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Your strange idea of "research" amounts to cut

Posted By: and-paste from Huffington. on 2009-06-02
In Reply to: I agree, especially with your posts. - Marmann

What you really mean is that you agree with her - which is fine as long as you're honest about it. But please don't try to shore up your support by suggesting that her posts have some sort of superior quality to others, because they don't.

Would you care for a summary of JTBB's posts? I think you'll be hard-pressed to show why they don't suffer from the very characteristics that you denounce in others.

Bottom line: Get real, dude.

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China has 'given' us untold amounts of
money? I think the US 'owes' huge amounts of money to China. China owes 50% of US's indebtness.

Your last statement in your post is just your opinion and I cannot help you with that.
But doesn't shale oil extraction use huge amounts of ground water? sm
I've heard there are enviromental issues that we haven't really delved into yet, such as contamination of your drinking water if you're on a well.
Why is it strange? SM

He received a Christmas card when he was recovering in the VA Hospital.  The card said it hoped he died.  A picture of the car and the article are on the conservative board.  Lots of GIs got spit on coming home during Vietnam.  I don't call that strange. I call it abominable and unforgivable.

I for one haven't called anyone socialists, evil, or stupid but it's interesting that's where your mind goes.

My belief hasn't been forced on anyone but it is my hope that they one day do believe in Jesus Christ if they don't already. I notice those (you) seem to feel very offended for reasons that don't make sense when speaking about God and it's usually because that individual doesn't know God and really has nothing but emptiness inside. That emptiness just comes spews out as hatred, nastiness, loathsomeness. The list goes on and on. How sad.

Strange though, isn't it, none of this came
out until after he was able to cast that all necessary 60th vote to pass the stimulus bill! Almost makes you feel like it is illegal, doesn't it? Naw, they wouldn't do that......
This is really strange! Since when does
a 1-day- old fetus has anything to say or decide?

Legally until age of 18, we cannot decide anything.
Strange, I did not see any of them
stooping as low as Obama did when he bowed to the Saudi Arabian king.
Strange coincidence.
What a coincidence! I don't know how many times I've been trolled on this board both then and now and had the happy little God bless you and have a nice day or have a wonderful weekend tacked onto the end - kind of jarring, and kind of person-specific. But who knows, could just be a strange coinky-dink. Actually, who cares:) We have stuff to discuss.
Why you talk strange?

I do not get.

Me need new insult, yes.

Strange logic!
Isn't it strange how you can make fun all you want
about age, gender, special needs children, teen pregnancy, POW status, being a beauty pageant contestant, someone's accent, religious beliefs, how many homes someone owns, but mention one time that the other candidate is black and you are racist, unkind, politically incorrect and insensitive.
I find it strange that....(sm)
you would be so worried about Obama enough to consistently question everything about him on this board, and yet when he says something you don't want to hear it.  Interesting.
7 Strange Coincidences
I am NO conspiracy theorist and i am no fan of Obama, but my on/off boyfriend has become a born again Christian due to seraching youtube for "7 Strange Coincidences".

He just called me near tears saying he wants me to be saved. This is COMPLETELY not like him. He tells me he is now following in the footsteps of Jesus, trying not to sin. etc (which of course is NOT a bad thing to me) but anyways
I posted in the Faith forum but nobody seems to respond...
Can someone dispute everything ? I mean I know you can't dispute it when they are coincidences... and I know the Obama supporters will just be like this is pure CRAP and the obama haters will be like HE IS THE ANTICHRIST.

Is there anything in between that can take an unobstructed view of the situation and give any insight?

I mean... i dont know how to deal with the BF and his new ways... I believe in God but know I sin.

UGHHHHHHH why is this happening now!
Hmmmmmmmmmm, that's strange
Four of my family members are loan officers and this became a huge issue with them. Strange they knew the govt was forcing these loans down their throats and this was a huge issue with them. They were furious these practices were being put into place. They refused to loan, however, and 2 nearly lost their jobs because they refused to give out subprime loans to those they knew perfectly well could not afford a home. Yes, they were being forced to give these loans.....this didn't come from your little TV programs; this came from the ones caught in the middle of this crap. Too bad they weren't making a mint on this junk.....unfortunately, they were just having to follow the guidelines for loans that were enforced on them by the government.

Of course you don't find it strange this
"suddenly" came about and not even openly I might add. Remember, one poster said she couldn't even find it on the DHS website..... which of course should bother you immensely but I'm sure doesn't. Right before the massive outrage from the American citizens against being taxed to death by protesting and demonstrating through the tea parties, the DHS just happens to come up with this..... and very sneaky at that!

I have actually read the document and YES, I would object just as harshly if ANYONE, including liberals, were being targeted. Do you not understand why? I am not a republican as those like yourself seem to always think. If someone is against Obama, then they are definitely republican....what a ignorant way to think! We are talking about our 1st amendment rights here!!

This has nothing to do with what side you take; it's about losing your freedoms!

Did you not get the part about "conservative" being the main topic of the file? The heading does NOT say anything about terrorism.... it says "conservative extremism".

There are already laws in place concerning domestic terrorism........... this is an OPEN threat against conservatives. You can either see it for what it really is or keep fooling yourself. The topic of the file speaks for itself, unless you can't read.

Of course you don't find it strange this
"suddenly" came about and not even openly I might add. Remember, one poster said she couldn't even find it on the DHS website..... which of course should bother you immensely but I'm sure doesn't. Right before the massive outrage from the American citizens against being taxed to death by protesting and demonstrating through the tea parties, the DHS just happens to come up with this..... and very sneaky at that!

I have actually read the document and YES, I would object just as harshly if ANYONE, including liberals, were being targeted. Do you not understand why? I am not a republican as those like yourself seem to always think. If someone is against Obama, then they are definitely republican....what a ignorant way to think! We are talking about our 1st amendment rights here!!

This has nothing to do with what side you take; it's about losing your freedoms!

Did you not get the part about "conservative" being the main topic of the file? The heading does NOT say anything about terrorism.... it says "conservative extremism".

There are already laws in place concerning domestic terrorism........... this is an OPEN threat against conservatives. You can either see it for what it really is or keep fooling yourself. The topic of the file speaks for itself, unless you can't read.

Strange....he's an adult now ......
He wrote that book as an adult, knowing full well young and old blacks alike will read that book! If you think for one second they didn't understand those racist remarks, think again! That is the reason racism will not go away.... people like him who perpetuate it..

Believe his lies if you want!
Strange, they keep telling us in Oregon...

That it will all come down to us.

I certainly hope that's true because we hate Hillary AND McCain.


A Canadian thinks someone else is strange.
Strange silence now broken.

First reaction is if these issues, which have been posted on O's website ever since he launched his campaign, are of such sudden concern to the cons and femocons, why did they not get addressed during the RNC?  Do you not see the high-jack strategy as the cons try to talk out of both sides of their mouths and reinvent themselves as the new age liberals?  How is this different than the now exposed folly of the compassionate conservative Bush/Cheney ploy?   


Small business.  Either you can't read, you think that we can't or your spin cycle is stuck in high gear.  Go here:  http://www.barackobama.com/issues/economy/#small-business.  Plans to give tax relief for small businesses and startups, eliminate capital gains taxes on them and provide a $500 new making work pay tax credit (one of many) for workers.  For all those IC MTs out there, this is aimed at reducing the burden of double taxation in the current structure where small businesses pay both employer AND employee side of payroll tax.  Obama will INVEST $250 million per year in support of entrepreneurship, by creating national network of public-private business incubators to facilitate start-up creation.  Your $250,000/yr figure applied to tax cuts on INDIVIDUALS who earn in excess of that amount.  Therefore, your offshore, job loss, and massive flight to lower income argument does not hold water on this point.  Please cite the right-wing rag you have taken this $6 billion dollar additional tax on small business claim.  I'm not finding that in O's plan.  The tax breaks to the "lower brackets" (losing their homes, can't decide whether to get medicine or food this month, and if they are lucky, can gas their tank once a month) is addressed below.    


On the plight of the struggling rich.  Define rich, please.  From the bottom, INDIVIDUAL incomes in excess of $250,000/yr might look about right.  From the top, $5 million a year maybe (one of McC's not-so-funny jokes, some would wonder).  The 90% of the federal tax bill claim must be a typo.    Go here for 2008 info: http://www.realclearmarkets.com/articles/2008/04/the_rich_and_their_taxes.html. Our top 1% of filers pay 40% or tax burden.  An accurate argument would include these facts as well.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distribution_of_wealth.  In the United States at the end of 2001, 10% of the population owned 71% of the wealth, and the top 1% controlled 38%. On the other hand, the bottom 40% owned less than 1% of the nation's wealth.  Let's say that one more time.  Top 1% gets 38%, bottom 40% get less than 1%.  Since they are not earning a living wage, probably that is why they cannot afford to pay tax.  Got the picture?


There is only one reason our long suffering corporations are taking their business overseas.  Greed.  They do not want to pay their share and they get tax incentives currently for outsourcing.  Do not take us down the path of needing to address sweat shop working conditions, 7-day work weeks, $2/day wages in developing countries where US labor laws do not apply.  Greed is not a universal American value.    

There you go again.  Please try to keep this discussion in the context of McCain plans and how they are different than Bush plans.  You are spinning way out in right field without a paddle on that ridiculous statement about keeping people in lower brackets.  What in the world make you think this kind of ignorance is going to help JM/SP win the election. 

Preying on discontent, fear and division was a blatent and nauseating subtext for the RNC this entire week.  I do agree with inspecting history, and the history that is under the microscope now is Bush/Cheney and JM voting history.  Do you really want to bring up govt "borrowing."  Again, Bush is the record setter in this regard and while we are talkin' W, don't forget the Bush slash and burn policies toward our seniors.  Here's a link for you to a rather exhaustive analysis on 12 reason privatizing social security is a bad idea.  http://www.socsec.org/publications.asp?pubid=503.  You can get back to me on that one with your rebuttal.  My question would be putting WHICH people before WHICH party? 

Survey Americans on which party they associate election fraud with in the past, say, 30 years or so and tell me what you come up with.  So you forgot to mention what JM's plan is on this one.   Again, just saying no to personal attacks and steering you back on course.  JM's plan for lobbying and earmarks is what exactly.  I see O has one. 


JM hate war?  LMAO.  So what was all that military service orgie this week all about?   The entire McCain family for generations have shown to us just how much they hate war.  Where is his war prevention strategy?  Did I miss the part where he sang Give Peace a Chance?  Sam, really, do you care nothing about your own credibility or that of your candidates?  Am laughing too hard to comment further on this. 


Here's a link for you to serve as a primer on the Patriot Act controversy.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USA_PATRIOT_Act#Controversy.  Will not address the attempts you are making to minimize the unconstitutional aspect of this legislation.  I would like an explanation as to how RNC protestors engaging in destruction of private property, vandalism, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace and such have suddenly been charged with terrorism?  The we have not been attacked yet defense does not make me feel warm and fuzzy about standing legislation that violates the constitution 9 ways to Sunday.  Far mongering does not a justification make.  O's plan demonstrates ways to tackle terrorism that do not involve trashing the constitution. 

There are many issues swirling around the separation of church and state.  Christian theocracy will be kept in the marginal fringes where they belong.  Religious principles will not be incorporated into laws that seek to remove a woman's right to control her own body.  Freedom from religion is also at stake here as are hate crime definitions that provide protection for Moslems in the US.  That is the freedom the cons overlook every time. 

You may not direct me anywhere in history on this subject that would attempt to blur the division between military and diplomatic initiatives.  Hello.  These are mutually exclusive concepts and one is designed to prevent the other.  Got it?  Where is JMs diplomacy?  In the past 16 years, which party has demonstrated the ability to balance the budget and create surplus.  Hey sambo, who turned a $559 billion surplus into a $400 billion deficit in just 8 years?  Looks like there already has been a trillion-dollar screw-up that the next administration will be having to clean up.  Wonder which party has the most credibility on this one?  

Your prescription for poverty sounds like it was lifted straight out of O's plan.  Read it before you try to claim it for the party who would ridicule it.  My post ends here because the remainder of yours is recycled communist/socialist innuendo that has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject at hand.  And the top of the evening to you too, dear. 

wrong link, very strange (sm)

The link to this video is somehow automatically rerouted to a different one so every time I cut and paste it, it goes to the other video. 

If you search for "I invented the Internet Obama" that is the correct video that I was trying to share.

I for one find it strange you lumped all those into
Strange, the conclusions you jump to about
I don't see a child who is born into this world as a tumor........sorry you do. Says tons about your mindset!

Why would you want to throw all the immigrants out? If they are here legally, they have every right here. "Illegals" are another thing.

BTW, this woman had a free clinic where she could obtain an abortion for FREE.....stop finding excuses for everyone.
So - be it sadomasochism, bondage, strange
as long as it's between a man and a woman. What about 3-ways? Or wife-swapping? Or polygamy. All normal?

What about domestic violence? Is that only 'real' if it's between a man and a woman as well?
This poster periodically goes on strange
republican rants with 'facts' pulled either from thin air or Fox News.... The majority of it is completely false, so I usually don't even bother to read it.
Strange.....why are you so offended by that comment?
Strange, only ONE person griping.....where were
Strange, they said they were treated wonderfully....
Very strange debate, no control whatsoever by the moderator...sm
Almost like alternating republican and democratic commercials. Some very petty snide comments. Neither one of them impressed me, but I blame that on the moderator.
my code to validate my post was 666a. how strange is that!
A better idea. SM
Make everyone register as many other sites do.  That way, you have to keep the sam identity.  As far as the rest, both sides are equally at fault.  Using the "They" term and the "You" term are shallow.  I doubt the board is under new management.  You allegation that posters got special treatment is another delusion.  But since you won't be responding to me, I guess I don't need to let that bother me.
You have know idea who or what *they* are. sm
I would not make such statements about something you know nothing about. You read a story, it said what you believed and you ran with it.  My gosh, how do you ever learn anything?   Do you think I judge all liberals by these people?  Freepers are large contributors to charities.  They have a race on now to get together donations for Katrina victims. They are huge supporters of the military.  I have been going to their site for years and I have never seen anyone threaten to kill anyone. But it's something you want to believe and so you will. It's too darn bad.  There are liberals who post there, too.  But, of course, you don't know that. 
First of all, you have no idea what I would do
Clinton wasn't my favorite president but I have never hated him with the vitriol that you on the left have hated Bush.

As far as Lurker's thoughts about Bush they are assertions and not proven fact and I for one think they are hogwash--not to mention grossly, grossly over exaggerated.

Is that enough of an answer for you? Probably not...nothing is ever enough for you all.
I think I get where you get this idea
It's because all the baseless charges against Bush have truly been baseless. Let's talk about the void-of-actual-fact USA Today article about the so-called NSA release of private information. That has pretty much been debunked and exposed as yet another attempt to cast doubt on Bush. There are numerous other examples, and let's not forget *Rathergate*

Just because liberal journalists have a vendetta for this president and aren't smart enough to get anymore than forged documents to back up their reports does not mean the press has given the president a free pass. They just suck as journalists. That's not Bush's fault.
You have no idea.

but you have illustrated many points made about you here very well.  That isn't bashing, my dear, it's called truth.

Now that's an idea!!!
I'm all for that! She seems to be a real go-getter!!
I have no idea.

A friend of mine has been totally hot to trot on this story & has kept sending me stuff about it.  I haven't for obvious reasons. 

I was reluctant to even post that on this board.  It's become so obnoxious here that I may as well be on one of the left-wing sites. 

I've found a much more fun place to chat. Lots of conservatives and Libertarians, and much more interesting than this jazz over here. 


I have no idea.........
Guess I was raised by *gasp* liberals............frankly, no-bah-dee's bidness, but it is disheartening to see gay couples who love each other who cannot make end-of-life decisions for each other or any of the other "benefits" that heterosexual couples take for granted.
Hey I have an idea for
Since he is going to make all these changes and what not, instead of starting new government programs, why doesn't he just take all the money he is getting for his campaigns and help out people who are losing their homes, jobs, etc? Kind of a "put your money where your mouth is" approach? Then he would really be "different" from other politicians and I bet anyone he helped or saw him helping others would vote for him and he wouldn't have to waste time campaigning and making ads...

Just a thought :-D
not a bad idea.
I'm not against the idea
of helping people who are helping themselves... regarding helping people with their loans because in turn it will help out the economy... this just seems to be the best suggestion I've heard so far but then again, I've not heard many. I will say this... I personally know someone who has multiple mortgages out on their home, in order to buy new vehicles, etc. not one cent put back into their home. Now I agree that people like that should not be helped, on the other hand, I also find it disgusting that anyone would lend them that money to begin with.
i had NO idea that was said
Here is an idea

Because there is a lot of voter fraud (no matter what side you believe there is fraud on) do you think a voting system like this would work and if not why.

First, you do away with electronic voting.  Everything is paper ballots.

You have a regular sheet of paper divided in half (top and bottom).  At the top you have the name of one candidate with the word democrat or republican underneath the name (all in huge letters for those who have a hard time reading), followed by a picture of him/her (for those who can only recognize the candidate by their photo), followed by a big huge box.  Same for the other candidate on the bottom of the paper.  The big huge box is for people to put an X, checkmark or scribble inside the box.

Then, before you vote you will be asked by the people at the voting booths if you understand how to vote, if not they explain that you can x, check or scribble inside the box next to the candidate you want to win.  Each polling place gets only the exact number of ballots (pieces of paper) as there are people registered.  Also well ahead of time you tell people if they need to register to vote they need to do so ahead of time at the DMV and nowhere else (to avoid fraud).  If they wait and don't register they will not be qualified to vote and will have to wait til next election and that's just tough because they know the rules ahead of time. 

At the end of the night after the polls close there is a large group of people from both sides, they open up the boxes, take out the ballots and count them and on a huge blackboard tally up the votes.  There are a huge number of people from both sides watching, so there is no chance of fraud.  At the end of counting their tally is then sent into the main headquarters, again with a lot of people watching/listening from both sides so there is no chance of fraud. 

I've just often wondered that seeing as there is so much voter fraud and a lot of it with computers (college kids are able to hack into the system), why don't we go with paper ballots (and nothing with little hanging chads).  This is a huge box so you know right away who they voted for.

What do you think?  I can't figure out why there is voter fraud at each election and it never gets fixed.  Also, would you be upset it you had to wait until 11/5 to find out the true winner of an election.

Also, I think if a county or state is found guilty of voter fraud all their votes should be tossed out, no matter whether it is on the republicans side or democrats.  Rules should be noted ahead of time that if you are caught of voter fraud you will be treated like the children you act like and your privilage will be taken away and if there are any angry citizens they need to take it up with the people in charge of the voting system in their county.  This should be a law and take effect that way people know way ahead of time the consequences of fraud or any mis-doings and there will be no option to appeal.  You knew ahead of time and you pay the consequences if guilty.

Just frustrated with voter fraud every single election and there just has to be a way to put a stop to it.  Your thoughts?

I had no idea
what the heck?  I just went to that website.  Is this just one wierdo's website who thinks that he is the messiah?  Or are you saying to me that there are real people out there, ordinary, everyday people, who actually believe that he is sent from God?  Because I watch the news all day long, was gonna vote for O, and I have never, ever seen anything like this here. 
You have no idea what you are asking for
part of me hopes Obama wins just so you all can see him for what he really is.

If he wins there will be no more balance of power. We will have a liberal congress with a liberal president who elects liberal judges. But I guess that's what you want, huh? Lets forget family values, moral ways of life. If it's inconvenient, kill it. If you want to marry your dog, go ahead. Don't want to work? We'll take care of you.

I have no idea
I have only voted once before when I was in the military and I did it by absentee ballot because I was overseas.  So, who knows?  I just left it in God's hands.  But the above poster stated that it shouldnt matter.  I hope she is right!
That is when the idea was first put out by the guy....
and may not even have been what the original poster was talking about. The idea was first put out there in 2000. If is still on the net, so the "idea" is still out there. I had no idea any such thing ever existed. That is why I posted it. The original poster might not have been referring to that particular website. Sorry for confusion.
Thanks, BWT... This gives me a idea sm
of what he said. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
a really bad idea!
You have NO idea.