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Wrongo, just-the-bad-breath. I've seen it and I do know a bunch of

Posted By: nuts when I'm looking straight at them. on 2009-05-31
In Reply to: No..not yet...(sm) - Just the big bad

We have no time to be wasting on these ridiculous notions.

And this has nothing to do with liberal or conservative. It has to do with whether or not you have one iota of common sense, and it's becoming more evident by the day that you don't.

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Amanda, you've wasted your breath. s/m
There is not a rational thought in any of these people's heads.  They don't care about hope or the possibility of change for the better.  The ironic thing about this is that if and when Jesus Christ were to return, these kind of people would be the ones who would crucify him all over again because of the narrow-minded prejudice that seems to feed them.  More's the pity.
Breath of fresh air
I'm new to these boards and I just have to let all of you know that your posts are a breath of fresh air to me. I'm being suffocated by rampant conservatism here in the buckle of the bible belt. So many of your sentiments echo my own, and it feels good to know that I'm not alone.
So now you are rationalizing...in the same breath...nm

For me, I won't waste my breath saying anything to you, Sam, since you are always right!!!!!
But we don't actually GETthem until we take a breath?
Then what happens to that soul if the someone who was supposed to get doesn't make it past the knife?
Don't hold your breath. I think the
next 4 years is going to be a sink or swim economy, and I don't think many people or companies can swim anymore. Too many are at the end of the rope and about to drown.
I'm not holding my breath......sm
I'll believe Obama gives me a tax cut when it happens, as well as help out with my health insurance. Can't tell from his website how "exactly" that's going to happen. His website if filled with a whole lot of words that are meaningless to me. Sounds good, but I don't see a lot of substance there, just like when he was campaigning.

Not holding my breath, but I'll come back and tell you if either of those things happen.

Not a Republican even though I leaned towards McCain over Obama, since he's such an unknown (and still is), and I actually decided I couldn't vote for McCain either....so my vote went to neither of them.

Don't waste your breath explaining it to them
They will only interpret everything you say as bashing. All logic is lost on some people.

I agree Obama is a breath

of fresh air and I love that he inspires people. However, I would encourage all Democrats, Independents, et al, to consider Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico. On the Democratic side, he has by far the best resume. He is a superior negotiator, served as head of the Department of Energy, sat at the UN, was an ambassador. Here is a link to his web site. It is quite lengthy, but you can scan over it and just look at the positions he has held and the things he has done.


I wouldn't hold my breath. n/m

You are also a breath of fresh air. Agree 100%.
that kind of respectful standing in the world will be taken on November 4th and we will begin that journey in earnest the day after Obama's inauguration. You can take that to the bank.
I wouldn't hold my breath.
the world is holding their breath
After 9/11 would the United States really elect a black man named Barack Hussein Obama?
You are wasting your breath on these pathetic
people.  They have no life, or such miserable lives that they have all the time in the world to scour the Internet for more garbage to spout, so now this is what consumes their lives.  How sad -- NOT!  The people have spoken.  If you're not happy with the outcome, then MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY.  Maybe you can start a revolution somewhere else. 
Don't hold your breath waiting.
He already said that he can't do everything at once. "It may take a year, it may take 2 years, it may even take the first term to do it all, but it will be done".
You're wasting your breath
The word Palin sends them into attack mode.
I wouldn't hold your breath
He has no plans whatsoever to bring the troops home in 60-90 days. He is already saying they need to stay another 5 years. Not to mention all the other dangerous areas he plans to send them too once out of Iraq. Then once he gets the Civilian National Security up and running and the kids in college, etc trained they can be diverted too. Maybe he'll bring home the troops for a short LOA (leave of absence), but they will go right back.

Why do people think he needs to be president to break promises. He's already making decisions and he already has broken promises he made on his campaign trail (just to get the votes).

Broken promise #1. I will bring the troops home. - He's already said they will be there for at least the next five years. I read another article that said it won't happen until 2011, and that is from an agreement that Bush signed. So in 2011 even then Obama will not have brought them home, it will be because of Bush. If people had their minds and eyes open during the campaign they would have seen this as a clear trick to get the people to vote for him).

Broken promise 2. I will tax the rich. - He now is coming out and saying he will not tax the rich.

Broken promise 3. I will bring change to Washington. - And just how is he suppose to do that when his entire cabinet is being filled with old Clintonians. People are sick of the Bush's and Clinton's and he goes and drags back these #$%(* we were so happy to get rid of.

Broken promise 4. I will not have lobbyists in my administration. - Uh hellooooooo. There are at least 15 people in his cabinet who are lobbyists.

So, there are just 4 of his campaign promises he has broken. Has has picked his cabinet, and revealed his (no taxes for the rich) plan already and also the fact that he is not going to be bringing the troops home. Seeing as this is on camera and in writing you can say that he has broken his promises. Unless for some reason you think that on the day of his inaugeration he's going to tell all these people that he picked for his cabinet that it was only a joke and instead he's going to hire more capable people.

People are really questioning his ability to lead (and this is in other countries too), which clearly by his choices and decisions he has already made he is showing that he cannot. I just thank god Biden is in there.
Most bigots deny it til their last breath. I think that they really don't know
Save your breath. People that believe
worldnutdaily are not the type of folks who trust reputable sources.
oooh - I like poopie-breath, can I use it? LOL
You instantly brought me back to my childhood. Gave me a laugh.
sorry bunch of

comments.  nit pickers unite!!



I agree it's outrageous that guy is still drawing breath
He should've been tried years ago, and if found guilty should have assumed ground temperature many years ago. However, it looks like four subsequent administrations share the blame for this not just the Bush administration, but yes, more should've been done especially by the Bush administration to be sure justice was served in this case..
We're not holding our breath. Owning up
Don't hold your breath waiting for the fanatics
They're probably holding a blog conference on how to discredit/over-rule the Supreme Court.
Rahm shouldn't hold his breath. sm
Want us to understand what it is like to be an American. Now that is funny - more like NWO slaves.
I guess they know it is a waste of breath rehash...sm
the same old things over and over. I think most of the dems are probably on another board discussing real issues instead of some fantasy world. I see a pattern of poisonous pablum being fed and swallowed whole.
Amanda, sad to say, your're wasting your breath.

There is just no getting through to these narrow-minded people.  They don't want to give him a chance, because their tiny brains have been filled with the BS that has been fed to them by the publicity-seeking egomaniacs that they worship (Lamebaugh, Coultergeist, Beck who I think is a closet Nazi, O'Reilly).  Dittoheads -- what a great name for them -- they are incapable of having an original thought of their own.  One poster on here has the nerve to say "he has had his chance".  Give me a break -- that shows nothing but ignorance.  The man has been in office less than 3 months!! 

You cannot have a reasonable conversation with these types of people.  Thank you for trying, though.  You had to know you would get flamed on this one, just as I'm sure I will.  C'est LA vie.

Not just mistakes, he is being criticized for every breath he takes!!! nm
Bunch of wussies
Which is why we are where we are right now..We are pansies, wussies.  We dont take a stand, we are wishy washy.  I am just acting like a republican and striking back and using the good old smear campaign that republicans have perfected.  You continue to be quiet, mild mannered and you will get no where in today's politics.  Hate??  Nah.  I hate no one.  Im just playing the same game the republicans are playing.  What is good for one is good for the other..I think it is fun watching the lying opposition squirm, makes me smile.
Boy that's a whole bunch of people.
Please provide evidence that backs up your claim that liberals always, always utilize name-calling.  Not sure exactly how many million people that it just in the U.S.  Does this also include Europeans, etc.?  Please share where you got this information.  Seems like kind of a ridiculous claim, but that's just my opinion.
What a bunch of prudes.
besides that, I think the whole nation is due for a HUGE party after having endured 8 years of W and a perfectly wretched presidential campaign. An exciting celebration is just what the doctor ordered in the midst of a collapsing economy, the post dismal holiday blues and unemployment/food stamp and jobless rates at highest in decades. What would you have them do? Sit around reviewing their shrinking 401Ks or file their taxes perhaps? Sheesh. Lighten up, will ya?
what a bunch of hicks
Watch CNBC for the rest of the week 24/7 and then vote.
what a bunch of negative

nellies.  Why even bother getting up in the morning with that burden of resentment on your shoulders?


What a bunch of losers.
lawsuit after lawsuit and NOW we have Obama being portrayed as having quadruple citizenship. Do you hear yourselves? Preposterous. Ridiculous. Stupid. Full of all kinds of phoney outrage. For crying out loud, get over yourselves.
Along with a bunch of Republicans

banks by tens of billions of dollars.


What a bunch of Pelosi!!!
In other words...what a bunch of bu!!sh!t.
I wait with bated breath to hear him repeat

how the US and Israel should be wiped off the face of the world.  You must be rejoicing! 

Don't waste your breath. No one with a modicum of sense can honestly
believe these things. Some folks just like to stir the pot. Besides, look how the conservatives have cannibalized themselves in the elections past and have attempted to do so this year (claims in South Carolina of McCain being a traitor, etc.).

Some people will only ever see what they want to see. Unfortunately, they are victimized by those that play into their prejudices and fears.
Unclench butt cheeks, take a deep breath, and
Very well said. I agree. You and Sam bring a breath of fresh air to this board. sm
I am learning more when I research courtesy of Sam and the more I dig, the more scared I get of Obama. He hasn't said one word about how he is going to fund universal health care for one. I could go on, but won't as the libs flame away at anybody who does not agree with their views and I just don't feel like dealing with it tonight. The last I knew, this was a free country and we are all entitled to our opinions.
GOP, bunch of liars and criminals
The GOP's Spreading Plague
    By Joe Conason

    Friday 30 September 2005

Voters are notoriously slow in voting out politicians accused of corruption, but they may reach the tipping point with the latest revelations.

    To be an honest Republican these days must be to wonder what awful revelation is coming next - and how the Grand Old Party, which once claimed to represent political reform, became a front for sleaze, corruption and cynical criminality. Across the country, from the Capitol to statehouses, Republican officials are under indictment, under investigation or under suspicion.

    This week's headlines featured the indictment of Rep. Tom DeLay and the probe of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, but the infection of venality among their fellow partisans is now reaching epidemic proportions. So widespread is the plague that keeping track of all the individual cases, and their increasingly baroque variations, has become a distinct challenge.

    Consider Jack Abramoff, once the prince of K Street lobbyists and a dedicated right-wing ideologue who boasted of his powerful connections to DeLay, Karl Rove, Grover Norquist and the entire Republican apparatus in Washington. Already under investigation by the Justice Department for his influence peddling among House members, including DeLay, and his swindling of Indian tribes, Abramoff was indicted last month for bank fraud in a separate South Florida case involving a casino boat company that he partly owned.

    The fraud allegedly committed by Abramoff and his business partner Adam Kidan involved a phony wire transfer they used to purchase a controlling interest in SunCruz from the company's founder, Konstantinos Gus Boulis, in 2001.

    Abramoff and Kidan later fell out with Boulis in a bitter business dispute that turned violent. In February 2001, gunmen ambushed Boulis on a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., highway and shot him repeatedly. On Tuesday, Florida authorities arrested three New York men with mob connections for the Boulis killing. Two of the men - Anthony Moscatiello and Tony Ferrari - had received payments totaling more than $240,000 from Kidan and Abramoff. Moscatiello, a longtime associate of the Gambino Mafia family, and Ferrari were supposedly providing food and consulting services to SunCruz - or so Kidan claimed when questioned by prosecutors. There is no evidence, however, that Moscatiello and Ferrari provided any services to the company.

    Connecting the dots isn't difficult here: Kidan and Abramoff want to get rid of Boulis, who won't go away. Kidan and Abramoff hire Moscatiello and Ferrari with SunCruz money. Moscatiello and Ferrari allegedly whack Boulis, without any motive of their own. If the Broward County state's attorney has sufficient evidence to win convictions for a capital crime, some people will probably be talking soon in hope of avoiding the hot shot.

    The stunning fall of Abramoff, who has yet to hit bottom, is certainly the most colorful tale of Republican depravity. The corporate money laundering to Texas politicians that led to DeLay's conspiracy indictment, and the suspicious insider stock transaction that spurred investigations of Frist by the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission, seem mundane by comparison. Outrage will be warranted if their misconduct is proved, but everyone sadly knows that these felonies are now common practice in our political and corporate culture.

    Corporate misbehavior has also brought down right-wing publisher Conrad Black, neoconservative strategist and former Bush advisor Richard Perle and the entire corporate board of Hollinger Inc., the Republican-friendly media conglomerate formerly controlled by Lord Black - and that he and others are plausibly accused of illicitly looting for their own benefit. Furious shareholders forced Black to relinquish control of the company and are suing him, as well as Perle and former Black deputy David Radler, for $500 million. The SEC is also suing Black and Radler, and the Justice Department is investigating the former Hollinger directors.

    Last month, US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who also happens to be the special prosecutor in the Valerie Plame case, accepted Radler's guilty plea to mail fraud and wire fraud. Radler is now believed to be cooperating in the prosecution of what former SEC chairman Richard Breeden, a Republican who investigated Hollinger on behalf of shareholders, termed a corporate kleptocracy.

    Kleptocratic morality evidently ruled at least two Republican statehouses in the Midwest as well. Currently under indictment are former Gov. George Ryan of Illinois, whose trial on bribery charges began last week, and Gov. Robert Taft of Ohio, who pleaded no contest last month to charges of accepting illegal gifts from a state contractor.

    That contractor is Thomas Noe, a coin dealer who received lucrative investment deals with the state's Workers Compensation Fund and is now at the center of a gigantic scandal known as Coingate. More than $12 million has disappeared from the fund, and former GOP official Noe stands accused of laundering money to various Republican politicians, including the Bush-Cheney campaign. Like Abramoff, Noe is a Bush Pioneer, responsible for raising at least $100,000 for the president last year.

    Still another Pioneer is currently under criminal investigation in a celebrated corruption case involving Randy Duke Cunningham, a prominent Republican representative from San Diego with a senior position on the House defense appropriations subcommittee. On Aug. 18, FBI and IRS agents raided the offices of defense contractor and Bush fundraiser Brent Wilkes.

    Wilkes is reportedly a former business associate of Mitchell J. Wade, the head of a defense contracting firm called MZM Inc. who is under investigation in San Diego for alleged bribery of Cunningham. According to newspaper reports, Wade purchased a home owned by Cunningham at a price inflated by at least $700,000, and also permitted the congressman to use his 42-foot yacht free of charge. Federal agents searched Wade's offices in July.

    Although prosecutors have brought no criminal charges in the case yet, they have filed civil court documents describing the home sale as a violation of federal bribery laws - and Cunningham, who has served in Congress for decades, has already announced that he will not seek another term next year.

    The Republican National Committee's new treasurer, Robert Kjellander, is under investigation too. (Naturally, he is also a Bush Pioneer.) Not long after he assumed his new post at the party's Washington headquarters, Kjellander received a federal subpoena for records of his dealings with the Illinois Teachers' Retirement System, a state pension fund, and the Carlyle Group. Federal prosecutors are reportedly looking into alleged corruption at the fund, and have asked Kjellander to provide information about a $4.5 million fee he received from Carlyle for his role in arranging investments by the fund with the huge private equity fund. Carlyle, of course, is closely connected to the Bush administration, including the president's father, George H.W. Bush, who has worked for the firm as a rainmaker and advisor.

    In fairness, it should be said that all these pols and parasites may be innocent (except for those already convicted), or at least not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is also true that voters have historically been slow to evict politicians from office because of corruption charges.

    But public opinion of congressional Republicans is hitting new lows, and Americans are growing furious about the war in Iraq, the government response to Hurricane Katrina and rising energy prices. The natural impulse to throw the rascals out can only be encouraged by the Gilded Age spectacles now unfolding in Washington and in cities across the country as the indictments continue to come down between now and November 2006.

    Joe Conason writes a weekly column for Salon and the New York Observer.
Is this what it has come to, a bunch of draft dodging, sm
stay-at-home politicians calling decorated war veterans cowards. They have their nerve.

I have been out of the loop lately with politics, but this tops all.
Well you had to know the threats were coming next from this bunch..nm

They are a scary bunch aren't they?sm
“When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” –Thomas Jefferson
looks like a bunch of sheep to me living in USA..sm

hmmmmm....?  Just because everyone is voting for Barack doesn't make any of it right - they all are bad candidates to some of us......


JMO.........no flames required......

Yes. We are all a bunch of stupid wretches
I just got off that site after reading a bunch

of questions. Some are inappropriate as:"Why does your wife look so miserable all the time." This has nothing to do with serious questions. There was also one on there about somebody losing their labradoodle and what was he going to do about it. Others are down right nasty. I call that abuse.  

Some people are just plain nuts. There are over 11,700 questions listed on there and I think I only got to read around 300. Most that I read were appropriate and relate to questions on what he was planning to do.

Now, before you scream at me, I didn't vote for him, I'm definitely not a fan of his, but I'm willing to watch and see what happens and give an opinion or two once in a while....and that's all it is, an opinion, like everyone else on this board are allowed.

I love it! Bunch of bums. NM

Yeah, thanks a bunch for posting....sm
Even though most of the "blame" can be contributed to the dems through the years, repubs are, in part, also to blame, for not sticking to their guns.

Sam has been posting this stuff for weeks, and I don't care if she does paraphrase what she reads, because she makes it easy to understand too.

Anyways, this guy is spot on for his short in a nutshell review, too. Really liked his website.

I think we should be glad the bill didn't pass. It still had a bunch of crap in it. Maybe they'll get it right this next time.
I'm thinking of buying a bunch of really mean -
pitbulls, and teaching them to seek and destroy wall street CEO's.
Yep, but you won't get the bunch of blind eyes on