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You must go through a LOT of windows in

Posted By: your house as well as a ton of stones to throw. on 2009-05-31
In Reply to: Wrongo, just-the-bad-breath. I've seen it and I do know a bunch of - nuts when I'm looking straight at them.


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Of course I don't have any proof. I'm not peeping in his windows..sm
trying to see if he's going to drink or not. You have no proof that he doesn't drink. This is all speculation.

This is a bunch of bunk. If you think discussing the wrong doing of one person holds no water because other people are doing or have done it too, then I'll just have to agree to disagree. That's like saying, it's OK because the Clinton's and Kennedy's did it. Again, whatever gets you through.

I think the discussion we need to be having is that the media needs to get out of these people's personal lives.

board up all windows and doors

set radios at full volume in each room to various right wing talk shows - Savage, Hannity, O'Reilly, Malkin.  Cower in basement.  Just do what any reasonable True Believer would do, silly.


If you like this, it's easy using Windows Photo Story 3.
Projects like these basically take a few simple steps:

1. Find the photos.

2. Find a no-royalty music sample.

3. Stick 'em into Windows Photo Story3 and use the tools to add captions, select transitions between photos, zoom and pan effects to the photos themselves, and add audio.

You could also use Windows Movie Maker if you want to do some of this with movie clips instead of still photos.

The last step, if you want to post to YouTube, etc., is to convert the "WMV" (Windows Media) format that this will create to another format like MPEG or FLV (Flash). There are some free converters out there, as well as companies like A-One Software that have just about any converter you'd want.

Basically, a converter is a very simple piece of software that lets you import a file of one type and save it as another type.
Let's riot and throw bricks through bank windows

You think people smashing store windows and setting fires is good?
if you codone that then you have serious issues.
Don't you remember the gas/toxic warfare scare and we were told to duct tape our windows? SM
So, with the bird flu plan, what kind of silly advice do you think we'll get to keep us safe?