almost can't watch those shows anymore because it is so scary. I have a feeling that the candidates will have to discuss this issue more and more as the time goes by. Our economy is on the verge of very big trouble and the rising gas prices are a significant part of that. Hopefully, people will start demanding that the candidates come up with a plan.
watched the SP interview

I felt very uncomfortable for her.  She was clearly out of her depth and Charlie really give her general questions, not detailed-oriented questions he could have asked.   The blank look she had at "Bush Doctrine" was the worst; the way she tried to get a hint from Charlie about what he was talking about was squirm-inducing. A commentator noted she agreed with Obama's policy on Afghanistan rather than McCain's.  I am hoping that voters will view her sympathetically as an uniformed foreign policy neophyte who simply cannot cram the vast knowledge required to deal with potentially explosive affairs in a few weeks time.  I am hoping voters are willing to give her a few more years to grow into a national position.  I am hoping voters will not put our children at risk by electing someone they "like" to be understudy to a man who is clearly being worn down physically by this campaign. We need well-informed, knowledgable leaders.  If voters want to reward people for service and likeability, they can do so with the numerous reality shows where viewers vote for candidates.



watched a documentary

on SP last night.  Did you know she went back to work 2 days after giving birth to little Flip?  Have mercy, any of us who have been blessed with children (not punished by them as Obama would think) knows that all the uterine tenacles have not even been detached in that short of a period.  I hope she wore a big old set of bloomers on her first day back.


I just watched whatever channel it is that has
channel working on my TV tonight. (No cable). Coverage seemed pretty unbiased, each person had their say, no eye-rolling by commentators or anything along those lines. I thought it was pretty good for a first debate. Not enough nuts 'n' bolts for me on either side, but ah, well. Hopefully that'll come later.
I watched a little of MSNBC afterwards
and they were calling it a tie. I figured they would have just called it for Obama. I am a liberal-leaning moderate and do watch MSNBC so I am well aware of their bias, but I was refreshingly surprised to see them be fair on this one.

On another note, any other libs out there been watching the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC? She is great, totally unabashedly liberal, but funny and not in-your-face confrontational. Really smart too, Stanford and a Rhodes Scholar. Yikes, I sound like a commercial!
You have GOT to be kidding. Have you watched....
any of the video from Ohio? "have you registered to vote?" "No." "Well, here register. Here's your ballot, you can vote today. Here's the bus. Let's go."

watched it the first time
didn't change my mind. Too many inconsistencies.
Anyone who watched her on Couric knows that and
Her town of Wasilla, tiny as it is, has 42 meth labs. Good job.
I just watched this. Can honestly say it was
I just watched it on this link
He was funny in this and poked fun at himself.  I think that's a strong character trait.  I agree with you, sbMT!
Fox news and CNN. I just watched it.
It is just now coming out.  It surely will be a big hit tomorrow.  Some of the news reporters could not believe it and had to listen to it a few times.  Could not believe their ears, they stated.  It will ruin our economy for sure, they stated.  God help this country. 
If you had watched his rallies on a

NEUTRAL TV station, you would have been informed. I knew what McC wanted, I saw O's rallies, and that's why I didn't vote for him.

That's part of the problem. Too much one-sided media for the O, none for McC. Sickening.

I've watched all the others.

ABC, NBC, CBC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC. Any others I haven't thought of?

Most are the same; well, except for CNBC which is mostly stock and financial news. All the others report their one-sided take on the news or don't report it at all.

FYI: I watched most of the stations
I didn't stick to just one. I found MSNBC to be the most one-sided, and that includes NBC. Hours devoted to the O.
Have you ever watched Fox News? (sm)

I'm not talking about the COMMENTARY programs. I'm talking about the real news. Or do you listen only to the commentary programs that down Fox all the time? Are you brainwashed as to what you WANT to hear or do you really want to hear the truth?

Truthfully, you ought to take a look at a GOOD news program that is fair and balanced. Your eyes might be opened to the truth.

Early in the campaign, I only watched your so-called balance news and switched over to Fox out of curiosity because everyone was down on it...and guess what? I found them to give fairness in reporting. So...here I am watching now. They are equal in reporting between Obama,dems,  and repubs.

Plus they are usually first in reporting world news while other stations spew the same-old-same-old and only an hour or two later cut in with "breaking news" that Fox already has the handle on for hours.

I will always come to Fox News first if I want to know what's going on in the world.

You have watched Fox News? Hmm..
I watched GMA last week and they

had 3 American born Mexicans on whose parents were deported because they were illegal. The eldest girl is now supporting her brother and sister (how?). They want the law changed that if the children are born in America, even if the parents are illegal, they get instant citizenship.

They were so sad because they only see their parents once a month. Well, you are right. My first question was why the children didn't go to Mexico with their parents? You don't have to answer that. I know that answer.

I try to look at both sides of the coin, but there's no way I can feel sorry for illegals putting their children in this position.